Customer Reviews: IOGEAR GW3DHDKIT Wireless 3D Digital Kit with Full HD 1080P and 5.1 Channel Digital Audio
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on June 11, 2013
My initial setup placed the transmitter and receiver about 40 feet and several walls apart. The results were disappointing. The video quality was inferior to that provided by my existing wireless HD solution, and the audio was terrible - everyone sounded as if they had marbles in their mouths.

So I rearranged things so that the transmitter and receiver were separated by about 20 feet and no walls - line of sight. Surprisingly, the results were identical - poor video and garbled sound.

So I put the transmitter and receiver 10 feet apart - poor video and garbled sound. The distance between transmitter and receiver and the number of walls between them made absolutely no difference at all!

In all of these configurations the "info" display showed that the transmitter and receiver were doing a never ending random walk between channel 1 and channel 9, but never agreeing on a good solution.

I was ready to box things up and return them to Amazon when I tried one more experiment.

I moved the receiver from a position four inches below the TV to a location eight inches below the TV. Voila! Excellent video and audio no matter where in my home I place the transmitter.


This is a design defect since the obvious location for the receiver is just below the TV, or somewhere near the TV and it should be fixed.

Bottom line: After initial frustration, I am very pleased with the product. If the receiver could be placed below or behind the TV (like my other wireless HD solutions) I would have given the product a five star review.
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on March 3, 2012
My configuration and why I purchased this:

All of the televisions in our house have a single HDMI connection over 2x ethernet to an HDMI matrix switch in our basement, which is where all of our A/V components live. The matrix switch is controlled via an iPhone app, so we can easily change sources in each room. This setup works great, didn't break the bank, and is easy to use. We've since added a television in our master bedroom and unfortunately don't have 2x ethernet there. Running ethernet to our bedroom would require a lot of drywall repair which I wasn't excited about. When I saw the IOGear product at Best Buy Magnolia tonight, I purchased it. I expected it to fail, as most wireless products never live up to expectations. I can honestly say I'm not disappointed with it.

Installation experience:

First, I attempted to install the IOGear transmitter in our basement, directly connected to the HDMI matrix switch. (Read the instructions) After connecting the device and getting the transmitter and receiver to connect with one another, some of the components including the TiVo Premiere at 1080i worked flawlessly over this very long wireless connection (40ft through two floors). Other components including our Apple TV at 720p didn't work at all, frequently loosing signal. I can't really explain why these components behaved differently. It's odd that the components negotiating at higher resolutions performed better. That seems counter-intuitive.

Modification to original setup:

Due to the issues I experience above, I moved the IOGear transmitter to our family room which is on the first floor of our house and is closer to the master bedroom. All components stream flawlessly now, at near-hard wired quality.

Final thoughts:

I'm impressed with the IOGear unit. Wireless technology is so often disappointing. I can honestly say this product lives up to its claims. I will say, however, that the 100ft distance it has is presumably within line of sight. In my installation, I'm getting about 20 feet through a floor, walls, carpet, wood, etc.
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on August 19, 2013
I read lots and lots of reviews for the IOGEAR Wireless 3D kit and many of the competitors including the Nyrius. Finally decided to go with IOGEAR due to the small size of the receiver which would be visible next to the TV so smaller is better.

My main reason for looking for such a device is because I am moving all electronics out of sight into another room in a cabinet so only the wall mounted LED TV and sound bar are visible.

The thought behind the product is good and I liked the fact that it has built in Remote extender. However it fails in quality/implementation.

Because of lots of bad reviews - and now I am adding one - I had decided to try it out - so I put my blu-ray in the garage with the transmitter and put the receiver near the tv in licing room (linear distance about 15 feet with 1 wall in between) - fired it all up an wallah!! - after a few seconds of scanning and pairing (blue lights flashing), the picture shows up. Everything was working great for about 10 or 15 minutes while I stepped away and came back - TV shows the scanning icon again. I was busy with other things so I waited about 5 minutes - and now the picture returns.

So assuming I had not done the setup correctly or that the wall was interfering, I moved the dvd player in the living room but connected to the transmitter. Fired it up and -- nothing -- the transmitter and receiver kept scanning for over 30 minutes. So I power cycled both of them and picture now shows up. Then it worked for about 1 hour and then again - scanning, scanning, scanning...

Next day I did more fiddling around, trying different setups, locations, etc but the issue persists.

Over all about 6 hours wasted on this. I am hard wiring the HDMI now running the cable behind the wall (25 feet) and buying the monoprice remote extender (yet to be delivered by Amazon).

But this IOGEAR wireless kit is going back...

Suggestions for IOGEAR if you are reading this:
The problem seems because the transmitter/receiver are scanning for clean channel - as each time it works it shows the channel its on along with the source input (HDMI1 or 2). I wish there was a way to set the channel like the old garage door openers that way you can set it and forget it... At least that way it would not keep jumping around channels even when everything was working fine.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on June 26, 2014
I bought this to deal with a flat screen mounting above a fireplace. The intent was to have no cables hanging down and around the set. What I like about the unit is that the cable box and DVD player can be located elsewhere in the room and not interfere with the aesthetics of my beautiful new stacked stone fireplace wall. That's where my happiness ends, though.
The main problem is that if the I/R repeater doesn't work, you still have to have direct line-of-sight to the cable box to operate the remote control. The 3 frequencies offered by the IOGEAR repeater may be common, but NONE work with my cable company's boxes. I even switched from the Scientific Atlanta box to the Cisco box (model 8652) to exhaust the options but they both operate on the same frequency apparently.
So, I'm left with a piece of technology that essentially a $200 eunuch. My other gripe is that even though the signal has been connecting and reliable (some reviewers have had trouble with this), it takes literally 30+ seconds from turning the set on before you see a picture on the screen.
Picture quality is sacrificed a little with the wireless but I would have made the trade-off if the dang I/R repeater worked. I was on chat or phone with IOGEAR tech support 2-3 times but they were not able to help. I only confirmed my own conclusions about the incompatibility. I found it odd that they had nothing in their knowledge base about these DVR box models and that nobody else had reported the same issue before. It seems that they could make people aware of, or have a compatibility chart available before even starting the frustrating process.
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The manufacturer commented on this review (What's this?)
First, thank you for choosing IOGEAR and we apologize for your experience. The IR blast cable, does not require line of sight. Once the IR blast cable is connected and stuck directly over the sensor on the cable box, it will send the IR wirelessly to the receiver. The cable box remote should operate properly, if pointed at the receiver. Between the remote and the receiver, this would require line of sight. The 3 frequencies used for IR will work with most cable boxes, however it has a limitation of 56hz. Given the wide range of companies and differing models of cable boxes, it is not possible to create or maintain any meaningful compatibility list. It is possible that the GW3DHDKIT may have a problem. Please call us at 866-946-4327 or email us at: for RMA information. Again, thank you for choosing IOGEAR.
The manufacturer commented on the review below
on June 5, 2014
This device works when directly connected to HDMI sources (cable box, Roku, etc.), but it will not work when that source signal is passed through a home stereo receiver, though nowhere is that mentioned in IOGear literature. The e-mail support was frustrating and wasteful of time, as the IOGear representative, 'Stephanie,' clearly never read my correspondences. The chat support did connect me with a representative familiar with the product, who brusquely informed me that:
"Randall: Bottom line, it won't work with the Pioneer receiver
Randall: The GW3DHDKIT is designed to have a direct input source, such as a cable box
Randall: This is the way the engineers designed the kit"
So the engineers failed to deliver a device that can read and pass a signal that my TV has no problem tuning.
Buyer beware.
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The manufacturer commented on this review (What's this?)
First, thank you for choosing IOGEAR and we apologize for the experience you had. Due to manufacturer variances, we cannot guarantee compatibility with all a/v receivers. Once again, thank you for choosing IOGEAR.
The manufacturer commented on the review below
on May 2, 2014
I've been using long HDMI cables and the price would be well worth it if it worked. However, setting it up in a room with the transmitter and receiver about 10 feet away from each other, I was very disappointed to have stuttering audio and random interference in the picture. I moved receiver and transmitter around to make sure they had a clear line of sight, same problem. Tried with two or three videos (coming out of a high end laptop with 1080p video) and same problem. During troubleshooting, I turned my Asus RT N66U router ( a pretty new router) off and the signal and sound was perfect. Turned it back on, stuttering sound and video. Tried that a few times and it was clear the IOGEAR could not handle the router signal. So I went into the control panel for the router and changed the channels (from 1 to 11, tried them all,) the frequency (2.4 GHz, 5 Ghz) the channel bandwith, basically everything I could change. Did not matter, the IOGEAR still had the slight stuttering of audio and video. Unplug the router, IOGEAR works perfectly - plug it back in, problems.

Since I can't give up my internet access and my Asus router is pretty amazing (much better than my previous ones) I will have to return the IOGEAR for a refund and see if another device works without being susceptible to interference from a wireless router.

EDIT: After a lot of experimenting, it turns out the 5 GHz transmitter on my wireless router was the signal that the IOGEAR could not handle. Turning that off on the router removed the interference. Further experimenting resulted in finding a 5 GHz channel I could use without the interference. I do worry how many users that don't know enough to go into their router and try things at this detailed level with have problems.
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The manufacturer commented on this review (What's this?)
Thank you for choosing IOGEAR and we apologize for the inconvenience. I will send this information to our Product Manager for evaluation. Again, thank you for choosing IOGEAR.
on May 28, 2014
I've tried a number of different units:

brite-View Air SyncHD—worked great for about 2 years but seeing I never turned it off it fried out

Actiontec My Wireless TV—liked the idea of adding other receivers and the GUI was really nice but it's a bit fussy and doesn't worked with everything

IOGEAR GW3dhdkit—love this one, I have the transmitter on the 2nd floor in my house and the receiver downstairs, works great and shuts itself on and off based on a signal coming from the tv with the receiver so it shouldn't burn out. The IOGEAR only has one small issue, there is a very long delay from the HDMI Handshake* that happens when changing channels that have different Rez (example 1080 to 720) and channels at 480 don't show up at all. But there is an easy fix. Change you devise (DVR) to output only 1080p or 1080i, this will up sample other channels that are 720 and 480, they look great on the receiver TV and now that everything is transmitting at 1080 no more handshake = no more channel delay

*HDMI handshake = The exchange of encrypted keys between the source / player and the LCD and HDMI Distribution equipment. Each device features a unique set of keys which need to be accepted by the display and source before video/audio is displayed. HDMI Handshake issues occur when the LCD or source does not accept the keys from HDMI Distribution equipment.
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on July 9, 2015
I was prepared to give this 3 stars because it does what it says, but I had constant trouble with the transmitters connecting, but when they did I had a great HDMI picture. Over the last few days I have used this frequently and have had no major issues with connectivity, some minor pixilation and audio sync issues but overall a clear picture and it works as advertised.
I purchased this because my cable outlet is on the opposite side of the room from my TV and I did not want to run wires or poke holes in walls to get the signal to the TV. Plus the cable box would add another component to an already full TV stand. I installed the cable box in my bedroom and used the IOGEAR system to send the signal to my TV, a distance of about 30 feet with only a half wall and doorway to interfere with the signal. The system was easy to setup and connected fairly quickly. I experimented with the position of the receiver and after reading other reviews I installed it on the wall just above the TV so the remote would work. That seems to give me the best signal because it is at almost the same height as the transmitter with a fairly unobstructed line-of site.

Some complaints:

It seems that if people walk between the transmitter and receiver it jumbles the signal. This happened frequently at first but seems to be lessening.

Long time to connect. When I first started using the system it took up to 3 minutes to connect and the signal would drop and then it would try to reconnect. Again, with more use this has not happened as often.

The "Pass through" on the transmitter to allow you to watch a second TV only works when the transmitter is on, meaning it is one more thing you have to turn on and off if you are only watching the second TV.

Technical Support hours: Technical support is only available 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM M-F. For a company that sells consumer products the should have customer support after business hours and for part of the weekend.

Some Kudos:
The picture quality is very good when this works. I have been watching the Tour de France in HD and the clarity is very good. TV shows are also clear.

The system works with my Logitech Harmony remote, meaning that there is one less remote in the living room.

This is a good substitution for running cables, but expect to have to fine tune it to get a good signal.
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on July 26, 2013
I don't leave reviews very often (shame on me, I know), but I feel this product is worth spending some time on.

Many of the previous reviews have an issue with manufacturing quality (i.e. it crashes after a week, or requires TV restarts, etc.), but I've not seen any issues yet (I've had mine up and running for about a week). I do have another one coming today for my basement setup, so I'll update this review if there is a difference in quality between the 2 units.

First off - my setup. I've got a 70" Sony Bravia about 30-35' from a closet, and the closet contains my UVerse receiver and my PS3. Other than the closet door, the closet shelf is line of site to the TV.

To configure the kit, all I had to do was plug the 2 HDMI cables from my UVerse box and the PS3 into the transmitter (co-located in the closet), and an HDMI cable from the receiver to the TV. Both the transmitter and receiver have power cords as well (no surprise there).

I was pleasantly surprised to find that the receiver unit (located at the TV) extends IR back to the transmitter, so there is no issue controlling my UVerse receiver even though it's behind me in a closet. I was planning on buying a generic IR extender for that purpose, so this saved me some money. I should also point out that there is a small cable that comes out of the transmitter that actually sends the IR signals to the co-located devices, and there are a couple of different little IR signal transmitters daisy-chained on that cable, so you can actually control multiple devices with strong signals. I'm only using one of them though, so this wasn't that important to me).

The transmitting and receiving units synced up automatically and quickly, and I was watching beautiful 1080p-quality Blu-Ray movies in no time. When I tried to watch a 3D movie using the set-up, I was initially concerned as I could get neither the PS3 nor Netflix 3D movies to work. However, it turns out UVerse doesn't support the internet ports Netflix uses for streaming 3D, and I did not have my PS3 configured for 3D correctly. Once I configured the PS3 for 3D, the PS3 and the Bravia were able to detect each other's 3D-capability and we were soon watching Avengers in 3D with simply amazing quality.

My only issue with the kit is very minor. First off, it does take longer than expected to show output when the Input is changed (i.e. from UVerse to PS3). Maybe 8-10 seconds, although someone else posted as long as 20 seconds (although I wonder if they actually timed it; that seems like a real issue if it's taking that long). Since I don't change devices very frequently, this is a very minor issue and not even worth of a star deduction.

*** Summary ***

- Quick and easy set-up
- Devices are very small, so there is little visual impact to the room (this was important to me, otherwise I'd just have used a long HDMI cable)
- High-quality (1080p) to the TV, including 3D
- Does not require line of site (other reviewers seem to have varying degrees of success with this)
- Sends IR signals back to the source, so you can control IR receivers (like UVerse) from wherever you are broadcasting to

- Not cheap, compared to long HDMI cables (75' cables are ~$50-$60)
- Takes several seconds to change inputs
- Several people have complained about manufacturing defects (out-of-box failures); I didn't experience this but thought it worth mentioning for those who don't want to spend time reading through gobs of reviews

Conclusion - I really like this kit! Easy to install and use, excellent quality signal sent to the TV (including 3D), and it acts as an IR extender back to the base. If a long HDMI cable isn't for you, then you should seriously consider giving this kit a try!
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on January 21, 2015
Worked pretty good to send audio/video signal to a second TV in another room (about 30 ft away, thru one partial wall) -- good sound, 1080p picture with no discernable quality loss. (Sound and picture also on my primary TV, connected thru IOGEAR transmitter's HDMI OUT port.) But only when each source is connected DIRECTLY to the IOGEAR transmitter -- I got nothing (no picture, no sound) when sources are connected first to my AV receiver (Onkyo), THEN to the IOGEAR transmitter.

In other words, when my cable box (Comcast RNG200) was connected directly to the IOGEAR transmitter's HDMI IN port, great picture and sound on both TVs (one connected to the IOGEAR receiver, one to the transmitter, both via their HDMI OUT ports). But when the cable box (or my other HDMI sources: BluRay player, AppleTV) was connected first to my AV receiver (Onkyo TX-SR805), then from the Onkyo's HDMI OUT port to the IOGEAR's HDMI IN port, then I got no picture OR sound at my second TV. (I use my Onkyo receiver as my system's "switch" to choose between media sources, as well as for high quality 5.1 sound in my main room.)

I suspect that it has something to do with HDCP (the digital rights anti-piracy technology) not being able to negotiate properly when source devices are connected via my Onkyo receiver... (My Onkyo TX-SR805 is a few years old now and uses the older HDMI v1.3 -- so that may a factor...).

In any case, it didn't work at all for the way I prefer to have my AV systems set up, so I returned it.
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