Customer Reviews: Perry Suspender Men's 1.5" Elastic Original Adjustable Suspenders
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on February 22, 2006
It was a good buy if I had paid attention.

These suspenders have a hook on the end to place on a belt.

I wear suspender to eliminate a belt which I can not wear.

You can see the hooks at the end of them, but I have never seen them on suspenders before and did not know they hooked on a belt.

The product is a good value if you do also wear a belt.
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on February 15, 2013
My husband really likes these suspenders because his pants aren't pulled up above his belt, and the straps are strong elastic. The belt clips are heavy plastic & hold on to his belt very well; except, when he lowers his pants, they fall off his belt.

We do have one MAJOR ANNOYANCE with these suspenders. The backpiece is light tan leather embossed with "Perry" in VERY LARGE LETTERS -- plus their patent numbers! The backpiece sticks out like a sore thumb. It's very tacky. He's gotten negative remarks. For this reason, we give the suspenders 3-stars.

The underside of the backpiece is a nice, dark piece of leather. Rather than force the wearer to be an unpaid walking billboard, "Perry" should reverse the leather backpiece. Put the light tan leather with the brand name & patent numbers on the underside. Let the wearer tell where he got them. Showcase the craftsmanship of the suspenders with the more attractive, rich leather.

SOLUTION: To hide the tacky, large Perry logo & reveal the dark leather side of the backpiece, my husband decided to reverse the way he wears the suspenders. The now exposed dark leather backpiece looks so, so much better. Unexpectedly, my husband got two more benefits to reversing the suspenders. One, the clip on the belt is less noticeable & more appealing because the bulk of the bracket is hidden behind the belt. Two, because the bulk of the clip is between the belt & pants, it no longer slips off the belt when he lowers his pants. Really, Perry should reverse the belt clip to make all their suspenders attach to the belt this way - the belt clip is much more secure on the belt - and less prominent.

There is one small downside to wear-reversing the suspenders. The front strap adjustment brackets are reversed. But, the other three advantages of wearing the suspenders "wrong-side out", far out weigh this one hardly noticeable reversal flaw.
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on February 2, 2009
I have liked suspenders but was always been disapointed when the clips slipped off at the wrong time. I tried as many diffrent kinds but never found any that that lasted for more then a few mounths. With the Perry Work Suspender the problem solved! They work! Heavey clips hook on ones belt and are the best answer so far. Good for plummers and anyone who tends to show a peak-a-boo crack and they are sharp looking too. As a photographer it means one less problem in the field.
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on February 10, 2010
I wear these Perry suspenders every day, and they really do the job.
My pants used to slide down all the time, and I got tired of cinching my belt tighter, which did not help.
My waist is finally larger than my hips, so my pants were destined to slide down.
These suspenders are first-class, in both design and quality.
I can loosen my belt and my pants stay right there.
I recommend them highly.
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on October 13, 2012
I like these suspenders. I'll be buying more. I always wear a belt and these suspenders require you do so. They DO NOT work without a belt. I carry various items requiring a belt(flashlight holster, belt knife, multitool, gun holster, cell phone, etc), so these are perfect. The snap on type are awkward and not dependable. The press to close snaps frequently come loose. The only way to make them secure is to snap them on your belt! But, then, you cannot adjust your belt. I am retired so I usually wear jeans. With snap on 'spenders I have to put the belt on the pants, snap the back straps on two of the belt loops(because they are thicker and hold the snap better), snap the front snaps on two front belt loops, then try to keep from tangling the 'spenders while sliding my pants on. These Perry 'spenders are much easier. Put on your pants & belt. While standing, hook the two front clips under your belt, one on each side. The two back straps are connected, like a "Y". Place it over your head and slip the single, two prong clip under your belt in the back. IT"S EASY! Even for me, since a stroke left one arm and hand weak and has difficulty with dexterity. I am 6' even and 190#. There's plenty of adjustment for the straps. Get a pair & try them out.
10/17/12 I just ordered another pair. I've quit wearing my snap on ones.
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on December 23, 2009
These are the best suspenders ever made. They don't catch on anything or tear the seats in your car, and they stay put.
Highly recommended AAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!1
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon January 12, 2015
> As a active geezer with no waist, I wanted to be able to be able to carry around water bottles or tools from my belt without my pants falling down.
> Actually, my pants don't fall completely down, but I often find myself walking on the cuffs of my pants and ruining them. I also find myself constantly having to "hitch up" my pants, with my shirt riding up.

> Perry suspenders MUST be worn with a substantial (reasonably thick and wide) belt.
>> I use them with 1 1/4" wide military-type fabric belts and similar elastic fabric belts, and they work fine. They'd probably work with any thick leather belt over 3/4" wide.
>> If your belt isn't thick enough, you can probably use the "velvet" part (only) of "stick-on" Velcro as a spacer on the inside of the clip.

> The Perry suspenders solve my problems, and are more comfortable than I expected.
> "Standard" fits my 5'10' height fine, and would probably fit anyone up to 6' 6" or so.
> Perry seems to be the only brand that clips onto belts without nasty metal clips or awkward stringy attachments.
> One review suggest clipping them on backwards so that the "Perry" logo and information do not show. Actually, that seems like the most logical way to install them. But, in fact, it doesn't work, because the back clip can only go one way straddling the central beltloop.

> Put the suspenders in place, unclipped, with the back suspender hanging down your back. Let it hand down in back as far as you can.
> Secure the back clip first, with half of each clip on each side of your central back belt loop.
> Secure the front clips.
> Note that you need to unhook all three hooks to go to the toilet, albeit you can leave them (unhooked) on your shoulders. If you try any half-way unhooking, you are likely to wind up with one or more of the ends in the toilet.
> Note that you can only use suspenders with tucked-in shirts. They don't work with sweat-shirts, or tee-shirts, flannel shirts, or fishing-shirts worn "out".
> Take some care choosing colors, since these will be rubbing against your shirt, and possibly transferring pigment etc. I am sure that they are colorfast, but even so, I wouldn't wear black or navy-blue suspenders with a white shirt. I choose "tan" because it matches the khaki pants I usually wear, and is unlikely to stain my shirts.

> The 1 1/2" suspenders feel a little too springy for me. That is, too elastic. If I tighten them up to the point that I feel support, they are pulling unevenly and look ridiculous. I've learned to wear them loosely, and to my surprise, so far that has been good enough for hiking with a water bottle, but I doubt that they will be adequate for carrying around heavy tools. Next time, I'll try the 2" version.
> Some pants have very wide belt loops, in which case securing the back clip can be a little difficult.

> Endless other reviewers squawk, "What's the point of suspenders if you have to wear a belt?"
> Answer, "Plenty". I find the combination of a soft flexible belt (which with a military-type buckle is infinitely adjustable Web Belt Military Style with Brass Buckle and Tip 54" Long Many Colors) with optional suspenders to be the best of all worlds. I can wear my belt loose in appropriate situations with or without suspenders. I can carry around "stuff" on my belt without having to overtighten my belt when I use the suspenders. Even tight the flexible fabric belts do not cut into my gut (as do some wide leather belts). And finally you can get military buckles in zinc or plastic which do not set off metal detectors.

> Click on “Stoney” just below the product title to see my other reviews, or leave a comment to ask a question.
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on February 18, 2015
I totally agree with katybug on everything she reviewed on these suspenders however I think I found a very good alternative to wearing them inside-out. First of all the back strap hooked on a belt inside-out will be off centered because the hook is backward it wont hook over the back belt loop properly and looks awkward. Second, if you need to adjust them after a period of time you can't because they will be backward. You would have to take them off to do adjustments properly. The leather back piece at the Y is UG-LEE!! and raw tan colored. I thought about this a while and came up with the idea of dying it black! All of my button suspenders have a polished black piece so why can't this one? I found some Kiwi black liquid wax shoe polish in my cabinet and applied it liberally. The raw leather soaked it right in and the polish left a semi-glossy shine. You can still see the PERRY emblem but it isn't near as noticeable (See attached photo).
Also it depends on the thickness of the belt whether or not the clips slip off when removing the pants. I wear a Dockers Men's 30mm Glazed Top Braided belt and it is rather thick so the slipping off part isn't a problem for me.
One other note - The back strap at the bottom of the "Y" is 2 inches wide whether you purchase the 1/12 or 2 in suspenders. I guess maybe for extra support in the back because of there only being one strap. All my other suspenders aren't made this way. For this reason (along with the ugly back piece) I give these suspenders 3 stars.
review image
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on June 26, 2013
This is the first time I have ever owned a pair and I like them.
I really don't have anything to offer as far as a review of these
compared to others on the market. The look good. The only
reason I gave it 4 stars is because of the leather on the back.
I'm not a huge fan of Leather with name brands printed on them
but that is the compromise I made to have this style of Suspenders.
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on April 10, 2015
I really like how these suspenders hook to the belt instead of to the pants. Works great for me. (I wear them under a pullover shirt which covers both the suspenders and the belt.)

One star off for the leather patch in the back. My back sweats under the leather, requiring me to wear an undershirt I would rather not wear most of the time.
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