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Here's why:

First, a great character driven story with a positive message. The heroes in this story don't start out as heroes at all. Sid is an annoying and rather pathetic sloth who is left behind when all his friends migrate. Manfred is a mammoth with "issues" who at the beginning is walking the wrong way for some reason. Why? Does the scene with the moving cave drawings explain this? Was his wife and offspring killed, and was he walking the wrong way to end his own life? Diego the sabertooth tiger is an order following killer on a mission.

Each of these characters grow beyond themselves to save a human baby. Sid assumes responsiblity and develops courage. Diego learns to think for himself and do the right thing. Manfred overcomes his grief and self-centerdness and endures all kinds of trials to save a baby who may grow up to be a hunter of mammoths. This is a story how anyone, regardless of how non-heroic they may be, can rise above themselves and do what is right when they have to.

Second, this DVD lets you watch the movie five different ways: Widescreen, Fullscreen, "Nutty Movie" mode where you can watch the deleted scenes as if they'd been spliced back into the movie, commentary mode, and "extreme cool" mode where you watch the movie in a window while documentary material plays in another window. How cool is that?

Third, the deleted scenes are actually very interesting. They have their own commentary too. Sylvia is a great character (a sloth girlfriend of Sid's) who was going to be in the movie but was cut out and replaced. The commentary tells why.

Fourth, the two shorts are great. Gone Nutty is more of Scrat chasing acorns, and Bunny is a brilliant short about an elderly female rabbit's last minutes of this life and the transition to the next.

And there's a lot more. It make take until the next ice age for me to get through all the stuff on this DVD!
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Another re-release for "Ice Age" (this is the third counting the single disc edition of the film) to coincide with the sequel, this edition essentially is the previous two disc edition with some minor features added that don't make it any more worthwhile to pick up. The DVD ROM printables and "Scrat's Frozen Facts" appear to be the newest features on this set. Most of the featurettes are recycled from the previous edition.

No issue with the transfer per se since it is a digital cartoon this edition appears to be from the same source as the previous edition. Should you upgrade? Not if you have the previous two disc edition but if you have the single disc edition and you want the extras, this is the way to go. Sound is crystal clear with nice use of 5.1 effects.

The DVD ROM printables and "Scrat's Frozen Fun Facts" an interactive feature that can be accessed during the film appear to be the newest features on this set. The latter has behind-the-scenes clips you the film in various stages of production while also including comments from experts on natural history discussing the what scientist believe the world was like then. Most of the featurettes are recycled from the previous edition. Otherwise the commentary tracks, deleted scenes and just about everything else is imported from the previous two disc edition of the film. There's also theater money that can be presented for "Ice Age 2".

If you purchased the previous two disc set of this movie, I'd take a pass on this one. There's no improvement in this edition vs. the earlier two disc set in my mind.
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on July 18, 2004
I got indignant when one of my favorite reviewers panned this film and decided to rise to its defense. Not only does this film work brilliantly as an allegory about bridging ethnic and cultural divides, but it is by turns hilarious and deeply touching. The story follows a group of migrating prehistoric mammals (a saber-toothed tiger which is a predator; and a sloth and woolly mammoth, which are prey species) who find a lost human infant and ultimately make the difficult and dangerous decision to reunite it with its human tribe. The personalities of all three are well developed, and their nonstop bickering is a riot. Naturally, there are many internal divisions, and the saber-toothed tiger is secretly plotting to ambush the group, but in the end the shared experience of bonding with the infant unites them. There is a highly entertaining scene where the group travels through an ice cave in which is embedded hilarious references to other life forms including extraterrestrials. There is a very touching scene in which the mammoth contemplates human pictographs of hunters killing a family of mammoths with spears, only to be comforted by the human infant in his care. The animation, especially the facial expressions for the animals, and of course the ill-fated squirrel whose attempts to gather and store nuts form a cruelly funny sub-theme, is incredibly clever. The film is just brimming with sly humor, tenderness, and witty sight-gags; I've probably seen it five times and haven't gotten bored yet.
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on November 28, 2002
Get ready to "chill-out" with the fun-filled 2002 animated family hit "Ice Age". During the great migration, a moody mammoth (Ray Romano, "Everybody Loves Raymond"), a dim-witted sloth (John Leguizamo, "Moulin Rouge") and a devilish sabre-toothed tiger (Denis Leary, "Rescue Me") become the unlikely guardians of a lost human child. Together, they will embark on a journey across icy glaciers and countless dangers to return the child to his tribe. Created by Blue Sky Studios, "Ice Age" is a remarkably entertaining family spectacle that ranks as one of the highest grossing films of 2002. The story is fast-paced, heartfelt and very funny. The computer-animated feature film contains some hilarious moments and memorable characters. The CGI animation is stunning with impressive landscapes. Ray Romano, Denis Leary and John Leguizamo deliver some fine comic performances. "Ice Age" also features the voice talents of Cedric the Entertainer, Stephen Root, Diedrich Bader, Alan Tudyk and Jack Black.

"Ice Age" Special Edition succeeds any previous Fox DVD. The animated smash hit is presented in both full screen and widescreen formats. The DVD contains a flawless picture quality with excellent sharpness and rich color detail. Its Dolby Digital 5.1 sound is very engaging and well balanced. The interactive DVD menus are pretty nice. This 2-Disc DVD contains a wide range of supplemental material including a comprehensive audio commentary with directors Carlos Saldanha and Chris Wedge, six deleted scenes, several behind-the-scene featurettes (The Making of "Ice Age" & Under the Ice), theatrical trailers and the new animated short "Scrat's Missing Adventure". With its excellent presentation and great supplements, "Ice Age" Special Edition gets a definite "A-".
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For those who purchased the blu ray/dvd/digital copy combo, if you get an "invalid serial number" when you try to redeem the digital copy, you can contact Fox at for help. I purchased one copy of the DVD from Amazon and had trouble redeeming the digital copy. I kept getting an "invalid serial number" error. I exchanged the first DVD for a replacement, and unfortunately had the same issue. Thankfully, after an e-mail to Fox, they were able to supply me with a replacement serial number that worked fine, and I was able to finally redeem the digital copy. As a side note, I do wish Amazon would not ship DVDs in padded mailers, as the DVD case was destroyed by the time it reached me.
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on June 15, 2016
I purchased this movie and previously purchased a Vizio television with an AMAZON VIDEO App that includes an "Amazon" BUTTON on the remote control - PURCHASED not rented - in reliance on the availability of this AND MANY OTHER MOVIES for viewing by my PERMANENTLY DEVELOPMENTALLY DISABLED 26 YEAR OLD daughter on the AMAZON Video App on the the remote because she is not, as a consequence of her disability, able to maneuver screens and log-ins on a television. In fact, I have purchased over 140 (ONE HUNDRED FORTY) movies on Amazon Video in reliance on her ability to view them on her television, which she is not able to do on other televisions we own, such as Sony televisions, having complex menu systems. Now, TODAY, JUNE 15, 2016, Amazon has decided to discontinue support of Amazon Video on her Vizio television and instead wants me to buy a Firestick for $50, which she will undoubtedly be unable to use! This is fraud. This is likely also a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act, and just bad business!!!!!! Do not BUY ANY AMAZON VIDEOS unless you intend to purchase a new television every year to keep up with Amazon's unscrupulous and fraudulent business practices.
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on November 17, 2012
It's CUTE and SWEET and I think (even though I don't have any) KIDS WOULD REALLY LIKE IT. There are also some special features that were interesting. It's definitely the CLEANEST movie I've seen in a long time. That's neither good nor bad, just fact. I guess that would make it a FAMILY MOVIE.
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on January 2, 2003
Ice Age is a great family comedy. It stars Ray Romano, Dennis Leary and John Leguizamo and the 3 are hilarious in this one. It's easily right there on the level with other soon to be great computer animated movies like SHREK, TOY STORY and TOY STORY 2, A BUG'S LIFE and MONSTERS Inc. This is one the whole family should not miss!
The story starts during the big Migration before the ice age and Sid (Leguizamo) the prehistoric Sloth with a speech impediment has been left behind by his family because he over sleeps. In an attempt to find his family he runs into Manny (Romano) the Wooly Mammoth. After unsuccessfully trying to get rid of Sid, Manny and Sid stumble upon a human baby.
The 2 then plan to bring the child back to the humans but they'll need help, so enter Diego (Leary) the Saber Tooth Tiger who seems a little shady. It's now a race for the 3 to find the humans, give them the baby and dodge Diego's evil pack of Tigers and along the way realize how great it is to have your friends close by.
This is truly a great movie for the entire family. It's very sweet and touching and of course with the 3 stars of this movie, you can bet that there are a lot of wise cracks. The animation is also extremely good. It's very colorful and very vivid and all in all, looks great! I really can't think of any bad points to this movie because I thought that it was that good.
A very deserving 5 Star movie! I highly recommend this movie to any family and even a pretty good movie for everyone else. Also check out the other movies I mentioned as well, SHREK, TOY STORY and TOY STORY 2, A BUG'S LIFE and MONSTERS Inc. Check out all of these, trust me you won't be disappointed!
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on December 9, 2002
Ice Age continues the recent tradition of creating animated films for both children and adults. While not perfect, it is full of laughs and beautiful computer animation.
The story of a group of animals during the ice age who find a human child and bring it back to the human settlement seems to be an afterthought in the film. It's obvious that the characters and environment were developed first and the film makers then searched for a story to fit them. But that's no big deal, because the characters are what really drive this film. Most notable is John Leguizamo's voiced Sid, a hilariously clumsy and simple minded sloth. While the mammoth (Ray Romano) and saber toothed tiger (Denis Leary) are also entertaining, the other show stopper is the non-speaking squirrel Scrat. Unfortunately he never really becomes a part of the group and only occasionally meets up with the others, limiting his antics. But they're still a blast to see.
The animation, while nice to look at, isn't quite as stunning as other recent developments such as Monster's Inc. But it more then suffices here, creating beautiful landscapes of the ice age.
Still, the humor is truly what carries this movie. While this won't go down in the books as a computer animated classic such as Toy Story, it does provide some solid entertainment for children and adults alike.
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on September 21, 2004
First, after reading some of the previous reviews, I have to comment that Ice Age is not a Pixar movie. Not that I care terribly but it seemed worth mentioning.

As to the movie itself, I have two small boys (4 and 6) who enjoy the movie thoroughly. The slapstick and silly humor are certainly not out of their reach. As with most of these type of films, there is an effort to make it entertaining for the parents and I think they succeeded here. I find myself chuckling during many parts of the story and am not dissapointed when the boys pick this as our "Family Movie Night" film choice.

On the topic of animation quality, while this clearly isn't up to the level of the Pixar movies, who cares? I have not yet had either of my sons make a comment on the "lack of realistic fur movement" on any of the animated, talking, extinct, fake animals. I wish Disney would look at this and their old animated movies and remember that it is the story, not the animation technique that makes a movie. Otherwise, nobody would watch the Simpsons!
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