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on December 12, 2007
Verified Purchase
I've had it for three months, and my enthusiasm has waned with time.

The plusses -
1) It hits so many surfaces at once, that it's easier for me to brush my teeth quickly and thoroughly (and I tend to have a short attention span on this important activity).

2) My teeth are incredibly clean when I use this, and my gums are, too, to a degree.

HOWEVER, the minuses:
1) The back-and-forth motion doesn't get under that area of the gums, at the border of the teeth, where much of the bacteria forms, which makes flossing more important with this toothbrush than any electric I've ever encountered, thus mitigiating the time advantage.

2) It's not well built, the drip guard broke after two days of use, and the motor always sounds like it's on the verge of collapse.

3) It doesn't hold a charge well.

4) The brushes don't last long.

This is a terrific concept, that needs tweaking in the motion of the brushes, and better manufacturing. Until then, I'm moving back to Sonicare.
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on July 13, 2006
This brush is radically different, but I like gadgets...esp. those that claim to make life easier and save time. Well, they are right on the money with this one. I didn't time myself, but I would say I was done in approx 1 minute, and I know cleaned every surface. It is an amazing gums bled a little, presumably because previously I was not cleaning the gumline as well as HydraBrush did. Its head alignment makes you clean the gumline out very easily...
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on January 30, 2008
Verified Purchase
A 01/14/09 update: WOW, then WHOA, now NOOOOOOO!

As you'll see from my original review (below), while I had some reservations about the design of the Hydrabrush I was overjoyed with the brushing experience. NOT SO FAST!

I guess I was carried away by the clean feeling I was getting using the brush: I delayed my regular dental cleaning. Yesterday, overdue, I had my checkup. I mentioned the Hydrabrush to my hygienist (she had never heard of it), and told her I was looking forward to her report card on how well it (and I) had done. Two words: WE FAILED! Despite regular brushing, flossing, and use of a Water Pik, I had an unacceptable buildup of tartar. Her take? "Whatever you've been doing, it isn't working!"

Disappointed, I asked her if she had any recommendations. She said her whole family loves the "Sonicare." "Buy the cheap one: aside from a few features they all brush the same."

So I came home, logged on to, and ordered a new "Sonicare" for just over $50.

I'm tossing the Hydrabrush, writing it off as a failed experiment. Sorry.

I'm of two minds about the Hydrabrush. DOES work. My teeth have never been cleaner. I won't mention the brand name, but there's a baking soda toothpaste with peroxide for whitening on the market. Using it with the Hydrabrush makes my teeth feel as clean as after a trip to the dentist's office.


There are some serious drawbacks.

After owning it for about six months I decided to give the extra reach brushes a try, and ordered several just to have them on hand. Good thinking! Three days after installing the first set I was brushing when I felt something rolling around inside my mouth. I thought, "How could I have lost a filling?" But on closer examination a tuft of bristles had come off the brush head.

I put on the seoond set--which lasted a week. Third set--less than a week. I'm on my fourth (and last) set before I switch back to the shorter brushes.

Trust me, I did nothing wrong: I wasn't biting down, I didn't twist the brush, I folllowed the countours of my mouth: the bristles just worked loose. Disappointing.

Also, the stand isn't a charger and the charger doesn't work well with the stand. Why not have a one-piece stand that constantly recharges the device? The "stand" provided is a 10-cent piece of plastic designed to keep the unit upright. Trying to plug the adapter into the brush while it's in the stand is more than my 61-year-old fingers can handle And when the Hydrabrush runs out of charge IT RUNS OUT OF CHARGE! It goes from running to dead in thirty seconds with no warning. A trickle-charger would be a blessing.

I'm wondering if there isn't a next-generation brush in the works. The concept is great. I can overlook the vibrates-like-an-egg-beater, sounds-like-a-food-chopper feel, but the brush problem and the lack of an intelligently designed charger make me wish for a little more development.

A five-star idea with one-star execution: two stars.
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on February 28, 2007
My initial impression after using it for two days now is favorable. My gums have bled a lot, but that might be because I've never brushed my teeth this insanely till now.

I believe the manufacturer claim that you 'can brush in 40 seconds' is fairly accurate, here's why: Because it uses 6 brush surfaces at a time (instead of 1 in a regular toothbrush), it truly IS a time saver in that respect. You certainly feel like you are geting more out of your typical 1 minute brushing that you ever did before. Someone was really thinking outside the box when they designed this thing.

The big advantage to this product (to me), is that you still only spend 40 second to 1 minute per brushing ... vs. 3 minutes+ for a product like the sonicare. I just didn't see myself making the commitment and keeping to it over the long haul (just being realistic). Also, this product requires very little skill to properly position (just bit down, hold hydrabrush with two fingers, so it can self-pivot ... whereas sonicare and other electric brushes require 30 seconds per quadrant and you must be skilled enough to aim it and angle it ... sure, not hard, but if your using bad technique, then yours also not doing a good job.

I did accidently run it on high the first time, before I realized that low was the second click over, not the first click over, which seems kind of counter-intuitive to me. I should have looked at the unit closer, as it shows "2 dots" (for fast) and shows "1 dot" (for slow) ... they tried, but I still got it wrong somehow. As a result of my first use and the high setting, my rear gums bled a lot. This was documented in the instruction and seem normal (to bleed the first few days).

I think the fast speed will ultimately be what I want to use, but slow is nearly as effective and still quite a workout for the teeth and gums. Clearly, slow is best for newbies like myself. As I write this, I can still feel my gums and they feel like they got quite a workout.

The brush unit itself is quite big, but the brushes were smaller than expected, which was a good thing. The pictures online made these brushes appear to be quite huge and I wondered how I'd have room for it all in my mouth. Some people with small mouths might potentially have an issue using the hydrabrush. Some people with small hands might potentially find holding it a bit cumbersome. It works fine for me, despite the large size. My kids saw me using it today after work and they were like "wow dad, thats cool" ... "it looks like it does a REALLY good job!".

I had read that the brushes were not easy to put on and take off -- but it seems fairly easy, not really hard. I wouldn't want to share an electric toothbrush with anyone in the first place! I took them off to clean off the brushes a little better, so I removed the brushes by pressing in a small metal pin on each brush head (there are two brush heads totaland pull) and pulling each one out -- not hard to do if you ask me. Putting them back on was simply: push on, click ... its on, then repeat for second head.

I worry a litle about the dual motors holding up over time. It seems like the motors almost bog down at times on my rear molars, esp. on the low speed ... but it DOES keep going. You can bite down a little less and it seems to relieve the motor strain somewhat. I've noticed this is mainly only observed after a week of use. Fully charged, it's a powerhouse.

I'm trying to see how many days it'll last on a single charge. So far, two days and still going strong. Its doing a lot of work, so I perhaps worry that the batteries won't last long.

I will say that it "feels" like I just got out of a dental cleaning, for the most part. You know, its a good, clean feeling -- but also one where you feel a bit abused. My teeth and gums feels pretty beaten up in just 1 minute. I will say that I perceive the 1 minute brush time to be VERY effective, based on how clean it feels after such a short period of brushing. It feels like a brushed a LOT longer than I did.

I hope my gums get used to this and stop bleeding in a few more days. The bleeding never lasts long, which I think is a good sign.

I read somewhere that this toothbrush is not waterproof, and that appears to be true, as it came with a 'water shield' to go around the brush unit, just below where the brushes attach. This seems to work pretty well and it doesn't seem to come loose. So far, the unit is staying dry with little to no extra effort on my part. I don't really use the included holder or case, I just set the unit on the side of the sink (on a small washcloth) so it can drip dry into the sink. Thats just me.

The unit charges overnight and they tell you not to overcharge it beyond that. It blinks while charging and then stops after its charged. THey says its good for something like 40 uses, which I'll be surprised if thats true. I'd be happy if it lasted for 20 1 minutes sessions. I've used it 5 times thus far.

Using the hydrabrush consists of holding the unit with two fingers (loosely) and then biting down somewhat on the brushes and letting it glide down your teeth somewhat on its own. You do push and pull it along somewhat, but you don't have to angle or work on brushing technique at all. This is truly a gadget which could turn us all into brushing idiots. This is quite strange, but seems to be pretty easy to do and it's hard to imagine people having a hard time using it, after adjusting to its strangeness.

The small amount of toothpaste I put into each brush seems to get stuck and does take a little extra cleaning to remove after brushing. Maybe I'm not putting in on right. The owners manual makes it sound like toothpaste is 'optional' -- strange.

The feeling I get after using the hydrabrush is -- "wow, my teeth feel really clean". I don't think my back molars have ever been brushed with this much vigor before. I guess the real test will be (the comments I get) at my next dentist appointment.

Update: bleeding of gums has long since stopped and the hydrabrush is still going strong on the original (first) charge. I'm very impressed with the brush, as it appears to be doing a good job with my teeth. I'm hoping for a good comment from my dental hygienist on my next visit. I've also been using the Waterpik ... and its also a very good product.

No, I haven't tried the extra reach brushes. Since my teeth were badly worn down by childhood grinding, I fugured my teeth were too short to require those brush heads. I think I'm getting plenty of coverage with the basic heads, but I could see how people with better teeth (taller teeth) could require the extra reach heads.

The hydrabrush did finally run out of power from the initial charge -- and I would say I got a good 2 weeks on the charge, if not more.

One minor concern that has come up after using the hydrabrush, is the amount of noise it makes, esp. when using at bedtime, when others might already be asleep. It gets louder the more drained the batteries get, so it might be more of a motor strain noise than anything. I've noticed fully charged batteries are more quiet.

I'm still impressed with how good this makes my teeth feel after only 1 minute of brushing. I believe its about time I write a review for amazon, not that I've had some time to use this product.

I would add that the hydrabrush would probably not be so great for little kids, since the brush itself is quite big and might be too much for a little pallete, with little teeth. Probably ages 10+ would be appropriate.

Update: I have since switched to the high speed setting.

I would also say that (for me) this product, like a water pik, can be a tad messy and requires you brush over the sink, so that water and toothpaste can drop into it while brushing. It's not a major amount, but I do find that a controlled 'drool' while brushing is almost necessary, unless you stop in the middle. I just drool and complete it in 1 minutes or less.

I do advise using the included rubber (waterproof sheath) that is included, as it keeps the water from running down onto the handle while in use. Since the unit is not fully waterproof, using this is mandatory in my mind.

I had to buy this to see if this device was "for real", or just another infomercial gimmick ... but I'll say, it's for real ... and if you go into it with an open mind and some flexibility for a little noise and mess ... this will really do a nice job on your teeth.

The replacement heads are cheaper than sonicare as well. A four pack is really two complete replacement sets. A two pack is a single replacement set.

Updated 9/2007 - I'm still using it and its still working fine. I think I would probably review my rating to 4 stars, just because the units build quality seems a little lacking and I worry that its lack of water-proofing might become an issue some day. I rest the unit on the side of the sink for a couple minutes after using, so that the water can drip off the heads. You definately 'get used to it' ... but it is awkward at first. I think using this product with a simple store-bought electric toothbrush makes for a pretty great combination. I could see that kids could benefit from using this, as its really brushed the insides of the teeth well, an area hard to reach for many folks, myself included.
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on March 29, 2007
Verified Purchase
My Braun Oral-B recently ran out of steam, so I was looking for a replacement brush. The hydrabrush seems to have the science behind it, and the reviews to support it, so I bought it. Unfortunately, however, I have not been completely satisfied.

1) the brushes that came with the hydrabrush were way too short for my front teeth, so I had to purchase the "extra reach" brushheads. In my opinion, a pair of extra reach brushheads should be included in every box, so people with longer teeth aren't immediately disappointed by the hydrabrush. The extra reach brushheads are just barely long enough for me, and I don't think my teeth are that big (my two front teeth are 1/2" long). People with bigger teeth may run into trouble.

2) While I love the gum stimulation and the assurance that my gums are being massaged at just the right angle and strength, the surfaces of my teeth are NEVER smooth and clean when I'm done using the hydrabrush, no matter how long I brush. This is a change from the Oral-B; my mouth always felt perfectly clean after using the Braun Oral-B, even when I hadn't used it for the recommended 2 minutes.

I will probably keep the hydrabrush and use it once a day, since I feel good about the care it is taking of my gums. However I have ordered a replacement Braun Oral-B, and will be using that once a day to clean up the stuff that the hydrabrush missed.
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on July 17, 2006
HydraBrush gets a standing ovation in my house. Never before have I experienced such a clean feeling for hours after brushing with HydraBrush. This toothbrush is probably the single most important event in the history of oral hygiene.
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on July 23, 2007
1. After the initial 2 months of "Ultra Soft" use- I tried the "Standard Soft" brushes-
Too stiff!- Made my gums sore/bleed "badly", and I have healthy gums! RETURNED!

2. Ordered more of the Ultra Soft, but bristles were too short to get the gums on my upper front teeth (and I don't have that big of teeth!).
a. So I ordered the Ultra Soft "Extra Reach" brushes?
1. Got the gums on top/front, but extra legnth REALLY made my lower gums sore/bleed!

MY SOLUTION!- SOOO I put the regular length brushes- on the bottom, and the "Extra Reach" brushes- on the top!
LOVE IT NOW!- SOOO fast & clean!
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on August 10, 2006
i was really skeptical about the hydrabrush but i had to buy one because i HATE brushing my teeth, and i mean i REALLY hate brushing my teeth. it is by far my most hated chore, even though i was using an oral b sonic complete which is way better than a manual and only takes a little over 2 minutes to get a good cleaning.

i just used this for the first time and it was better than i expected. the toothpaste was a little harder to put on, but it sticks to the brush and if you don't turn on the brush until it's in your mouth you'll be fine. you start with it on your FRONT teeth. this is important because you have to bite down on the bristles. once you have this contact established, you turn it on and move it to the back of your mouth. then you have to *switch hands* and do the same to the other side. i wasn't thrilled about using my left non-dominant hand, but found it was easy because you don't have to brush back and forth like other brushes. i brushed over my teeth twice because i didn't believe this thing could possibly get my teeth clean enough.. but they were sparkling! and it was really fast! brushing the top and bottom teeth at the same time, with minimal effort and a great cleaning? you can't ask for more than that! it's the best brush on the market! i did have a couple of instances where the brush bumped my teeth, but then i learned to open my mouth wider when brushing the back teeth. it's really not as hard as it looks, and there's no pain involved. i'm excited about using the fast setting, and seeing how fast i can brush my teeth!!

pros - the above.. it comes with a tongue scraper which is good for bad breath, somehow it avoided a lot of the mess i am accustomed to as far as toothpaste getting everywhere. it was VERY clean and self-contained. it's also just more FUN to use. and it's quieter than my oral b sonic complete.

cons - you can't use it in the shower. the replacement brushes are kinda expensive and have no wear indicator.

i think the hydrabrush is simpler to use than other brushes.. when you think about it, normal toothbrushing is pretty complicated. this simplifies the process AND gives a better clean to boot. and compared to the price of other electric brushes, THE PRICE IS RIGHT!!!
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VINE VOICEon January 24, 2007
Verified Purchase
I've had other electric toothbrushes before & quite liked them, but this HydraBrush is by far superior to any I've ever used before! I started, as suggested in the literature, with the extra soft set of brushes, and after I got the knack of using this new method, brushed for a shorter period the first few times. As was explained, gums did some bleeding the first few times,(& I bleed very easily) but they were not painful & bleeding was of short duration. Obviously massaging of the gums is a healthy way since so many people develop gum disease & this will help head off such a potentially serious problem.

I also like the HydraBrush because once it's charged, it is unplugged and placed in the holder which can be put ANYPLACE (one isn't tethered to the recharge cord). So it can be stored in a cupboard or any other spot away from the sink area, just wherever it's convenient for YOU.

I've used it at least 30 times on this same first charge...just have to turn the dial on the brush & it starts right up.

I purchased this toothbrush because of the great feedback when Amazon had a great Friday sale, so now that I'm a complete believer, I'm hoping for a repeat of that sale as I want to get one for each of my family this time!
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on November 1, 2006
After being recommended by my dentist I researched the Hydrabrush. My first reaction was, "Wow, that's different." What won me over is the 'hygienist clean' feeling every time I use it (except without all the digging and scraping). With a regular toothbrush I always missed my inside surfaces and rear molars, but not with the Hydrabrush. Now I spend a lot less time getting my teeth cleaned and have a whiter smile. Great design!
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