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on June 22, 2011
I have used the IQ Air brand filters in my Health Pro Plus for years now, but with all the recent issues with the bad smell and out gassing coming from some of the IQ Air HEPA filter I am giving this product only 3 stars. Being unsatisfied with the product, I started looking for an alternative filter manufacturer.
I found a filter manufacturer in New York (USA) that builds filters for the aerospace and medical industry. They now carry a full line of replacement filters for Health Pro and Health Pro Plus. The filters are housed in an aluminum housing (not Styrofoam like the IQ Air ones), they are exceedingly well built and meet the same HEPA specifications as the IQ Air brand filters. The added bonus is that since they are built here in the USA they cost less. I highly recommend "HEPA Air Direct" filters as a high quality and cost effective alternative to the IQ Air filters.
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on June 17, 2011
As with the other reviews I am sad to say the chemical smell issue is still happening with IQ Air HEPA filters. I am trying to work with IQ Air support but the fact they have not addressed this by now is an insult.

Update: IQAir quickly replaced the defective filter. Smell is close to original filter and much better than the defective. Not sure how so many defective filters got passed quality control...
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on May 1, 2011
I have had an older HealthPro Plus and just changed the HEPA filter. It smells bad. The same holds true on a new unit that I just put into service. I have read comments from others and understand that it is the newer HEPA filter that is causing the problem. I would not recommend any of the HealthPro models for purchase at this time, unless the issue of the smell has been taken care of by IQAir. Up until now, my older unit worked great, my wife was quite happy with it. Now, she hates it. I now have over $2,000 worth of air cleaners and spare filters, that I must consider replacing with something else from a different manufacturer.
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on November 18, 2010
I bought this filter to replace an old one in two of my $1,100 units (IQ Healthpro Plus). They have changed the filter now from Blue to White and it is emitting a TERRIBLE chemical, plastic, glue - type of smell (like somebody just painted the room)! I bought these EXPENSIVE Air purifiers because they SAID it was the best on the market, but I CANNOT even USE them because the HEPA replacement filters give off such a GAS that it suffocates me; makes me very sick! I've made SEVERAL phone calls to IQ air and they replaced the filter 3 times, but each time it was the same. Even one of those times they said they sent a "PRE-Aired out" filter for me. Still the same problem. One girl at IQ Air told me they changed the ADHESIVE glue on the filters and they've now remedied the problem, but not SO! Still STINKS! So here I sit with TWO VERY EXPENSIVE UNITS that I cannot tolerate to use... and nothing to filter the stale air in my home. What a waste of money!
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on September 17, 2010
Revised 5-13-11 at *** from this initial review on 9-17-10...

I'm chemically sensitive and smell a sickly sweet chemical coming out either when it is sitting on a table or in line with the fan.

This made me wake up every morning with a sore throat and excessive post-nasal drip. I have run it at full speed for about 72 hours, both in a well-ventilated area and then a poorly-ventilated area I was not in to try to clear it out, but either it wasn't long enough or it will never smell better. Normally I leave it at the lowest speed setting (1).

If it weren't for the design of the entire unit, I would put the V-5 gas and odor filter on top of the HyperHEPA just to filter IT. But as that is not physically possible, I have no choice but to discontinue use and request a manufacturer refund.

IQAir sent me a free replacement from their stock after I asked for a RMA and linked to these reviews.

This is what they replied: "We're also aware of a certain lot of HEPA filters that are taking longer than usual aeration times for the filter smell to dissipate. A production variation appears to have caused a small percentage of customers complaints about a prolonged "new" odor."

I've been running this secondary replacement for approximately 100 hours now. It emits a sweet odor (like the original filter in the unit) but not a sickly sweet chemical one (the initial replacement). I am experiencing no obvious ill effects. For grins, I smelled the initial and secondary replacements outside the fan housing and the same difference of smell exists between the two.

I can conclude that a basic sweet smell is normal, but if it is sweet and sickly, that means it has been contaminated with some toxic chemical on the manufacturing line and needs to be replaced with a filter from a different lot.
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I use the IQ air filter and am very happy with it. I never had an issue with odor. What does smell bad to me is obvious price fixing by the manufacturer. It is no coincidence that every retailer is forced to only sell at the minimum price as dictated by the manufacturer. That stinks indeed. Let the free market reign.

Update October 10, 2012:

IQ air apparantly has a new improved version of their hepa and pre filters. There is also a "New Edition" HealthPro.

From their website:

"New technology extends the life of our pre-filters(20%) and HyperHEPA® filter(38%)."

That sounds good to me, I guess I will hold off on buying new filters until these appear here for sale. One thing I am curious about is if there is a way to upgrade the electronic filter life timer on the unit to reflect these new extended filter lives.

Update April 2013:

There is a way to program the settings for the new filter life. IQAIR has e-mailed those instructions.
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on March 31, 2014
I have been running this filter off and on for about 3 months and all of a sudden it started emitting a noxious chemical odor. It not only made me nauseous within minutes, but it gave me an incredible migraine as well. That was a pricey $200 right out the window.
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on January 12, 2012
I have had bad allergies to pollen, chemicals and other air contaminants for more than 30 years. During that time I have tried many, many different air filters. The IQAir HealthPro is by far the best unit I have ever used. No matter how bad the pollen is outside, it never bothers me inside thanks to this unit. And with the activated carbon filter, even VOC's do not bother me. This was especially helpful after we painted our house.

The only cons to this unit are that it is expensive to operate (the unit and the replacement filters are pricey) and it is fairly loud at high speed. I run it on high speed only to initially clean the air in the room and then run it at low speed during the night while we sleep, which provides the perfect amount of white noise.

Despite the cost and noise, I highly recommend this unit for anyone who has allergies or chemical sensitivities.
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on May 17, 2011
I love my IQAir, there is (apparently) no problem with the filter.

But, it has a "New Look" which is confusing customers.

The thin layer of blue foam rubber has been eliminated from the top and bottom of this filter. The only advisory IQAir offers is a small sticker on the box advising "New Look".

At first, I thought I had been sent the wrong filter. The box I received had previously been opened (although the plastic bag containing the filter had not been opened). My assumption is that somebody else received this box, opened it, thought they had been shipped the wrong filter and (unnecessarily) returned it.

I docked the product 1 Star because I thought they should have included a printed insert describing the "New Look" and what prompted it. I started to send IQAir a technical service question. But, they insisted that I give them more personal information than I cared to divulge -- so, I did not place an inquiry with them.

Again, the only problem here is a failure to properly communicate.
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on December 28, 2010
This filter indeed emits a smell. I don't happen to be sensitive to it unlike other folks, but I think IQAir should fix this issue by using a different adhesive (e.g. platinum- or peroxide-cured silicon). Also, some hydrophobic HEPA media emit smell, so it could also be a problem of the membrane itself
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