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on April 28, 2002
I read this book from dusk till dawn. I took the book with me to a cemetery the following night. I did exactly what the instructions told me to do such as: Load your camera and walk around the area for 30 min. to an hour. I took exactly 36 shots with 35mm 800 speed B&W film. It took me about a week to get the film developed and when I did, one photo out of 36 showed a transparent figure of a female standing by a crypt.
The book was also right about the skepticism upon the photos. I showed the picture to the film developer and he said it looked like a chemical error. But after he looked at it closely, he got goose bumps.
I have the negative in a safe place and plan on making 8x10 copies of it.
After capturing the apparition, I feel a little intimidated on returning to the cemetery. Mr. Roesch wrote that the existance of evil spirits are extremely remote, so that offers me some relief of fear. Many doubt that this is true, but I think Mr. Roesch could be right, based upon his theories.
The part he wrote about "underwater ghost hunting" seems a little tough, I will have to wait on that.
I am also planning on conducting (EVP) as described in the book. I will follow the strict procedures as stated.
"The Drive-by Ghost Shootings" were helpful as far as equipment goes. I drove around a cemetery shooting pictures at random. Mr. Roesch is right, by doing that, it avoids trouble from currious on-lookers.
I never realized the difference between ghost hunters and paranormal investigators. There really is a "BIG" difference after reading.
My personal impression about Mr. Roesch, is the fact that he kept his description publicly stated from a personal view. He never went overboard about the subject of ghosts. Mr. Roesch claims that he really believes ghosts exist, but has still not seen or experienced actual proof of their existence. Whether ghosts exist or not, Mr. Roesch wants to prove it.
I do disagree with some of Mr. Roesch's theories such as religion and reincarnation. They were great points, but still just theories.
The ghost stories were great, but I feel there should have been more listed in each state.
So anyway, that's my review. I recommend Hunting The Dead Methods of Ghost Chasing to "ALL" amateur ghost hunters.
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on September 19, 2003
Have to agree with the other reviews. In looking at books on ghost hunting, this one comes in at the bottom of the pile. Poor writing, poor editing, and very little useful information. If you are interested in this subject, get Joshua Warren's How To Hunt Ghosts or one of Troy Taylor's books. Most of the others are a waste of time and money.
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on June 23, 2003
This is an extremely poorly written book. The gammar and spelling is atrocious and it does read like a poor highschool report (that would get a D or maybe a C-). As for content, it offers little and with less explanation and is highly redundant. Don't waste your cash, there are MANY better titles to choose from.
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on January 10, 2002
I did not enjoy this book. The author provides no facts to support what he writes about when it comes to ghost hunting. Descriptions of events are extremely limited regarding how he conducted his ghost hunts. Some methods to search and record ghosts I consider completely rude. For example, page 48 he writes that when conducting a daytime investigation or ghost hunt in the cemetary, and a funeral is taking place, by utilizing recommended equipment you can maintain distance and discretion. However, he writes, "If ever approached by someone and they ask what you are doing, tell them 'None of your business!' and leave". He does cite his own personal experience in this matter several lines further. Roesch's response was, "No, I'm just taking pictures of idiots,smile!" and he snaps a shot. Other methods do not respect privacy of individuals, especially within a hospital setting. He does state that he smuggled a camera into an animal hospital. Leaving me the impression, if he could get away with it at a human hospital he would. Much of what he talks on can be found researching other authors and websites, yet he does not provide full credit to the original author's work. However he does list all referances at the end. It would have been extremely helpful to have said exactly what information he obtained from sources outside his own experience, and who should be credited. For people new to this field, be it hobbyist or aspiring professional, this is not a book to gain 'expert' knowledge from. Keep looking!
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on April 1, 2002
This book may be OK for a 12-year old who gets excited about ghost hunting for a hobby, but I was very disappointed. This book reads like a rough first draft of a junior high school research paper. The grammar is atrocious; the writing is puerile. "Harry took ghost research to the most highest professional level." [p.xxv] Throughout the book, there are innumerable inexplicably (placed) parentheses or quotation "marks where" there are "no" quotations; then there are also the repetitious redundancies too. Some of his advice is so obvious as to be ludicrous; e.g., when hunting ghosts around shipwrecks, wear scuba gear (he takes pages 35-37 to say that). The only reason I gave this book two stars is because the author gives the amateur ghost hobbyist some good suggestions about cameras and equipment.If you're a juvenile looking for some fun reading, then, by all means, enjoy the book. But if you're an adult professional with a college education, looking for serious scientific research on parapsychological phenomena, don't waste your time or money on this book. has other, better books available.
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on June 2, 2003
I found this book to be pleasant to read. The format was simple and the typeset easy to follow. I would have given a higher review but found a lot of redundancy throughout it. I have had a long time interest in the paranormal and would never try to compare my knowledge to that of the the author, however found that the technical information a bit scarce and many of the tips to be no more than common sense. I wish Mr. Roesch had gotten into a bit more detail. With that, I have to admit the intention is probably for educating the begginer whom might not have a strong scientific background. All said, a good buy and definitely an enjoyable read.
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on October 31, 2003
I enjoyed the personal story this author has written. Great book! He's been on the news and in several news articles too. He also has a great website titled: Haunted Fort Lauderdale.
This book is a must read for any ghost hunter enthusiast. Brian Roesch is Fort Lauderdale's finest ghost hunter!!!
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on January 13, 2002
I read the entire book from front to back. It was very interesting. The author has many personal ghost hunting techniques, personal experiences, and scientific explanations leading to his conductions.
The author strongly expresses the difference between paranormal investigating and ghost hunting with incredible information I have never realized before.
The book is really like no other ghost hunting book, due to the fact that many of the ghost hunting skills performed are custom made by the author; such as the "Drive-by Ghost Shootings". There is also a paranormal investigator test at the end of the book which clearly covers everything, including Paranormal Terminology.
I noticed a few typos, but not many.
I recommend this book to any wanna-be paranormal investigator because all the basic information is contained within the 216 pages.
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This is, hands down, the worst book on ghost hunting I've read of late. ... The author appears to be 13 years of age at best given his outlook on the topic and his general attitude. The advice given in some areas is bad at best and might get you arrested in a worst case scenario.

I don't trash many authors as I know how difficult it can be to write something but there are only 2 valid reasons I can think of to buy this book. 1) To see how NOT to write a book about this topic 2) for firewood kindling.
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on November 4, 2001
I ordered this book and it was awesome, it answered all of my questions i had about the existence of spirits. If you have an interest in the paranormal then i highly reccomend this book to you.
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