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on January 27, 2015
I live in San Diego, but the nights are cold and I am literally a doorman for my dogs. I have always wanted a dog door and did quite a bit of research on Amazon before choosing this one made by Ideal Products.

First about the price:
The average price for the door is around $70.For the quality and size, this is an excellent price. I had the opportunity to purchase mine for $10 less from a seller that described it as: Item will come in original packaging. Packaging will be damaged.
The packaging wasn't damaged at all and the door was brand new with all parts included. I still got free shipping too. Don't hesitate to take advantage of the savings under the "Used" category.

I have several dogs and my largest is a 100# Pit Bull that stands 25" at the shoulder. This 15" x 20" door allows him plenty of room all the way around to walk in and out. I also have a large Shepard Chow mix who weighs 75# and is 22" at the shoulder. Both dogs are pictured.

Installation: Fairly easy if your comfortable with power tools. My human door is metal with insulation in between. It was probably a little more difficult to get the holes started than a wooden door. Following the instructions, I first traced the removable panel with a pencil. Then punctured the metal with a nail at the four corners, then used the recommended 3/8 drill bit to create the hole where the saw blade would enter. I used a SAWZAW (reciprocating saw). I had to drill 2 connecting holes to accommodate the blade. My first vertical cut wasn't perfectly straight. Fortunately, the dog door frame design is very forgiving. When the back and front are put together the frame covers the edges that you cut. The included screws are metal. Tighten them at the corners first just enough for the door to stay in place. Make adjustments and use a level, then tighten the screws in the corners. and then the screws in between. Use waterproof caulking on the outside (inside too if you want) to create a nice seal and add security to the door.

Dog training to use the door:
First, lots of praise during the entire process. I recommend shutting the door with the dogs outside. You're inside and lift the flap and let them walk through with the flap sliding across their back so they see how it feels. Praise them. Then put them back outside and just lift a corner of the flap to show them it will open, but let them do it. Go inside, have a seat, relax and just wait and see who comes through. Lots of praise and a treat. If too much time passes, lift the flap and allow them to walk through. Make them use the door as much as possible. During the day, my door stays open to allow the dogs access tot he yard. During this training period, if I go outside, I shut the door behind me and make them use the dog door. It's been less than 24 hours and almost all of my dogs are comfortable using it. Make it a game and remind them they're doing well even after a time passes and they've mastered it.

Door quality and features: the door is lightweight and easy to handle. It is not cheap or flimsy. The design is practical. The flap is very flexible and a good quality that looks like it is made to last with constant use. The edges have little ridges that allow it to move back and forth easily, while creating a seal. There is a bar at the bottom of the door that contains magnets. It pops up to meet the metal bar that run along the bottom of the flap.
Thank you for taking the time to read my review. As a consumer like yourself, I count on reviews to help me decide it a product will work for me.

Overall Great design, great quality, great price. My dogs are very happy that I chose this door made by Ideal Pet Products.
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on December 8, 2009
We just finished installing our second Amazon purchased Med. Ideal Pet door. These are exceptional products! The first one is still going strong and we just did a second for a new space. If you watch the youtube video on how to do it: you can jump in with confidence and are done in 20 minutes! No need to remove the house door.

I read many, many product descriptions and reviews before purchasing this item and I couldn't be more pleased. We have a 600 sqft bonus room off our kitchen that we keep our three cats in at night and while we are at work to cut down on the furniture destruction and vomit stains. :o) (Hey, just being honest here) Our bonus room is unheated and we were racking up the power bill in the evenings trying to keep the door open so the cats could come and go to the food and litter pans. After reading about different styles of cat doors, we choose this one - the soft flap doesn't snap on their tails or paws like some other products with hard plastic flaps and the slide-down and snap-in cover door to keep it closed functions perfectly. It took about a week to 10 days to get ALL the cats used to it (we taped the flap open with mailing tape for a couple days and then encouraged with treats) and we have had it 6+ months now and still love it! Our tubbiest kitty weighs in at 18lbs and he gets through fine.
No issues and would highly recommend it.
***ONE WORD OF CAUTION*** Make sure you buy a cat door that is the correct width for the area of the your door you are going to install it into - I measured the thickness at the door EDGE instead of the inner rectangular inset where this was going to be installed and we had to add wood to build it out a bit to fit because the cat door frame was thicker(wider) than the area we cut.
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on March 24, 2011
I purchased 2 of these for my Bernese Mt. Dog. One for an interior door from the house to garage, and one for the fire door from the garage to the back yard. These are really, really easy to install and only took about 20 mins each which was 95% for cutting the holes. What I love about this product is they are very, very forgiving on the cuts. I used a jig saw for the wood door, but a reciprocating saw for the exterior fire door because it was metal. Boy, I really overshot some of the cuts and the lines were completely jagged and off. But, the trim on these doors are so large that they covered up any issues with my poor cutting skills and they look fantastic in the both doors.

The items are very sturdy and the magnets actually work on the flaps. I highly recommend these to anyone looking for the best value of a door and plan to install themselves. Don't spend $300 on other expensive doors. These are perfect.
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on September 10, 2009
This was easy to install- we followed the instructions and it was in the door in about 10 minutes. The dogs love it-and I love that we can close the door at night so that outside animals and cats can't enter our home. I suggest adding caulking on the outdoor edge- but other than that we love it and the price could not be beat. This fit our dogs (69 and 49lbs- both 10.5" chests).
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on December 11, 2009
This is my second time to buy this door.

The first one, my dog ate the flap when I locked her outside and she got mad. I bought a different brand to replace it that she couldn't destroy. it was a nonflexible harder flap, but when we watched the neighbors dog, that flap would WHAP the secong dong in the nose when trying to follow mine out the doggie door. So the second dog became scared and wouldn't go near it.

That's why I recomend this product over the others, no WHAP on the trailing K-9s.

1) Both of these that I've bought have had about a 1/8" gap on at least one side of the plastic flap (allowing cold air in). I have worked to seal it with various strippings but haven't gotten it perfect yet (other dog doors that I've used have better seals).

2) Lockout mechanism has to be stored seperately (it is not attached unless you slide it in place). The picture doesn't really tell that story.

3) occasionally the bottom magnet doesn't quite fall in place leaving a gap at the bottom up to 1/2" for more cold air to get in. This happens about 1 in every 10 times my dog goes through it.
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on February 22, 2011
This door was worth the money. I wish it would have come with a paper template for cut placement. A measuring tape and a good magic marker did the trick. My dog is a 100 pound Rotti, not huge for the bread. He fits through the door, but there's not a lot of room at the shoulders. Other than that, the door works perfectly.
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on August 22, 2010
I have several of these doors and they work great. I have had one for 6 years on my screened deck for the dogs; an Anatolian Shep. and a Lab. I live on the water in FL and raise Pygmy goats. We sometimes have mosquito and knat problems so my barn and buck houses are screened and each has one of these doors. All my goats use them and the babies learn at about 10 days old. Frequently, two goats try to go through at the same time; these doors are very sturdy.
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on September 1, 2015
What a great doggie door! Installed the medium size in a 1 1/4 inch wood storm door in just 30 minutes. I removed the door, drew the opening and screw holes from the outside door frame (on others recommendations), drilled the corner holes for jigsaw blade entry and the installation screw holes, then cut the hole. Placed the outside frame in the opening and it was a perfect fit! I was careful not to overly tighten the screws to prevent any problems with weather changes. Then I put the door back on the hinges...done! Not bad for a 75 year old woman!
Now, I have 3 older Dachshunds from 14 to 20 pounds, who are suspicious of ANY changes (it's a Dachshund thing)! Their first concern was the snap of the magnetic closure, so I walked away and let them "nose" it a few times to "test the waters". Dogs have to investigate on their own time. So, after half an hour of this, I went outdoors and called them. No way were they going through that "snappy thing" until I held out a dog treat. Cautiously, the oldest and bravest stuck her nose through, then the head, then a foot, then FREEDOM! What fun! I have posted photos of the progress. Within an hour the other 2 followed in their own sweet time.
This has got to be the best thing for dogs and humans! After investigating dog doors for a few months, I feel I have made a wise purchase. I highly recommend this product as the most affordable on the market. As far as durability, I will update if I have any issues during cold weather (installed it in August).
review image review image review image review image review image
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on August 4, 2011
About to buy another one of these for a second door, so I figured it would be helpful to write a quick review. We have had a 65 pound Basset Hound and a Corgi running through this door for 3 years daily and it still works like new (But a lot dirtier :-). If it didn't work great, I wouldn't be buying another!
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VINE VOICEon April 15, 2013
My cats are indoor cats. I decided to put their cat box in the garage and use a cat door between the garage and the house. Now, my cats spend the majority of their waking hours (play) fighting, but I didn't think a cat door could be used in their unending battles. Boy was I wrong.

It took a day or so for my cats to get use to pushing the flap open to get through the door. (Cat doors are a little hard for cats to get use to because their whiskers bend when they push their face through the flap. When a cat's whiskers bend, it tells them they can't fit into whatever it is they're trying to fit into.) This cat door has a magnet on the flap to keep it closed when not in use (a nice feature). This means that when one of the cats goes through the door the flap will shut making a distinct sound. Not loud, just distinct.

The second day with the cat door started out just fine. That lasted until about lunchtime. I heard the cat door flap shut. A second later I heard it shut again. I heard it shut three more times and decided, as much as I didn't want to, I needed to go find out what they were doing. I went downstairs and discoverd that one cat was trying to go through the door and the second cat wasn't having it. She was sitting right next to the flap and every time the first cat poked her face through the flap, the second cat reached out and smacked her. The flap would shut and a second later they would start it up all over again. I opened the door to rescue the cat but I just knew where this was headed. *sigh* So now, as soon as one of the cat hears the other open the cat door, the first cat runs to the cat door and waits. They trap each other in the garage all day long. I fully expect that any day now they will abandon their cat box altogether given the amount of pain now associated with using it.

I am not sure how I'm going to deal with this one. I have the door propped open for now as a temporary solution, but I need to come up with something better.

I'm giving the product 5 stars because it's a good design and works well, in spite of how my cats are abusing it.
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