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on June 19, 2012
This keyboard appears to be of pretty good quality, constructions wise. However, six of my keys are not in the correct position. I will upload a photo. I may try poping the keys off but am hesitant since they may have to be glued back into place. I will be gluing some risers at the back of the keyboard since it doesn't allow you to adjust the angle of the keyboard. I am not going to bother returning the keyboard but for a new user, the keys placed in the improper positions would be annoying if you don't know what the keys do. I haven't used the mouse, since I have a mouse I prefer.
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on April 6, 2011
First let me finish worshiping this thing before I get to why I rated it only 4 stars.
The keyboard is spectacular! It dosent sound like any keyboard I have ever used, it sounds like...well, wood. Kind of clunky is how I would describe it, but it feels almost like any other keyboard if I close my eyes. The reason I say almost is because 1. It dosent feel like plastic and 2. Because the spacing of the keys is maybe 5% different than a normal windows keyboard (I'm an IT guy and am on one all day so I noticed, others will most likely not notice). The color will very from the picture, but thats to be expected, but my color might change when I oil it. Yes I said oil it. This is after all a WOODEN keyboard and wood needs to be oiled if I remember correctly from my chef classes on cutting boards. And by oiled I mean very very lightly! Anyway, keyboard is great.
The mouse is very very nice except for one issue I will get to at the end. The color matches very well and the only slight drawback is the logo on the mouse, but hey, its w/e. The scroll wheel also glows blue, just fyi and it looks nice.
The color of the wires on the mouse and keyboard are "wood" colored (light light brown?).

The bad (the only bad) thing is the mouse. Not the looks or feel, but the tech inside it. It dosen't really work right. It just dosen't "feel" correct on the screen when I use it. This might just be a mistake in the manufacturing of the mouse so I will call amazon or impecca (amazon first, 5 star customer service) to see if I should ship the whole thing back or just the mouse to see if a new one will work better. This is the only bad thing about the keyboard that is major. The only minor thing is that the "num lock" light dosent light up, but this might just be because I'm on my friends mac (my computer that I ordered this for has not been shipped, or...well...paid for or chosen lol and will be windows). If you have a mac I don't recommend because the keys are not mac oriented, ie the squiggly key and command keys are not on it. I hate macs anyway so its not a big deal. And thats all for bad.

I'll post a pic of this also.

One last note is that I looked on the impecca (makers) web site and this set cost [...] ([...] for just the keyboard and [...] for just the mouse)! Not [...] like on amazon, so get it here! I will edit this post with many details when my ordeal with customer service and geting a replacement etc pans out later. As of now, I would get this keyboard anyway, screw the mouse!
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on April 22, 2014
I ordered this keyboard because I liked the wooden look to it and wanted a replacement keyboard and mouse to my old and constantly dust-collecting and hard-to-clean logitec standard keyboard and mouse. So far so good.


-wooden. It's all wood. Easy to dust and picking the keys off to clean under them and then snapping them back in place wasn't as stressful as doing it with the other keyboards I've owned in the past. Or maybe I've never owned good keyboards.
-keys aren't as loud as the plastic keys of my previous keyboard with the exception of the spacebar--which I'll mention in the cons
-came with a matching mouse.
-usb wires are nice and long. I hate wireless keyboards and mice but also hate short wires because with the desk I have, the cords tend to pull. These wires (which are brown, not traditional black) were long and I was okay with tucking them in for my setup.
-has some weight to it. I like it when things don't feel flimsy.


-the "`" key at the top left corner was pushed in and wouldn't pop out. I had to take a knife and chip the corner of the key a little so that it would fit the space without getting nudged tight in it's spot. Luckily it was easy since the key is wood and I didn't have to chip much off so you barely notice.
-loud space bar. While every other key on the board is moderately quiet, the space bar is the loud drunk roommate who comes home at 3am and wakes everybody up. Buttttttttt, most space bars are loud anyway though. I might try and suppress it a little with a small pad of velcro under the key.
-flat. If you like your keyboard tilted at an angle, know that this keyboard doesn't have little flippers underneath to support it tilted.
-surface scratches relatively easily.
-internet explorer and email button. While it's still very common to see internet and email hotkeys on a keyboard even in 2014, I wish I could have had a volume down and volume up button instead. Especially with the mute button just right of the email button. Luckily you can download software to remap keys on a keyboard. So I'll probably do that since I don't need a button to open up Outlook Express (who even uses that?) or Internet Explorer (my grandma doesn't even like IE).


Worth buying if you want a new keyboard and want something different; tired of plastic. Comes with a matching mouse so things aren't awkward. Nice engraved keys, easy to clean, keystrokes aren't as loud as what I'm used to.
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on April 7, 2011
The keyboard and mouse both feel awesome! I love the wood look. The cables are more than long enough for most uses, and everything works perfectly upon writing of this review (been using it for maybe 3 weeks now). It even has some hot keys, one for the calculator (useful as a chem student), one for the internet, one for mute, and one for mail (not useful).

Wish it had keys for volume control other than mute, as well as control of skipping songs, although it may be too much to ask of a weird keyboard like this. But my last few keyboards did have all of these controls, so that's why it gets 4 stars and not 5.
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on May 8, 2014
Tactilely and audibly, this is a delightful keyboard. The touch is so pleasant and the sound is like nothing else I've heard on a modern keyboard. The keys crackle in a way that delights the ear, even as the feel delights one's fingertips.

I have only one warning: the keyboard lies completely flat. I need to have the back raised a bit, so I stuck a 1/8" notepad underneath it to tilt it slightly. That was all I needed.

In sum, highly recommended.
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on December 24, 2011
This beautiful keyboard does come with a mouse. I bought one separately, because the description wasnt clear, so I wanted to let all future customers know.
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on March 19, 2014
My only complaint was the packaging..when I opened the box I was a bit horrified to see how the packaging of the keyboard and mouse was torn apart, and broken, I feared the mouse and keyboard would be broken too.

However, they are just fine and I have had a LOT of fun with the keyboard. I've not used the mouse yet as that I still like my wireless one, but the keyboard is fun.

I've gotten a LOT of compliments and comments on it at work. I type pretty hard and fast, and I work in IT so I'm pounding away at the keys all day. My previous keyboard that came with my Dell, the letters wore off it from all the use.

I don't think anything will wear off this thing, bamboo is hard stuff. The letters on some keys are a bit faint, but I think a little time with a fine tipped pen will help darken that up. I touch type so it isn't that big a deal, this is a natural product after all.

The only complaint I have with it, is, it doesn't have the little tabs on the bottom that will raise the keyboard up at an angle. I get around this by resting the top of my keyboard onto the slightly raised base of my monitor and that puts it at a level I like. I'll likely do a DIY type resolution for this, but for now this is working just fine for me.

Aside from the 2x small caveats I mentioned, I really like the keyboard. It works, they keys feel solid and it is just a really unique piece. Kinda feels a bit steampunk actually.

I'd recommend this.


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on March 26, 2015
KB/M combo doesn't work that great in some games, the mouse stops working when you hit certain keys on the keyboard. Currently using a plastic logitech mouse, works fine with the keyboard. I probably should have sent the mouse back and complained but I'm too lazy. Keyboard is the bomb. Mouse felt nice for non-gaming. If you're not a gamer, this is probably a 5-star purchase, otherwise just get the keyboard.
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on August 15, 2014
Fri 8/15/2014. This ridiculous bamboo keyboard/mouse appeals to me; it makes me laugh when I see it. So I got two. However:

1. On a Lenovo desktop, the keyboard wasn't suitable for *booting* the machine; every time I boot in the morning it beeps and claims there's no keyboard, although it works fine in Windows. For normal people this can still be a significant problem, because sometimes it'll be necessary to adjust the BIOS or something and I could not do that with this keyboard there. But I have *closets* of keyboards, a miniature one of which I've deployed nearby so if/when that dread day comes and I have to do something with the BIOS, I can just plug the mini keyboard into a spare USB and it boots fine.

2. The 2nd one I just got arrived with the space band fallen off, which I stuck back on. I should note that to do this right -- I did it wrong a few times -- you have to maneuver a little metal hook thing on it so it properly engages two plastic slots where the space band goes. It "kind of" works without this, and you can easily insert it that way, but it works better with.

3. The first one's outside packaging was damaged; to compensate for this I suppose, the "product" inside box was a lovely thing with a magnetic catch -- which was open, with some of the contents sliding out, but apparently intended for when the bamboo was $139.95 or something. The box the 2nd one came wasn't damaged, outside or inside, but the inside box is obviously a more pedestrian affair.

4. Both units have only faint key markings, the second considerably fainter, like they're running out of ink at the bamboo key factory. My previous keyboard was one of those yellow-key/giant letter things, and that didn't seem to help much to correct difficulties not obviously involved with visual acuity anyway.

Finally, both mice seemed to work OK. And are beautiful of course.


Cool, amusing, and I, at any rate, actually type better, seemingly because of that, even if I can barely see the key markings on the 2nd one. I'd guess I've lucked-out so far my two units. ... But I took off a star because you might not....
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on January 20, 2012
I bought this keyboard for my work computer.

1. It looks exactly as it does in the picture, with only slight changes to the hue. Mine has a slightly lighter color.
2. The key presses are just a little bit louder with this keyboard, but not obnoxiously so. You can sound like you're busy if you need to, haha.
3. The key presses are not dissimilar to other keyboards.
4. The buttons above the numpad from left to right are -
Open Default Browser, or open new tab if browser is open.
Email, it opens MS Outlook for me.
Calculator, will open the built in windows calculator.
5. People in your office will be fascinated by your keyboard and most likely ask where you got it.
6. The gap between the numpad keys and the keys above the numpad is fragile. It's such a thin piece of wood that mine cracked in the middle. No big deal though, hardly noticeable and still functional.
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