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on February 25, 2013
If you enjoyed Jason Batemen as the put-upon, sane family member/lead in the short-lived TV series Arrested Development, you will probably enjoy him here. If you enjoyed Melissa McCarthy's in Bridesmaids, you will find many more moments of genius lunacy.

My one fear was that the trailer had all the funny set pieces, but not by a long shot. The movie was funnier.

This is a movie in the Hollywood tradition of road trips from hell on a deadline. (Think Rat Race or Trains, Planes and Automobiles.) I also found the revelations about her background made the outcome more satisfying. I'm happily in the 'it's a darn funny movie' camp.

I suspect other reviewers who hated it will mark this 'unhelpful,' but that just goes to show you. Take those negatives with grain of salt. I believe you will enjoy it, if you enjoyed the movie trailer of it.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon July 3, 2013
Identity Thief is a movie about a mild-mannered businessman Sandy Patterson (Bateman) who travels from Denver to Miami to confront the deceptively harmless-looking woman (McCarthy) who has been living it up after stealing Sandy's identity.

This movie is definitely not the funniest I have ever seen but it does have its moments that will make you laugh although sometimes straying into the area of bad taste. At times the jokes miss more than make you laugh and sometimes makes you cringe but Identity Thief does soften up at the end and comes across as being a somewhat sweet comedy in the end despite some of the cringe worthy jokes.

I will give McCarthy credit as she does about anything to get a laugh even with physical comedy and she is not afraid to ham it up for the camera.

This movie is definitely not in the league of some of the funnier movies I have seen (like Hangover or 40 year old virgin) but isn't bad and will keep you entertained. I did expect more laughs though but this movie ends up being more cute than a laugh out loud comedy.
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143 of 192 people found the following review helpful
on March 30, 2013
I think the biggest problem with movie goers these days is they all expect this amazing life changing movie whenever they go to see a movie. But this is not what I look for when I go see a movie I just go to have fun and get away from real life for a little bit and that's what this movie did for me. This movie is honestly the funniest movie I have ever seen I was laughing throughout the whole movie and it wasn't like I was waiting bored for the next laugh because it kept me interested and satisfied in between the laughs. The movie even had a little heart in it with Melissa McCarthy's character and she developed throughout the movie and became someone that was respectable even though she is stealing people's identities left and right. I honestly loved this movie so much and people can say all they want about it I thought it was perfectly scripted, super funny, and a little touching. I would recommend this to honestly every person I know.
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on April 26, 2013
"Friends don't steal friends identities, do they?" Sandy Patterson (Bateman) seems to have everything going for him. Wife and kids that love him and he is starting a new job that pays him $200,000 more then his old one. Everything is going great until the cops come which causes his job to be in jeopardy. Trying to convince everyone that he was never arrested in Florida and his back to the wall Sandy has one choice. He must go find the person who stole his identity and bring her back to Denver. This is a movie that is really funny but only for one reason, the cast. This movie could have been very flat and generic but with Melissa McCarthy as the thief she really upped the funny and she is the reason this is worth seeing. I'm not 100% sure but it felt like she was improving most of her part and Bateman doing what he does best (playing the straight man) makes this movie much funnier then it could have been. The cast alone makes the movie worth seeing. Overall, a movie with a weak plot made hilarious by the perfect casting. I give it a B+.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on September 17, 2013
I like both actors but the movie just didn't make me laugh the way I was expecting it too. It's a free Netflix movie.
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62 of 89 people found the following review helpful
on March 20, 2013
I loved, loved, loved this movie in the theater! Fair warning - if you are offended by the F-word, this isn't the movie for you. Can't wait to see it again and again! Probably one of the funniest movies I've seen, maybe ever!
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3 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on February 23, 2013
Sometimes there exists a disconnect between what audiences and critics happen to see. IDENTITY THIEF, a perfectly entertaining comedy/road trip flick from Seth Gordon, is one of those instances. This year's first $100-million grossing film has taken critical brickbats and has even seen Rex Reed tear apart Melissa McCarthy's weight (nice going Rex -- plenty of things I can say about you but won't!), but the film itself is a crowd pleaser: good natured, funny in places, with solid chemistry between McCarthy as the frizzy haired title character and Jason Bateman as the hapless working man whose identity she steals. She's great, and the movie does enable her to do something more than play the "crazy big woman" in its second half, with some effective dramatic beats. Bateman is game too, and while the film isn't hilarious or particularly memorable, it is highly enjoyable especially if you like road-trip flicks with mismatched characters. Certainly there are worse ways to spend a couple of hours at the movies, which is exactly the type of thing that "Identity Thief" functions well as -- a decent timekiller with the two leads playing off each other extremely well. No wonder why viewers have enjoyed it for what it is instead of critics like Rex Reed, who needs to get over himself -- and get a life on top of it.
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11 of 16 people found the following review helpful
VINE VOICEon February 5, 2013
This was a movie that I wanted to love. It was funny, but not hilarious. It just fell short, particularly after how relentlessly it was marketed. It will be best seen with a large group of people, either in a theater or at a party.

Sandy Patterson (Jason Bateman) is a businessman in Denver with a growing family and a job he needs, but is undervalued. He takes a risk and changes employers, and all seems to be going in the right direction until he is told that his credit cards are maxed out and there is a warrant out for his arrest. To save his family and job, he goes to Winter Park, Florida to track down the identity thief, intending to bring her back to Colorado where the police and his employer can fix everything. But when his plan goes awry when he confronts "Sandy Patterson" (Melissa McCarthy) and must go on the run with her to avoid even more unsavory characters who want to catch her.

There are moments when this is a VERY funny film. There are also moments when it wants to be and fails. And then there are a number of half-funny moments.

The real problem is the identity thief herself. The more the audience gets to know Melissa McCarthy's character, the less funny the film is. I'm not used to a comedy that loses laughs as it progresses. Additionally, there is barely any explanation of exactly why others are chasing her. There's a vague reference to their motivations, but nothing that is ever developed (or develops into anything satisfying or funny).

The bottom line is, it was marketed as a big-laugh comedy, and the laughs are not frequent enough. I don't know that I would recommend it for a full-priced theater ticket.
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15 of 22 people found the following review helpful
on July 7, 2013
Identity Thief is a truly polarizing movie. From reading the reviews you can gather that you either will love this movie or hate it. I watched this with three others of mixed ages and all four of us thought it was one of the worst movies we've seen in quite a while - if I could rate it a zero I would have and no one gave it more than a two.
I think it depends on what you view as a funny movie. If you like witty dialogue and unexpected plot turns built on common human frailties, or just slapstick fun, you'll be disappointed, I promise you.
If you enjoy watching a dysfunctional witch who represents a too-common class of uncaring criminals in real life (identity thieves) and see her portrayed as an unfortunate victim of childhood abandonment who only learns true values in life when dragged across country by a too-caring, too normal middle-class guy as they `bond' while haplessly enduring situations that keep jumping from harrowing, violent, humiliating, hectic, and yes, occasionally near-humorous - you'll love this movie. Attempts at humor during car-chases ending in violent collisions they walk away from, lots of initial hitting and punching each other, name-calling, a bizarre scene with a pick-up in a bar that winds up in suggested, very-abnormal sex with a goofy `conservative' cowboy in a hotel-room (instead of funny we all found it disturbing), and the constant on-the-run avoidance of thugs who are out to kill her (them) seem to be written in at random places to fill the car journey with `crazy, hilarious mayhem'.
While you may be rolling on the floor by that point, I wound up feeling like I was enduring a terrible movie that gets weaker as it goes, with a sappy `moral' story as the main character (our at-first horrible but now lovable thief) metamorphoses into a deeply caring woman who displays true character at the end, making the movie not only terrible to watch but numbingly unbelievable as well. One of us went and did something else half-way through the movie - they were wise to do so.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on August 14, 2014
Movies about supposedly commonplace interaction with people are getting so embarrassing and hardly dignified. I've heard over and over from people who try to make it in comedy that the key is having something as part of the act to which people can relate in reality. This was all a bit out of someone's fantasy, and may strike people on some level as diverting due to a lack of attention, but that doesn't make the movie interesting.
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