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on July 20, 2006
This is a very nice start for a series. In Walker's world, vampires, psychics, witches and wereanimals are policed by a group of their own, the fate-determined Hunters. Kendall is a 300 year old vampire who has to face her own personal demons. Kane is a human bounty hunter who at first thinks Kendall is his personal demon, but quickly learns otherwise. Simply put - they have great chemistry together. I read a LOT of sf/fanstary/romance/erotica and you can start to get desensitized, but Walker's writing puts a little zing in your blood :). The world and the story aren't really that complex (nothing like Kim Harrison or Charlaine Harris), but I'm hoping future books in the series will complicate things. On the down side, I was a little confused by the epilogue - I didn't know if this was supposed to be a preview for the next book (which it didn't seem like) or the beginning of a thread that weaves its way through all of the books. I look forward to the next one in this series. Hopefully it won't be too repetitive and we'll have a great new SF author on our hands! On a total side note, did anyone else think the cover for this book looks a little too much like L.A. Banks?
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Unfortunately, this book did not live up to it's potential. Kendall and Kane have good chemistry, and it was a nice change for the woman to be the vampire with the advantage over the man. However, that did not make up for the plot not appearing until 2/3 of the way into the book. And, once they realized who the enemy was, instead of going after her, the reader is treated to 20 + pages of Kendall whining about how she can't lose Kane (really). The kick-butt vampire hunter is suddenly weeping every other page and her man has to comfort her.

It is romance, I expect sex. But, it just interfered with an already weak plot instead of enriching it. When they know their fellow hunter is in mortal danger, do they rush to his aid? No, they have sex. Several times. And, of course the man dominates the sex scenes. I like a bit more equality between sex partners. This book wasn't a bad read--if you have nothing better on your shelf. I highly recommend reading Sherrilyn Kenyon, or Angela Knight before picking this up.
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VINE VOICEon June 28, 2007
Kane Winter has been haunted by the night his partner, fellow bounty hunter Duke Monroe, died. Nightmares of vampires and a mysterious woman torment him until he finds her. Kendall, the woman he holds responsible for Duke's death, isn't just any vampire. She is a Hunter, dedicated to tracking down and destroying rogue vampires. Kane soon realizes that Kendall isn't the killer he envisions. But will the powerful attraction between them be enough when their lives are on the line?

HUNTING THE HUNTER offers a slightly different take on the world of vampires and other supernatural beings. Shiloh Walker has created an interesting world in which all vampires are neither good nor evil, but rather they make choices that determine how they use their abilities. This is my first Hunter book so I'm still absorbing the details of this world, but it is definitely one I intend to read more about.

Shiloh Walker has a definite gift at creating tension in her stories. There were times when I couldn't turn the pages rapidly enough as I just had to see what would happen next. The complexity of the story was a bit surprising and I enjoyed the flashbacks to Kendall's earlier years as it provided more understanding as to her current actions. It also helped temper Kendall's angst, which would have otherwise made her annoying but instead made her a sympathetic character.

One thing is a certainty with any book by Shiloh Walker- she can write one heck of a romance! The attraction between Kane and Kendall was strong and fast, with some very steamy scenes. Kane and Kendall belonged together and it was refreshing to read a story in which the two main protagonists recognized this immediately, regardless of their rather obvious differences.

HUNTING THE HUNTER is a compelling read. Shiloh Walker delivers a fantastic romance coupled with a dark but very well done vampire tale. HUNTING THE HUNTER is an intriguing story that leaves this reviewer wanting more of the Hunters series!

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on April 23, 2007
"Hunting the Hunter" is an enjoyable and interesting tale in a rather overcrowded genre - the vampire romance. Although at heart a 'lust turns to love' story there are lots of additional elements to keep the reader's interest.

Kendall is a female vampire, a Hunter whose mission is to weed out the 'evil' vampires, often partnered with werewolves or witches. Partnered with Duke, a shape shifter, they seek out vampires and terminate them. However, Kendall realises that someone is hunting her - a human. Kane Winter is a man with a mission, ever since his shapeshifter partner Duke was killed two years ago by a vampire. Kane has trained himself as a vampire hunter and has seventeen kills to his credit. When he sees Kendall he remembers her as the vampire involved in Duke's death and sets out to kill her.

A lot of novels in this genre would have drawn out the hero hunting the heroine angle to fill the entire book - in this story Shiloh Walker gifts her lead characters with a good dose of common sense and they very quickly realise that they are working together towards the same goal and stop trying to kill each other. It doesn't take long before Kane and Kendall act on their mutual attraction but before they spend much time together Kendall discovers a shocking secret - that the source of a significant amount of evil and murder can ultimately be laid at her door because of the actions of a vampire, Cat, that Kendall turned. Kendall and Kane must try to find Cat and kill her - but Cat is powerful and it's not that easy.

The romance, although a central part of this plot, wasn't the most interesting aspect. We are given several sex scenes between our two principle characters but far more interesting are the moral dilemmas that these characters face. Kendall has ultimate responsibility for Cat and it's something she has to deal with; Kane has to learn to accept that not all vampires are evil and to try to persuade Kendall to work with him rather than trying to protect him as a weaker human. We are introduced to a number of other characters including the intriguing witch Vax and the 500-year old witch Agnes.

This story is written with good pacing and it never drags. We are given back-story in small doses throughout the book which helps us to understand Kendall's singleminded dedication to vampire hunting. The main attraction between Kendall and Kane appears to be lust rather than anything more concrete and I would have liked some more attention to the other aspects that might have drawn them together but overall it was an enjoyable read with some good characterisation, an interesting plot and a satisfying resolution.

Originally published for Curled Up With A Good Book ([...]) © 2007 Helen Hancox
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on July 5, 2006
Bounty hunting partners Kane Winter and Duke Monroe were about to arrest one of America's most wanted drug dealers Miles Lancaster when all hell broke loose as two monsters attack the criminals. Duke shapeshifts into the big cat that he can become, but is killed saving the life of his buddy from the boy-man monster vampire. However, a woman actually rescues him from the raging frustrated Anton whom she kills for crimes against humanity; the other vampire Miguel escapes.

Two years Kane has searched for the golden eyed vampire slayer. She is his only clue to what happened on that fatal night and the link to the other vampire, but he assumes she was part of it and vows to find and kill her. Kendall knows the mortal bounty hunter she saved is hunting her; ironic because she is a hunter of her people when they turn rogue. When he finally catches up to Kendall he finds his thirst replaced by a hunger of desire that she to her surprise reciprocates; the forbidden relationship cannot be ignored by the two individuals in love or by her species.

HUNTING THE HUNTER is an exhilarating romantic fantasy filled with suspense and two interesting protagonists struggling with the prohibited feelings of star-crossed love. The story line is action-packed, but the cast makes the paranormal seem genuine and normal. Shiloh Walker writes a terrific entry due to the changing relationship between the lead couple as neither Kane nor Kendall cannot resist the lure of their hunter.

Harriet Klausner
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on July 17, 2006
This is my first experience with this author. This is also my first experience of erotica in what I call the Modern Paranormal genre, although Paranormal Romance really is a better description of this book. If you don't want erotica in your reading then don't buy this book. On the other hand her main characters are fairly well developed, her world is believable, and the plot is intense and believable. What cost her a star is the lack of development of secondary characters and her carbon copy villians.

In the prologue we are introduced to Kane Winter, a bounty hunter and veteran of Desert Storm; Duke Monroe, his partner and lion shape shifter; and, although unamed, Mary Kendall. Kane and Kendall are the 2 main characters and Ms. Walker alternates telling the tale from their viewpoints most of the time. Duke as a secondary character doesn't get as well developed as he should have been, and this is true throughout the book. What makes the book deserve 4 stars, besides an excellent job of plotting and pacing the story, is the interaction between Kane and Kendall as they begin to recognise kindred spirits in themselves despite that Kane is a human and Kendall is a vampire. Kendall doesn't think that Kane should get involved in her hunts; she hunts vampires, werewolves, and witches who prey on humans; she doesn't think a normal human can stand up to paranormals. Kane on the other hand, has hunted and killed almost 20 vampires in the 2 years between when he though his partner was killed, and when he finally tracks down Kendall who he thought killed Duke.

Do you want a good light read? Then buy this book!
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on June 25, 2013
I love it in fact it is one of my favorite reads in the Hunters series.I have all the books from the Hunter series and have enjoyed all of them. I have read each one at least twice and now have other friends reading the series too.
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on July 9, 2006
After reading this book I think that Shiloh has a real talent ahead of her. Mary Kendall reminds me so much of the early Anita Blake, only that Kendall is a Vampire, and the real extreme is that she is a Hunter of rogue Vampires herself. Kane is a bounty hunter looking for his friend runs into Kendall and from there the story gets real interesting. The side characters are great and you get to have real feelings for them. I want to find out more about Agnes the 500yr. old witch and Vax who is great as well. At the end you can't help but feel pity for Cat even though she is a killer Vampire. An all around fun read. Can't wait for Heart and Soul of a Hunter next spring.
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on September 21, 2007
Kendall is a vampire; she is also a Hunter, one of a group of warriors who keep the other supernaturals in line. Kane Winters first met Kendall two years ago when he thinks she killed his bounty hunting partner, and he's been searching for her ever since.

This book has a problem, rather than having one coherent story here, we have two parts that don't quite work together.

The first part of the book deals with how Kendall and Kane meet and how they subsequently end up together. We learn very little about either character, so basically what we have is Kane chasing Kendall, then losing her. Essentially it's a problem with pacing, the first six chapters are too slow and repetitive, and I couldn't connect with either Kane or Kendall. There is no real plot here and this could have been condensed by at least half. I think the idea was to introduce the reader to the world of the Hunters through Kane. But it's as if Kane and Kendall exist in a vacuum of bars and alleys with the occasional vampire or drug dealer popping up.

The second part of the book is much better. The plot finally arrives in Chapter 7, along with a slew of interesting secondary characters - Analise and Brad, (they were written really well and I wanted to know more about them, hope they turn up in a future book), Cat, Vax and Agnes. The story is off and running. We have an antagonist, we have bad things happening to good people, we have secondary plot threads, and we have back-story. We have all the things that were missing in the first part of the book.

Shiloh Walker can also write hot love scenes - of which there are several. :) At least one of which comes under the heading - we need to rescue our friend but let's get it on first. But that's something that crops up a lot in this genre, so I'm not going to hold it against the author.

As this is the first Hunters book (assuming you haven't read the e-books) it does have a lot to do. Introducing worlds and their rules is not easy. But I think a lot of readers will give up before they get to the meat of the story and that's a shame because it's worth hanging in there for.
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on July 26, 2006
That about sums up my feelings on this book. Something was missing. It was not a horrible book and by the same token it was not a great book. The sex scenes were good, but it felt like there were some things about Kane's character that were not fully fleshed out. I felt more of a connection to Vax than I did to Kane. I didn't get the full impact of him being the hero. I liked Kendall as the heroine but what was up with the single tear running down her cheek every other scene? By the time the real time for tears and emotions came I was so sick of the crying she had done already that it didn't make any kind of an impact.
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