Customer Reviews: INADAYS InaTrap Electronic Insect Killer and Elegant Night Light - Blue
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on July 17, 2012
I had been looking for a convenient and compact indoor flying insect trap to replace a larger unit I have that lures bugs using black light and drowns them by blowing them into a drawer filled with soapy water.

The large unit works, but the fan is noisy and the chores of adding water and cleaning out the drawer are a hassle.

I saw this InaTrap in a gadget blog and was intrigued. The trap features a handsome mushroom-like design with a compact footprint, and I like the dual lure of the light plus the CO2 scent. I also appreciate not having to deal with a drawer of soapy water!

At any rate, I can report that after two weeks of use, the machine seems to be doing its job effectively. I live in New York City, where flying insects are not a major nuisance, but we have had our share of mosquitoes this year, as well as some no see ums that bit me pretty good a few weeks back, along with the usual house and fruit flies and moths.

Well, I haven't seen any of these critters flying around my apartment since I started using the trap, and when I emptied the trap compartment today, I was surprised to see that the machine had even caught some moths, which I would have thought were too large to get sucked in by the silent fan here.

Buyers should be aware, however, that the instructions advise NOT using the machine in your bedroom while you sleep. They say that the human body gives off ten times the amount of CO2 that this machine does, meaning that the machine can't compete with your body when it comes to attracting biting insects. Instead the instructions suggest running the unit in a different room while you're sleeping and running it in your bedroom for a few hours before you go to sleep.

Unfortunately, I live in a small studio apartment, so I keep this machine running across the room from me when I sleep -- I have no other option. I should also mention that I use an ultrasonic Sunbeam mosquito repeller, which sits on my nightstand. This sounds like a male mosquito to females -- the ones that bite -- and it makes the females stay away.

So I bought this InaTrap to deal with no see ums, fruit flies, and other flying pests as well as mosquitoes, and it seems to be attracting them despite my presence in the same room.

I should note that the machine gives off a fair amount of light, so folks who like to sleep in a dark room will have another reason not to sleep with the trap in their bedroom. This particular model offers a twelve-hour timer mode that will shut the unit off automatically at night to accommodate light-sensitive sleepers. I'm not bothered by the light, however, so I use the always-on setting to keep the machine running 24/7.

Apparently the coating that produces the CO2 when the light shines on it will last indefinitely, provided you don't remove it with a strong cleaning agent. Inadays says that the bulb will lose its ability to attract insects within two years of continuous use, and the manufacturer makes replacement bulbs readily available (here at Amazon) at a reasonable price.

So if you're looking for an attractive, effective, and convenient method to control flying insects indoors without noxious chemicals, you might want to give this little "Mushroom of Doom" a try.

UPDATE: As I've had this unit for about two years now -- and run it 24/7 -- I thought it time to replace the bulb, which the manufacturer suggests you do for maximum bug-luring effectiveness. Aarghh -- the bulb is NOT easy to replace! You have to remove the mushroom's tinted collar, unscrew the base of the unit, remove a plug from the circuit board without damaging the board, cut two wires, plug in the new bulb and attach its wires to a new plug, and then reattach that plug to the circuit board before reassembling the base and collar.

The procedure took me between twenty and thirty minutes -- that's about nineteen to twenty-nine minutes too long, by my reckoning! So I have deducted one star for this unnecessary nuisance. Inadays should redesign the bulb and trap so the bulb clips into place, with contacts at the ends of the bulb, enabling a simple one-minute replacement procedure. Fortunately, you only have to go through this hassle every two years or so, but the more fumble-fingered may simply choose to replace the whole unit -- or buy a flying insect trap from another company offering an easier bulb-changing procedure!


* Attractive design.
* Compact footprint.
* Entirely silent in operation.
* Low maintenance (empty trap drawer every two weeks).
* Effective against mosquitoes and other flying insects indoors.


* Not inexpensive.
* Bulb must be replaced within two years of 24/7 use.
* Bulb NOT easy to replace -- requires twenty to thirty minutes of effort -- NOT for the fumble-fingered!
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on July 23, 2012
Although a bit pricey I decided to buy two of these to try as the mosquito population in my house is exploding as it does occasionally. I normally just use electric rackets to zap them as they come near. I have the lamps running 24 hrs a day expecting them to work best late at night and when I am not home.

Well I was dubious at first but they did actually start to trap mosquitoes from day one. I went ahead and used the stearic acid trick right away so actually don't know how well they work on their own. I still have to have the rackets nearby but instead of killing maybe 10 mosquitoes to make the room usable, that's down to now 3 or 4.The machine has been on only 3 days now so those numbers may come down over the next two weeks.

Overall I'd say I'm happy but there are a couple of issues besides the price:

-the insects are alive and once the fan goes off there's the potential for them to fly up and out but the screen makes it a little difficult. I have to move quickly to clean it. I hope the wire mesh on the front doesn't start to rust from cleaning.
-the adapter plug is very sensitive and small movements make it lose the connection and switch off.
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I hate mosquitos, and they seem to really like me! If I am outside after dark I must have a welcome sign on my back that glows in the dark and says, "Eat Here". It always bothered me but since the influx of West Nile Virus it makes me even more concerned. In 2011, 95% of the USA had reported human disease cases of West Nile Virus. If you have a home where children and pets are in and out of the house all day then you also get mosquitoes into your home. This nicely designed product is able to attract and kill them before they can bother you.

This is a stylish device that looks like a lamp or nightlight. It is lit by a very small CCFL (Cold-Cathode Fluorescent Lamp) that emits a blue or violet light that attracts the insects into the lamp. A special chamber creates a vortex driven by a small, fast spinning, computer fan that is virtually silent. The insects are drawn through the fan and into a removable drawer that holds the dead insects. (I have attached some photos of the product for your review)

This is designed to kill the insects that get into your home without spraying chemicals or having other potentially dangerous types of insect zappers inside your home.


* The ideal place to set the lamp is near the entry way into your home that is used the most as that will be the primary way the insects gain entrance.
* Ideally the lamp should be set on a table or a cabinet at least 2 feet off of the floor.
* It comes with an AC adapter to power the device.


* I was given a sample of the GR-331 which features an LED touch ON/Off switch.
* One touch of the LED switch turns it green and the lamp will run for 12 hours and shut off.
* The second touch the LED turns it orange and the device is on continuously.
* Model GR-350 features a rechargeable battery that allows you to take the unit outside. It charges in 4 to 5 hours and the battery operation will last 9 to 10 hours. (I did not test this unit)
* Mosquitos are attracted to certain light frequencies but also to carbon dioxide and steric acid. The CCFL light produces oscillating light frequencies to attract the insects. In addition it has a photo catalyst coating that will produce a small amount of carbon dioxide to attract even more mosquitos.
* You can enhance the performance by putting a small bottle cap of wine in the bottom of the insect drawer to strengthen the carbon dioxide attraction.
* Steric acid is common in many facial cosmetics/creams and it simulates the oils that are on your skin. Putting a small cap of it into the insect drawer will also increase the lamp's attractiveness to mosquitos.
* Place the lamp between you and the possible source of the mosquitos. You are still the prime target and the object is to get them to go to the lamp first and not survive.


* It works, so you will have to empty out the insect drawer every so often. This may make some people squeamish but I would rather do that than be bitten by a disease infested insect!
* The lamp does have a life of two years and is replaceable. I do not know the availability or the price of the replacement bulb.

We are not in the main part of the mosquito season yet but it is coming on soon. I set the lamp outside on a table overnight and the next morning there were about 12 mosquitos and a couple of small moths inside the drawer. I did not use the wine or steric acid trick which may have improved the results. Even though I set the lamp outside I would not use it there for safety reasons. The electrical AC adapter is not suited for outdoor use (Rain) and if you need one for that application if would look into the battery powered unit.

Overall this is an attractive piece of equipment and it would look stylish in any home location. It worked outside so I have no doubt that it will work inside your home. It is a lot better than spraying flying insect spray with those toxic chemicals. It looks like an attractive night light and could protect your children and you from being bitten.

I am not sure what the market price of the model I have will be but it is a nice product that works. Please look at the photos I added for this review.
review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image
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on August 30, 2012
I have been overrun by Tiger Mosquitos for the last 2 years. They are little mosquitos with distinctive black and white stripes, and are on the hunt all day long. I can stand in my back yard in West Virginia for 10 minutes, any time of day, and kill 10 to 15 Tiger Mosquitos that have landed on my legs and arms. If you spray yourself with Deet, a Tiger Mosquito will simply land on a spot that wasn't sprayed. Very annoying little critters.

I've had the Inadays trap for 2 weeks, running it day and night, and have not caught one Tiger Mosquito, only a few larger "regular" mosquitos and a bunch of moths.
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on July 23, 2013
OK, this is a difficult review. On the one hand, I should give this thing zero stars, as it arrived broken. On the other hand, it is a VERY effective indoor insect killer. I'd give it six stars if it arrived in working condition...

First, some background on why I bought it. I live overseas, but buy a lot of my stuff from Amazon. In my previous apartment, I had a minor problem with fruit flies. I read up on the Internet, and learned how to make a fruit fly trap. Basically, you put apple cider vinegar PLUS a couple of drops of dish detergent into a bowl. You cover the bowl with plastic. In the plastic cover, you make a small hole (about the size of a dime). In my old apartment, found this fruit fly trap to be pretty effective. It wasn't fast...but it did keep the population of fruit flies down.

In my NEW apartment, I have a lot more fruit flies, though. I set out multiple homemade fly traps (as above) and they were killing fruit flies. But the fruit flies were still breeding a lot faster than they were being trapped.

I read reviews on this inaday trap and I could not find anybody mention using it for fruit flies, which worried me. I read about the mesh screen in the trap area, and wondered if the mesh was SMALL enough to hold fruit flies. I worried that if I bought this thing...that the fruit flies would just escape it through the holes in the mesh screen...

But I decided to take a chance on buying it anyway, as the fruit flies were really annoying me. I had to try SOMETHING.

This thing has a worldwide voltage power adapter, which is a good thing. You can plug it in just about anywhere, as long as you have the right plug adapter to make it fit your wall outlet. But when I first plugged it in, nothing happened. I hit the power switch many times. Nothing. I got it to turn on once but after I unplugged it to move it...I could not get it to turn on again. Then I had a real problem. I could send it back for refund or exchange. But, because I'm living overseas....that might take MONTHS.
So I took it apart to examine it. I found there is a little spring on top of a circuit card that acts as the electrical power switch. That spring was weak. Thus, it wasn't really contacting the plastic power switch on the top of the unit. I was able to stretch the spring (carefully) with my fingers. On reassembling the unit, I found it worked FINE! Or at least, I finally got it to a condition where I could try to use it. HaHa.

I'd read elsewhere that this trap was more effective if you put a little hand lotion or some other smelly substance in the trap area to help attract bugs. So, made a teeny tiny fruit fly trap with about a half ounce of apple cider vinegar and a couple of drops of dish detergent in a small plastic cup (about 3/4" tall). I set THAT in the trap area of this inatrap thing.

I had a tough time figuring out where to "deploy" the trap, as I don't really have a handy space that is 2 feet or more off of the floor. Not near an electrical outlet in an area with lots of fruit fly activity. I finally pulled out a large cardboard box about two fee tall and set it on top of the cardboard box near the doorway to my spare bedroom. I chose this location as it is 2 feet of the ground (per the instructions) and there is a unused electrical outlet nearby and (most important probably) it is direct line of sight from the areas where the fruit flies hang out.

I set it on orange mode (always on) and walked away. After ONE NIGHT, I pulled the trap part drawer out to check it. I found many dozens of dead fruit flies!!! It was actually kind of a horrifying sight to see all those dead fruit flies in that small drawer. The interesting thing is, only about half of the dead fruit flies were in the vinegar. That tells me that the inatrap thing is a very effective fruit fly killer!!! I'm sure the smell of the apple cider vinegar helps, but this thing is a VERY effective fruit fly killer!!!

I've seen some other similar traps selling for a lot less money. I almost bought one of those, as this inatrap thing is kind of expensive. But I really do feel I got my money's worth out of this purchase. It probably killed at least 90% of the fruit flies in my apartment IN THE FIRST NIGHT OF OPERATION. Amazing...
And a LOT more effective than the hand-made fruit fly traps I was using before. I would purchase again, and I would recommend to others!

I can't give it five stars because it is expensive...and arrived in non-operable condition. It was well packed with no visible damage at all, so I do believe the problem I had was a 'factory defect'.
Still, if this thing cost less money AND arrived in working condition...I'd be tempted to rate it six stars. IT WORKS!!!
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on April 28, 2013
In spite of its impressive design style, compact size, and whisper-like quietness, this contraption is roundly disappointing. I am returning it, and would discourage others from wasting their time and money. I live in Florida, and it's Spring, so capturing mosquitos should have been a sinch even for a mediocre contraption. I give this thing an "F".

The touch-activated on/off switch is either too sensitive or faulty. Twice, the unit deactivated overnight, resulting in the escape of insects. A conventional toggle switch would improve the design, as touch switches may be engaged by electromagnetic fields and common interference.

The insect collection tray does not include a trap screen door, such that, there is no way to extract the tray for emptying without releasing captured insects. This is a fundamental, inexplicable design flaw.

The diameter of the exhaust holes in the back of the plastic collection tray is too wide, allowing small insects enough room to escape – another inexplicable design flaw. Wire mesh would have been a better material, and, would also have allowed the contents of the tray to be visible for inspection. The pattern of holes on the back of the plastic tray renders it almost completely opaque.

While quiet, the fan is simply not powerful enough to ensnare insects, allowing some insects to escape the downdraft. A more powerful fan, and better collection tray design, would fully immobilize captured insects against a screen.

A replacement light bulb would be difficult to obtain. A better design would have utilized a more readily available type.

All of the thought went into the form and aesthetics, while functionality clearly took a back seat here. The manufacturer should have first perfected the function, and only then concentrated on making it pretty.

High cost. / Low function.


Sleek looking design.

Long length of power cord enables placement of unit at good distance from wall outlet.


Conclusion: Save your time and money. While impressive looking, this thing just doesn't work.
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on February 7, 2013
traps only the world's dumbest mosquitoes... I wanted it to work so bad!because I made a bet with my wife it would. well... even in a lockedroom, full of mosquitoes, at night,it might catch 3. sincepurchase almost a year ago it has catched 9 mosquitoes. 9. that's 10 dollarseach.
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on October 11, 2012
This thing is a total joke-- like an idiot, I bought 2 based on other reviews which seemed legit, but this product seems to be a complete sham. Both units did not trap or kill a single mosquito over the course of an entire mosquito-ridden week. I rarely spend the time to write reviews, but hope this one might protect other potential purchasers or at least make them stop and reconsider.
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on September 17, 2013
What I dislike most about this product is that you would expect an insect killer to work while you are sleeping in the room. But if you read the manual carefully - you will find that it is not supposed to work this way. You are expected to leave the device in the room for an hour or two before you go to bed. This is because as human beings we produce too much CO2 and the device can't compete with us - it only produces a small fraction of the CO2 that we do - so the bugs go for us, rather than the machine.

Another frustration - if you read the manual - you find that the bulb will not last very long at all if you run the insect killer 24 hours a day. You are expected to only run the machine for about an hour.

I tried to work within these tight constraints - and even so, I only caught one or two mosquitos and a fly. Meanwhile, I was still covered in mosquito bites. The electronic outdoor bug zapper meanwhile - caught a giant pile of mosquitos.

It's a beautiful design, but unless you are just looking for a beautiful piece of plastic to adorn your house, skip it.
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on May 4, 2013
Bought this product because we do have a mosquito situation where i live and I can not use any other method since I have a baby in the house. Yesterday, we left an oustside door open during the day and when I to check the lamp today it had trapped 12 mosquitoes on it. So it really works, you just need to know where to place it.
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