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on June 1, 2011
Had need of a new saw to replace an older one that was starting to give me trouble. besides that I have been wanting a second saw and this gave me a good excuse to get one. I typically cut 8 to 10 cord per year for the past 30 years and have had experience with several types and sizes. My favorite was the Husky 55 which I still have but needs some work. I checked out the reviews on the Husky 50 with the most being very good with a few bad reviews but then I saw the same with Stihl reviews so I came to the conclusion some people don't really know much about starting or using a chain saw. Anyhow Amazon had this one for a price that couldn't be beat so I thought I would take a chance on buying it online as opposed to a dealer. I wasn't disappointed. No problem with start-up. The first job I had was to clean up some storm damage. Had a large red oak uproot. At the stump it was about 29" diameter. This saw cut through that like a knife through butter. I cut up that tree in no time. The main reason I went with the smaller saw was lower weight. As one gets older that extra pound or so hanging out there can make a difference on the the back feels afterwards. I just like the way this saw feels in my hand and am impressed with its performance. This model isn't a professional model but for the work as a homeowner on over 5 acres of woodland this saw is perfect.
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on June 20, 2011
In my humble homeowner opinion, there are two good chain saws on the market today. Stihl and Husqvarna. The Husky 450 is an excellent medium size saw for the homeowner like me. I like the saw because it is easy to start, quiet and powerful. I would recommend it to anyone. The 18 inch bar works for the size tree I typically cut. I keep the chains sharp and have several on hand to change in the field. The bar tool comes with the saw for easy chain changeout. My two sons also use the saw and rate it as highly as I do!
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on December 19, 2010
If you don't know how to start a chainsaw than you should not be using one! Once the saw fires you turn the choke off and pull the start cord. If you keep trying to start it with the choke on it will flood the engine. Read the user's manual, it talks about it in the manual. I just purchased the 450 and it cuts like a dream and has the power to really do the trick. I like the fact that I can put a 20" bar on this saw and have the power to get the job done. I'm not having any issues getting the saw to run even in below freezing temps. Make sure you use winter grade bar oil if you cut in the winter. It's only been two days of solid cutting but this machine has out preformed my last saw. Hopefully with good maintenance habits I can keep this thing around for a long time. Oh yea...wear chaps and a helmet. I love that macho attitude with no protective gear. You'd be amazed at how fast you can bleed out when you hit an artery!

Be Safe...
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on May 9, 2011
This is my first chainsaw. I only wanted to buy a chainsaw once, so I did some research online and in the ACE store. I have a healthy fear of chainsaws and read the manual completely through as well as watched several safety videos on YouTube (I highly recommend that). This saw starts super easy if you READ the manual. This saw runs great, cuts like a knife through butter (70' trees) and is easy to acclimate to. I got lucky with an in-store grand opening sale and got the saw, case and extra chain for the price of just the saw. I would recommend this saw to my friends. In fact one of my friends has a Homelite chainsaw and Raved at how fast my saw rips through wood and works much better than his. I also recommend the Husqvarna 2 cycle mixing oil with Sta-bil. Stored my saw since the Fall and it started right away in the Spring. I did have a problem with the chain that came with it, but the store just gave me a new one and I was on my way.

Very happy with the saw.
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on October 2, 2011
I live in the Maine Paperwoods. I have cut truckloads of pulpwood, have a sawmill and heat with wood. I have been using a chainsaw over forty years now. I have two Husky 350 saws (one just out of the box when my 25 yr old Jonesred's pull cord plastic spring holder broke with no new parts available). I always have a backup and one in the box new because I depend on them so much (that makes three saws). I was shopping for a replacement when I came across two poor reviews on the 450. I spent the day in the woods today bucking up firewood from trees that have dried over the summer. I have a friend with a Husky 450 (it is almost identical in size and power as my two 350s which have recently been discontinued). I tried to count how many seconds it took to cut through a 3 inch maple or white birch limb. It turns out it is quicker than I can say "Jack Robinson". If I were not carful it would cut through the limb and then through my leg quicker than I could say "Boo". If the person gets his saw figured out if he is not careful folks might call him "Stumpy". This saw cuts through softwood limbs like through a roll of toilet paper and doesn't even slow down. A 12 inch maple takes ten seconds. This is a semi-professional (if not professional) saw. It is easy to repair with affordable parts [...] and can be fixed on a stump most of the time. Jonesred is a good saw, but parts availability can be a serious issue. Stihl is highly regarded by some (arborists), but they can only be bought through local dealers and parts are tightly controlled and handled by the same. Bar nuts can be as much as $3.50 each or more! The 350 came with open drivers on the centrifugal clutch which drives the chain. When cutting brush and small limbs sometimes the chain will jump off; the open driver tears up the chain which in turn tears up the bar in short order (it took me a while to figure out this problem with the 350). Bailey's Online has a new clutch drum and a removable internal driver which works perfectly through untold mountains of wood and brush. If the 450 comes with an open driver I will change it before I use it. I get almost all my sawing supplies from Bailey's.
I would advise using freshly mixed fuel in the tank, and oil. Give the pull cord a couple yanks with the choke on, and then yank again. If this fellow follows these directions there should be a terrible roaring sound (has to be endured for proper operation). If it still does not cut the only other possibility is the chain is on backwards! I did that once on the coast of Maine. The old fellow I was cutting with still teases me about how badly my saw cut after the extensive rebuild I had completed (I was so happy my saw was running so well it was not immediately obvious why it only scratched the firewood).
If he gets it running correctly, please wear a saw hat (helmet with brush shield and ear protectors), saw pants or chaps and be exceedingly careful. I run skidders, tractors, dozers, excavators, dump trucks, loaders and many other dangerous machines; but, this chainsaw takes the cake when it comes to dangerous. Do not cut over your head; keep your feet and legs far away from the running chain. I am afraid a boy has bought a man's tool (but then I was a boy once, everyone starts somewhere).

I will buy this saw and give it 5 stars based on the 350s and the hands on use of a 450.
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on May 26, 2012
I have extensive experience with using chainsaws. Out of the box, the Husqvarna 450 did not perform. It immediately bogged down while cutting green, 10-inch diameter logs and died when not on the throttle. It quickly became obvious that it was running much too lean and that the carb needed adjustment. OK no problem, except that it requires a special tool (not included) and/or a trip to an authorized service dealer. As others have noted, the instructions are also very poor.

A real disappointment, as it is supposed to be adjusted from the factory. I bought it online specifically because locating/visiting a dealer in the area, most of which are open only M-F, is a real pain for me.
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on November 24, 2008
I LOVE this chainsaw. It has an IMMENSE amount of power for such a seemingly small tool, it starts without trouble, is easy to adjust (once you can decipher the instructions), and can take down trees like they were small twigs. It even comes with instructions on how to properly limb a tree, and how to take down the tree itself. Well worth the money. I used it for close to three hours without shutting it off, and it did not overheat or lose power, and shamed the electric chainsaw we were using concurrently. LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!
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on November 10, 2012
(I anticipate some discontented readers due to fervor over specific brands, but hopefully even they find useful information.)
My purchases as a habit often follow research that goes well beyond Amazon and customer reviews. Finding a quality chainsaw ranked among the toughest research to accomplish. "Expert" and consumer reviews didn't lead directly to a purchase decision. The problem is how much to spend on a usually annual use item. 3.5 acres is too small for professional equipment, and downed trees that absolutely must be removed are rare. That leaves downed trees and limbs for home heat augment firewood. The second problem is a large amount of strongly conflicting views and dissatisfied purchasers (consumers).

The contradictions appear to be happening because chainsaws are complex highly dangerous tools placed in the hands of amateurs like me (homeowners); average of 40,000 reported injuries including deaths occur annually in the US, which doesn't account for local doctor visits, etc; the most dangerous hand tool sold not requiring a license, training or certification. Stihl vs. Husqvarna: both companies apparently make quality products. Poulan and Husqvarna (see Wikipedia): Husqvarna owns Poulan and many other brands as well (world's largest producer of outdoor power products including chainsaws, trimmers, lawn mowers and garden tractors). Local shop vs. Amazon: unfortunately many of us are pressed to squeeze every dollar we can out of purchases and local stores are forced to find ways to compete with warehouses (online sales / big chain stores).

Results: I went local this time (a one store outfit) because they do contract repair work for the local big chain stores such as Lowes and Home Depot. They're on an out of the way insignificant short back road so business is driven by quality work and sales of quality equipment. At a competitive price to an e-series Husqvarna 450 (Husqvarna 450 is similar to the e-series), I purchased a Husqvarna 455 Rancher; more saw than will ever be needed (2012 - highly recommended by experts and local shop head service mechanic; talked me up from the 450E and that's not easy to do with a guy that's mechanically savvy). The 450 or alternatively the 450E had originally been chosen at the upper limit of a self imposed purchasing budget.

It's important to focus on locally purchased. These tools can be difficult to have operating properly because they are complex. They need to be adjusted and maintained properly to function well. Paying more in this case for a high quality tool, even one more than is called for in your circumstances, might be the best choice. Husqvarna has the edge this time (sorry Stihl fans and those disgruntled about a Husqvarna purchase). (Carpal tunnel syndrome extended use vibration warning) Husqvarna`s vibration dampening system is patented and I'm told significantly the most effective. Their engine air intake design makes other designs obsolete by removing so much sawdust before air heads for the air filter, it may not void the need for a filter, but it is particularly effective. (Watch the non-manufacturer's YouTube video of Stihl and Husqvarna having piles of chainsaw sawdust tossed at both saws' intakes [saws at full throttle] and the result when opening these saws to expose the air filters. One filter is packed with sawdust, the other looks like an unused saw.)

As to the complaints and disgruntled consumer reviews: these are complex, dangerous tools that need to be set up and serviced by people who know them to avoid common misunderstandings and expectations. Consumer training is highly useful. Reading the instruction booklet is not enough. It's very easy (and common) to get some basics wrong that cause virtually immediate significant problems (high quality tools help, but don't eliminate). Most sales people are clueless to help you not repeat the same mistake that caused you to return a new saw for a replacement. Warrantees etc.: if you haven't gotten the point yet, here it is. If in any way possible, for this particular equipment, buy locally from a knowledgeable equipment REPAIR shop (store that actually does the work; find them via the manufacture's website). Let them deal with any warrantee issues at their reputation. Let them satisfy resolving your issues. I would have purchased via Amazon, but every warning sign pointed toward purchasing this specific equipment locally. With some bargaining the shop did well price wise. (Get some training: at least manufacturer's video advice on YouTube; like safety, how & when to adjust chain tension and how to cut wood the right way.)

Experts Recommended (significant more money): hard hat with hearing protection, safety glasses, cut resistant gloves, protective leg chaps for chainsaws, and "above the ankle" leather boots with steel toes (none of which can fully prevent injury, just hopefully give you a chance during a mishap).
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on August 13, 2014
I probably know better than to write a review when I'm ticked off, but right now...I'm ticked off at this saw. I've used the 450 for probably close to 16 hours, been a fine saw. I've had a couple minor issues with it, but nothing like I am now. I've been able to fell good size trees, recover quite a bit of firewood and generally keep my forested property well maintained. The saw was plenty powerful for what I needed and felt comfortable for a day's hard work. I was excited to finally have a Husqvarna...all seemed well.

Previously, my biggest issue has been undocumented procedures when it comes to replacing the chain. It's possible to get the thing where you can't put it back together because there's a critical step missing in the manual. Before changing the chain, you have to set the brake (missing in the manual, only marginal common sense), otherwise, when you put the thing back together, the clutch won't engage right and you'll spend two or three hours wondering what you did wrong. No where in the manual is the procedure to fix this...I had to look online for my symptom and only then did I find some forum post about how to resolve this frustrating event. It's not an intuitive procedure and you'll feel like you're going to break the saw...but it does work and does finally go back together.

The other issue I have is that this particular model, the 450, is that it's combined with other models in the manual. This type of thing normally doesn't present major difficulties, but in this saw's case, the dissimilarities between models could present some challenges. There are physical differences as well as location differences for major systems, such as the chain adjustment, than what's documented in the manual...more of a pet peeve, but I want my manual to explain the product that I bought, not just a representation of what I bought.

This brings us to now and why I'm going on an utter rage against this saw and only give it one star. The problem is, I just had a goodly little thunderstorm and I have a fairly large tree down right in my driveway and it's blocking access in and out of my house to the point of impassable. I leave tomorrow for a month long road trip with hardly any extra time, no big deal...I'll just fire up the saw and deal with the remains when I get back. I spent two hours trying to start the saw to no avail, finally had to say to heck with it and start hauling a ton of heavy gear 1/4 mile to the truck. Tried again and again. No dice, no matter the start up procedure I use. Now, I'm not unfamiliar with this saw...I've started it probably hundreds of times without difficulty, so this is decidedly abnormal. I've replaced the fuel, checked for spark, tried a carb spray start and yanked on it a hundred times...but I can't get the thing to turn over. Frankly, if a saw fails me when I need it the most (right NOW!), it's getting sold and I'll buy something else that isn't a Husqvarna. I've looked on the reviews here and found people requiring repairs due to no-start after only a short amount of use...probably the case here as well. I won't even bother, I'll just let someone else deal with this expensive letdown and get something that won't let me down when I need it the most.

My opinion is probably biased 'cause I'm really really mad right now. It's a good saw when it works, but if your life and livelihood depend on it like I do, then it's a serious flaw when it's not working as expected.

Edit: Cooler heads eventually prevailed and I opted to take this into the shop, because while it was running, it was a fine and enjoyable saw to use. Something or another was adjusted and voila, the saw starts fine now. I did end up buying a slightly smaller backup saw to clear the above mentioned tree, and in the event this issue happens again. Wish I didn't have to do that for a saw with just over 16 hours on it. (And thus why I won't change my review stars. Had I been on the other side of the tree, I would have dealt with the saw a lot less humanely!) Bottom line is I need that level of operational trust with a saw to live where I do, gotta be able to cut your way out if it comes to that! I probably could have pursued a warranty claim, but it wasn't that much to service it...the point was having to service it after just over a couple full day's work on it. Seems I'm just waiting for the next day for it to break down again...but if it doesn't for a few years, I might come back and edit my review again.

Ultimately, I don't not recommend this saw, it is a pretty good one and certainly gets the job done. Just maybe something not to stake your livelihood or survival on, without an adequate backup anyway.
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on July 25, 2015
This review is not about any piece of the ordering or delivery process. All that gets five stars. Easy and quick as drinking a cold beer on a hot day.

No, this is about Husqvarna. Two days ago, if I had written a Husqvarna review it would have been a five star review. I had a Husky saw I bought in Colorado that I used for well over a decade. As a matter of fact, I would probably be using it now were it not for an idiot I hired to cut some deadfall who put unmixed gas in it.

But I am here to tell you that Husqvarna has slid far, far downhill. The saw that arrived on my doorstep had a chain adjusted so tight it was immobilized. The chain adjustment screw must have been tightened down with a pneumatic screwdriver in the Legal Department, because I had to take great care and use my own tools (not the little piece of junk packed with the saw) just to avoid stripping the screw. I adjusted the chain, put some Husqvarna mix and chain oil in the saw, and went out to cut some wood. The saw - my brand-new, expensive saw - simply would not start. In fact, it never has started.

I called Husqvarna Customer Service to see if there was something I was doing wrong. They had no idea. None. Couldn't provide any Customer Service beyond answering the phone, reading a seemingly interminable verbatim line of legalese written to disclaim any responsibility for anything at any time under any circumstances including the product they sell, and providing somebody else's phone number. They told me I had to take my brand-new, expensive saw to an Authorized Repair Center. I did. This morning. The tech couldn't start it either. So this was not a case of Stupid User Syndrome. This was a case of poor quality control. A brand new saw, never started, and I'm driving an hour both ways to put it in the shop. With a two week (minimum) wait. And pay a $21 "deposit" in case I decide to skip town and run out on a justifiably $0 service bill and don't come back to pick up my $400 brand new saw. Makes sense, eh? I suppose I should consider myself fortunate there is an Authorized Service Center within driving distance, because the Warranty clearly states that "costs to transport or ship the product are your [the purchaser's] responsibility". Get this straight: if Husqvarna doesn't keep up their quality, YOU pay. Inspires confidence, doesn't it?

When I spoke with the Authorized Service Center employee(s), they were careful to state that IF the work required was under warranty etc etc.... Since it was a brand-new, unsullied, sawdust-free, immaculate saw that had not even spun the chain one revolution because neither I nor the Authorized technician could start it, I asked "What could possibly be wrong with the saw that IS NOT UNDER WARRANTY"? A reasonable question, I thought, under the circumstances. The response was "I don't know, sir." This Authorized Service Center was obviously hand-picked with great care by Husqvarna corporate to ensure a positive customer experience and hire personnel who encourage trust by exhibiting a professional knowledge of the product.

I could go on and on about the poor quality control that delivers a dead saw, the miserable state of the User's Manual, my experience with the local, Authorized Service Center selected by Husqvarna, and the totally witless, unhelpful, and derriere-covering customer representative parrots at the toll-free number, but what would be the point?

Bottom line: I will never buy another Husqvarna roduct.
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