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on January 3, 2010
This movie has been getting good press in mags like "Fangoria" and "Rue Morgue." It can be rented at Blockbuster as one of their exclusives and is scheduled for a street release at the end of March. It is a low budget project, but one that's produced with a lot of class, wit, energy and a respect for the genre.

It involves a couple of low-life, but likable Burke and Hare-type grave robbers named Grimes and Blake, and their misadventures supplying fresh corpses for a local doctor/mortician (Angus Scrimm). They unearth the usual rotten and not-so-rotten corpses, vampires, zombies and even an extraterrestrial (!), but their most dangerous adventure comes in the form of a sick, violent family of grave robbers who don't appreciate the competition: The House of Murphy. The daughter, who was burned beyond recognition, wears a mask identical to the burned daughter in the classic French film "Les Yeux sans Visage" ("Eyes Without a Face")-great touch! The son grinds up his victims' bones and uses the bone dust for snuff.

Overall, a fun, tongue-in-cheek movie with laughs and thrills that belies its low budget with a great script, excellent actors and above-average production values. Special features include several IFC trailers, including "I Sell the Dead." I would suggest using the subtitle feature as the accents are thick in some places. Highly recommended.
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on January 2, 2010
I noticed this at my local Blockbuster. Brought it home without any real expectations, and was really very pleasantly surprised.
The movie revolves around Arthur Blake, a graverobber who is about to be executed, and Ron Perlman, the monk who is interviewing Blake before his execution. Perlman wants to know how Blake got started in graverobbing, what his career was like, and what happened to Blake's worst rival. Blakes' tale involves the dead, vampires, zombies, and aliens. It is somewhat bloody, but laced with humor. Worth watching!
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on April 18, 2010
Great cast, great idea and stylish.... but it was missing something. It was neat to look at, but I never really connected to it.

There were a whole lot of good ideas, but not enough was done with them. The movie would have been better if it were longer to expand on the ideas or more focused. Most of Arthur's apprenticeship could have been cut for instance.

The horror wasn't particularly scary and the humor snicker worthy at best. Combined with the slow pacing, it's just too many strikes against the movie. It's a shame, because this movie has the cast and ingredients to be a genuine cult classic.
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on February 1, 2015
Great movie. It is a hidden treasure for the cool kids to watch. Lot's of humor and fun but very good writing based on a true story loosely of Burt and Hare but a lot of add lib on the very good writers part keeps you watching from beginning to the end. Entertaining and enjoyable but a very tall tail indeed it will be a classic for sure!
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on April 11, 2010
A pair of grave robbers strike gold when they discover a wealth of undead corpses (including zombies, vampires, and other ghouls) buried in the local cemetery, bodies that earn them a fine reward from the seedy local doctors working under the guise of science. Their framed story is retold by Arthur Blake, the younger of the two thieves, who relays their adventures to a priest while awaiting the guillotine. Glenn McQuaid similarly strikes gold with this off-beat but highly original Horror Comedy, offering the same stunning cinematography and art design as the Hammer productions with a classic Gothic aesthetic. Fessenden and Monaghan make for a charmingly clever pair of down on their luck grave robbers, and they are joined by an equally talented and enjoyable cast of miscreants including the great Ron Perlman as the wayward priest. The production and design of the film could not have been improved, but I SELL THE DEAD falls just short of becoming a modern classic due to the uneven pacing brought on by its structure and format. As Blake begins each new tale, a great amount of time is spent setting up each new scenario and introducing new characters, which inevitably undermines the action, suspense, and horror. The fleshed out characters and plot are both appreciated, but not at the cost of a rushed payoff for each of the vignettes. McQuaid displays a tremendous amount of potential in this, his second film, and hopefully the open ending will allow for an even stronger sequel with the same sharp scripting and humor.

-Carl Manes
I Like Horror Movies
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on February 18, 2013
Where do I begin? Ok, I wasn't thrilled with this one. I bought it from reviews I read, but I was disappointed with the whole thing. It gets slow too often and there's not much real "horror" to it. It's almost a spoof on the zombie/vampire idea of the dead. I felt it was too long drawn out with no real reason to be. The potential for a substantial movie was definitely there, but they dropped the ball on making it happen. If you are a horror fan, do not buy this. You will be disappointed. If you like a light horror and spoof kind of thing, this is made for you. I loved one scene, only because it was funny and just so off the wall you had to laugh. The ending was what I expected, so I wasn't even surprised there. It was ok.
This is a spoiler so don't read further:

My favorite scene: they were on the beach and a zombie was in the "cage" and when Valentine took her mask off..........
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on September 20, 2014
I love this movie!!! A great story, excellent direction, excellent acting. It has everything. It is a very classic "English" film; very sardonic in the interpretation & irony found in life & how you deal with it all. A great comedy!!! A fun film all the way through...not one dry or slow moment. Enjoy!!!
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on March 22, 2010
I picked this up a few months ago thru amazon/ca (Canadian branch -you can get lots of stuff faster than the states release times)and I dearly, dearly LOVE this film! Very well done period piece from the old grave robber era storyline and just plain fun, quirky, good snarky humor, and utterly well acted. Good high production value film too! Not much more I can add to some of the very detailed reviews - other that to say it is WELL worth buying it and watching over and over. This one is a keeper and you'll pull it down over the years and watch it again! I've already re-played it about 8 times thus far. Hmmmmmm - think I'll watch it again tonight!
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on February 6, 2016
“Never Trust A Corpse!”

Been sifting through my movies lately, sorting them out, filing them away in paper sleeves, adding a few reviews here & there, then I stumble upon this listing that says Special Features: “None”.

Before I get to gripe about the alleged lack of extras it’s important that I remember to tell you that this is one wonderfully twisted flick. In today’s cinematic market it takes b@lls to do something inspired, something unique, something……risky!

By now you either have, or have not, experienced a certain pedigree of warped creativity best exemplified by such cinematic gems as The Evil Dead – Repo Man – A Boy and his Dog – House – Brazil – Naked Lunch –Delicatessen – Donnie Darko – The Cabin In The woods.

Basically all excellent efforts that alienated many a viewer with their passion to breach new territory and the box office could be damned. Now am I saying that this sickly sordid story of why you should never grave rob be included in the above list…no!

But the film tries, and in many instances succeeds, to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new strife and new cannibalizations, to coldly go where no zombie has gone before…O’Kay…the enclosed inserts to this single–disc DVD release offer the following special features;

* Commentary With Stars Dominic Monaghan & Larry Fessenden
* Commentary With Director Glenn McQUAID
* The Making of I Sell The Dead
* The Visual Effects of I Sell The Dead
* One terrific 40–page “Ashcan” Comic Book Written by Glen McQuid and Penciled by Brahm Revel

2008 / DVD / Region: 1 / NTSC / Anamorphic Widescreen 2.35:1 / Dolby Digital: 5.1 surround / Languages: English 5.1 / Subtitles: English SDH – Spanish / NOT RATED / Color / 85 Minutes / © 2010 MPI Media Group
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on April 16, 2010
I Sell the Dead seemed like it was going to be a refreshing piece of horror comedy. Unfortunately it was not terribly funny. I chuckled here and there but nothing was really funny in the film, which is a shame because the movie really relied on being funny. Nothing too original about the story and the twists were fairly obvious. The biggest disappointment was the heavy reliance on CGI backgrounds. Behind the fog machines and actors were terrible backgrounds that looked more like screensavers. I was hoping for a more moody, atmospheric tale, and instead I got poorly rendered backgrounds. I was disappointed but the film was just okay. Good enough for one viewing, but nothing more.
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