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on April 6, 2012
*** Final Update***
I have now been using this grinder for close to 2 years. I have also purchased a Vario-W in order to grind by weight as I thought that would help with my consistency while making espresso; however, I will be honest, I now use the Vario for Drip and Press and use the Encore exclusively for espresso. I'm sure the Vario would work just as well (probably better) but I have found the right setting, tamp pressure, etc that makes the coffee I like using the Encore, so why mess with a good thing? I mention that for the benifit of those thinking this might not be a good espresso grinder. While I am aware that there are other pro-sumer models available, this one has been great. It does not have a large range of usable settings for espresso, but with varying tamp pressure, you should be able to get what you are looking for. A quick story about Baratza's customer support: a few months ago I noticed that my grind was suddenly too course and my shots were flowing way to fast. Since the grinder was well outside of its one-year warrany, I took it apart and found that the insides had been severely damaged. I had just moved form Washington State to Alabama and I am sure the damage was due to the poor packing and handling my goods received from our movers. (A story for another day). Anyway, as I mentioned somewhere below in one of my earlier reviews, Baratza sells pieces to replace your grinder should you need them. I needed a new ring assembly that holds the actual grinder teeth in place (consisting of several pieces) and even a new internal housing to remount the motor as some of the mounts had been broken (probably from the movers throwing my things). I was surprised to see everyting I needed was actually available to the consumer on their website - no annoying calls to convince someone to sell me those pieces. While I was at it, I decided I would also replace some other pieces that I figured wouldn't hurt - all in all I was looking at around $30 to rebuild my grinder like new. I was pretty excited about the prices. I emailed Baratza and told them my story and asked if they had any guides or schematics to help me in the rebuild. Within a day, I recieved a reply from Baratza and they told me I shouldn't have such an extensive failure with my unit in such a short time of owning it and they told me they had canceled my order and were shipping me a NEW grinder - and to please return the broken one in the box along with a prepaid shipping label they provided!!! I wrote back and explained that my grinder was no longer under warranty and the damages were due to mishandling: not a manufacturing defect - I thought someone had misunderstood me. They wrote back and said they were sorry my grinder was broken by the movers and they were happy to replace it! I couldn't believe it - they sent me another grinder with no payment from me and simply trusted me to return the broken one. When I got the new grinder I noticed the grind settings were different from the earlier one - I had read they tuend it up for better espresso performance and they did - before I was unable to "choke" my Quickmill Silvano - now if I use a setting below 6, it chokes up. I find settings 6-8 work the best for espresso, 18-24 for drip/pour-over and 30-35 for French Press. Of course, that is all highly subjective and your mileage may vary, but if you are new to the Encore, perhaps that will give you a "ballpark" to work with. Anyway, since that day about 5 months ago, I've continued using my Encore and am very pleased with it. I highly recommend it for its performance, simplicity (sometimes simple is better) and the customer support the Baratza team provided.
*** 1 Year Update***
I have been using this grinder multiple times per day for a year now and so far I have NO problems to report. It still grinds just as well as it did on day one, the burrs are still sharp and I still love this grinder. I have no doubt I made the right purchase and I am glad I didn't opt for the "fancy" lcd models with the automated grind features; to me all those extra bells & whistles = more that could break. If I were to upgrade, it would be for a unit in another "class"; perhaps the Vario, but that is several $100 more and I don't see any reason to do so at this time. I will add that there is a 1 star review on this site that complains about larger beans not feeding through the hopper. Initially, I thought it sounded silly; however, not long ago, I roasted a batch of beans much darker than usual (VERY VERY dark roast), resulting in the beans being about 1 1/2 times their usual size. While grinding, I noticed that about 4 beans got lodged between the hopper and burrs. I tapped the side of the unit a few times and the final beans fed through the hopper. I had this happen two or three times. So, I suppose if you habitually use a bean that is much larger than your typical coffee bean, you might have an issue. Just search through the 1 star reviews for more details (at the time of this update, there was only one 1 star review).

Summary: fantastic grinder for an excellent price makes this a best buy in my book and I highly recommend it to anyone who is a serious coffee drinker.

I've been using this grinder daily for almost 4 months, grinding enough for about 12 cups each day (maybe more on weekends). I usually use it early morning, afternoon and evening. I grind mainly for drip and espresso, occasionally for French press or pour-over. I still have no complaints with this grinder: I believe I made the right choice between this and fancier LCD options. I've ground for a 12 cup pot on numerous occasions when company comes over, and it never overheats or bogs or slows down- I don't think it notices if you're grinding for 1 cup or 12! Everything is solid and the burrs are still sharp as ever. Once a month I disassemble it to give it a good cleaning. It doesn't seem to retain much grinds in the chamber. My only gripe is the static build up after grinding can make a mess when you pull out the grind chamber: there are enough grinds clinging to the exit chute to scatter on the counter if you're not careful (to be fair, this is a common problem plaguing all burr grinders). But really I don't even notice that anymore, after a couple weeks you develop your own routine on how to deal with it and it ceases being an issue. I tend to grind, prep the coffee pot/filter to give the static time to discharge, then I give it a solid knock or two on the side and front before taking out the chute (thankfully this is a VERY solid grinder). It might sound tedious, but I actually had to sit here and think about it because it's simply second nature now and I don't even notice doing it. The only time I notice the problem is when someone else uses the grinder who isn't aware of the "technique".

Another great feature is that baratza sells every piece imaginable should you ever have a problem in the future: right down to a new motor or exterior knobs! All the pieces seemed priced appropriately. So while this may not be important to some, I like knowing that should the need arise, my equipment is completely serviceable. So I guess when the day comes that I need new burrs, I won't be shopping for another grinder, but paying a small sum for a new set of burrs. I didn't find that option on many of the other units I shopped around for. Ultimately, I still completely recommend this grinder and would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone who wants quality, affordability and versatility all rolled into a single package!

***Original Review***
I've been looking for a grinder that I could use with my current espresso machine (pressurized portafilter), drip coffee pot, and french press and would also allow me to grow into a more expensive espresso machine (i.e. the Rancilio Silvia or Quickmill Silvano). I was looking at the Rocky grinder, the Baratza Vario and Virtuoso Preciso, the Breville Smart Grinder, et al. Then I came along the Encore which I believe is new for 2012. I read several "professional" reviews and even saw some video reviews where the Encore was able to "choke" the Silvia at around grind setting "6". If you aren't aware, the Maestro and Maestro Plus (which the Encore replaces) weren't able to grind fine enough to choke the Silvia straight from the factory. Although this grinder isn't "stepless" (you have a larger variance from one "click" to the next when adjusting the grind setting, you still get 40 settings which are plenty for any home grinder. With a little tamping technique, this grinder will work fine for any espresso machine - not my opinion - the "pros" opinion. I am currently using it with my pressurized espresso machine, my drip pot and the occasional pour over and french press. It works great for them all! While it doesn't perform as well (or so I've read) as the Preciso or other high-end grinders, the fact that you can even begin to compare them speaks volumes for Baratza. I believe that currently there is NO other grinder on the market that can stand next to this one in terms of quality & versatility within the price range. Maybe the Breville Smart Grinder, but it still costs 50% more, I don't like the LCD display and I've heard (no practical experience) from several sources that Breville customer service is not quite up to par. If any of you out there care, the Baratza Maestro and Maestro Plus were already popular grinders and Baratza completely over-hauled it and produced the Encore - it offers WAY more at the same price. I'm sorry if this sounds like I'm selling the Baratza name, but this is the first of their products I've owned - I'm just impressed they did this with the Encore. So often a company produces a 2nd iteration of a product with lesser features or cheaper quality parts. Check it out for yourself, the innards are improved for better durability along with the burrs for a more consistent and fine grind! WOW...who does that?!

Oh, and the first time I used it my wife was in the other room (separated by an open doorway) and she was shocked to find I had used it without her hearing it! Maybe when I close the door and begin my 5am grinding I won't wake the kids!

The only con (which I've heard is not an uncommon problem with this type of grinder) is that when I remove the grind container and IF I accidentally knock the grinder, leftover grinds can fall from the chute onto the counter. I have a Dustbuster within arms reach of the grinder so it's no big deal, but if I didn't, it might aggravate me.

I'm so glad I bought this and not one of the other many many brands I researched for months. I completely recommend it.
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on June 14, 2012
After exhaustive research on grinders under 200 bucks I pulled the trigger on this one. I did not want a noisy high rpm grinder and was pleasantly surprised at how low the rpm level is and the corresponding lack of noise this grinder makes.
A very nice size (small footprint on counter)and can grind just as well for a twelve cup coffee maker or pulse grind into your portafilter with excellent results.
Also, not much coffee gets left behind in the shoot and what does collect is easy to whisk away with the provided brush.
I also own and have used daily a Kitchen AidKitchenAid Pro Line Series Burr Coffee Mill, Onyx Black for the last several years that works well enough for drip grind and is a work horse to be sure,however even with new replaced burrs just doesn't cut it for espresso.
My Daughter just got a Bodum BistroBodum Bistro Electric Burr Coffee Grinder, Blacklast Christmas that actually produces a very high quality grind not unlike the Encore, but just not the same volume and probably not as durable.
This is a well built grinder with a high quality grind and lots of grind options at a very reasonable price.
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on January 9, 2015
Surprisingly quiet for a grinder. I use it to make drip coffee and it turns out great. I've used it for espresso in a friend's stove top mocha maker and the gind was very consistent. It has a really wide range. This unit doesn't have any kind of timer or weight features built in, so the only way i've found to make consistent coffee is to only scoop in what I need right before I grind. All the photos show it with a huge hopper full of beans, that's not really going to happen with this unit, be prepared to have a separate bean storage nearby.

My biggest complaint is that it is a bit messy each time I grind coffee, it produces fragments that get out from the hopper and end up in front of the machine. I bought a tray to put the unit on, which saves my butcher block countertop but still makes my kitchen look dirtier. I've attached a photo of said coffee grind spew (notice the whitish flakes in front of the grinder). I like that the built in grinder basket doesn't have a top, however I wish it did a slightly better job of keeping the kitchen clean.

All in all, it's a very good grinder and I'm very happy with the purchase.
review image
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on May 31, 2012
With "Baratza" being a high-priced coffee grinder name, this model was supposed to be a value. I was hoping for a bit more savings with this Taiwan manufactured model, but it's a bit overpriced to my standards. I grind specifically for a French press, and a setting somewhere around "22-24" gave the best grind for pressed coffee. After the initial cleaning, I've used about 3 tbsp. of minute rice once a week to clean the grinder so that I don't have to take it apart. The grind is very uniform, and each cup of coffee has the least amount of "sludge" left in the bottom of the cup, less so than any other grinder I've used. This model is relatively quiet and I've been using it for about one month. If you use coffee beans that are very oily, you may have to help them along in the hopper. For a standard french press, I fill the bean hopper until I can't see the little round burr-guard. Every time, this amount makes for a perfect cup of pressed coffee. I've ground everything from $27.00 per lb. Kona, to cheap USDA certified organic bulk-bag coffees from Costco. This grinder actually does a better job than our local coffee roasting companies here in Alaska. The grinder won't plug the french press with overly fine coffee grinds.
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on May 11, 2014
Gears stripped after a few months of light use. Maybe if you're the type of person who cleans your coffee grinder every week, it would last? It is very difficult to clean, though. I found it noisy as well.
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on July 15, 2014
I have had two of these grinders. The plastic drive gear stripped in both of them. When the plastic gear strips, the grinder makes a horrible noise and will no longer grind coffee. The grinder lasted a little over a year both times, just beyond the one-year warranty. I opened the grinder both times according to company instructions and saw the stripped gears, so I know with certainty exactly what happened. The company sells a replacement gear box, but it is too expensive to make replacement feasible. Besides, their video showing how to replace the gear box is long and complicated and totally beyond the skills of anyone but an expert.

To sum up my experience, the grinder works fine until it strips the plastic gear, which doesn't take long. Why doesn't the company spend another buck or so and put in a gear that lasts? Cheap!
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on November 23, 2014
I based my purchase decision for a grinder on the Amazon reviews and went with the Encore. That strategy did not pay off for me, at least. I'm not very pleased overall.

When grinding for espresso (I am using the Gaggia Classic), the Encore does not produce grinds fine enough. Not even close. The water just runs right through the portafilter. It supposedly can be "calibrated" for better results. Watching the video on how to do this convinced me not to try the small appliance repair process they demonstrate.

The Encore struggles with dark beans, and it struggles with oily beans. The grind rate is quite slow. In short -- the Encore struggles.

Then there is the mess. I realize grinders are messy, but lawdy, the Encore dumps grinds everywhere. After a grind, fines still remain in the grinder innards in the amount of a teaspoon sometimes. I drink expensive coffee and it's painful to watch how much is wasted. Cleaning up after the Encore is a time-consuming and annoying chore. It's best to have a good dust buster at hand.

After owning the Encore, I'm convinced it's worth spending more money to get a better grinder. The only really good thing the Encore has going for it is that it's much cheaper than the other Baratza grinders. For me, the aggravation and limited performance is not worth it.
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on June 21, 2015
Unlike most reviewers on Amazon, I like to live with a product before I review it. Had a Breville coffee grinder, BCG450 for about 6 years. The grinder wore smooth. A search for a replacement part found nothing. Seemed shortsighted to spend over $130 for a company that did not support its customers with replacement parts. Baratza had good reviews and good parts availability. What follows is really a comparison of the Baratza and Breville machines. I am not a coffee geek. I am just a value shopper trying to get a reliable cup of espresso or coffee. Just someone looking for a good grinder I can rely on.

Noise - The first time you grind with this machine is startling. It sounds more like a broken vacuum cleaner than a grinder. Not recommended for households with small children or pets (or the hearing unimpaired). Breville is clearly the quieter machine.

Grind quality - Set it at 4-6 the first time to see it did with espresso. The grind was so fine that it clogged my double wall espresso filter. (cost me $24 to replace). Afterwards the grind was so coarse that no matter what setting I placed it at it could not grind fine enough. Then it started grinding too coarse no matter what I did. But I could still get a cuppa. After a cleaning. it started grinding too fine again. Unfortunately, I did not notice it, an ruined another espresso filter (another $24 to replace). The guide marks remind me of the Pirates of the Caribbean quote "they're not really rules, more like guidelines". An espresso setting on the Breville always meant espresso, not flour. I've sent a pic of the inconsistent grounds a single grinding gave me.

Maintenance - This machine needs at least weekly cleaning. I cleaned the Breville once a month and it did not really complain. The Baratza has a slit on the bottom that seems designed to drop grinds under the machine whenever you pull the chute out. Screwing out the chute to clean the machine is not a simple.. Getting it properly back on requires fiddling. There's also a $#$$@# rubber collar under the chute that has to be removed. I really believe I have spent more time cleaning this machine in that months I have had it then the entire time I had the Breville.

Support - Called Baratza, left phone no. as requested. No one called me up. Managed to get someone after awhile. Not helpful at all. Never had to deal with Breville support because their machine never gave me problems.

Design - I am not a coffee geek, but I relish well designed products. This is not a designed product, I think of it as an effort by some marketing wonk to get something out quickly for the 'value market'. No thought was spent in refining the design and implementation. Someone should have noticed that the cheap plastic covering was vibrating. Someone should have spent more time on the grinder assembly. Etc, etc. This product is enough to trash the Baratza name for me. Breville is much better designed in all aspects but one.

In summary - Don't buy this unless you are a masochist. The machine is too loud, requires too much fiddling, and is backed by a company with indifferent phone support.
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on January 8, 2013
After reading many reviews on grinders under $150, I chose to purchase this grinder. I am primarily grinding a dark roast bean, coarse settings, for French Press coffee. This is not the grinder for this application. In attempting to grind only 2 oz. of beans it was taking upwards of 3 minutes to grind, and, more dangerously having to put one's fingers into the hopper to force the beans into the burr. I followed the company's website and made adjustments to the speed of the burr grinder, but to no avail. I contacted Baritza directly. Their Technical Consultant was very good, but expressed that a dark, large, oily bean is a known problem with this machine and would not recommend it. He did say this problem does not exist in the next more advanced machine, the Virtuoso, which also carries a $100 more price tag. I am sorry to say but I will be returning this machine as it does not perform as indicated.
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on November 28, 2014
Worked for about 1 container. Was so loud we couldn't talk. The motor froze. Upon inspection I found a piece of metal in the burr. Then I checked the container and found a second piece of metal in it. I just need to find out how to return it.
review image
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