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on May 19, 2011
This was the least expensive 16" I could find. Also the build quality gets cheaper and cheaper every time I buy a new chain saw. I had a WoodShark that was as cheap as I would put up with and did not want to replace it with the newer Poulan model. Husqvarna's build quality is decent so it has sufficed in that department. This saw ran perfectly out of the box but needed to have the low fuel adjustment altered in warmer temperatures. You need a special splined screwdriver to do this or there is the hack of tapping a piece of 1/4 inch steel tubing over it.The later method worked well enough. The choke is designed to shut off by squeezing the throttle so you can't accidentally leave it on. If the carb is adjusted perfectly this is not a problem but allowing to leave the choke on is better. Leave it to the EPA to make a chainsaw harder to use. It does not have the tool-less tension adjuster but I don't believe that it is a deal breaker. I did not experience any chain oiling problems that other purchasers have stated. The oil tank is a little too small so you just have to not completely fill the fuel tank so the fuel ends up running out before the oil. This saw has about the same power as the poulan I replaced it with. If you want a inexpensive 16" saw of acceptable build quality you should be satisfied.
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on April 9, 2012
I have read some of the reviews of this saw and I am left scratching my head at some of them. First of all, a 34.4cc saw is only designed for smaller jobs. I purchased this saw for my girlfriend for Valentines Day. I'm romantic that way. Anyway, I used it to cut some trees down that were around 30 inches in diameter, with no problems whatsoever. You must blast it full throttle before going in, um like the directions say. I also cut up a dead fall that was huge, again with no problem at all.

As for the oiling problems: again, the directions will tell you to look for oil being finely flung off the tip of the saw. If it doesn't do this, then don't use it! Check the tank to be sure there's oil in it. If you're using it in cold weather, the bar oil will thicken, making the bar oil pretty much worthless. Use a thicker motor oil in cold weather. If I'm not mistaken, the directions will say just that! Look at me...I can read, huh?

Husqvarna's are far and away the best equipment you can get for the price. I have husqvarna everything: riding mower, push mower (Honda engine), blower, weed whacker, and the saw that I got myself, er, my girlfriend for Valentines. She had an old Poulan Pro with a 42cc that I took for myself. It had very little hours on it, but a jacked up carburetor and auto-oiler with a leaky tube. Anyway, Husqvarna makes the best 2 cycle in the world. That's not just my opinion either. Furthermore, they are built in the good ol' USA. However it is a ritual with starting them. But the end result speaks for itself: a beautiful yard.
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on June 30, 2014
Cuts great if you don't push it. Much lighter than my son's Sachs Dollmer. Terrible hard to start- I'm 65 yrs old and by time I get the saw started I'm almost to tired from pulling the starter to use the saw.
Other than that it's great
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After we decided on the Husqvarna and the 16" chain bar, we still had two choices: The Husqvarna 235 and the 435. The 435 has a bigger engine than the 235: 40.9 cc (horsepower / size of engine) compared to 34.4 cc. As we are not the most muscular people, we finally went with the lighter-weight of the two. This 235 weighs just over 10 pounds.

We like this one, and we are happy with it: So what if we lost a little power by not choosing the 435? We gained better control and don't feel overly fatigued when we are done with our work. We feel safer, too.

We have many (15, actually) century-old oak and pecan trees on our property. We all joke about the pecan trees being "self-pruning" (their limbs are always falling), but the limbs on the oaks are tenacious. We used to hire tree trimmers but as their prices increased over the years, their safety procedures decreased. So we started doing the work ourselves: One tree a week when the weather is pleasant. Then we start over. And now we've got it under control. But we didn't have the proper size chainsaw to deal with large limbs.

We decided on a 16" chain bar because we already have a Stihl telescoping pole saw/pruner and a 12" McCulloch Mini-Mac (can't get parts for it any longer, but it still works great). We really like the Stihl brand and own several of their products. But we decided to try Husqvarna because several of our neighbors were patting themselves on their backs for their decisions.

We didn't have any trouble starting up this baby; maybe because we are familiar with and have a lot of experience with chain saws? So, we were surprised to see so many reviews that complained about difficulties. Good thing I came to check out the Amazon reviews after we bought our saw locally.... So far we've only had trouble pronouncing "Husqvarna". (Just joking!) Actually, we've been pleased with our choice, and just wanted to add our two cents to the opinion pool.
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on April 27, 2013
Great little chainsaw for an awsome price! It has cut everything I put before it, even an 18 inch log, took a couple passes. Would definitely recomend.
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on November 29, 2014
Don't be fooled by the brand name, as I was. They use the same inferior fuel line material as the lower end brands. Save yourself some money and purchase the most economical chainsaw you can find. You'll feel better knowing you are having the same problems as the person who bought the more expensive Husqvarna!
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on November 1, 2011
I purchased the 235 a few months back and used it twice in the 3 months I've had it. Both times didn't end well. The clutch cover on the saw is very poorly designed!! Both times I used it the clutch cover broke, specifically the screw that holds tension on the bar!! Good luck noticing the little plastic piece that holds the screw in place is missing!! This caused the chain to fly off the bar without any warning!! Secondly it is very under powered, the saw looks like it should be able to do a lot more than it actually can. Anything over a medium sized branch gave the saw trouble! I returned it and got a Husky 455 Rancher! So far so good!! Husky defiantly makes a good product, however the design on the 235 is just poor! Spend the extra money on a higher grade Husky saw, the 455 Rancher seems to be the way to go!
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on September 14, 2012
I don't know why people gave this chain saw such horrible reviews. What do you want for $199? Right out of the box it starts right up, I use mine for household stuff and other misc
Work. I cut up a old storage shed's base that was 3/4 plywood, and soaked 2x8 pressure treated cross beams and the saw ripped right through that wet hard stuff. I previously had a "wild-thing"
from poulain and well it never ran, so i took it back to tractor supply. I have to give this chain-saw 5 stars, its made in the USA and does it job, with a great price.
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on August 31, 2011
I have many gas powered tools but this was my first chainsaw. I had it less than a year. It worked OK for cutting up small branches (maybe 3-4" in diameter). It really struggled with anything bigger. Having never owned a chainsaw before, I didn't know what good looked like...

I now have a Stihl MS 250 which sells for $300 and am really kicking myself for not spending the money in the first place. I sent the 235 to the big forest in the sky... (or should I say the big pile of fallen branches, not exceeding 4" in diameter, in the sky).

For the occasional user like myself, I would not recommend buying a chain saw with a motor that has less than about 45 cc displacement and 3 horsepower, regardless of brand, because it just doesn't have enough oomph to get through a reasonable sized log or tree. It is far more dangerous to have an underpowered saw bind up and kickback. You only need to spend about $100 more than this saw to get those specifications, and potentially prevent an accident.

The other issue with this saw is that the blade tensioner is a little thumbscrew type of device. I personally prefer a wrench driven mechanism between me and a potential chain derailment.
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on December 17, 2011
I bought this saw new and it was difficult to start due to all the "auto" features on it - like not being able to keep the choke on after motor starts. This is particularly annoying in cold weather when one needs to keep the choke on for a time until the motor warms up.

The chain adjustment system is a joke. It is all plastic with a flip out handle that tightens and loosens the bar so that you can use the roller wheel on the side to adjust the chain.

I have owned a number of smaller chainsaws over the years and this one is the most "gutless" saw for it's size. I have a little Echo with 10" bar that will cut through larger pieces of wood than this saw.

To get the cover off the top to clean the carb. filter, you need a tox wrench to get the three screws out. The filter on the carb is a thin fabric that is held on by one screw through a metal plate. Again the tox wrench is necessary to get the filter off to clean it. Who wants to carry a tox wrench into the woods in order to keep the carb filter clean.

I'm going back to the dealer and get a Echo 370 or similar size. I've owned these Echo saws in the past and if the dealer won't take it in on trade, I'll leave this Husq. 235 out some place where it can be stolen like my previous Echo 370.
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