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on August 20, 2012
Echolight Studios brings to life an interpretation of the God-sent archangel, Gabriel. Mentioned in the Old Testament, Gabriel spoke to Daniel and again his presence was shown in the New Testament as the bearer of the "Good News" to Zechariah, his barren wife Elizabeth and the virgin Mary. The angel announces himself to them as "I am Gabriel" and so, he follows suit in his introduction to Promise, Texas.

This larger-than-life angelic being is sent to earth to the town of Promise, Texas - a town whose hope is gone. The loss of a baby triggers a series of events in the town that spur the question, "Why do bad things happen to good people?"

Gabe appears out of nowhere with nothing but the clothes on his back and his prayer mat. Taken in by the family who'd lost their baby years earlier, they simply trust in the presence of this child. Gabe reignites the desire to talk with the Father, the God of all, and reminds the people of Promise, God loves them and hears them when they come before Him with a sincere prayer. Miracles begin to happen as Gabe sees into the hearts of those who've grown bitter through their brokenness and as a result, healing begins.

Though the movie ties it's ending up with a bow, it is successful to touch your heart and remind the Christian of the importance of an intimate relationship with Christ. For the non-believer...I Am Gabriel may seem a little unbelievable by assuming even unbelievers understand what an intimate relationship and prayer life with God is. Even so, there are very touching moments in the movie which convicts us of our failure to "just talk to God. We're stirred to once again hope...and we know, hope is the beginning.

I Am Gabriel, is laced with ex-Superman, Dean Cain and also, Smallville's John Scheidner. Overall, a good movie that left me convicted in my heart. - Cindy Sproles, Editor
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on January 23, 2013
We showed it to our 5 and 7 year old grandchildren. The 7 year old just sat and watched and the 5 year old (boy) rolled on the floor playing most of the time. Afterward they asked to watch it again because they didn't like it---they loved it. We watched it the next night with their dad and the 5 year old kept telling him what was happening in the story. And we didn't think he had been paying attention because he was playing with toys through the whole thing the night before. We watched it for 5 nights in a row because they wanted to and then decided to give it to them. We could always buy ourselves another one. I guess we never know, when they're really paying attention. We found out it's good for all ages. It reminds us what God can do, if we just let him and pray.
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on February 12, 2013
This is a story of a heart-stopping handsome boy, known simply as Gabe. He has an important message for the small town of Promise, Texas, and more. The acting is good, not great, but the message is what tjis is all about. The movie is all clean, noe bad language, nudity depicted violence. This is a Christian movie and message. Very much worth the viewing. I gave it five stars and recommend it to everyone, een non-Christains. It is moving, whether you are a beliver or not.
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VINE VOICEon August 27, 2012
Whenever I watch movies I'm not sure what to think. It's not my normal go-to genre to watch drama as I'm more of an action and adventure with big special effects type of movie watcher. However this one is worthy. When it comes to Christian films there seems to be a big line with some being overly cheesy and some being really quite good. This one was really pretty good in an unbelievable way. What I mean is that here we have Gabriel, as in the angel Gabriel that comes to a town on the edge of failure and hopelessness with a message and a gift from God. It is not something you see every day and this was not a big budget film, but it was well done. The scenes were real and in small town life rather easy to see and imagine, no matter how unbelievable our minds think miracles may be.

I knew going in that I would probably be a fan as I have enjoyed many things from Mike Norris over the year, even if they do usually have action, this was more a drama - well definitely a drama. That and being the Superman fan that I am I have always liked Dean Cain and Jonathan Schneider. There were many unknown-to-me names in this film, but overall I enjoyed it and wouldn't mind looking at Echo Light again for more films. All of the previews were enticing as well. It's about time we have more family friendly with wonderful messages to fill our TV screens.

God has a message for you and he wants to hear from you.

*Thanks to the publicist for providing a copy for review.*
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on September 2, 2012
This movie is a great reminder to all Christians to talk daily to God. It is also an affirmation of His goodness and His desire to bless us. It opens with 2 Chronicles 7:14. That is a message all of America needs.
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on November 10, 2012
This is new territory for me but I thought it would be interesting and helpful to review some faith based films. Special thanks a. larry ross communications for the opportunity to review I Am. . .Gabriel and providing a copy of the movie.

What originally drew me to watch the movie was the cast. I've always appreciated John Schneider's work (Smallville, etc.) and have always been a fan of Dean Cain (Lois & Clark). The film was directed by Mike Norris and does a pretty good job of telling a universal story. As God's creatures we long to see the presence of God at work in our lives, especially when things are rough. I Am. . .Gabriel shoots out the gate with a very intense first scene and sets the stage for this "withering" town. From then on though the movie slows to a pace that would be great for a book but tends to drag a bit for a movie. The characters are good though at times the acting is stilted.

Faith based films are definitely improving and I see that trend even in I Am. . .Gabriel. The story makes it worth watching and overlooking some of its less than stellar aspects. And it's a good family movie for sure. I can see children enjoying this film as long as Mom and Dad are aware that it does deal with some difficult areas pretty openly (death, suicide), so older kids perhaps. One of my favorite parts of the story is the message that "Gabe" brings with his prayer mat that God just wants us to talk to Him. So true!

Theologically, I'm sure there could be some arguments, but again, the premise of the story and the message of God's love is really what shines through in this movie. And I so appreciate actors like Schneider and Cain who step out of the Hollywood glitz to give their talents for the kingdom of God.

I Am. . .Gabriel is sure to inspire you!
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on October 13, 2012
Although there are two "big-name" actors in the movie, the rest of the cast seems to be made up of "ordinary folk". If you're expecting an A-list performance, you will be somewhat disappointed. Knowing it was a mostly unknown cast I wasn't expecting academy award winning performances. That having been said, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, and will watch again.

In the hustle and bustle of today's world, I (we) tend to put God on a "back-burner". Watching this movie reminded me that I need to keep God in a more prominent place in my life, no matter how "busy" or "complicated" it may become.
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on July 14, 2014
This movie frequently comes up as a recommendation if you watch certain types of movies or independent movies. After seeing this movie I am convinced Amazon's recomendation engine is broken. This movie is not for you if it is recommended and you are not a take it on faith and faith alone Christian type. This movie is not nearly as deserving as other reviews.

The director does a poor job leading the actors which come across as stiff and unnatural. The non-spiritual interactions in the story line are unbelievable. The spiritual arc in the story, pun intended, is adequate but not inspiring. The script forces spiritual realization in just a few minutes of the start of the movie then short circuiting the adventure for the audience. Just 13 minutes into the movie the audience is already prepped for the end testing our patience to stick around for the next hour and 15 minutes whiting for the characters to catch-up. Twenty four minutes into the movie the audience is cheated when the story gets overtly preachy. Think badly scripted pushy commercial.

This feels like a sermon that starts at the end and ends at the end with superficial plot devices in-between. There is no mystery or crisis of faith in the story which misses the whole point of story telling especially when it comes to a religious based story. I would have preferred a classic Bible story or a feel good Christmas story.

The photography is fairly good when actors are not in the screen but as soon as there are people close up, the shot is too close and over framed. I get the feeling I am watching an old TV show cropped at the bottom to create a wide screen or HD movie. Maybe this is an edit or formatting problem for DVD.

This movie is motivated by a good intentions but the cinema value is missing. I respect the work, beliefs and intentions for all those involved in making this movie. I imagine it appeals to a very narrow group of people. It is simply a religious movie with emphases on you shall believe but does not make any case for believing.
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on March 15, 2016
I'm giving 3 stars because it's a Christian film and I truly appreciate the efforts of the actors involved in this movie for the Gospel of Jesus. I'm a John Schneider fan and I really had high hopes for this. Sadly, it is a movie I regret I purchased and will not watch a second time. I would fast forward to the last 15 minutes of the film with Schneider and Gabe and watch from there. IF those 15 min had been captured throughout the entire movie I'd feel differently. Lack of character development, pointless dialog- just two of the major things going wrong in the film. The actor for Gabriel clearly has a unique look and has potential as an actor- and was honestly the only part of the film I really enjoyed- even though reviews stated he was robotic. I think that kind of speech was intentional as a no-nonsense Gabriel who clearly presented as a BOY but isn't one. My husband couldn't finish it last night, I watched the second half today. Those who wrote/directed- there's potential here, you just didn't CONVICT me, HOLD me- I wasn't INVESTED in any character at all and I so wanted to be! Flywheel, The Encounter- there are small budget Christian films that deliver and I know you tried here. Thank you for spreading the good news.
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on March 30, 2016
Exceeded all my expectations. I'd thought that because this was a low-budget production from a small studio (rather than a big Hollywood blockbuster), its quality might not be up to par, but oh boy was I wrong! The acting is superb, the setting is well chosen, and the message is even more effective than I'd hoped. The boy who plays the title role as the Angel Gabriel, Gavin Casalegno, is not only breathtakingly beautiful but also an amazing actor despite his young age. The film does feature some well-known actors, too: Directed by Mike Norris (Walker Texas Ranger) and starring John Schneider (Smallville) and Dean Cain (Lois & Clark). The movie was inspiring for me because while I thought I had problems in my life, the characters in this movie had BIGGER problems, putting my own problems in perspective as minor by comparison.
This movie is proof that low-budget movies (with good actors) can be better than most big Hollywood studio movies.
I'd like to see more movies like this.
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