Customer Reviews: IL-2 STURMOVIK: CLIFFS OF DOVER [Download]
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on March 15, 2013
This is hands down the best flight sim in the guise of a game (Battle of Britain. The realism is awesome and the flight charicteristics are second to none. I am a private pilot and these planes fly like the real deal.
The downside is do NOT buy the game unless you have a serious gaming machine and especially a high end GPU graphics card. Most all of these bad reviews are by people who don't have the equiptment and or expect to be able to fly right off the bat. As I stated, this is REALISTIC and is more simulator than arcade game. Plan on "learning" to fly" before becoming anything close to an ace. And have a high end machine if you really want to experiance the Cliffs of Dover.

Update, after having this sim and playing close to 800hrs now I can say that it it only gets better! The Team Fusion mods have been incredible and the dedicated People on ATAG (server and forum) and Storm of War (server and campaigns) make it a thing of beauty. What I said about high end machine needed has been addressed and a good modern desktop with a GPU comparable to a GTX 560 or better will run this sim just fine. If you like flight sims with dogfights and bombing missions where people fly together (or seperately) in squadons or staffels, have weekly campaigns with detailed missions, you need to check this out. Casual flying and training on line is always available. Comprehensive training by plane type through Team Speak contacts is also available if you want too. It's a great community and the best realistic Battle of Britain flight sim of all! I don't say this lightly since I have flown them all. You need to fly Cliffs of Dover!
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on July 10, 2013
This is the best WWII combat flight sim out there at present..BAR NONE...It is the most complete WWII fighter pilot experience you will get....I have tried other WWII flight sims on the market and they are all very arcade like...This is the REAL DEAL...I have flown this sim over 700 hours and I am still amazed at how real it feels, how good the landscape looks, the flight characteristics, the damage models, it is breathtaking!..and it is still being improved

When this sim originally came out it had flaws that put a lot of people off and gave bad reviews on sites like this. Unfortunately this has marred what is now quite literaly a brilliant sim. Its taken a while (2 years actually) but for those of us who gave this sim a second chance we have not been disapointed. For that reason I feel that I should make people aware of what they are missing if they don't get this game, but don't take my word for it..checkout the recent youtube videos..

The online experience is probably the best part of this game...To fight in the skies over Kent and the Pas-de-Calais in real time, scan the skies for enemy contacts, wing with a buddy and engage a deadly foe, it is exhilarating. You can change your shells to whatever shells were available at the time, you can change convergence settings so that your bullets hit exactly the same point, you fuel up to what amount you need which will influence your aircrafts balance and weight. The dogfight tactics are still the same from 1940, the flight characteristics are different for each aircraft and at different altitudes too....You can also fly bomber runs in 1940 bombers and take control of every manned gunning position as you try to fend off hungry attackers.

Even for new players there is plenty of help on youtube with 5 minute startup procedures, and how to dogfight in every flyable aircraft, you can be up and flying in just a few minutes. The best online server is ATAGS and they also have a website (link at bottom of this review)to checkout which is a must for new flyers with questions. Most importantly a large group of WWII aircraft enthusiast program techs have taken this sim and are constantly modifying it for a more complete experience. They are called the Team Fusion (TF) and they also use the ATAGS website as their base for discussion. The issues that once surrounded this game have now been resolved and the TF are now dedicating their time to making game enhancing changes like contrails and reflective cockpit canopys. Thats where this sim is at now.

If you want to fly online with us (and I would highly recommend the dogfighting online as its so much more full on than offline) must install the patches that can be found on the ATAGS website..and also for any to website here:


So my advice is to ignore any review earlier than 2013 as Cliffs Of Dover is as different now to when it was released as night and day and is nowhere near comparable with those early reviews.

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on July 10, 2013
You can tell right off the bat folks have some mixed feelings about the sim. This game has changed quite a bit after release with a handful of official patches that has made the game much better. Since the last patch a very talented group of people called Team Fusion has made some significant changes to the game for the better. There is an excellent write up on that covers some of the changes in detail. [...] I can say to anyone looking at purchasing this game you won't be sorry. While it's not necessarily geared towards a casual crowd anyone into flight sims will appreciate the level of detail that has been put into the game. Given the 12 dollars that it costs I can highly recommend this to anyone interested in WWII combat flight sims.
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on July 25, 2013
As others have said, Ignore reviews dating before 2013, specially those of 2011 written just after release.Yes the sim had too may issues at release because it wasnt finished thanks to the publishers.Several official patches later and now the community patches done by Team Fusion have made this sim the best there is regarding WW2 air combat.It has extremely detailed damage model, excellent graphics, huge map,lots of ammunition configuration,and so much more.The latest community patch has fixed a lot of bugs, corrected flight models, added graphic effects and new features.More patches are already being worked on, and the upcoming one is close to being released.Now the key feature of this sim is the online play.Just the fact that you can have 90+ human players at once without problems is outstanding on its own.Couple that with historical missions flown by tons of squads and you got yourself a superb representation of the battles that took place over France, the Channel and England.
Do yourself a favor and check it out for yourself before considering the bad reviews, which are inaccurate and do not represent the reality of the sim by the way. Go and register on the ATAG forums for any information regarding the sim and the work made an being worked on by Team Fusion.
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on June 5, 2013
The closest I will come to the old Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator 1 of the Windows 98/Me days, but the graphics are excellent and gameplay quite challenging. More fun if you takeoff and land after each mission.
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on July 9, 2012
As a fan of the IL-2 series I wanted Cliffs of Dover when it first came out, but didn't buy it because the reviews on its bugs and poor performance.
After hearing of improvements with the latest patch and seeing the price drop below $15, I crossed my fingers and bought it (JUN 2012).

The game is ABSOLUTELY worth $15!

It is still not perfect. I have had several crashes while playing in the "campaign" mode, though none during "quick missions". (I have not flown any multi-player yet.)
The text/story in the RAF campaign is week in my opinion. (I haven't played the Luftwaffe campaign yet.)
The graphics are GREAT. The aircraft, cockpits, clouds, water, and haze are VERY realistic! The countryside and towns also look very good.
I have the graphics settings on "high" and the game runs pretty smoothly for me. (For reference, I have a GTX 580 graphic card.)

While it can be a seriously complex flight sim, the difficulty settings can also be adjusted to make it pretty simple to fly and fight.
For under $15, I would definitely buy it again.
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on July 11, 2013
Forget any review older than the year 2013 - because earlier this year Team Fusion released a community-produced patch for this sim which addressed many of the issues faced, polished the elements that were already decent, and brought the playability right up to scratch. For a more recent review of the first Team Fusion patch check out:


If you like flight sims, and you like the old WW2 fighters/bombers, then think seriously about following this order of events:

1) Buy this vanilla package.
2) Install Team Fusion's latest patch.
3) Sign up on one of the many user forums out there for the game - each tends to follow one or more squadrons/staffels. I personally would recommend the three larger places to start:

ATAG ([...]
ACG ([...]
Storm of War Campaigns - ([...]

But there are a plethora of other forums out there, from groups playings this sim for either side of the channel, from countries all over the world, and most know each other. Many will post on the ATAG forums so it's a good place to hang out first and get a feel for each group's members, the planes their units fly and whether they feel like the sort of chaps you could fly with.

4) Jump in your plane and join a multiplayer server, whether it's a dogfight server, an enemy-pounding server or a group-flight historical missions server, the choice is yours. Just make sure to group up with someone you can rely on to protect your 6 when in the thick of it.
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on June 23, 2013
Please don't pay any attention to all the bad reviews. When Il2 CLoD was released it was NOT a finished product. It was extremely buggy and flawed in areas that really made the game unplayable. However, a few years later after many patches and the incredible new Team Fusion mod, Cliffs of Dover has transformed into what is probably the best WWII flight sim available, and for less than 20$ it is well worth it. Anyone interested in WWII flight sims or flight sims in general should at least try this game.
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on July 26, 2013
This sim is awesome, with updates from Team Fusion most Fridays of beautiful work in progress pics and videos showing color changes, key fixes such as removing propeller icing when flying through clouds, sound improvements, damage model changes, sneak peaks at ground controlled guns, the list goes on, I must say that this is the best sim out there and getting better everyday.
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on February 11, 2013
Good product,Fast shipping, great visuals and physics. First flight sim since Red Baron. Still have to map a few more buttons to my joystick,but a good experience so far.
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