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on February 7, 2014
My take on this book is that it presents some very compelling arguments that Hitler MAY have faked his own death to escape Nazi Germany. He certainly had the means to do so. But I find it very disturbing that the cover, above the title, posits "New scientific evidence that Hitler Escaped Nazi Germany." There is none. The most recent, and compelling evidence was that a DNA study done 5 years ago, in 2009, showed that the "Skull fragment" held by the Soviets to be Hitler's is really that of a 40 year old woman. When one considers that the fragment was removed from an area that contained many bodies this is hardly conclusive scientific evidence of Hitler escaping justice.
A compelling argument is made that those who purportedly assisted with the disposal of the bodies all have stories that differ a lot on details and that the writer of the official narrative, Hugh Trevor Roper, was discredited later in life due to an error in actually thinking the "Hitler diaries" were real.
There is also a compelling, though hardly conclusive, body of evidence that as many as five U boats made visit to Argentina after the conclusion of the war. Argentina had a sizeable number of people of German extraction who supported Hitler, including a married couple named Eichhorn, who were strong financial supporters and personal friends of Hitler. Some eyewitnesses reported seeing a two men landing in a rubber boat on the shore of Southern Argentina. Since it seems there was no attempt to ID the landing people we are left to assume it was indeed Hitler, since a local band of Nazi supporters reportedly threw a party for the arrival of an important "Nazi official"
In truth there are a lot of dots connected, there are a fair number of footnotes to interviews and sources, but the conclusion that Hitler escaped via submarine, landed and lived out his days cannot be supported by the evidence presented in my opinion.
In the last chapter of the book entitled "Who Helped Hitler Escape?" Corsi lays out some conclusions that are logical and sound, such as that Allen Dulles was a man who helped which expatriated many nazis including Werner Von Braun, the genius behind the Saturn moon rocket. He states that Hitler could not have escaped without the assistance of Juan Peron, Argentina Head of State, and Allen Dulles, chief of OSS. Then Corsi goes straight into the twilight zone--
Corsi cites Jim Marr's 2008 book "The Rise of the Fourth Reich: The Secret Societies that Threaten to Take Over America" and states that Dulles perceived that the battle in the postwar era would not be between capitalism and communisn, but between National socialism and communism. He then equates the ever expanding government intrusion into out lives and the co opting of both red and blue parties to the ever increasing national socialist state.
While a strong argument can be made that the influence of our society, the erosion of liberty may in part be due to the cancerous influence of grafted Nazis and their sympathizers Corsi cites not one supportive footnote in these concluding six paragraphs, save a quote by Marr's that "America today is a national socialist's dream come true."
Corsi makes that incredible statement that "It is far from certain that the United States and Western Europe would have had the economic strength to withstand an expanding Soviet Union throughout the Cold War years had Bormann not invested the ill-gotten Nazi capital- including the wealth stolen from the Jews about to be murdered- in the Wester economies in order to establish viable escape routes for himself, Hitler, other top Nazis such as Heinrich Muller, and tens of thousands of other Nazi war criminals. That is a WHOPPER of a statement and he presents NO data, supportive quotation, or in fact, anything supportive of his conclusion that our economic engine was that precariously weak post war. To make such a statement that is not supported by ANY facts is sensationalistic, shallow and not in the least scholarly or honest.
My conclusion? The book makes a compelling case that Hitler may well have escaped, but it is by NO means conclusive in the evidence presented in the 133 pages of text. Further, the claim of NEW evidence of Hitler escaping Nazi Germany is misleading at best. The incredible claims at the end of the book, particularly with regard to the US post war economy are simply left dangling with no support, data, or any facts cited whatsoever to back them up. This type of unsupported "Conclusion" makes me uneasy about accepting the main premise of the book, that Hitler escaped and lived the remainder of his days in Argentina.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon January 16, 2014
“Hunting Hitler” written by Jerome R. Corsi in many ways reminded me of "Grey Wolf: The Escape of Adolf Hitler" by Simon Dunstan and Gerrard Williams.
Both books brought new evidence about Adolf Hitler's escape after World War II to Argentina, where allegedly he lived and had children, on hidden location protected by other Nazi officials, many of them also considered dead.

As I wrote in my review for that book, due to my interest for WWII literature, I was very intrigued by premise of both books because if proven true that would mean re-writing history and throwing additional light on everything we have learned the last 60 years.

In his book Corsi emphasizes DNA discovery in 2009 which confirmed that the found skull outside the bunker wasn’t Hitler’s but also speaks about my many declassified documents that prove Nazi U-Boats were carrying something or someone important to Brazil after the war was finished.
He speaks in detail about Hitler’s secretary distribution and investing of Nazi fortune between many different businesses that started in 1942, well respected banks and companies that exist even today.

On the positive side, “Hunting Hitler” succeeded to bring some new history facts that obviously are true, but the drawbacks of this book are almost identical as for the other title – no photographs or any other irrefragable evidence that could confirm main thesis Hitler stayed alive after WW II. Though one can ask if the truth wasn't so well hidden, would it be possible to fool the entire world for so long?

The main evidence for all written inside is the sad truth that huge amount of money and valuables that was stolen during the WWII has never been found and it doesn't sound incredible that it was spent to ensure that the truth remained uncovered (for so long time).
Therefore, it's up to each reader to judge the presented evidences and decide whether they are sufficiently credible.
In my opinion, presented facts about the valuables that were taken out of Europe, as well as the fate of some other Nazi characters can and probably are true, though speaking about Hitler himself the author still didn't manage to convince me about his “real” fate.

This book is a great read for fans of conspiracy theories, while for history lovers reading could be advised due to interesting documents that were declassified recently.
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on March 23, 2014
I should have known when I first heard Mr. Corsi on "Coast to Coast AM" say about the German invasion of Poland, "It was 1938, I think ...", that his ability to write a non-fiction history book was questionable. In this book, he rehashes a lot of sources which are themselves questionable to support his theory. He also points out a great many inconsistencies in the stories of the "witnesses" to Hitler's death, but turns right around and accuses the supposed escaping U-Boat crew of having rehearsed their stories, so consistent were they in character. Convenient, but unconvincing. His assertion that the U.S. would not have been able to resist the Soviet Union's power and influence throughout the Cold War years without the alleged Nazi loot that Bormann invested worldwide when he knew the Third Reich was doomed is laughable not only on its face, but also because he mentions it on only the last 2 pages of the book and provides only supposition that Bormann was even successful in exporting all that money. Not a single piece of good economic analysis does he show to support this theory. I also find the notion that Alan Dulles would naturally gravitate to high ranking Nazis as a bulwark against Communism hard to believe, and that is the basis for his theory that Dulles helped Bormann in his labors. Sure, we grabbed the rocket scientists, the jet scientists, and probably a few others ... but Bormann? He quotes Ladislas Farago's book on Bormann several times, but most historians will probably agree that Farago's assertion of Bormann's escape was also disproved by DNA evidence when Bormann's body was discovered in 1972. Yes, I know there is some controversy surrounding this event too (wrong color dirt on the corpse for where it was buried, it was re-buried there for the Germans to find after he died in South America, etc), but Corsi simply discounts the evidence that doesn't support his thesis and gives unwavering credit to that which does. Remember Carl Sagan's mantra, "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence". This book doesn't come close to that standard. I'm glad I borrowed it from the library. 2 stars because he at least brings up an interesting subject and it is not completely devoid of references. For a better read (though it still has a few loose ends and some leaps of faith), try Levenda's "The Ratline"; it's more thorough and the writing is more consistent.
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on January 10, 2014
The author of "Hunting Hitler", Dr. Jerome R. Corsi, received his PhD from Harvard University in political science. He is currently under contract with World Net Daily as a staff writer working as an investigative reporter. He has written New York Times best sellers "Unfit for Command", "Obama Nation", and "The Great Oil Conspiracy."

Truth Is

Astounding evidence came out in 2009 from three American professors that had access to Hitler's alleged remains surprised the globe with scientific DNA proof that the skull and bones Russia claimed were Adolf's were in fact the skull of a forty year old woman. This reinforced Joseph Stalin's belief that in fact Hitler did get away after the war a claim he maintained to the end of his life. Truth is no one saw Eva Braun & Hitler die in the bunker; no photos were taken to document that fact; fact is no bodies were ever found in the bunker; no physical evidence exists tying them to the scene.

Hitler Escaped

Corsi and his researchers maintain the possibility that Hitler escaped from Nazi Germany at the end of the war and even Dwight D. Eisenhower, the allied commander, said he thought Hitler was still alive. FBI & CIA records kept at the National Archives maintain the U.S. government took serious the reports that Hitler & Eva Braun escaped to Argentina in a Nazi U-boat. Even the trial judge at the Nuremberg trials of Nazi war criminals said he believed," No one is for sure Adolph Hitler is dead."

The Fourth Reich

Corsi compiles massive amounts of proof plus painstaking research and evidence that points to Hitler's escape to Argentina even down to the exact landing area on the beach. The question remains did Hitler escape to plan revenge and the rise of the Fourth Reich? There was a large German community in Argentina that backed Adolph; in fact they worshipped him as a cult hero. Could it be after he lived out his life there they had access to his DNA knowing that sometime in the future perhaps technology would exist to be able to clone him back to life?


In this intriguing look into the history of the Nazi party, its godlike leader, and Hitler's escape we learn the thinking of criminal minds, the propagandizing of the truth, the thievery that set up his escape, and how the Nazi's had help here in America to fund their monster killing machine. These traitors exist in our political system unto this day plotting the overthrow of our republic. Corsi merely turns the light on these cockroaches and you can see them all run for cover. I give it five stars out of five even though it is a short read no words are wasted.
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on December 12, 2014
Glaring errors - page 81 reference to William "Wild Bill" Sullivan when in actuality it should be William "Wild Bill" Donovan and on page 128 reference to the date of the Malmedy massacre as having occurred on 14 December 1944 when in acutality it was on 17 December 1944. The Ardennes Offensive (Battle of the Bulge) started on 16 December - so how could the Malmedy massacre have been commited two days before the start of the offensive?

Not a lot of new information and very little detail. At the end of the book he goes off on a political diatrabe about how the US is now the 4th Reich.

There are some good references to other books and research that make this a somewhat valuable reference document. However, the errors cited made me feel somewhat cheated.
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on March 11, 2014
I have to say I find it humorous how the conspiracy theorists call their speculation and guess-work "facts" or "evidence". It's an old tactic of every conspiracy theorist. Adolf Hitler died in Berlin, Germany by his own hand. We may never know how it happened or how everything played out. There is no way such a sick man as Hitler would've been left alive after WWII. He would've been hunted down and killed. I don't recommend this book of so-called "evidence" to anybody.
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on November 2, 2015
Pure junk. The claim that no one saw Hitler and Eva Braun die is true - they were in their bedromm. But everyone in the bunker, including Hitler's
secretary, chef, etc saw the dead Fuhrer and his new wife. Of course there is no photographic proof - no one in the bunker had a camera, nor wanted to take pictures is they had. Hitler's skull was identified by his dental records provided by his dentists' nurse, who the Russians had found and captured. She remained in custody for a while. Proof of Hitler's death is incontrovertible. He was known to still be in the bunker as the Russians surrounded the area. It would have been totally impossible for him, especially in his weakened condition, to escape. This book ignored the best evidence in order to sell copies of what amounts to a huge lie.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on January 28, 2015
The author makes a semi-compelling arguement that Hitler and Eva Braun never committed suicide. Given the tremors in Hitler's arm is highly unlikely that he could have managed to shoot himself. It is more unlikley that any individual in the bunker would have fired the shot. It would be possible though to compare the DNA of the skull fragment held in Russia to that of Hitler's family. The claim that Hitler settled in Argentina is based on speculation and scant facts. It makes for a good story but that is all. The author fails to present any real facts to evidence his allegation that Hilter settled in Argentina after the war.
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on November 10, 2015
Hitler survived. Hitler survived?

Yes, this question nags many of us, every bit as much as the nagging notion that JFK survived, and that Elvis survived. But how to answer it?

Famed researcher and prober of the hidden, Jerome "Birth Certificate" Corsi, he whose mug launched a Presidential Campaign, is at least as well-equipped as any other for this endeavor.

I must say that his 1st thesis, namely that Hitler escaped Berlin and Germany, is entirely plausible, though nothing new. His 2nd thesis, however, namely that

***Barack Obama is Adolf Hitler, kept in full early middle-aged vigor by new youth-maintaining drugs that socialized medicine has kept from the American public, reserving them for Socialists***

is hard for me to believe. But who am I to argue with Prof. Corsi?

(You'll enjoy the bonus sections in this book, as well: that Elvis and JFK are both alive and well, having undergone sex-change operations and working in Hollywood, as, who knows? your own favorite starlets!)
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3 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on February 7, 2014
I enjoyed Corsi's book very much and it did contain some new and good information about Hitler, but it did not offer an eyewitness account of how he actually escaped Nazi Germany and why he wasn't in the bunker on April 29 or April 30, 1045. My father-in-law was a POW in Germany and was an eyewitness to Hitler's actual whereabouts at that time. His book has been published, registered with the US Copyright Office, and will be available on Amazon in the very near future.
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