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on May 31, 2009
Dane Cook has come a long way since Harmful if Swallowed. In many ways, he has evolved into a more routine based comedian who is less concerned with the randomness and spontaneity of his act and more on finding a punchline that makes people laugh. For other comedians, this may be a great thing, but for a comedian who was largely recognized for his randomness, losing that edge and becoming just another comic in the mix could be a fatal blow.

On his last album, Rough Around the Edges, we all heard Dane Cook struggle to find a punchline beneath his own self doubt and the rock-concert-esque crowd that wouldn't calm down long enough for him to get a joke off. ISolated INcident, however, is a much smaller venue where a comic like Dane Cook can get a chance to do what he does best, interact with the crowd and actually be a comedian instead of a rock star.

ISolated INcident has a plethora of tracks, some of them will make you laugh out loud - while others may leave you with a grimace. Of the many upshots on the album, the ones that an everyday person can relate to are the stand-out ones. Once again though, in a grasping for straws situation, Dane Cook pulls out the sexual stories and scenarios. Unlike on 'Rough Around the Edges', this albums sexual stories will make you laugh, for the most part. Some of them should have been omitted, but you have to take the good with the bad.

The DVD that comes with it is entertaining. Through it Dane Cook shows the viewer the creative process that goes behind making a routine that works. He also explains what he was going through in the past few years and how his life has affected his comedy. All in all, the DVD is a very personal look behind the scenes and does add on well to the album once you've listened to it in its entirety.

ISolated INcident is in many ways a return to the style of material you heard on the 'Need' disc on 'Retaliation' - a more sexual type of comedy but also some of the randomness that made us fans in the first place. This obviously isn't his best album, hell, it's not even his second best - but what you will gather from it is that he is realizing his is a comedian, not a rock star. He is slowly descending the fame-stairs and coming back to the original platform that made him famous in the first place. It's a step in the right direction.
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on May 19, 2009
OK, so here's the deal. I had decided against my better judgement to go ahead and buy this album. I say against my better judgement because of his previous CD recorded in Madison Square Garden which was truly AN ABOMINATION of an album. In the past, I felt Dane Cook had some amusing material but I've never believed he's "like, the greatest comedian ever." I believe anyone who makes such claims to Dane Cook being the greatest ever or being some kind of comic genius, probably can't name very many comedians. But after the agressively bad third album, I'd decided to give Dane Cook ONE LAST CHANCE ... much the way I gave Slipknot ONE LAST CHANCE.

***NOTE: I'll not be buying any further Slipknot albums again, they have failed me for the last time. I don't mess around.

In Isolated Incident, you can sense that Dane Cook already knows this though. You see an album done by a guy who is on one hand confident of his own talents and yet is aware of just how overexposed and oversold he's been. You sense a man who realizes the hype machine has chugged on a tad too hard and it's time to scale it down a bit. Gone are the thousands and thousands of screaming ignorant fanatics packing the giant venue of MSG treating him like a rock star. This album is done in a small club in front of a few hundred, the way comedy albums should be done. And you can see an attempt at material that aims differently too.

On this album, Mr. Cook does try his hand at slightly more political and more personal stuff, a try at being more aware and more introspective ... with mixed results. The album begins immediately with some material on Obama. This material quickly had me wishing this was a Lewis Black CD instead. It hovers around the ideas of politics and race but it never feels like it really WANTS to try and scratch the surface or take any real risks. It's pretty safe stuff. When he goes on to address some of the particularly difficult episodes in his life the past two years, you see the same. He has seen the death of both parents. He has also seen a surge of "haters" hounding him rather savagely in the past few years, labeling him as a complete hack. And you can smell a potential wealth of autobiographical material just threatening to truly emerge and create a memorable album. But once again, it is a performance that just never fully matures and blooms into what maybe could have been.

When do you see material on this album receive that kind of thorough treatment? When he is talking about SEX of course. Plenty of time and focus devoted there. But as always, you sense a performer AND an audience that is operating under the pretense of embarking on a bold, edgy and dangerous adventure here yet the ship never really ventures into truly daring waters. In other words, the life jacket has come off but it's still with one foot firmly planted in the kiddie pool. If you buckled your seatbelts, you needn't have bothered.

Yes, Dane Cook has been subjected to some unfair barbs. He is a better performer than some give credit for. He is someone who believes in his own talents and he has a right to believe that way. He isn't the Ashlee Simpson of comedy, folks and we need to acknowledge that. But he simply is not one of the greats, nor will he ever be. But some of the hostility directed toward him I think is undeniably unfair and at times rather arbitrary: refusing to like him because he is Dane Cook. I WANTED this album to be good, in fact I wanted it to be great. It's not ... but it isn't bad either. I'm giving it three stars. Not a very enthusiastic three stars, but I know I'd be lying if I rated it lower than that. Dane Cook has the right to be here, there are plenty of performers who don't. He is an entertainer and he entertains effectively. He'll never be in the pantheon of great comedians, but that's OK, few others will be inducted in that club either. That's no excuse to deny him his place.
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on November 20, 2010
Up until a few months ago I didn't know much about stand-up comedy.

I bought this album and thoroughly enjoyed it and laughed quite a bit.'s a couple of months later now and after buying other comedy greats such as Bill Hicks, Bill Cosby, Woody Allen, Lewis Black, Richard Pryor, Eddie Izzard and very funny newcomers such as Todd Barry, Maria Bamford,Michael Ian Black and Demetri Martin I went back to this album and listened to it again. I realize now that all those people who write negative reviews are spot on.

There is very little substance to Dane Cook's comedy. He talks about issues not in the manner a professional comedian would talk about - ie. routines, he talks about them like you or I would to our friends after we've had a few drinks. He's very upbeat and effervescent, which I like but as a proper stand-up comedy album this simply won't do. If he could come back and beef up his routine with some substance I might give him a second shot.
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on May 22, 2009
I will be short and sweet. He has lost his randomness, his quirky ways, his hyper focusing on the most minute details which made him so funny before. I had two out loud laughs on the whole album, this is compared to 15+ on the last three each. And this is from someone who has a broad and great sense of humor. Sad, I hope he spends more time on his material next time, this feels rushed.
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on June 3, 2010
I think this is the first time I've heard Dane's comedy and I'm not impressed by this CD. I laughed at just one track on the first CD so I didn't bother listening to the second CD. Listening to his comedy, I wonder if Dane thinks that anything he says will be funny, especially since he talks about such banal stuff (or things I really don't want to hear about).
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on May 21, 2009
Dane Cook is entertaining - whether you find a particular bit funny or not, he is flat out entertaining. I first cut my Dane Cook teeth on his Vicious Circle special and then backtracked through all of his previous work. I really felt that he lost some luster with Rough Around the Edges. I feel that he was contracted to put out a new album too soon after Vicious Circle and the material wasn't ready to be recorded. I feel that way because a year later when I saw him live, the material was much more polished.

Isolated Incident ushers in a new wave of comedy for Dane Cook who took his material back to the clubs rather than the stadiums. He can still fill the stadiums, but the material is quick, blunt, and honest. He has the ability to tell you true to life stories, but with isolated incident he hits you quickly. In a round-about way it's the "rawness" of the album that gives it the "Sharp Around the Edges" feel. Topics tackled in this album range from political to family to personal. The family stuff deals with the death of his parents and while he doesn't get too deep about it you can tell the emotion he is experiencing. He lets you in on his pain and allows you to be ok laughing at it with him. He acknowledges all the critics and addresses it in a very confident, funny way.

Dane Cook has always had my respect. I would never judge an entertainer's legacy on one album so I refused to write him off when I was disappointed with Rough Around the Edges. But as always, a true-artist will always re-define themselves. Dane Cook brings you comedy from the heart and laughs from the gut.

Buy the album and enjoy!
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on May 21, 2009
I've always loved Dane Cook since "Vicious Circle". If you felt the same way and wondered how "ISolated INcident" turned out, be prepared for some beyond hilarious jokes! Dane's really reinvented himself with this one. He shows his evolution as a comedian and a person by combining more priceless, awkward & kinky situations while making your bladder quiver. He covers a variety of his own real-life situations from his parents passing away to a series of hate mail to interracial sexual encounters, all while having you wipe those tears of laughter from your eyes.

With a lot more different material than that from his Comedy Central stand up special, this CD/DVD combo has plenty to offer from the others. He's traded in the live stand up performance for a new very inviting behind the scenes making of the album. The documentary allows the fans a peek at what goes into creating such a rare and personal show.

Highly recommended to anyone who's ever loved Dane Cook's humor and are ready for some new outrageous outbursts. If your a fresh face to the Dane train the best way to truly understand his genius is to purchase this CD, lay back and die from laughter. DO IT!
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on May 27, 2009
I'll be the first to admit that I've never been a huge Dane Cook fan. I enjoyed his early specials, but lost interest in him for awhile. When I heard about ISolated INcident though, I found myself interested enough to pick it up, based on its back story and unique approach.

Distinctly darker on the surface, this release finds Dane revealing more of his personal life than in any of his previous specials. It makes for jokes that listeners will find easy to relate with, as well as consistently hilarious - his best batch of material to date.

In the extra DVD (which features an insightful new documentary filled with bonus footage - different from the Comedy Central special), Dane discussed his growing desire to entertain and uplift through his comedy, rather than to bring down and insult. The bonus DVD also gives us some insight into the rough times he's had dealing with the loss of both parents. All in all, ISolated INcident packs a great disc of fresh stand up with an insightful DVD that no comedy fan (DC enthusiast or not) should miss. Definitely changed my perception of the comic!
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on May 20, 2009
Okay, so let's be honest here - I'm totally not someone who is super into stand up comedy and all that jazz on a regular basis. But, that being said, I absolutely love Dane Cook. I'm always a little nervous when someone I like comes out with something new, but after ISolated INcident came out, I realized I was worrying for absolutely nothing. This is amazing and possibly his best CD so far - and absolutely HILARIOUS! Everyone that saw the Comedy Central special is probably thinking that they've already seen all there is to see from Dane this time around. Nope - the DVD has many extras that were not included in the airing on Comedy Central. The CD also comes with a super interesting documentary. A definite must for any Dane Cook fan!
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on May 11, 2012
Dane tones it down on Isolated Incident and delivers a much more mellow performance. He is nowhere near as silly as he was on his first three albums. Here we see Dane mature as an artist as he dives into personal material which includes stories of his parents who have passed on. Although Dane made such stories funny, a somber undertone could be felt throughout their recitations. Dane definitely showed a different side of himself and it was just as entertaining as his more popular rambunctious side. This CD comes with an interesting dvd that resembles a comedy version of VH1's Storytellers. Dane details his inspiration for selected CD tracks in documentary fashion. I've never seen a comedian do this. I enjoyed the dvd as much as the concert. The dvd alone is a must have for any Cook fan.
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