Customer Reviews: Huffy 26-Inch Ladies Cruiser Newport Bike (Blue)
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on March 15, 2011
I LOVE MY NEW BIKE!! I actually bought this from another retailer for about $3o less, but it is still worth the price at $160. I had been looking for a new bike for about a month, and I read all the reviews and tested all the cruisers out there...I had recently sold my old cruiser because it was uncomfortable and I didn't want to be in the same situation again.
While I was in the bike section at the sporting goods store, the guy helping me out explained that although a cruiser is okay for pulling a bike trailer with two kids (my planned biking activity) It is better to be able to change gears...but I find the 18-21 gears just too much.
Then I saw this bike. It is shaped like a cruiser with the high and wide handlebars and larger seat, but it has hand breaks and only 7 gears. When I am riding, I feel like I am sitting up straight, and the suspension works great. It is PERFECT! I love the hand breaks because when I ride with my older daughter and son I have to peddle backwards and coast a lot so that I don't run them over (one is still learning with training wheels and one is just off of training wheels...they go kinds slow). I couldn't do that with a cruiser because of the coaster breaks.
It looks great, too - not very often do you find flair and functionality in a bike. I have had so many compliments - from a group of junior high boys waiting for thier bus to an older lady hollering out her car window!
I am 37 years old, and not in great shape. If this bike is comfortable to me, it should be for everyone!
***UPDATE*** I have had the bike for a few weeks now and I love it more every day. I did finally get a trailer, and I am SOOOOO happy to have those gears. I think I would have given up trying to pull a trailer without them. I usually cruise around in 4th-5th gear...with the trailer and both my little ones, its stays in 2nd.
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on April 18, 2011
This is a great bike! Not only is it stylish and fun to ride, but the 7 gears and hand brakes make it perfect for pulling the little one around the neighborhood. My husband had to work on the shifter a bit to get it to shift more smoothly, but other than that, it's great! We searched all over and tried out several bikes before settling on this one. I really wanted a cruiser but knew that a single speed wouldn't pull a trailer well, so I was really glad to find this one. We found it at the local Academy for $129, already assembled. Also - to answer the other question, it weighs more than 25 lbs, closer to 30 probably, but I'm only 5'2" and I can haul it up and down the stairs, so it shouldn't be too much of a problem.
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on July 13, 2011
Amazon, as always, is amazing. I love them. The product itself is NOT good. This bicycle arrived and having been a bicycle rider for years, I was fine with having to put together myself. I got it assembled without any problems. The nuts and bolts for the fenders were just thrown in the box, so 1 nut was missing. I was ok with that. Problems started when I found it was almost impossible to adjust the rear derailleur. I would go ride it about 2 miles and it would just fall out of adjustment and have to be adjusted again. It would NOT stay. The bicycle is horribly heavy and I was looking for something I could ride 10 miles one way somewhere. This bicycle is probably fine if you are looking for something that you are riding 5 blocks to the nearest park. Also, on mine, the rear gear cluster wasn't tight and kept on wobbling. Wheels were so out of true that I was unable to adjust the brakes properly and the rear wheel was not dished properly (basically the tire doesn't end up midway between the brackets that hold the rear wheel on).

Anyway, I think in my case it was mostly a matter of wrong type of bicycle for what I wanted to use it for, and I would have kept, but due to it not working properly...I did return it. I'm not sure how they can even manufacture a bicycle and still turn a profit at the price this costs...but I guess they can. I did end up going to a local shop where I was able to try out bicycles...and ended up spending more, but I'll probably have the bicycle for 10 years or more and it works.
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on June 11, 2011
The Bike arrived on time. The front fender had a small dent. One of the brake pads had come off and all the screws and hardware were floating in the box...Lucky none fell out. All of the hardware to put it together was also floating in the box. It took me about 3 hours to put it all together...By myself. The instructions were poor...Go online and download the manual so you can blow it up to see it. Still the manual may not be exact for your type of bike. I basically had to just trial and error it. When it was all done it was 1 screw short. I was going to call Huffy for the part but a quick stop at Home Depot and 10 cents ought to fix the lost screw issue. Overall it is a good sturdy bike. Pretty flashy I would call the yellow florescent. The bike is a little heavy but, I can load it by myself. I mounted saddle bags on the back and a basket on the front so that I can ride it to the grocery or carry stuff to the beach on it. I would have given it a five star rating if all the hardware was there and the instructions were better.
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on June 15, 2011
Bike actually came sooner than expected. 2 things broken when I got it: The front fender had a huge dent and the front reflector light was broken. I contacted the seller and it took them about 4 days to answer me. They couldn't do anything about sending me replacement parts. Sent me over to Huffy. Huffy's customer service was awful. The lady couldn't wait to get me off the phone.

I have since assembled the bike without the front fender. I will go ahead and install that once (if! I am not sure of Huffy's customer service people) I get that part. It rides nicely and the color is good. However, I would probably never buy a bike online ever again because the pain of putting together the bike and the horrid condition it came in... Really not worth it. The paint is chipping in some areas, which is completely cosmetic, but there was also a cut in the seat which was also something that happened in the shipping process. Buy it if you see it in the store but don't bother buying it online.
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on January 4, 2014
Good value for the features it has such as multi speed shift & my wife likes it because it is more comfortable than our mountain bikes on our level streets that we ride on. However, I still like my mountain bike.
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on September 4, 2011
My Husband and I both bought one of these, he bought the male version. His came broken. The gear shifter was not usable.

First of all the instructions were not for this bike they were "General" Huffy bike instructions. Secondly there were no screws included, there were some screws like pieces floating around, but again no instructions on where they would go. We had to go to lowes and pick up screws and bolts that we hoped would work. Thank God my husband could figure it out. Once the bike was assembled. The top piece rubbed against the tire. The pedal fell off after 1 week of riding it and the chain kept slipping off. We had to bend it into shape. But it was a VERY flimsy piece of metal. I have never given anything 1 star before and I order from amazon ALL the time.

Anyway, don't buy this. You will be sorry you did.
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on May 18, 2011
Just got the bike and there is NO way I am going to attempt to put this thing together correctly!
It will cost $65-$85 to pay a bike shop to assemble the bike and tune it up, so had I know this I would
have spent a little more and NOT bought it on-line.

With that being said, if you are a mechanic or have experience putting the brakes, bumpers, tires, steering together, its a great deal.
I will be pulling my child in a bike trailer, so I want the assembly to be perfect.

Bike itself is a great dark turquoise color with chartreuse accents. Nice size seat too.
Once I get the bike assembled and ride it I will post more...
review image
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on July 11, 2011
I purchased this bike last week from Amazon. I agree with other buyers about the complexity of assembly. The instructions included are not very helpful (and include general assembly instructions for a host of Huffy bikes). The suggestion by another buyer to download the manual online was helpful. (At least we could see the instructions; the manual that was included looked like it was a font size of 6.)
Now that we are past the finishing touches of the "assembly" stage and I can ride it...I LOVE it! I am 33 and have wanted another "cool" bike since I was a kid. This bike looks amazing! I love the color combination. The seat is comfortable and (even though I am accoustomed to mountain bikes) riding a cruiser has been a nice change. I now can sit up and my back does not bother me as much after riding. I love the 7-speeds, perfect for the places I ride. I had researched a lot of cruisers (and mountain bikes for that matter) and decided for the price and the overall appeal of the bike that I would purchase this Huffy cruiser. I am not disappointed!
One final note: Make sure you allow plenty of time to assemble the bike before you prepare to go for a spin. It does ship partially assembled, but it takes a while to figure out all of the ins and outs of assembling and adjusting it to your liking. Happy riding!
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I have had this bike for over a year. I have held off on reviewing so I could give it a fair trial.

Sadly, the verdict is still the same.

I went with this bike because it was economical and in the style that I wanted. I nice simple cruiser, with a few gears, that I could pedal around town.

It arrived in a box, of course. Unfortunately, the box had been damaged in shipping. The bike itself had a big dent in the fender, a couple of bent parts, and looked like some pieces might be missing. I contacted Amazon, who said to contact Huffy. I tried calling Huffy's 800 customer service number and using their email contact, but never got a response or answer from them. No communication whatsoever.

My bike repair doesn't extend much beyond simple repairs and adjustments, so I asked one of my bike savvy friends to put it together according to the enclosed instructions. He tried, but couldn't do it, so I had to take it to the local bike shop to get it properly assembled. So that's an additional $80-90 right there.

First issue are the gears. They don't shift well. In fact, if you shift into top gear, the chain is likely to snag on a bolt on the frame. Poor design, and one that multiple trips to the bike shop has not been able to fix. So there is an additional expense. And it seldom, if ever, shifts into first gear. So, out of seven gears, I can use five.

Then there are the brakes. There must be some sort of reaction between the brake pads and the painted rims, because I had to replace the brakes after two weeks. TWO WEEKS. I upgraded them, but they continue to wear out at the rate of about every other month. So in addition to rubbing off the wheel color and slowly turning it black, it's an additional cost of about $10 a pop.

Then there are the tire spokes. I don't know why, but they are constantly breaking.

Mind you, I don't even ride that much - about 40 miles a week tops, almost completely flat. For the first few months I would bring it in every 3-4 weeks, trying to get it adjusted so that it actually worked. Since then I've given up. I borrow my kids' bikes most of the time, because I am sick of the Huffy's constant breaking. I have walked that bike more in it's first year than I have the dog.

In short: terrible bike, poor company. Save yourself the grief.
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