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My friend has the same system that you do. He is the one that recommended the Imedion AA NiMH 2400 to me as I was looking for a high capacity LSD battery. He is very satisfied with the performance of these batteries as am I. These batteries actually hold 150 - 200 mAH more than their rated capacity so this could require a proportionally longer charge time due to this. I would imagine you would want to use these batteries as a group and not mix them with the Goal Zero AA batteries.
Dec 9, 2013 by Rick Shehorn
From a set I bought Sept. 24, 2012, I measured with digital calipers: 14.125mm (0.556") diameter x 50mm (1.9685") end-to-end (including positive terminal). This was precisely the size of Maxell and Duracell brand Alkaline AA cells, and 0.125mm thicker than the Fujitsu Alkaline AA cells I tested.
Nov 26, 2012 by Mr. Staack
They should work with the magic flight launch box, as all NIMH are 1.2 Volts. The lower voltage is not usually a problem, as the discharge curve is very flat, flatter than a NICAD. If you want critically matched, I would go with the Eneloop or the Eneloop XX. Be careful with the Eneloop XX, I have found them unable to take even inadvertent abuse, and it usually only takes one time of using a charger that heats them up, before they get ruined. Hint: Look at the positive battery contacts inside the flight launch box. Some companies put a shelf of plastic around the positive contact, causing some NIMH with a short top not to make contact.
Jun 23, 2014 by Troy M. Adkins
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