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on September 25, 2012
I went to help my mom after the High Park Fire in Colorado in Aug 2012 by clearing burnt timber along her driveway. I decided to drop-ship these from Amazon to her house before I arrived based upon good reviews and my experience suturing chainsaw lacerations in the ER as a resident and family physician. First day of sawing, running a bigger saw than I had used in the past, tired and neglectful that it idled down slowly - saw pivoted in my L hand as I reached for a branch with my R hand, and I felt a "bang" on my left thigh and the saw was suddenly quiet. I looked down and had crossed the blade onto my leg - the blade was now stuffed with white strands from the chaps, and I was unscathed. Saved me from my very own trip to the ER and allowed me to cut another day (and the chaps were patchable with duct tape). Yes, they make you sweat more than just wearing Levi's, but they are easy to put on, fit fine (5'11", 195#), and are reasonably comfortable all day. Buy them and WEAR THEM - they are worth every penny.
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on January 9, 2012
Using a chainsaw without safety chaps is crazy. Yes, $60 seems a lot, but given how critical these are to your survival, don't mess around. These are thick kevlar, and while they might not completely stop you getting badly injured, they probably will stop the blade before you lose a leg or bone (that's what it shows in the video). Your femoral artery is the size of your thumb, so you don't want that cut, or you'd bleed to death quickly; just put on the kevlar...

Combined with the steel toed boots, these have a nice flap on the bottom to cover the tops of your feet (or at least with my 34" leg length they do). I never found them severely constricting, although you do notice that you are wearing several pounds of pants (like 1.5Kg) that are 1/2" (1cm) thick. The straps let you adjust to pretty much any body size/shape. These are very durable and take a beating. I wouldn't hike somewhere in them, but would put them on at the site. You can certainly walk around the site all day in them, but if it's hot, you will have sweaty (but attached) legs. I also was protected when using a vertical splitter when a big log split and threw out some chunks at high speed into my legs. felt like a light punch, rather than the high-impact it would have been otherwise.

Just buy them, and use them, it's that simple.
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on February 11, 2013
I bought a set of these last year after a "Near Miss" with a Stihl 250C... We own a large Mountain-Top Ranch which was in bad shape when we bought it.. the previous owners had let it go down badly while living in a different area, so we have had a LOT of work to do to bring it back up to what we knew it COULD be (It's Beautiful Up Here!)... I have worked around Saws "part time" on and off most of my life; my Father-In-Law and I even owned a small logging Company at one time some years ago. I own multiple Stihl Chain Saws and use them extensively up here at the Ranch. I recently bought a new Stihl 290 Farm Boss, with a much longer blade and Chain than my other Stihl's have, and was using it to cut a large Oak that had been blown down on a steep hill-side at the Western end of our property during a storm. The Oak was bent badly by another tree that it had tangled up in as they fell, and I knew the Oak was under a LOT of "spring-pressure". I was cutting into it slowly to relieve the tension little bits at a time, and I had cleared the area around my feet (I thought) because I knew I'd be stepping back away from the tree quickly multiple times as I let it relieve the pressure it was under. I stepped backward UP the side of the hill I was working on as the big Oak began to slowly crack, like I had planned for it to do. Just as I put my right foot down, my combat boot landed on a BIG mushroom that I had kinda kicked UP the hill-side to get it out of the way.. unknown to me, it had slowly rolled back DOWN the hill to a point right behind where I was standing (Duh.. That "Law Of Gravity" hasn't been repealed yet).

When my Boot lugs got filled with SLICK "Mushroom" I lost traction and went down into a sitting position.. the 290 was already Spinning down, and I was trying to keep the chain AWAY from my body as I fell, but the longer tip of the blade "Tapped" my right Mid-Thigh pretty hard anyway... I flipped the Saw off with my right hand as I set it down on my right side, and at the same time applied direct pressure to my thigh with my left hand until I got the saw stopped and safely on the ground... then I used BOTH hands to apply direct pressure to my leg, over the Chaps (with a pair of "Digital Camo" BDU's under the chaps)... Once upon a time I was a Paramedic, so I figured the chaps AND the BDUs would be good enough "Initial Bandaging" to help control the Bleeding until help arrived with my larger Med-Kit... you don't remove a "Bandage" from a large wound, you just keep applying more bandages on top of the old ones as they soak-through, so I wasn't about to remove the chaps or BDUs at that point... I dug my iPhone out of my pocket and hit the locator icon that signals my Wife and Daughters on their phones that "Something" is wrong, and gives them my location on a Satellite map (They knew exactly where I was, but they were working further away on the property)

I kept waiting for the Pain to hit... Chainsaws don't "Slice" flesh, they "RIP" flesh, and even though the chain was starting to slow down, I had tapped my thigh GOOD with the chain still spinning pretty fast! When my wife (A Nurse) saw the chainsaw sitting beside me, and "White Fibers" everywhere, she said "Oh my God!" and ran down the hill to me, white faced, while sending one our daughters for a large Med-Bag... I just couldn't understand why I wasn't spurting Blood, and in agony!

We hit the fast-tech buckles on the chaps and removed them easily... To our amazement, my BDUs weren't even torn!?!? My Leg was undamaged! In fact, Despite the "White Fibers" strung out from the chaps everywhere, The chain didn't even cut through to the back-side of the chaps!!! I was FINE!

That was a BRAND NEW, Genuine Stihl, Large-Toothed, Chain! It was "Factory Sharp", it had maybe 10 minutes of use on it when I fell, and the Chaps stopped it from cutting through to my leg! I'm still Amazed!!!! That's just "impressive as HAIL" (Sorry for the profanity, but it is!)!

Those chaps paid for themselves many times over in THAT instant! I really thought that chain had AT LEAST cut me to the bone! The really funny part is, the OUTSIDE of the chaps wasn't even that badly damaged! It looked worse than it was due to those fibers inside being pulled out by the chain, and getting "fluffed up", I think they're still VERY usable (unless I happened to tap that exact same spot again), but I'm not taking any chances... I've already bought a new set!

I have worked around saws for YEARS, and I've SEEN some of the typical Horror Stories you hear about, actually happen to other people, but I'd never cut *myself*.. thanks to these chaps, I STILL haven't cut myself! Someone in another review said something like, "You're CRAZY if you're using a saw and aren't wearing protective gear".. I'd like to Second that comment, and add the words "ABSOLUTELY INSANE" in place of "Crazy"! If you're around saws long enough, it is GOING to happen eventually, no matter how careful you are! For those people who say "Chainsaw Chaps are too hot to use comfortably in the Summer", We live in the Deep South where "Fighting back the plant-life" can be nearly an everyday thing, and I'm very comfortable around large saws, but I DO respect them! Even in mid-summer, when it's scorching hot outside, I wear my Chaps! As they used to say in the Military (and probably still do), "More Sweat In Training, Less Blood In Battle".. For Chainsaw Chaps, I'd modify that a little to say, "A Little Sweat Is Better Than A LOT Of Blood!"

For me, It made the difference between, "Spending the next few days at a Hospital having Multiple Tendons and such reattached, Hundreds of Stitches reattaching everything and closing up the wound, and then spending MONTHS recovering and sweating in Physical Therapy"... and, "Simply putting my Chaps back on, Clearing the fibers out of the saw, and spending about an hour finishing the job of clearing the Storm Damaged trees on that back hill-side, then going on about my daily life!" I'll take that second option EVERY TIME! PLEASE,Wear Protective Gear! Seriously, the cost of replacing the Trauma Bandages and other supplies used in my Med-Bag would have cost more than these Chaps! I don't even want to THINK about what the final Hospital Bill would have been... but a LOT more than Sixty-Something Bux! You buy Insurance for your Home, Vehicle, and your Family's medical care... buy a set of these as "Insurance" for yourself! And remember, you only have to pay THAT tiny premium ONCE!!!
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on February 6, 2012
These chaps are sturdy, well made, and fit perfectly on both me (5'10" and 270 lbs), and my 24 year old son (6'3" and 180 lbs). Of course, the straps do need a bit of quick adjusting when one of us puts them on after the other has been wearing them!
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on March 31, 2013
I have been using a chainsaw often for 10 years. I have had a pair of these for all that time. I have a farm I am required to log by the state of NJ. I also get 50 chords a year of hardwood from a local arborist to buck and split for firewood. I have read many books on arbor work, chainsaw safety and logging. Watched chainsaw safety DVDs.

I try to be very careful. Today I did everything wrong and hit my leg right above the knee with a Stihl 460 with a 28" bar that was still near full speed. I felt the saw hit my leg and before I could react these pants stalled the saw before it could get to my leg.

I believe that if I hadn't been wearing these chaps I wouldn't be writing this review. I was in the woods on the farm. I believe that by the time I could have reacted without these chaps, the Stihl 460 may have nearly severed my leg above the knee.

Thanks Husqvarna, I will be getting the PRO chaps now and NEVER EVER use a chainsaw without them!
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on July 22, 2012
Seriously, chainsaws are great tools but probably one of the most dangerous tools the average homeowner uses. Add to this that most of us use them only occasionally and therefore aren't really proficient and you have the old "recipe for disaster thing". These chaps are a great and inexpensive way to protect yourself. They are easy to put on and stay in place while moving around, although because of what they're designed to do they are a bit stiff. The fit is highly adjustable with straps around the calf and thigh as well as the waist. Length is enough to cover the front of the leg to the ankle, providing excellent coverage for the front of the legs.

If you use a chainsaw, buy these and wear them.
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on May 25, 2013
The good:
- Necessary for safely working with a chain saw
- Well made
- "Universal fit"

The bad:
- It would be safer if they were made in a bright color, so that you could see your own leg when working in dense woods
- They tend to slip
- They are so heavy that you think twice about wearing them for extended periods.
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on December 18, 2011
These chaps are easy to put on, even over other warm weather clothes. They do not interfere with my mobility, despite their bulk. Fortunately, I have yet to test their cut resistance (and hopefully never will).
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on April 3, 2013
These go on and off quite easily. I work in warm weather (Hawaii) and appreciate that while providing protection I don't want a full set of pants, so chaps are the only way to go to allow good ventilation. The only drawback I have for these are the adjustment points and snaps are made of plastic vs. metal. Time will tell how strong those are and if they hold up.
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on August 30, 2012
I work in occupational safety, and I consider these essential gear for operating a chainsaw, whether you're a homeowner or a professional logger.

If you look at the statistics on chainsaw injuries, the vast majority happen on the upper leg, and these will protect you from what could potentially be a fatal injury.

Very reasonable price (cheaper than most of the other brands), adjustable fit (I'm 6'2" and was worried these would be way too short, but they're ok...albeit close) and pretty comfortable. They are also very easy to take on and off. I trust Husqvarna to make quality safety products and have these at a good price without compromising protection.

Again, these are not just for "pros." Even if you just clear some trees around your home a couple times a year, get a pair. It's probably a fraction of what your emergency room visit co-pay would be for even a relatively minor slice, and they could save your life or your legs.
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