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on December 21, 2011
I''ve had the 60 watt / MBP-060 for about a year. It is very well made with metal enclosure and it charges up quickly. I normally carry two Ipads and a MacBook Pro 13 inch with me working on all three at the same time. I power the Ipads from the USB ports on the Mac and I plug the HyperMac Battery into the Mac's power port.

This being said the Mac, and both Ipads are drawing power from the HyperMac Battery. Doing this, the whole setup runs for about an hour or less.

If I use the HyperMac with just the MacBook Pro 13 inch I get probably about 2 hours of use out of this external battery. This means that if you've used the Mac most of the day and it's now running dead, you can plug in the battery to the Mac and you'll get at least another hour of use to do emails, etc.

I didn't prepare to write this review which is the reason I'm being fairly general, but I noticed there were no other reviews and I'm thinking about getting another one. If it sold for about $50 less, I'd have already done so.

When I looked at the unit online there was some confusion from looking at the website and other information about how you hook it up to the Mac. I thought there was a two-piece cable and some other item I might have to purchase. (One can get lost with words like magsafe, etc.) Actually what you get is the battery, which is very rugged, a charger which plugs into the battery, a charging cable which plugs into the wall and connects to the charger itself, and a separate cable which runs from the battery to the Mac. I leave the charger and charger cable at home and just bring the battery and the supplied power cable which goes from the battery to the Mac when I go somewhere. I have also used the battery around home and noticed the battery will charge completely from being dead to a full charge in about two hours.

I also use this battery to power an Ipad from the USB port on it and I haven't depleted it from seemingly a full day's use. I try to keep the Ipad batteries at full charge a good bit as I am traveling to various locations throughout the area due to my work and use both of them througout the day.

Other than this particular battery, I have found the NewTrent IMP1000 (from Amazon) is a great unit for powering an Ipad, charges quickly and lasts a good while. With the New Trent it has a separate battery charger as well, but just has a USB and can't (obviously) charge a MacBook. To further get off topic,I also use several APC UPB10 batteries which have a USB port, will operate an Ipad for about 2 hours of intense use and charge off of a mini-usb cable (meaning it can be charged off the computer or another USB port). The New Trent IMP1000 is a good unit, but stays home a good bit due to the need for an external specific charger but the APC UPB10's tend to go with me everywhere as they're small and I don't need to carry another charger. A mini USB cable and an Iphone charger will do the trick and the APC's will charge a phone or an Ipad...and smaller than a deck of cards.

Getting back to the HyperMac, Amazon seems to have the lowest price on these batteries. They're well made, well designed, and are keepers. (Some others, which I haven't mentioned...are not). The problem with the HyperMac, they're expensive.

One of the things I'm thining about doing is getting a second one of the same size, another 60 watt. In doing so I can use one while the other is on charge. In so doing one would be almost fully charged by the time the first one is depleted. This means I could continually swap out batteries to keep a computer going. By buying two of the same type I can keep one charger in a travel bag, the second one at home, etc. I have several types of external batteries for Ipads, Iphones, etc. and other than the APC they each have a unique charger...which is a pain.

Whatever you end up doing, you also may want to adjust things such as hard drive usage, the light intensity on the display, etc. I tend to keep everything going so you may actually get longer run times than Ive mentioned above.

Is this a good battery...yes! Is it well designed...yes! Is it reliable, charges quickly, holds a charge and does what they say it will do...yes! (I just hate they cost as much as they do...if they cost about $100 or so, I'd own several instead of just the one I have.)
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on July 7, 2012
I just attached a fully charged 60W Hyperjuice to a a fully charged 2012 MacBook Air 13" . I set the power saving timers so the display would not dim and the system would not go to sleep. Everything else was default. I had the display at maximum brightness. I was doing relatively simple web-surfing and working with a program called Curio. I set the battery display to "Time". When I plugged in the HyperJuice the battery display read "Charged". It remained in this state for 3.75 hours at which time the HyperJuice had run out of juice (the green light has gone off) and the battery display began to show the time remaining which was about 6.5 hours.

So although it won't charge my MBA battery it looks like it will power it for over 3 hours. Unless I am watching a video I would expect to get as much as 10 hours with a combination of this 60W HyperJuice and the built in battery. Especially if I turn off the wifi (not needed on most plane rides) and dim the display a couple notches. (I could probably dim the display by half on most planes.)

Not very scientific but it gives you an idea. My next test is to run down my MBA battery and see how long the 100W would take to charge it - assuming it can.

So the 60W is OK if you need another 2-3 hours of power on your MBA and want the smallest, lightest option. This works nice if you are going light and plan to put this in whatever bag/case you have at your seat. If you are looking for something to charge it overnight or maybe to watch videos for a few hours it may not be enough.
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on October 22, 2012
The photo shows magsafe power connectors for the Macbook, but the unit does not come with those Macbook power cords, it does not come with the "magic box" adaptors from Hyperjuice needed for the Macbook.
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on November 5, 2012
I purchased the 60Wh HyperJuice Battery for my Macbook air. I have lived and worked at Bagram, Afghanistan for the last two years. When I use my Air it is tough to always have a plug nearby to ensure I have power. I watch 3.5 to 4 hours of movies with the built-in 37 WHr battery with brighness 1/2 to 2/3 up; so this 60Wh can and does deliver another 6.5 hours of watching movies. It almost triples the amount of time that I can browse with the Internet.

In addition, I can use this to charge my ipad 2, my android phone, and even better, I have a 3.75G dongle with wifi access point. I can plug this into this battery and have high speed Etisalat Internet anyplace I go on the base. In a pinch, there is always a soldier or two who wishes they could check Facebook or send an email. It is easy for me to give them Internet access in a location where that is normally not available. One example....the Red Cross. Another, there are 2 libraries about 15' x 8' at morale, welfare, and recreations ability to get wireless from either of the two Internet Providers.

This has saved my but. It is worth every penny. It will charge if I buy the appropriate interface from HyperJuice, but I haven't and probably won't purchase it. I highly recommend this. I live in Connecticut, and after the last couple of years of hurricaines, this is the perfect battery that can charge my phone or Ipad several times.

I have to stop praising this product now or I will have an article 10 pages long. It was disconcerting to read that some people who got 6 hours web browsing with the internal 37Whr batter of the smaller Air...think they could get 30 hours of web browsing with this battery. It isn't even twice as large as the internal battery. You have to use common sense when making a purchase. You will not regret this purchase. You don't need a mac either. Or an Ipad. You just need a device that needs 5 volts and usb. I would purchase this for any android tablet or phone.

Enough said.
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on August 20, 2012
This was not a new item, i rec'd a used battery with no packaging or manuals. Waste of time. Mfr needs quality controls.
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on April 22, 2013
I walked into my local Apple Store and asking what they recommend for an external battery for my MacBook Air - Hyperjuice.

So I went and got my Hyperjuice 150wh.

Since I already had my Apple Airline/Car adaptor, so I knew the cord won't charge the MBAir.

On a full charge, I was able to get ~20 hrs of usage with medium brightness, a 128GB USB drive attached, and WiFi on, tethered to an iPhone 5.

The battery stayed cool inside my backpack with little ventilation.

Minor issue:
1. You'll lose the first 3 out of the 5-segment LED battery indicator fairly quickly (the first 10hrs), then the last LED was lit like forever.

2. There's no charging indicators to show you whether the battery is fully charged or not. You have to keep on pushing the battery button to see the charging status.

That's all. Very satisfied with the product.
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on January 4, 2013
Last year I purchased a HyperMac MBP-100 at it only partly worked. The problem was that when I plugged certain devices into the USB port the battery would instantly shut off completely until I plugged it into a DC charger. I contacted the manufacturer and they replaced it with a new MBP-100 that worked correctly.

A month ago I purchased the much more compact MBP-060 directly from the manufacturer. Amazingly, *on arrival* it had exactly the same problem as my original MBP-100... the battery completely stops working when I plug certain USB devices into the USB port. I will be getting it replaced by the manufacturer as well. Either I'm very unlucky regarding this product, the quality control on this hardware is poor, or they regularly ship devices with inferior hardware and replace it only for customers that ask. I don't know.
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on April 21, 2013
Before you may buy it, please check description.
To be able to use it with MacBook, you will need to buy Apple Megasafe air adapter, which may cost you 100-200$ extra.
Almost double expenses right?

The rest is not relevant. Simple "china made" device with bunch of wires. 60W is kind of enough for MacBook life extension during long hull flight. Design is a bit messy too. To be able to use that extra adapter you need to connect it through another wire (auto adapter) which comes together with device.
I would rate it 4 star at least, if at the last moment, upon arrival I may not realize that I need to spend almost the same amount second time for extra wire. And without that wire it will not work with my MacBook Pro.
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19 of 25 people found the following review helpful
on October 26, 2011
This is a great product if you need the juice while you are away from electricity. I realize that some complain that it doesn't come with the Apple connector but this is because Apple will not allow them to sell the magnetic connector. You can use this with the travel adapter and it works fine.

I agree with the other review that you need to be aware of what you are getting but most people realize that there are no companies out there who are selling this type of a product with the connector for a MacBook... you can make it work but it requires a work around. I don't think that it is fair to knock their rating because they don't sell it with the mac connector. They would if they could. For more info go to the HyperJuice website.

UPDATE: Dec 2011

Still working great. I strongly recommend this product!
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on October 1, 2012
My new Mac Air 11" (2012) was only getting 3.5 hours of charge and I didn't want to be stranded on a flight or somewhere else when I needed it. I love the size of the battery and carry it in my computer bag and take it on long car trips. I use it daily to charge my phone and iPad. When it comes to the original purchase intent of using it with my Mac Air it gets a neutral review. Because I have a newer Mac Air that uses the Magsafe 2 connector and Apple does not make a Magsafe 2 airplane charger, I was forced to buy the $49.99 Magsafe 1 Airplane charger and the $9.99 Magsafe 1 to Magsafe 2 adapter. With this solution I am able to maintain battery life on my Mac Air but not charge the computer. This was expected based on the size battery I purchased (other posts explain why for those who are interested in the technical explanation).

Overall Recommendation:
I would recommend this battery for anyone with a Mac Air and is looking to have a backup for emergencies. It will not charge your computer but allow you to work off of its power. Note: You will have to pay another $60 for apple adapters if you want to do this.

You can charge any usb device rather quickly but I would not purchase this battery just for charging usb devices as there are cheaper options out there. I wish it had 2 USB charging ports since a majority of my devices are chargeable by USB.
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