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on January 24, 2012
Ingrid told us months ago that this album will be louder because she's growing up and she was a tad tired of being the sweet girl-y girl. This album is exactly what she warned us of, and she rocked it.

This album opens with the powerful 1. Fire, string-filled and stepping out of the boundaries. It reminds me a little of Viva La Vida by Coldplay.

2. This Is War, keeping her ukulele style a little with strong beats to it. "It's a wonder how I survived this war between your heart and mine." This is an enjoyable track, though it keeps an even level through out the song.

3. Do It Now, starting with a beat along with some strings followed by some beautiful harmonies. Ingrid's voice is very pure here, also versatile. It seems like an ordinary track, actually sounding similar to the one before it.

4. I'm Through, a beautiful track beginning with strings. She comes back to her piano here for the rest of the track. "I would rather feel the sting than to never had felt a thing." Ingrid's voice is pure and relaxing here. A nice violin solo takes the bridge to a dreamy place.

5. Blood Brothers, one of Ingrid's personal favourites. I'm getting a "Girls and Boys"(Ingrid's second album) vibe from this song. "We're all the same, under a different name. We're all blood brothers." This song is mostly acoustic guitar with occasional strings. It is powerful, yet keeping a sweet tone.

6. Black and Blue is real funk. Maybe a little Hip-Hop feel. This track really shows Ingrid's vocal abilities.

7. Ribbons starts with a nice acoustic chord progression and has some nice vocal harmonies. It's medium to fast paced and powerful enough to get you on your feet!

8. How We Love begins with acoustic guitar and the lyrics tell a love story. Ingrid's voice is very nice. Pure and sweet. This track is probably my personal favourite.

9. Palm Of Your Hand is an exciting and fast track. The exciting music with Ingrid's calmer voice adds so much to the song.

10. Ghost has some great music. Ingrid's voice seems a little nervous, though. I don't really understand why this track was chosen as the lead single... It's really only average.

11. In The Sea is filled with some powerful percussion. "Don't rescue me, I like the salt water sting/it feels so good to feel something." I like the meaning of this. Feeling something, even if it's pain.

12. Keep Warm starts off with some strings and some nice vocals. The verses and the chorus don't seem to go together though... This track reminds me of older music.

13. End of World is a perfect closing track. It is quite powerful with its strings and percussion.

Overall, I LOVE this album. Every artist needs a moment to step out of their boundaries, and Ingrid did this in a nice way.
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on January 25, 2012
The hardest thing for an any artist to do is to put out new work. If it is too much like the old work people complain that the artist is in a rut. If the work is too different then fans are put off. It is an incredibly tough line to walk and too many artists are content to turn out more-of-the-same to a slowly dwindling fan base.

Ingrid takes a risk with "Human Again" by putting out an album with a bigger sound than the girl-at-her-ukulele her fans are used to. There is more orchestration and more production and more going on.

With "Human Again" fans may have to evolve a little with Ingrid and open up to something that is a bit different than past work but is still distinctly Ingrid and completely wonderful.
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on January 26, 2012
I just want to throw my two cents in here, basically for Ingrid's sake. While the occasional tune does feel a little overblown in terms of production, it's not any more so than previous efforts like Girls & Boys. The overall feel of this album is what wins me over. The melodies are mostly dead-on, the lyrics a mixed bag, but the four or five great songs are GREAT songs, flanked by genuinely good to decent tunes that aren't hard on the ears, even if they don't break new ground.

If you're not hooked right away, neither was I. Give it a couple listens if you're a fan of hers. I've only listened to three of Michaelson's albums - the aforementioned Girls & Boys and 2008's Be OK, and this one is my favorite so far. Very cohesive. Check it out.
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on January 26, 2012
As a hugeee fan of Ingrid I feel the need to defend her work on this album. There is not a single track I don't love or relate to. People complain when an artist does the same kind of record again and again. Yet, they also hate when an artist steps away from what they (fans) are used to. I think Ingrid wanted to try something new while maintaining her unique style. People need to remember that when an artist like Ingrid who writes all her own music comes out with something new they're probably thinking more about getting their feelings and emotions out, not about whether everyone will like or relate to it.
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on February 8, 2012
Ingrid Michaelson has quietly been climbing the charts since her debut album, "Slow the Rain," hit shelves on Jan. 10, 2005. Although the young singer/songwriter has yet to sell out any arenas with her often love-centric acoustic tunes, Ingrid Michaelson's rabid fan-base has steadily and rapidly grown. Now five albums into her career, each of her records has outsold the last. Hitting number one on iTunes' chart on the day of its release, "Human Again" is sure to continue this trend.

For any fans of Michaelson's earlier material, the most immediate difference between "Human Again" and her previous recordings is the production style. David Kahne, who has previously worked with Sublime, Regina Spektor, Kelly Clarkson, and even Paul McCartney, to name a few, is in the driver's seat for "Human Again," replacing longtime producer and arranger, Dan Romer.

Opening with "Fire" and Kahne's presence is immediately felt thanks to the synthesized strings and heavy drums that take over the mix. The only thing that escapes Kahne's influence is, thankfully, Michaelson's voice, which comes through crisp and clear. Sure, there is some doubling of her vocals on the chorus, but the same has been done on past hit singles like "Maybe."

Speaking of her voice, Ingrid Michaelson's vocals have gotten significantly stronger since 2009's "Everybody."

Her trademark sweet and innocent phrasing is still ever-present in the verses, but on tracks like "This is War" and "Ghost," she belts out the choruses with such authority and strength that you can't imagine she's the least bit phased by the men who have supposedly broken her heart in the lyrics. When "I'm Through" strips the mix down to just Michaelson and a piano, her voice displays a new level of emotion and vocal maturity that will surprise and delight her longtime fans.

Much of "Human Again" becomes a battle between these two influences: Kahne's overpowering production and Michaelson's newfound vocal backbone.

On Michaelson's previous records, the track "Blood Brothers" would likely have been a simple, upbeat track with a stripped down instrumentation. However, in Kahne's hands the song becomes bogged down with guitar, piano, drums, synthesized strings, and harmonized vocals frequently all playing at the same time. By the final chorus, there are so many layers that it sounds more like a Lady Antebellum track than anything Ingrid Michaelson has done before.

Although the new production style of "Human Again" may take some getting used to for anyone previously familiar with Ingrid Michaelson, it is still a great album. Kahne's efforts are never bad, they're just different. As a fan of Ingrid Michaelson for over five years, I personally prefer her earlier records for their simplicity, but Michaelson is broadening her horizon and growing as an artist. Fans, buy this record with confidence and don't judge it too quickly. It will grow on you, I promise.

Track Suggestion: "I'm Through"
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on May 10, 2014
This is honestly one of my favorite albums I own. I haven't listened to any of Ingrid's other albums (but I certainly intend to!), so I can't compare this one to her others. I am excited to listen to her latest Lights Out though.

Now, I don't think I have a lot to say that hasn't already been said by the other great reviews. But I will just say this is an ambitious, moving and beautiful album from start to finish. It's not just catchy pop, these songs really resonate with me and have a lot of emotional depth. An underlying theme is finding yourself, healing, and accepting others, yourself and life; which the title Human Again neatly alludes to.

There's a rich variety of sounds in this album, yet it feels cohesive. Everything from lush, orchestral strings, to simple but touching guitar and voice songs, to more darker punchy songs like In the Sea.

This album will move and inspire you, it will uplift you and break your heart. Definitely a recommended ride.
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on February 11, 2012
I found Ingrid Michaelson from the special acoustic version of Palm of Your Hand produced for Grey's Anatomy (which I'd say is better than the original and they nicely gave it away originally for free), airing in Jan. 2012. I'm now did I miss her? Where have I been for the last few years? Already bought 4 of her albums and I'm really liking them more and more. This is probably the most accessible of the four (along with Be Ok), a little less folk-y, a little less adventurous and mysterious, a little more soft rock and pop. They are all great in their way, but given how accessible this is with great songs like Fire and Palm of Your Hand, this should surely be a breakthrough CD. This is a terrific album (review of the original album, not the deluxe edition), and you will be rewarded not only buying this but earlier works like Be Ok, Everybody, and Girls and Boys. She's terrific and distinctive--not just another carbon copy.
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on January 27, 2012
I've already seen the varying opinions on Ingrid's new CD "Human Again" and thought I would add to the mix. In my opinion, this is Ingrid's best work. I like the flavor she brings to the music, a flavor that changes throughout the course of the CD. The songs don't all "sound alike" as do many artists'. I know some people have said this is "too different" from what Ingrid has done before, but I personally like it. I think it's good for an artist to step out of his/her territory and try new things. It's always good to take a leap. Hope to see more from Ingrid in the future! Congratulations to her for the release of this amazing work! :-)
(As a side note: it's rare that I ever like ALL the tracks on any given CD, though this was certainly an exception.)
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on February 2, 2012
This album is Ingrid Michaelson's best so far. It's riddled with the heartbreak she must've endured since her last outing but her lyrics are so pure and the feeling and emotion you can hear in songs such as "Ghost" and "I'm Through" is so great. The album is so much more upbeat than any of her other efforts it plays like an anthem for post-breakup individuals and is a great listen for any Ingrid Michaelson fan. If you're looking for happy love songs "Keep Warm" and "End Of the World" are the only two on this album. "End of the World" is a beautiful tribute to the idea of soul mates and definitely a highlight on this album. other highlights are: "Fire", "This Is War", "Do It Now", and "Ribbons". All in all this is mostly a post-breakup album.
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on February 2, 2012
This is the kind of CD where I'm so glad that I actually purchase the entire album rather than singles. Compared to Be OK and everybody, not only the singles (Ghost so far) as of now stand toe-to-toe to the previous albums, but almost all the other songs are very pleasant to listen through.

You can definitely see Ingrid Michaelson's variety here. Every song here is fairly distinct from each other. I love Blood Brothers, Ghost, Do it Now the most so far.

I was NOT impressed at all when going through the album the 2nd time, but 2nd time on... I'm addicted. So, give this album another chance if you didn't like it the first time. It will grow on you!
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