Customer Reviews: Ice Cream Man [Explicit]
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on January 23, 2006
Before Master P became the much-maligned, often-satirised lampoon that he is today, he was the owner of a veritable empire- one built on the seminal N'Awlins thump of gladiators like Mac, Soulja Slim and Mystikal. While his output today would certainly suggest otherwise, Master P also held his own against even his most prodigious upstarts, cranking out a string of classics that includes Ghetto D, the first TRU record and Ice Cream Man, widely regarded as Master P's foremost artistic work and one that belongs in the pantheon inhabited by the likes of BG's "Chopper City In The Ghetto" and Juvenile's "400 Degreez".

What separates this recording from the aforementioned Cash Money classics is its seamless incorporation of West Coast sensibilities into its swampy Cajun jambalaya. As all faithful No Limit fiends know, Master P's transplantation from California to the third coast had a marked influence on his musical produce, and this is pronouncedly evident on this record- the thudding, subwoofer-mauling basslines, the layered synths, the hypnotically midtempo rhythms, all coalescing into a thick, arresting sound built for leisurely cruises in the Coupe Deville. While there is nothing startlingly original about this record, its strengths lie in its startling consistency- by all standards this is an incredibly long album (20 tracks, practically none of which are skits), but the quality, from the downtempo thump of the title track to the uncouth, misogynistic but downright funky "Playa From Around The Way" and the horrific dirge of "Bout That Drama", never threatens to wane.

From a lyrical standpoint P casts his net across familiar ground, spinning compelling yarns of murder and narcotics that were so prevalent in early (and hell, modern) N'awlins rap. While the depth of P's commentary never really veers beyond gratuitously callous narratives delivered in a simplistic, honest fashion, it's hard to hold this against him when the album is so grippingly listenable and thoroughly enjoyable. The gems are innumerable- the cess-blowing haze of "1-2 On A Bag Of Dank", the Rick James meets Nino Brown boogie of "How G's Ride", the timeless vitriol of "Bout It Bout It", all radiating the striking sense of immediacy that characterises the very best gangsta rap. The imagery is stark, portraits of P's bleak, filthy psyche unobscured by overproduction or verbose pretension. For such a long album, Ice Cream Man radiates with succinctness- everything on this record aims for the throat, each song a 3 to 5 minute, hook-laden anthem that should put a goofy smile on even the most disillusioned rap connoisseur's face.

Forget the fact that this is the same grisly looking grandpa who dropped the immortal lines "I'm like Tiger 'cause I live in the Woods" and do yourself a favour- pick this record up, settle into the plush leather interior of your lowrider and give this record a spin. You might find that it might become a permanent resident in your disc changer. A remarkable snapshot of the No Limit empire at the height of its creative powers and a vital listen for anybody who couldn't figure out how P managed to shift so many units.
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on December 5, 2005
This album is very good. It is one of Master P's best. The original pressing is very hard to find. Reprints have flooded the market, but those can be considered as worthless. The original pressing has 20 tracks. The rerelease is missing "The Ghetto Won't Change." The original pressing has a blue box on the front cover artwork. The blue box says, "also contains hit singles, Mr. Ice Cream Man and Bout It, Bout It," The rerelease will have FBI warnings and "EMI" on the spine of the album. Either copy is worth having, just don't be scammed into thinking it's an Original and in reality it's a cheap fake. This album is a must have for any Bay Area or No Limit Rap fan. 5 Stars
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on May 6, 2006
Just buy it. I mean, Break you off sumptin, check my crackhouse, no more tears, bout it bout it, 1/2 on a dank, is a real solid album from the P durin tha golden years of rap, specially in the south.
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on May 6, 1998
Plain and simply put;ICE CREAM MAN is Master P's Master P-iece! The album that slowly scooped THe ICE CREAm man himself from a little known striving underground rapper to the Colonel Commander in Chief of the almost monopolistic NO Limit REcord that he founded; ICE CREAM MAN is barraged with trumpet sounding, furious screaming, and trademark UGGGGHHH's that have the listener's blood rushing through all 87 minutes of chaotic chimes and piercing sirens. BOUT IT, BOUT IT II! IS just as ravenous and eerie as the it's predessesor. Melodies like "The Ghetto Won't Change" and "Things Ain't What They Used To Be" expose a harsh world that a long time ago wasn't that bad. P gives his all in this intense LP. The least any music fan can do, is give him the respect that he deserves. Listen to da album!
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on February 9, 1999
Master P has made great success in his time and I think he is going to be as good as Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls A.K.A. Notorious B.I.G. and they should make more good music. And also looking forward to more of Master P's movies like "I Got The Hook Up" it was very good and was a success and I think that he should make more movies and that thought that he would like to play in the N.B.A. So that's all I have to say.
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on December 28, 2000
It is unbelievable how good this cd is.It is just so damn tight!This was back when P had more of a West coast sound and a better voice.It is also a concept album.This is definitely his best cd.Best songs are half on a bag of dank,How g's ride,ghetto wont change,playa from around tha way[best song],sellin ice cream,bout it,bout it ,watch deez hoez,and things aint what they used to be.
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on March 7, 1999
i think that this is definatly one of the best m.p. cd's out there i like all the songs exept one this cd is good becouse it tells the story of life from the ghettoh's veiwpoint and it really make's people realize how bad some people have it.i would strongly recomend buying this album.
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on March 30, 2000
this cd is the turn in no limits music, before beats by the pound, mostly all tracks were bumpin, but this cd had 5 good songs, because some where put on before being produced on by the pound. if u want real music, get ghettos are tryin 2 kill me and true
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on February 17, 2005
This was truely Master P's best work so I don't understand why people are dissing it. I remember back in 96 when this CD first came out when I was in the ninth grade. "Ice Cream Man" was requested alot on the radio and downsouth was loving it. I was visiting my relatives in Mississippi and that was the first time I heard "Break em off Something". It was being played in a car with a real nice stereo system and I was like "DAAYUMMN!!!" I asked my cousin is that Master P and she said yep, and I was like I had to get it. That was what me and my boys played all that summer. When we went out, we had to bump that Master P. Go to the family BBQ, we had to bump Pac and Master P. What makes this album so unique is his style was so smooth and mysterious, because he wasn't that well know back then as he is now. He always wore those shades on almost all his photo shoots and stuff like that. He was just raw, and the beats were just top knotch. You could tell he put alot of effort into making this album. I guess you can never duplicate a classic, because Ghetto D was the start of Master P's down fall. The album was good, but it just didn't have the originality of Ice Cream Man. This CD was the crossroads for NL. This was actually the album that made MP famous because I remember how everybody was anticapting Ghetto D to drop, and when it did stores were selling out. You may diss the crap out of NL now, but remember, this NL stuff was selling that crazy back in the day, and yall was lovin' it. Remember That!!!
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on June 26, 2001
Back in the day No Limit pput out some quality music. I cant front i got some of their cds but none of their recent ones because they is garbage. However No Limit is much much better than Cash Money bull. I dont know about the best No Limit release but this is definitely his best cd. Like someone said he had a more laid back west coast type of sound and the ish was tight. buth then he got into that yellling in the mic and became lame. But the production is fresh and not obnoxious with a bunch of sound effects like Cash Money. u can listen to this cd from start to finish with almost no ;use of the fast forward( on some songs u just skip) Most people hate on this cus all they listen to is stuff from their area or Up North where they wont even take the time to listen to anything outside of Northern stuff. Or people who only listen to underground adn conscious. But Remember in 96 P was fairly underground he didnt get that big until he dropped i always feel like and make em say ugh. Give this cd a try unless you are narrow minded and refuse to listen to anything outside of ya region. best songs are mr. ice cream man, bout it bout it, break em off something, sellin ice cream, playa around the way, botu the drama. It also has one of the best skits ever so check it out
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