How to upgrade How can i upgrade my 2010 apple tv to the new one?
asked by Cheep-cheep on March 16, 2012
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buy the new one. sell the old one.
Nikwax answered on March 18, 2012
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was that a serious question?
SB Bro answered on March 21, 2012
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that be the same as asking how to upgrade the Iphone 3gs for the Iphone 5 ... not possible at all if it is the Hardware you are refering to, and for what I have read about the Old Apple TV Units, not a smart Idea, as the Old ones have inbuild storage and the new ones does NOT.
Whereas, if it is the Software/FirmWare you are reffering to, the I believe it is done via the SETTING/General option, where the should be an option to Check for Updates, as that is how it is done in Most (if not all) apple Products. most of the time it automatically tells that a new update is available once connected to the Network.
the location for software update may be different in the old units, I am not sure, and I can not tell with any more particular detail, as I have not Used the Old version myself, only the Apple TV Gen 3.
Thomas Bangash answered on April 19, 2013
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