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on February 26, 2013
About 4 months ago, a friend convinced me to stand on a vibration machine at the mall. It was great and luckily that company had models you could use at a local gym for a very small fee ($25 for 10 sessions) I did 20 sessions and felt like I had outpaced the machine, which I could have bought for the same price as the Hypervibe. I started doing research looking for something more powerful and came across Hypervibe, I thought this might be the real deal.

I contacted the company because I wanted to try one before I spent that much money. They put me in touch with a woman near my office who had one, she turned out to be a medical doctor. I went to her home, tried hers out. From the moment I stepped on it, I knew it was completely different than the one I had been using. I talked to her and her husband about their experience and the research they'd done. It was very similar to mine - she'd even gone to the same gym to use the other machine.

With that I felt confident, but had to save my pennies. Last week my Hypervibe arrived.

This is one powerful machine. My only issue with it is it's loud, but for 10 minutes, it's no louder than my vacuum cleaner, and probably just a bit louder than a treadmill on a high speed. I think my floor might be a bit uneven and that may be causing the loud vibration.

I use this mostly for pain relief and flexibility. I do 10 minutes of stretching in the morning, in the afternoon I do 10 minutes of strength training and before bed I do 5 minutes of massage. For the first time in years I've slept through the night without pain.

The machine comes with exercises, it has programs on the machine and it is easy to read and set for whatever you're looking for. I'm pretty active, do a lot of hiking and cycling and this is a great accompaniment to my routine. It's much easier to stay physically fit when you're not in pain. Also when I get off the machine, I'm energized and ready to go. And after the massage at night, I fall right to sleep.

I really believe for general health, the vibration at this level is great for you - lymph system, all the muscles get a workout, even the tiny ones you wouldn't target in a weight routine, and you just feel good after you use it. Can you say that about your treadmill?

It arrived in a week and it was a breeze to put together, though the bolts and washers could have had enlarged pictures so you could better identify them.

I hope that helps someone else who is wondering. Don't go for cheap - there is no way it will have the power of this machine. And that power is what it's all about. If you contact the company, they can probably find you somewhere to try one out and you'll see for yourself.

I'll update as I've had more time with it.

UPDATE: As promised, my update. It has been a month and I am very, very pleased with everything about this machine. I bought floor pads for workout equipment to put under it and that addressed the vibration I was having issues with. The pain relief continues and that alone is worth the price. But what I have been so pleasantly surprised with is the actual workout. I really did not believe a 10-minute workout would make such a difference in my muscles and strength. I was very skeptical, but I'm down a size and my muscles are toning up in ways I've never been able to do with weightlifting and cycling. It hits everything and tones it up. So, wow, I guess. I use it every day, it too easy not to and it feels so - really gets the endorphins going.
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on February 11, 2013
HyperVibe _vs_ $7500 Power Plate
___IMHO_Over past 2yrs I've tried several $1800-$5000 vibration machines at Malls & Fairs in LA.- Mid Dec while Xmas shopping I stumbled upon another. It peaked my interest! I liked it! For $2600 I was not "sold" on it. Started researching online. On Feb05
I discovred HyperVibe Performance. Great Informational Video!! Great Reviews!! Contacted US distributor & they told me where I can go near my home to demo it. So around Feb10th I ventured out to try it. But I also wanted to compare it, so I stopped at a fitness store nearby in LA that sells only High End gym equipment. They had 3 vibration machines, the highly acclaimed Power Plate Models:: My7-$7500. My5-$5000. & My3-$2600. Great, I was hoping to be schooled by experts by trying out the Truly Good Stuff first. The Sales Rep was totally committed to the Power Plate brand, confidently pointing out all the features & benefits. Based on the Sales Rep's enthusiasm, my own prior hands-on experiences, and of course the sky high $7500 price tag, I had very high expectations. So I asked to try the My7 & My3. Asked him show me FULL MAX Power on both, gradually he did. Strangely the vibration on both models seemed very similar, not all that great I thought, both had a Very Powerful BuzZzing type action. I'm thinking for $5000 difference in price between the 2 Power Plate models, the difference in terms of their power & performance output Must Be Absolutely HUUUGE. Or at least very noticeable. It was undetectable. Strangely, I told Rep the My3 even felt just a tad bit stronger. And it did!! He looked stumped, had no reply. I had nothing left to say either - so I left. Within 1/2Hr I was about to see & test drive the $2600 HyperVibe Performance for the very first time.
___NOTE::: Having first seen The Buyers' Guide Video where 41 vibration machines were compared side-by-side, & HyperVibe towered over almost ALL the others, including a $10,000 Power Plate "Commercial Model",
I was Very Hopeful & placed SKY High Expectations on the HyperVibe, but I was still very skeptical, especially after my little Power Plate demo. I started on low, slowly got it up to FULL MAX Power & then BAAM!! It Hit!! What A HUUUGE Difference!! Reeally?? W0oHO0o!! HyperVibes MAXimum Power easily felt like it had 1O+Times More Intense Vibration Power than the $7500 Power Plates Intense BuzZzing Power. Absolutely NO Comparison No Contest-Simply Out Classed- Period. Totally Unexpected-Quite Shocking! Unlike any other vibration machine I have ever tried. How could a $2600 HyperVibe so easily pulverize a $7500 Power Plate? How is this even possible? U have to demo it yourself U will NOT believe it either. HyperVibes Hyper performance was absolutely stunning, going well above & beyond any possible expectation.
___Yet I hadn't bought anything yet!! Started "looking" again in Dec & as of Jan my budget was only $600°° BUT, after my own Live Demo & Mostly because of The Video that Compared ALL the SPECs on 41 Top Hi-End machines valued up to $15000, HyperVibe stands out Huge for me. With HyperVibes HugePower & EliteClass Specifications, I'm praying for TopNotch results. Like getting physically fit at Home, & helping my 80Yr mom get FIT using lowest settings. Hopefully buying soon.
___On Feb14 again I Demo'd HyperVibe on its "HYPER" High Setting. Handled it Much Better! _I hung on tight! _And toughed it out! _For 4VeryLONG MINs. _AND _On Feb21, I noticed my knees were STILL feeling fired up, & they STILL felt kinda pumped 24/7, noticed I was handling stairs far better NO HANDS, & a big boost in my balance! UNREAL. Not bad for a 4Min workout. The Over-Priced Power Plate not even in the same league.
✔ Watch the 7Min Buyers Guide Comparison VIDEO:
✔ You Will Understand Why _____G👀GLe:_____
✔ "Whole Body Vibration Buyers Guide Adro Sarnelli"
___ Feb 26: After my HyperVibe Live Demo I went back to the same LA mall to try the same $2600 vibration machine I tested in Dec. Tested it again for 10 min at Full MAX Power, only to feel no residual effect 10Min later. This machine costs the same as HyperVibe BUT its FULL MAX POWER felt like only 10% of HyperVibes Intense Total OUTPUT_NOW_I feel it should cost more like $250. At first I thot it was a great find & for $250 it would be (for a LightDuty machine)_But it's NOT $250.
__SO as per Independently Produced / Engineers' Test Results / Buyers Guide Video, HyperVibe Smothered, Out-Performed & Out-Classed not only $7500-$10000 Power Plates, but even compared favorably to $15000 machines in terms of MAXIMUM POWER OUTPUT which is Measured as Amplitude, Frequency Range, and also
G-Force Acceleration. _ For a more technically detailed & scientific explanation, start your own research here::
◾ G👀GLe ▪ "wbv benefits ▪ "g-force rating wbv" ▪
🔸 Truly an Elite machine without the Elite price 🔸
🔸 Awesome 🔸 Make Sure To Watch The Video 🔸
◾ P.S...sorry about long read - my last "test" was on
Feb 14 _ Benefits finally wore off & my knees started hurting again & began feeling unstable - My next "test"
Mar 01 _ I tested it for 8 wildly intense minutes - untold benefits - especially my tennis game - knees/ legs felt so much better/ stable, even improved my general overall balance_same as before_Awesome! Even though I've been unemployed 4Yrs _ I Gotta Get This Thing...🔺
OMG!!! - FINALLY ORDERED 03.06.13 / RCVD 03.13.13
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on January 10, 2013
This machine is great! There are way too many of these vibration machines out there and to purchase one becomes intimidating. After first being exposed to this machine in the mall (and trying it) I was intrigued by what they had to say. I did my research and stumbled upon the Hypervibe. The price made me a little reluctant (in comparison to the others being sold at a lesser price) but, contacting the company made my decision all the easier and clearer. They gave me useful information, explained to me what whole body vibration training was about, and to add, gave me access to a bunch of online information that would help me along. They made this purchase an easy one. However, the greatest part of it all would be exposing that cheap can sometimes be a red flag. (There is a mini video that they have on their website comparing all the machines with engineer tests) But to the point, stepping on the Hypervibe in my home I could feel just how powerful it is, much more than the others and even ten times more than what I felt at the mall!!! Shipping was included so that was an added bonus. Putting the machine together was easy along with the wheels on the back which made it a breeze to move around my apartment. But if you do live in an apartment it would be smart to get a mat for right under the platform as it can make some strong vibrations that can potentially be bad for your downstairs' neighbor. But, all in all this is a smart purchase for your fitness and just do the homework because in the end it is your money.
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on December 3, 2014
I have been doing whole body vibration for 3-4 years and this is my third machine. My first was a Crazy Fit for $249. It seemed effective, sort of, but I wanted a larger platform so I bought another generic Chinese model called Power Slim. It was significantly larger, more powerful (dual motors) and more expensive, though still less than $1000. Again, it gave me what seemed like a decent workout doing squats, pushups, planks, etc.After about two years it began to literally vibrate itself to pieces. The plastic platform cover began to crack so I figured it was time to get serious. I debated between this and the Noblerex. They have very similar specs: 28 Hz. similar amplitudes, with the Noblerex being somewhat greater at 14 mm vs. 11 for the Hypervibe. Interestingly if you Google Hypervibe the first thing you see is a Noblerex ad warning against high g-force machines. Well, g-force is a determined by two things: amplitude and frequency. Noblerex rates their machine at 9 G's and warns that anything above 10 G's may be dangerous. Hypervibe, of course, advertises 17+ G's. However, if the Noblerex truly operates at a max frequency of 28 and an amplitude of 14 it is producing more g-force than the Hypervibe. I don't know if that is the case and they are intentionally downplaying their G's. At any rate, my attitude is, as with cars, you can never have too much power so I opted for the Hypervibe. The $300 Black Friday discount was icing on the cake. With regard to the machine itself, comparing it to the other machines I'd had, I am reminded of the great line from Crocodile Dundee (appropriately enough coming from an Aussie and pertaining to this Australia-designed machine), "That's not a knife. THIS is a knife." This is ONE POWERFUL machine. Like comparing a Chevy Aveo to a Corvette. You really feel the fatigue set in as you crank up the G's. Dangerous? It certainly doesn't seem like it is and you can always turn the power down. It's just nice to know it's there if you want it.
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on June 10, 2013
I absolutely love this machine. I`m 67 years old and have been going to a chiropractor every 2 weeks for quite some time now, but I haven`t been in almost a month since I received my Hypervibe Vibrating Exercise Machine. I use it every single day and I`m not having back pain, pain in my hip and leg due to sciatica. I have more energy than I`ve had in years. I own and operate a daycare and average taking care of 8 to 10 children 5 days a week. At the end of the day, when all the children are gone, I still feel like cleaning and getting ready for the next day. I haven`t lost any pounds but I feel much more toned and actually feel stronger in my arms and legs and back. In my opinion, this was money well spent.
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on May 10, 2013
1) The smaller of the two hex tools this comes with barely made all 8 or 12 bolted connections before distorting. The tool is made of a very low grade metal, not tool steel. Not a show stopper, but if I had to tighten one more bolt I don't think I could have.
2) The spring/lock washers are also not made of an appropriate metal such as spring steel. They are no better than flat washers, once compressed they do not spring back. One spring washer was crossed such that it did not compress and needed to be hammered out first.
These are low grade parts that do not belong on a $2,600 machine.
3) I am 5'-7" and the display is far from clear when standing on the machine. It is fine when standing on the floor in front of the machine, but on the plate I need to lean quite far back to see the LCD display. There is no adjustment for LCD viewing angle.
4) There is a display button for Time versus Frequency. For such a large display why not show both at once. I like to use the machine in manual mode, knowing the remaining time and current vibration rate would be good to see without switching.

These are relatively minor points, but that are far from insignificant. I am surprised that these details are not already fixed. Not being able to read the display when on the machine is not good.

UPDATE: I have had the machine for 3 weeks now and will say that I am very happy with the vibration platform itself. I could remount the display to a new angle but that would be a quite serious modification probably involving 'V' cutting the approx. 6"x2" vertical support just below the display then welding at the new angle. Something I could easily do when the warranty is over - but how many owners have access to a metalworking shop.
5) A new comment I would like to make is that when placed on a carpeted floor the display vibrates side to side quite wildly. Nothing seems insecure I don't think it is a real problem but it is difficult read the display. This leads me to wonder if the display is not meant to be read while on the machine!

I did get a pleasant telephone message from the US seller regarding as they put it "making me whole". This in response to an email I sent them. I appreciate that effort and did leave a phone message with them that I did not see they could do anything as at this point the main issues are design flaws. Perhaps the spring or lock washers could be replaced with quality parts but I do not expect any problem as there is I believe enough spring or tension in the connections to prevent the bolts from coming loose. I can get also these from a local hardware store for pennies.

CONCLUSION: I would buy this machine again - and if I did I would be sure to write this review again.
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on March 28, 2015
I have had the Hypervibe for only a week, and already have had some great benefit from it. I am a runner, and have struggled for a long time with tight and sore calves and shins. I have tried all the normal things to alleviate this, from various shoes to calf sleeves to stretching to foam rolling. I tried supplements, minerals, liniments, etc, but none of them ever seemed to fully relieve the tightness. In my case, the culprit was a muscle called the Soleus. It lies very deep, and is hard to get at to massage. After using this machine for only a week, my calves and shins are pain free and not sore at all for the first time in over a year! I used it on a relaxation or massage setting twice a day for about 10 minutes per time. I have continued to do my normal running during that time as well, which is normally around 8 miles per day. I am beyond pleased with this. I am looking forward to see what else I can achieve using this machine. I will begin using it for strengthening and other types of training in the coming weeks. Be aware that this is a very powerful machine. From what I have experienced, I believe it can really transform your health if you use it regularly. I have accumulated quite a variety of massagers over the years to try to combat tight, sore muscles, and none of them achieved what this did, and that was in less than a week! It's a big investment, but it's an investment in your health. I will update this review after I have used it for a month or two, and let you know how my progress with is is going. At this point though, thumbs up to the folks at Hypervibe.
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on March 27, 2013
This machine is everything it is cracked up to be! Well worth the price!

However, we could not read the screen when standing on the machine without leaning as far back as possible. I am 5'2" and my husband is 6'2" and neither of us could read the screen.
My husband, an engineer, fixed the problem easily by raising the screen unit about 5" and tilting it back a smidge. The screen unit has a 4" collar that fits into the top of the column and bolts to it. He bought two metal brackets, bent them slightly, and bolted them to the screen unit and the column using the original holes. The electronic wires for the unit hang inside the column the same as with the original setup. Now we can see what we are doing.
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on February 26, 2014
Imagine if you will, living on another planet where the gravity is many times that of Earth's. Without any physical exercise required, your body would be considerably better, stronger, faster than an equivalent human body here on Earth. Since we can't live on another planet , we are left to make do with our own gravitation here on Earth- with one exception...the Hypervibe Vibrating platform has the ability to create forces of 17 times our Earth gravity on the body.

To put this in laymen's terms, if you weigh 150lbs, and you exert just 10 G's on the body, while standing on the platform, then you are creating a force of 1500 lbs on the body, which performed quickly and in cycles of up to 28 times per second, works the muscles in an unbelievable way which can't be duplicated in any other form of workout.

You get to work muscles on the body that you wouldn't be able to access by traditional methods.

If you are fearful that the sensation of a vibrating platform would be very uncomfortable, let me say this. If you love riding roller coasters at theme parks, the vibration of the Hypervibe is similar to the clickety clack, only at a much higher frequency. It is really quite enjoyable in my experience, and I can't stop myself from smiling as I know it's working my body unlike anything.

I own the Hypervibe, and I have to say it's a lifestyle changer. After just 5 min, at one of the higher settings (train, or tone-which is very intense) stop the machine, give yourself a few minutes to feel the firmness in your muscles - as if you performed a 30 min intense workout. You will feel charged, energized and ready to go about your day, and inspired to eat right and get things done. So if you want to remain in a sedentary, couch-potato lifestyle - then the Hypervibe is not for you. If you feel the desire to turn over a new leaf, but having trouble getting motivated, then what are you waiting for? Buy one immediately. It will pay for itself in the way you look and feel about yourself and others will take notice.
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on February 16, 2013
I order this on Friday, Feb 8th and it arrive on Wed, Feb 13. That was a good 2 days ahead of its projected arrival (Go FedEX). The box was well prepared for shipping and the item arrived in good shape. I was off on Friday so my husband and I put this together with no problem at all. All of the parts were there, the directions were pretty simple and the tools required were included. The base, as one would expect, was heavy and not something one person could probably get out of the box easily with the big box it came in still in the way. It took about 45 minutes for me (female) to put it together. I turned it on and sure enough, it worked.

I have only use one of these once at a gym to make sure I like it, but this unit is every bit as sturdy as the commercial machine. It makes me feel so energized after using it. I am still having a bit of trouble using the program mode and figuring out how to set the duration and pause period, but I will get it. It isn't the machine, it me. More comments as I go along.........
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