Customer Reviews: Hypertech 32000 Max Energy Power Programmer for 1996-2007 GM Gas Truck/SUV
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on April 3, 2011
Used this programmer on our 2006 GMC Yukon Denali. Overall drivability was improved using the program for regular gas. A definite increase in horsepower that you can feel at wide open throttle. Looks like a gain of about 1 mpg on our vehicle. Which is a lot when you go from 13 to 14 mpg on the daily commute to work. The transmission shift firmness adjustment was a nice feature that allowed a firmer shift without a neck snapping experience. Stock wide open throttle shifts had a long delay before being reprogrammed and normal throttle shifts were a bit mushy for our taste. Those very smooth shifts can't be all that good for the clutches either. Slow engagement seems like clutch slippage to us. Had to go with 100 percent shift firmness increase setting to get a noticeable crisp shift. The 25 percent setting wasn't really noticeable at all on our vehicle. Well worth the money at Amazon's price. Best we found on the web. Very easy to use interface. Highly recommend this product.
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on January 25, 2013
Always heard programmers work, but which one? Did alot of reading of reviews on programmers thru amazon site and this one seems to be the top choice. Purchased it, had to download upgrades for my particular truck before installing. Amazing how much computers control the newer cars. Runs much better and shifts much firmer but still has more settings to check out when it gets warmer outside, don't want to play in the cold. I'm a old fashioned mech and this made me a believer for sure.
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on December 27, 2011
I installed this in my 2006 GMC Sierra 1500 and I am over the moon impressed. You won't get as much of a return on this device in my particular vehicle as you would with a big 2500 diesel motor, but the difference is still substantial. I definitely have more power, and have a noticeable increase in MPG (approximately 2 mpg or more) both around town and on the highway, as long as I don't step into the pedal too much. You instantly notice how much snappier and responsive the throttle is from both standing starts to acceleration at freeway speeds. I can't think of any option on the market that gives you more power and performance, AND gives you better fuel economy at the same time. LET ALONE FOR ONLY $300 and change.

I think I appreciate the ability to increase the shift firmness on the transmission almost as much as the improved power and MPG's. Increasing the shift firmness ( I originally set it to 100% and have since reset it to 75%) has made driving my truck substantially more impressive. You have a lot less over-reving of the motor, and your transmission will run much cooler since the tranny is engaged much sooner and decisively. Having the additional power also allows the vehicle to have to shift down a gear much less often, meaning even less wear and tear on your components. I also noticed a substantial improvement while driving with the cruise control on. My truck is able to pull through the gear it is in, instead of having to shift constantly to maintain speed.

I have a lift kit with approximately 35" tires on my truck as well, so I also have the benefit of having my dials reading accurately after being re-calibrated for the appropriate readings. Installation is very simple (approx 5 minutes). I would highly recommend watching the included DVD included just to help inform you as to all the features and installation steps, even though it is very, very simple. You can VERY EASILY reset your vehicle to stock settings later on, unlike many other performance chips, which in my particular opinion is mandatory. Without this feature you could run into a nightmare trying to get your vehicle smogged or serviced at the dealer, since most of the diagnostics is done by computer these days.

Overall, having the additional power and mpg will put a substantial amount less of wear and tear on your vehicle, and potentially save you lots of money down the road.

This product is worth every penny. BUY IT AND YOU WON'T REGRET IT !!! If I could give it 10 stars, I would
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on September 23, 2011
I ordered this for my 2007 Chevrolet 1500HD Classic. It arrived quickly which is always a plus. Set-up was a breeze and the on-screen instructions made it a no-brainer. I do recomend watching the video instructions on hypertech's website, just to give you a heads up. The whole process took minutes and the results were great. My truck has a lot better acceleration and seems to drive a lot better. I have noticed some improved gas mileage in the week I have had it installed, but it might take bit longer to make a true judgemnt.

All in all, I am very pleased and feel like I have brand new truck.
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on November 17, 2011
I bought the programmer for my 2000 GMC Sonoma (equivalent of a Chevy S10). This programmer has been pretty good so far. I noticed an increase in the power; however, not as much as I had hoped for. My fuel mileage has been about the same as before, if not a little worse-probably because I can't stay out of the throttle because I like the extra horsepower. The gains increased by programming for Premium fuel and using that as well. Installation was quick and painless-approximately 20 minutes. Overall, this is a good product, but may provide more benefits for larger trucks.
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on November 30, 2011
HT product used 99 chevy suburban 5.7 stock 201843 miles. 10w 30 syn oil acdelco plugs gap settings not at .60... The features that you can change are as followed on aboved tested; the governor, check engine codes, tire spedo correction, and shift firmness or attitude which I believe is what is really important for towing. It actually holds it shift value. It minimized the shift unsureness.. but with high mileage I may need attention to transmission. Fuel mpg went up from 13 to about 15.9 mpg. on real-life "spirited" driving It performs well using 89 or 93.It did run or at least the engine sounded a little different. I believe that new 02 sensors, cat, and a throttle body spacer should bump it up a tad bit more.I haven't tried out the governor to safely test its trueness even tho i know that stock settings have an abuse timer going pass 100 mph back down to 94mph
The HT on other models alows you to do a little bit more like actually dial in shift firmness. Also, it was platform specific with the sticker showing gmc Chevy equivalent.... now i haven't tried it on other vehicles such as dodge or ford to see if it would read or if the device would negotiate with the pcm/ecu but other then maybe reading DTC's... The HT is very easy to use. not pretty as the COBB access port but not as hard to use as a Tactrix cable ; o ) over all its good.. but price wise 250 would be a fair price for current technology... just personal opinion.....Also to help you figure out if this is worth the purchase.. say fuel is 3.65 p/gal you get 13 mpg now but use this and get 17mpg or so .. it should pay for it self if you drive over 4000k a month.....This is my my honest consumer review and a few question I would have before buying a tool such as a brick : o ) with any machine. make sure its running ready. I only give it a 4 out of 5 b/c if my application were newer or diesel I'm sure it would be a 5
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on April 26, 2012
I was primarily shopping for a programmer to re-calibrate my speedometer after changing to a [slightly] taller tire/wheel package. I figured if it could do anything for fuel economy too that'd be great too.

Immediately upon trying to program my '05 Yukon I had problems. Error codes from the device such as 8E and the like. I discovered for whatever reason my aftermarket iPod interface causes communication issues with the PCM. I suspect an aftermarket head unit may cause issues too [although mine is stock]. Unplugging the iPod interface solved that problem.

I know the new tires are 32". So using the programmer I install the Hypertech power program, leave the rev limit and top speed alone, set the tire size to 32", set the 3-4 shift a little higher (personal preference), leave the firmness alone. Upon successful programming completion, I start the truck, I see "stability sys disabled" on the dash. This didn't go away after disconnecting the battery for 15 min or driving around town. I call tech support.

They indicated this is normal as it's an error generated from the ABS module not playing nice with the PCM. There's nothing they can do about it and I suspect other programmers have the same caveat. However I can't live with an error on the dash. They advised me to try smaller tire settings that may still be close enough to bring the speedo accuracy up while keeping the ABS computer happy. They believe there's about a 10% window that shouldn't cause the error, 30" +/- 3". In my case the tolerance is much less, I can get away with 31.5" so 5%. However they also pointed out something to me that I don't know why I missed... the 32" tires with the pressure I run aren't 32"... they're only 31" tall. No problem using 31" in the program.

In the end it does a fine job, don't miss the details! And if you're running a tire larger than 31.5" you'll have an error message on the dash if your vehicle has stability control.

Regarding power, let's be honest, if they claim 10 hp gain and you can actually feel that on a 295hp V8 engine, I'm impressed! That's a very minimal increase and might yeild 1/4 improvement of 0.1 on these heavy SUV's. Your butt dyno isn't that sensitive! However any improvements made to throttle responsiveness, shift program, etc are easily noticeable and perceived as a nice boost in power. In short, don't knock this device for lack of power, it's probably better, you just might not be able to tell.

Fuel mileage seems to have gotten better. The trip computer with the larger tires indicated 16.5 and now it's floating above 18 around town.

Overall I'm pleased with the device!
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on June 18, 2013
This is a very good tuner. I have had multiple vehicles, with numerous tuners and supercharger setups used. This tuner gave immediate improved throttle response, a more agressive shift feel and overall more aggressive driving feel. It seems to wake-up the stock 5.7. I like it.
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on August 11, 2012
This is my second Hypertech, this one for a recently purchased used 2002 Yukon 1500, 5.3L gas.

"Install" is straight-forward, though with each HyperTech I had to first go online and download the controller with the latest version of their product. From there, uploading their program into the vehicle takes about 1 minute. Their processes are well documented and painless.

Since installing my HyperTech code, the Yukon has shown a 10-12% increase in fuel economy with no change in driving habits or conditions. Startup seems quieter, shift points smoother. This vehicle has over 105,000 miles and now gets 17 city and 20+ highway at 70-80mph (up from 15 and 17).

I also found the Max-Energy to be beneficial after installing it in my 1997 Silverado K1500. For that vehicle, mileage did not improve appreciably, but very likely because I use that truck primarily for hauling 2000 lbs of water and pulling a 4000 lb horse trailer on mountain roads. It has more pulling power than before the install.

Reloading the original, factory code is straight-forward.

I recommend this product, at least for GMs such as I have, the HyperTech seems to give these older vehicles a new lease on life. Reviews of the HyperTech Max Economy version were not complimentary, so I opted for the Max--Energy, and I'm happy I did so.
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on March 30, 2013
03 Tahoe
I expected this to give me more MPG, it didn't. It did however make the truck quicker and change the shift points.
I had a little surprise when I removed the programming (back to stock settings) before selling the Tahoe. The truck started having VERY hard shifts back at stock settings. It didn't do that before the programmer. When I put the programming back on, the shifts became normal again. I always had the settings at conservative levels. It may be just my truck but it was a surprise. I had to leave the programming on the truck when I sold it.
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