Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS7 12.1 MP Digital Camera with 12x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom and 3.0-Inch LCD - Black
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How is this ZS7 different from ZS6 Just wondering if there is a major difference(and what are they) from the ZS6 (I could purchase cheaper at another place than Amazon) to the ZS7?

Also it the ZS7 worth an upgrade from the already great ZS3? If so why?

asked by Peter on August 16, 2010
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ZS6 also does not shoot/store video in AVCHD Lite format, nor have a dedicated start video button. However ZS76 has 40mb vs 15 mb internal memory (kinda immaterial to me since either is too small to be much use anyway, but the xtra 25mb may mean something to some).

If you don't care about GPS nor plan to shoot much video, get the ZS6 (assuming its cheaper).
 answered on December 8, 2010
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The ZS6 HAS a 3' screen, the lens is the same, shutter speed the same it is, specs are identical. Differences are; the button for instant video is replaced with a fast focus for zooming wide and tele, plus the ZS6 has NO GPS. The ZS6, does not have the AVCHD lite format, but upon research the AVCHD lacks the quality when replayed on a large screen. But the AVCHD uses less storage and last the ZS6 has a larger internal memory of 40mb compared to 15mb on the ZS7. Since the majority of people will be using an SD or SDHD SDHX card anyhow, the 25mb memory is not any big deal or reason to decide on the cameras difference. I prefer the ZS6 mainly because, the GPS feature is one I will never use and it eats up battery life and extra memory. If I want to see a video for a big screen I have a Canon camcorder for that. I like the idea of a quick focus when zooming in and out, if I want video I'll just select it from menu. My thoughts are; "Minus the extra features, Why is the ZS6 selling for higher than the ZS7?"
T. Stuart answered on January 14, 2011
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In my opinion, it's WELL WORTH IT to have the GPS setting the date and time for every picture, we have to swap out the batteries on our cameras all the time and having a mechanism to set these two statistics automatically is WONDERFUL and certainly worth the extra $20 of a zs7 vs. a zs5 (or zs6).
Donald Gillies answered on March 9, 2011
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Costco has the ZS6 and it is the same as the ZS7 but does not have the GPS.
Birdwms answered on August 16, 2010
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Am interested in buying one of these two cameras, but am not, however, particularly interested in the GPS feature although would like the date and time or just date on each of my pictures. Location not important. Will it allow just the date and/or date and time without the location to be put on the pictures?
Susan A. Jaberg answered on March 25, 2011
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Yes, you can have just the date and time "imprinted" on the image, but ..........

To my surprise, I can not find an option to automatically imprint the date and/or time on the image at the time the picture is taken. However there is a menu option to do this after the fact (but not on the original image).

After taking your pictures, you can put the camera in playback mode then bring up the "Text Stamp" option in the Playback menu. You can then select one or multiple photos for information imprinting. Your options (per my ZS7) are Date, date and time, name, location, travel date, title, country/region, state/etc, city/town, landmark. You can set these data elements on or off as desired. Once set, you then basically say OK and the camera creates new images (leaving the original unaltered) with the imprint data that you selected. The new images are only 3 Megapixels in size.

The manual is good about showing when a feature is unique between the ZS7, ZS6 and ZS5. It indicates that the Country, State, City, and Landmark data elements are available for text stamping only with the ZS7. Other than that, Text Stamping appears to work the same between all three models.

The camera also has a feature where you can set parameters for photo printing. One option is to include the date on the print. This does not imprint the date into the original file image.

Like most digital cameras, image files from this camera also include EXIF information that can be displayed by most photo viewers and by displaying the file properties in Windows (and maybe Mac's?). EXIF data includes date, time, f stop, shutter speed, plus a lot more information about the image.

I do not imprint dates on my photos so until your note, I thought there was a menu option to automatically imprint the date on the photo when taking the image (as I can do on a Canon camera that I have). I looked though all the menu options and the manual but could not find a way to do this other than what I noted above. If someone knows a better way please, post. I think Panasonic missed the mark on this feature.

(Every time I think I have a good understanding of this camera I find out something new! Last week I realized it does not have an manual focus mode.)
BruceH answered on March 26, 2011
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From a side by side comparison on Panasonic's site, it seems the ZS7 has the following small "improvements" over the ZS6:

1. GPS
2. Dolby Digital Stereo
3. AVCHD Lite
4. Intelligent Movie Resolution
5. Movie Face Detection
6. Additional Color Modes
7. One Touch Movie Button
8. Movie Scene Modes
9. Additional Still Image Modes
10. HD Edition of PhotoFunStudio

Additionally, according to CNET's site, the ZS7 has a different image processor than the ZS5/ZS6 but I cannot verify.
A customer answered on May 12, 2011
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I would add that the ZS7 has a slightly larger LCD screen on the back - 3 inches - vs. 2.7 inches on the other ZS_'s.
David Crisler answered on January 4, 2011
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