Customer Reviews: Hunter 21425 Fanaway 48" Ceiling Fan with Clear Retractable Blades, Brushed Chrome
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on December 26, 2011
We purchased this fan for our kitchen remodel about four months ago. The amount of light was low but we were aware the bulb was only 40watt. After about six weeks the bulb went out. We searched everywhere locally and on line for a replacement bulb without success. After contacting Hunter they verified that the bulb is exclusive to Hunter and can not be purchased elsewhere. They said they will send me a new bulb. That was over six weeks ago and I am still in the dark. My light has been broken longer than it worked. Why would Hunter manufacture a fixture with a bulb that can't be easily replaced? The fan works well and has a wow factor with the retracting blades but I would not have purchased it if I had known about the problem with bulb replacement. After purchasing many Hunter products over the years this will be the last one!
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on October 5, 2012
I purchased this fan just recently and installed it a couple of days ago. I had seen it installed in Lowes, it was (is) super awesome! It is exactly what we needed over our dining room table. The installation was painful; it was up in about 1hr. Although the fan is installed, we managed to get one piece on upside down, but no matter, I doubt anyone will notice.

I had read about the bulb so I knew we would not like it. It is florescent and and an awful white color. But I knew where to find the new bulb. Another writer said it was at Interlight and the item number was FC12T5/865. This is what the other reviewer wrote "The replacement bulb is a little bit smaller than the original. What I did was I unscrewed the hooks that hold the bulb in place until I could turn them 180 degrees and tightened them back up. The bulb then fit pretty perfectly."

However, the bulb with Interlight only has the cool white, so after more searching for the T5 bulb of 12" length (with at 10.8 OD) with at G10Q base and in warm white (2700k) I found another at bulb at alldaylighting.

I ordered 2 FC12T5/WW today.
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on July 16, 2012
You have to be very motivated to install this fan; and I was. Does what we wanted, but hardly worth the trouble. What has happened to Hunter?!

We've always wanted a fan over the DR table, and I've installed many of them with just the 3-wire, single switch wiring. But we have a fan 14' away in the kitchen, and another fan in the LR - 20' from the kitchen fan, and three fans visible in an Open Concept layout would be a bit much.

Then we saw this fan at Lowes! It was a novel solution for our unique situation! Costly! But what the heck! We'd have a nice light over the table, and no blades pointing everywhere!

We had to special order it. Ordering app said it would arrive on Thursday, a whole week later.

No call from Lowes, so we called. "Yeah, it's in."

By the way, they left on their Vendor Receipt on the box. They paid $239.18; we paid $350. Priceless.

Because of other complaints seen online about installation & operational problems, etc., I immediately looked at the lamp, and saw that it's made in China, but it's a standard T5 40W flourescent. Replaceable if we need to. So far so good.

Experienced, safe Installer
I've installed maybe a dozen Hunter fans in the past 15 years in various houses, and the instructions were quite reasonable and easy to follow. These were noticeably different, and not in a good way.

A Problem Everyone will encounter (I'm pretty sure)
A pretty significant problem is in the very beginning. The Hanger Bracket fastens to the building structure using Hunter's two 3" soft-metal screws. Electrical boxes are pretty standard size with the holes in rather fixed locations, and the elongated slots for the two screws in the Hanger Bracket are sufficient for fastening to the house - except for one thing: it's easy to rip up the head of the 3" screw on this side. While there is plenty of room in the open side of the ball socket part of the Hanger Bracket for fastening to the house structure, the opposite side of the socket is right in line with where you'd have to use the screwdriver or drill to fasten that side of the bracket. With the head all ripped up, I had to use pliers to unscrew it and get it out of there. I then used a nut headed screw, and fastened it using a ratchet, which just fit in the space to do this.

I don't see how anyone can avoid this situation - except for what I'm about to tell you.

I was so focused on removing the damaged screw, and ratcheting in the new one, that not until I was done did I see that the ball socket could have been removed from the flat part of the bracket. There are 4 lock-washers & screws holding the ball socket part onto the Hanger Bracket, and because of the standard size of the electrical box, I can't imagine not having to remove this so that Hunter's 3" screw can be used on the closed side of the ball socket. Good Luck here.

The instructions are very poor.

Diagrams have parts labeled; this is good. Only one name is on the diagrams, but two names are used; this is very bad. There is no reason for this poor quality. Doesn't anyone care?

Here's the problem: In step 4, they refer to a "new" part - "ceiling plate" - and this is the first mention of it. They're referring to its "hooks", but I see only the single, standard, Hunter hook on the Hanger Bracket.

I got online to find these instructions in a pdf file so I could search for "ceiling plate". First occurrence: right where I'm reading in my copy!

Then I notice that the date at the bottom of my copy of the instructions is 2010, but the online copy for the same pub number is 2009. Who's in charge? A high-schooler?

So I call Hunter in Memphis. After 8 minutes on Hold, I talk with Sandra. Nice enough, and I realize people can't know everything, so eventually I'm put on HOLD while she finds out what a ceiling plate is.

"The instructions are written generic", she says. This tells me nothing I can use. Then, Sandra tells me to look at the Parts Layout sheet. The "New Hunter" does it again: None of the parts in the breakdown is labeled. The diagrams are there; but the part names are in a list on another page?! Which is which? Ceiling Plate is in the parts list, but which one is it in the diagram? No clue.

Sandra tells me that the instructions are referring to the "Hanger Bracket". This was clearly labeled earlier in the instructions and referred to in the early steps by this name - but now they call it something else. And where are the hooks?! Sandra doesn't know.

Later on, it's time to position the receiver for the remote. No instructions for this.

This is July 2012. In two years, they haven't updated these instructions, and they have a 4-year old version online. Are you telling me that no one has encountered this in 4 years?

We're happy with the fan/light, and it solves our problem. But if you're not quite decided, I'd forget it. Or wait to find it on a clearance rack. I'm sure there are some folks who will return them.
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on October 5, 2010
I bought this fan to replace an old hampton bay fan, in my opinion this fan looks great, works well, but is not designed for a high ceiling room, nor a huge bedroom, remember this: it is a small fan. The fan is extremely quiet, and the light fixture is ok for a small room.
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on March 5, 2011
Installed this fan in our Media room with 9' ceilings and it works great and cool feature that you can't even tell it is a fan until you turn it on. Airflow is fine (have only used it on the low setting so far) and can't hear it at all.

Only thing I would improve is I wish it had LED light option instead of fluorescent so the light could be dimmed. We have other lighting so we don't use the fluorecent often but is handy occasionally.

This is the remote that comes with this fan Hunter Fan 27185 Light Remote Control which is great (independent controls for 3 fan speeds and light) so you don't need special fan wiring just a regular light switch wiring will work.
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on December 9, 2010
Love this fan. This fan is beautiful as well as being perfect for the space I needed it in, my new kitchen. The clean lines are beautiful. It is so quiet you don't even know it is on. I highly recommend this fan and by getting it from Amazon, I saved almost $100.00.
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on September 8, 2013
We loved the fan for the first year or so. The only quibble we had was the little clatter the blades make when you turn the fan off and they retract, but that was nothing bad. However, the plastic "globe" type covering has turned very yellow during this time, despite frequent removal and washing. What little light the fan produces is now dimmed by the yellow plastic. I've sent notes asking the company for a replacement plastic globe (which I'd gladly pay for), but have not received any answer to my request. I see on the Hunter site that others have encountered this. The blades are also difficult to clean; when they retract, you can only get at part of the tops of them. I try to get a swiffer duster in between there, but that just does a so-so job. What a shame, an otherwise cool looking fan with a neat feature (retractable blades) looks like crap after awhile; this is the second Hunter fan I've bought that seemed to be produced to be obsolete in about 3 years. I expect that from ceiling fans I pay $100 for, but this is certainly not in that league.
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on October 17, 2012
We got this ceiling fan for our living room and we're very unhappy with it. The first thing we noticed was the awful sweat shop light which the 4200 kelvin bulb provides. It actually deterred us from having company over, as the light is so off-putting. Cold and hard, it feels like a factory, or worse, an emergency room waiting area. We have since ordered two separate bulbs to replace the original, according to the instructions read on the product -which only says 'use 40W T5 circular lamp only"- and neither bulb has fit. Cost us $30 to learn that apparently, Hunter designed the lamp so that you can only buy bulbs through them. I have contacted Hunter regarding a replacement bulb and have yet not heard back from them, so I do not even know if they offer a softer alternative to the 4200K bulb that came with the fan. If not, we are going to have to re-do the lighting in our living room.
The other thing we were shocked by was discovering, after hiring an electrician to install the fan, that the wall switch only turns the light off, but will not turn the light on again. This means that if you enter the room after dark, you practically need a flash light to find the remote control which comes with the fan, in order to turn the light on. If there was a Darwin award for ceiling lights, this product would win it.
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on February 9, 2013
We were remodeling an apartment in a mid century building. An obvious ceiling fan just wasn't going to look right. I was so excited when I saw this fan. The retractable blades are amazing. However, in two very important areas this product falls WAY short. First the only way to control the fan/light is with a remote. It appears that you cannot hook it up to a switch. We installed this fan is in a high end rental. Inevitably the remote will be lost and we will then have no way to operate this ingenious invention. Second...and this would have been a deal breaker had I noticed it before installation. The light comes with a round tubular fluorescent bulb. The light it casts is bright and assaulting. Picture a high school bathroom or the overhead light in a hospital room. Unless you are in the avatar movie or from the planet Mars, it is extremely unflattering. To add insult to injury, you can NEVER replace the bulb with a new and innovative dimmable flourescent for 2 reasons. They don't make dimmable bulbs to replace this one AND even if they do in the future the dang remote doesn't allow it. So whoever designed and approved this fixture put all of the attention into the fan and completely ignored the fact that it is also a light fixture. On the box it tells you what size fan to purchase for a bedroom. Let me tell you, if you put this fan in a bedroom you will regret it. It also states on the box that it comes with a CFL bulb, boasting that it lasts 10 times longer and will save you...get this... A WHOPPING $30 over the life of the bulb. Well! I would happily spend the extra 30 bucks to be able to get the bulb I want and put the light on a dimmer. I'm EXTREMELY disappointed that I am stuck with this light. I would love to know if anyone has found a way around these issues.
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on April 6, 2013
This light/fan is super cool. Such a neat conversation piece. The light is a neon bulb and gives off light as such but it is a really modern looking touch to any room. I couldn't possibly be more pleased. The only reason this is not 4 stars is because the hired hand that I used to install it told me he thinks it was either used or refurbished because the wires were unevenly clipped and were not long enough. Thankfully he was like a McGiver so everything worked out well. I can't get enough of turning the fan off and on and watching the clear blades pop out and then retract.
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