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on December 27, 2003
This is arguably Britney Spears' best albums to date. Definitely her most accomplished and mature, the songs are a fuse of pop and R&B. The CD has a Madonna (Ray Of Light era) or Kylie Minogue-ish feel to it, especially on the song "Breathe On Me". The song "Toxic" is probably the best song on the album, even better than the almost classic "Me Against The Music" featuring Madonna. The two bonus tracks on this edition of the disk are awesome. The are becoming my favourites out of even the non-bonus songs. The bonus songs (I don't include the "Me Against The Music" remix, because it is a standard bonus on all disks) are "The Answer" and "Don't Hang Up". Both songs are really good. They both have more of a pop feel, especially "Don't Hang Up". I find "Don't Hang Up" to be the better of the two bonus disk, but "The Answer" fits in more with the vibe of the rest of the CD. The 2 bonus tracks included on this edition of "In The Zone" are worth the extra bucks. Highly recommended, even if you get the standard edition. ENJOY!!!!!
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on January 10, 2004
It's really a shame that this new album is on track to be her worst selling record to date, because it is truly the best work that she has put forward. Brit had a hand in writing most of the songs on this album, and it is a nice change to hear her belt out a tune that is close to her heart. We have all heard about the "Justin song", which is the second to the last track titled, "Everytime". Yet I haven't heard tell of the song "Shadow" that is heartwrenching and obviously about a true love lost. "Toxic" is an awesome dance song with a great beat. The two overtly sexual songs "Touch Of My Hand" and "Breathe On Me" are seductive and lulling as well as tastefully done. Pure mood music. The maturity of these two songs is apparent and relatable to women of all ages. "The Hook Up" is her first attempt at rapping and is quite catchy, a club song that you can really shake your ass to. I highly suggest this album, even if you are not a Britney fan. She has put forth a tremendous effort and it shows. Give the girl a chance, it's well worth the money.
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on November 18, 2003
Wow! What a surprise. This is the first time I can honestly say I can listen to a whole album by her. The teen queen has done what I think many thought would never happen. She has crossed over to adulthood and took her music with her.
The album has a Madonna/Kylie vibe going for it. Stand out cut for me is "Everytime" I just listen tho this track over and over.
"I Got The Boom Boom" will be a radio SMASH and "Breath On Me" will be HUGE in clubs. My other two favorite tracks are "Shawdow" & "Brave New Girl".
Awesome album! Good going Brit!
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on August 20, 2004
In the year of 2003 Britney returned to the music scene from her wild year of antics with the infamous MTV kiss with Madonna. In November 2003 Britney released her stunning Cd 'In The Zone'. Britney released her best album yet. She transformed herself from a sexy young teenager to a provocative young woman. In the Zone takes listeners though a journey of different styles of music. From Hard hitting dance tracks, to dirty ghetto Hip Hop to viby trance tracks to beautiful peaceful ballads. This album shows Britney at her best. This album made critics label her "The New Madonna".

Me Against The Music - This is the lead single from the album. It is the infamous duet featuring Madonna. It is a hard hitting club dance track, very different from what is on the radios these days. The track is just about being in a club and being oblivious to everyone and freestyling. This is my 2nd Favourite track on the album and one of my favourite songs of all time. 10/10

(I Got That) Boom Boom - This track is an Up-tempo Hip Hop track perfect for the clubs. The track has also has an Indian vibe to it. This track features the Ying Yang Twins, which gives the track a dirty ghetto, feel to it. This song is my 3rd Favourite song on the album, and is one of the best Hip Hop songs I have ever heard. 10/10

Showdown - The famous UK producers Bloodshy & Avant produced this track. It is a great sexy dance track which features Britney whispering "I don't wanna be a tease. Would you undo my zipper please" This track is done very well. Again very unique. 9.5/10

Breathe On Me - This song is very club-savvy orientated and is one of the most sensual tracks on the album. The song has a HOT beat and is reminiscent to Kylie's Can't Get You Out Of My Head. This track describes the intensity of a relationship so hot that they don't even need to touch, just breathe. This is my Favourite track on the album and one of my favourite songs of all time. I can automatically see this song go #1 if it is released. 10/10

Early Mornin - The second this track commences you will automatically know that it is Moby produced. This track is very sexy and has a trance feel to it. The song is very vibey and is about the next morning after a big night out. 7/10

Toxic - This is the second single from the album which is produced by Bloodshy & Avant. The song is HOT and fits Britney perfectly. The track is a hard hitting dance track which could easily be used as the theme song to Alias or the next bond movie. Critics are describing it the best song Britney has released since I'm A Slave For You. I love this track so much because of its uniqueness. 10/10

Outrageous - This is a typical R&B penned track. The second the song commences you will automatically realise it is R Kelly produced. This song is again perfect for the clubs and has an Indian vibe to it. The chorus is very catchy. 9.5/10

Touch Of My Hard -This is the most sensual song on the album. This song is a beautiful dance ballad reminiscent to Madonna's The Power Of Goodbye. This song is an ode to self-love. Although this song is not dirty at all, it is Britney's most mature song to date and has a sexy vibe to it. This is definitely a stand out track on the album. 10/10.

The Hook-Up - Redzone, the famous team behind the Britney/Madonna duet, produced this track. This song has an R&B reggae feel to it and is fairly uptempo. This track takes some getting used to but when your hooked your definelty hooked. 9/10

Shadow - This track is a beautiful ballad produced by The Matrix. This is very reminiscent to Avril's I'm With You. This track shows Britney's vocals at its best. 9/10

Brave New Girl - reminds me of her earlier stuff, Lucky in particular 10/10

Every Time - This track is absolutely stunning. Britney shines in this tale of heartbreak. This is definitely one of the most beautiful ballads ever written by not only Britney herself but of all time. The simple harmony makes you feel the words and the pain Britney has felt. This is a Guy Sigsworth produced ballad. 10/10

Me Against The Music (Remix) - This is remix to the First Single. The song was remixed by Peter Rishi and an Indian vibe has been added to it. The song is still very clubby and is probably one of the best remixes I have ever heard. 10/10

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on May 1, 2005
When Britney released this album in 2003, everything changed for her with her music. Instead of bubbly-pop music lilke her previous albums, she got into techno-pop, RnB, ballads, pop, and everything in between.

Her first single off that album "Me against the Music" proved that Britney still has staying power in the everchanging world of pop music. The song dueted with Madonna won best dance single of the year of the Billboard awards. This song defiently deserved that award!

Her second single and probably her second most known song (behind her first smash hit, Baby one more time) Toxic proved once again that Britney can rule the Billboard charts 100, her peak point was #9! The Video for this song is on the DualDisk and its awesome! Directed by Joseph Kahn, the video depicts Britney in a women out for revenge! Also a airplain waitress, motorcycle vixon, and a diamond beauty! This song is still playing everywhere and several remixes and covers of this song surfaced after this song came out! So I suppose Britney is quite popular (or this song) with the rock bands such as Local H!

Her third single, a powerful ballad, Everytime came as a suprise to everyone! The Video showed Britney vulernable to Love! The orignal Plot of the video was Britney taking pills and getting an overdose due to the pills. But MTV and everyone else said it would be to dangerous since her fans' age, so the video is showed Britney's head bleeding due to a unknown thing and Britney drowing but during the video, she is reborn into a baby! But then at the end Britney comes up from the water smiling. The video is quite amazing and one of Brit's best!

Her Fourth single "Outrageous" had a terrible fate. During the shooting of this video, Britney's knee broke and she had to get surgey, causing her to cancel this video shoot and the rest of her Onyx Hotel Tour! But this song got radio play despite no video and was on the White Chicks soundtrack!

Also included in the DualDisk, is Britney's meagamix video! 6 glorious years of Britney warped into a four minute video! Very awesome video indeed!!!!

Despite her Ups and Downs now and days, Everybody knows that Britney will come back stonger than ever and take the world by storm once again. Only time can tell for the Princess of Pop!
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on February 24, 2004
2003's ''In The Zone'' saw pop princess Britney Spears release her most mature album to date. The bubblegum offerings are replaced with a sting of club-oriented instalments and a tougher, yet sensual sound dominating the disc. Perhaps the urge for evolving both personally and artistic, she felt the need to explore different music styles and working with current producers. I'm for once glad she did. ''In The Zone'' is a more solid effort than its predecessors. It's evident the musical quality is better than those of her previously released records, however her voice still leaves a bit to desire on ''In The Zone''. Perhaps we may see an improvement in the years to come as I'm sure Britney will still be relevant on the music scene in some way or another.
The album opens with the lead single ''Me Against The Music''. The song saw the two pop tarts Britney and Madonna in perhaps the most anticipated duet of the last couple of years. One would think these two sassy ladies would have come up with a more interesting collaboration, but sadly it wasn't so. The song does have its moments-a somewhat catchy hook and the ''In The Zone'' bit, however the collaboration still remains a disappointment to this reviewer. Surely there are stronger tracks on ''In The Zone''. It puzzles me why ''Me Against The Music'' was chosen as the first single lifted off the album, perhaps the Queen of Reinvention appearance on the offering had much to do with the decision.
Another highlight would include the current top 20 hit single in the US ''Toxic''. This erotic slice of pop perfection screams hit from a distance. Even non-Britney lovers feel force to admit ''Toxic'' is indeed catchy and one of Britney's best songs to date. I believe Cathy Dennis who penned ''Can't Get You Out Of My Head'' wrote ''Toxic'' for Miss. Spears. It's is expect to hit the top 10 within the next couple of weeks and it's already a massive hit in Europe, giving Britney top 10 positions in several countries. ''In The Zone'' consists of Britney's most interesting and perhaps best song to date, the infectious ''Breathe On Me''. Its Kylie/Madonna-eqsue quality may gain Britney liaisons of new-found admirers if this sensual festival is offered as a single release with a super sexy video accompany it and knowing Britney, she will try her best to do exact that. The moaning and her raspy voice works extremely well with the music and perhaps this is the music direction Britney should focus on in the coming years.
Others songs deservedly of a mention are ''Early Morning'' and ''Showdown''. The former is a Moby production, which is clearly evident upon hearing the song. The electronic slow-burner is enjoyable and hopefully Miss Spears and Moby may do more work in the future. ''Showdown'' has a killer beat and it's definitely worthy of a single release. The reggae-inspired boogie romp is among the stronger tracks on ''In The Zone'' and a personal favourite of mine. ''Touch Of My Hand'' is set to catch several listeners' attention with its subject- that of masturbation. Looks like Britney isn't so innocent anymore huh?
''Everytime'' seems to be Britney's rebuttal to her former ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake. It's clearly one of her better vocal performance. Her voice isn't drowned in the production of the music and it's refreshing to hear some melody and real instruments on ''In The Zone''.
However ''In The Zone'' does have its weak moments-the silly upbeat I Got That (Boom Boom), the R. Kelly-penned ''Outrageous'', the un-inspired ''Brave New Girl'' and the annoying ''The Hook-Up''. Despite the weak material may not be entirely enjoyable at times, ''In The Zone'' has several good offerings for the listener.
It's evident that Britney isn't among the best vocalist, but neither is Madonna, Kylie or Janet. Those three ladies compensate in other areas and they are still regarded by millions to be among the top notch divas. Having said that Britney doesn't compare to any of those feisty ladies, however she still has years to prove her worth in the music department. She may surprise you in the years to come, you never know.
''In The Zone'' sees Britney attempting to find a music style that suits her, however she doesn't quite succeed just yet. The next couple of years will determinate whether or not Britney finds her niche. The overproduced sound is evident on several songs and her voice may be annoying to a few listeners, but overall ''In The Zone'' is a tolerable release.
Overall Rate: 6.5/10
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on November 21, 2003
I'm tired of all these so called 'music experts' who are so far above listening to Britney that they come on just to complain about her...don't make much sense to me.
I'm also tired of people saying that Britney lacks depth and diversity...who cares, did she ever once say that this album was on the same level as Bob Dylan or something? No, she said that this was a dance album, pure and simple. And that's what it is, and it's a great one at that. Yeesh, she's like 21, not 60. Even if she was singing about life, nature, politics, would u take her advice since your so against her anyway? Didn't think so.
Stand outs are, Toxic, Breathe On Me, Early Mornin' and the remix of 'Me Against The Music'.
The albums got great beats, great hooks, great songs, and the liner pictures are nice...;)
I say good for you Britney, give all those 'I'm above listening to Britney' people (who listen to The Clash and The Strokes because they think they have to) more to cry about.
Five out of Five
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on November 18, 2003
Okay, so Britney doesn't have the most beautiful voice on the planet, but she knows what beats and sounds mix well with it. Out of the four albums that she has put out so far, this is clearly her best one. Although the lyrics aren't deep and profound, most of the songs on here are pretty upbeat and get your head bobbin'. Her new album is all about letting loose and just having FUN! And if people can't appreciate the fact that music should also have this kind of affect on people, then obviously this album is not for them. But if you are, then you should definitely get this album! If you're stuck in traffic, doing some chores around the house, or even working out, then start playing this CD because time will fly by a lot faster with this new album. And don't forget to put it on repeat! =0)
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on November 21, 2003
Track-by-Track Review:
1. Me Against The Music featuring Madonna - Probably one of the worst songs off the album. It was a good single for the kick off with of course, Madonna, but you're sick of it by the time you get the album. 6/10
2. (I Got That) Boom Boom featuring The Ying Yang Twins - This is a great R&B song. I think the choice of the Ying Yang Twins wasn't too great, because I think that their raps are complete trash. Despite the rap, this song deserves applause. 8/10
3. Showdown - This song ventures off into more of a Caribbean beat. It's very daring. I'm not exactly feeling the coo-ing in the verses, but the chorus is pure gold. 7/10
4. Breathe On Me - Everyone says this is the highlight of the album, but I'm not too sure of it. It sounds kind of like Kylie Minogue's Can't Get You Out Of My Head. I don't think that Britney's voice is very fit for dance/trance tracks. A good try. 7/10
5. Early Mornin' - I think that Britney's choice to collaborate with Moby was fantastic. I'm not exactly a Moby fan, but the outcome of the alternative Early Mornin' is definitely fantastic. My only reccomendation is that Britney could have sung a little louder so the backup singers wouldn't swallow her up. 9/10
6. Toxic - I first heard this on her MTV Special, and this song persuaded me to buy the album. This is very unique and completely caught my attention. I'm not sure what makes it so great but it's the highlight of the album. 9/10
7. Outrageous - R. Kelly's urban masterpiece is also a highlight. Even though the lyrics are a bit pushing-it, it sure is a sign of Britney's maturity. Outrageous breaks the hip-hop line and by far stays behind it. 9/10
8. Touch Of My Hand - Thanks but no thanks. I think it's a try at nothing and a big miss. 3/10
9. The Hook Up - The Hook Up competes with Eastern-flavored beats and contaigous reggae. This song is original and a best. It's a great example of that Britney can try new things and succeed at the fullest. 8/10
10. Shadow - I don't know what it is, but on this album I'm just not in the mood for ballads. I don't think that this song at all excelled what it was meant to win over. Yeah, OK I'll give her some credit for co-penning it, but otherwise I'm not interested. 4/10
11. Brave New Girl - Britney sure is brave on this track. She starts rapping at the beginning (which I think is pretty good, if I do say so myself), but then it just goes away and it turns into this tune you'd hear on the ...Baby One More Time album. So it's mediocre. I thought the whole point of this album was to grow up. 7/10
12. Everytime - we enter the world of touching ballads. This song is very nice and is a perfect end. It is without a doubt Britney's best work of songwriting off this whole album and that stinker Dear Diary (see Oops! I Did It Again). Good job, Brit. 8/10
13. Me Against The Music (Rishi Rich's Desi Kulcha Remix) - I personally prefer it over the original, but most people aren't interested. It is a superb remix (actually one of the best I've ever heard) and it doesn't drag on for 10 minutes. 9/10
Overall, 7.2/10. Pretty good but could've been better. Too bad there's no enhanced section, etc. I can't exactly whether you should buy it or not because everyone should find out for themselves. This is a love or hate situation and you could go either way on IN THE ZONE.
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on June 27, 2004
Britney Spears, everyone knows her. They know the kiss, the marriage, the publicity, but do they really know her. Britney has done an outstanding job on her 4th studio album 'In The Zone', which is predicted to sell over 4 million copies in the US alone beating out it's precedor 'Britney'. 'In The Zone' debuted at #1 and has had consistent sales. Maybe it's because she has ditched the teen pop image leaving behind longtime producer Max Martin. Maybe it's because she co-wrote 9/13 songs on the album. Maybe it's because the singles on this album have done so well on the radio. 'Me Against The Music' reached #35 on the Billboard Hot 100 & #2 in the UK. But, 'Toxic' was the real hit on this album going to #9 on the Billboard Hot 100 & giving Britney her 4th UK #1. Toxic was an anthem for the new pop world. Now her 3rd single 'Everytime' shocked everyone. People who had never listened to Britney before opened ears for this song. Toxic gained Britney a lot of fans but, Everytime gave Britney a lot of respect. Everytime is Britney's 5th UK #1 & is steadily climbing the Billboard Hot 100 at #15. Britney's 4th single 'Outrageous' has yet to be released due to a knee injury making the video. From there she has had to cancel her tour, & postpone this new single with a new version feat. Snoop Dogg. Britney has also gotten engaged. People look at her as if shes a robot and has no feelings but Britney cant go on Overdrive all the time. I assume after Outrageous & a possible 5th single (I Got That Boom Boom or Breathe On Me), Britney will take a break sit down in a new relationship and come back fresh and new. To shock the world and show she is the best female entertainer this world has ever known.
In The Zone
1.) Me Against The Music feat. Madonna (Trixster & Penelope Magnet) (Co-Written By: Britney Spears)
Review: Very different from the old Britney. Madonna gives this song life and the dances in the video and stage performance are edgy and new.
2.) (I Got That) Boom Boom feat. Ying Yang Twins (Roy 'Royalty' Hamilton)
Review: Britney doing hip-hop? Is not a bad thing. This song is not cheesy as some might think. Ying Yang Twins were a great addition to this song. And Britney has reached the Urban radio with this song.
3.) Showdown (Bloodshy & Avant) (Co-Written By: Britney Spears)
Review: This used to be my favorite song off the album. I love the way it is. The instrumental and vocals fit perfectly. Sounds like its like screw everyone ill do what I want.
4.) Breathe On Me (Mark Taylor)
Review: This has to be one of the best Britney songs. It's like Kylie but sounds better and different. It's so sexual. Britney really makes this song sound good.
5.) Early Mornin' (Moby) (Co-Written By: Britney Spears)
Review: Moby & Britney! I never saw this coming. Most Britney fans dont like this song that much but, I think it's great. It's got a great beat and is very trip-hop.
6.) Toxic (Bloodshy & Avant)
Review: Words cannot describe how holy this song is to the music world. The strins, the chorus, its a totally new and different Britney. The video is amazing. It's so dark but, still pop at heart.
7.) Outrageous (R. Kelly)
Review: More hip-hop. Except I like this one better than Boom Boom. It has the beat, the lyrics, & R. Kelly is just amazing.
8.) Touch Of My Hand (Jimmy Harry & Shep Soloman) (Co-Written By: Britney Spears)
Review: This song is very good. The asian music adds to it and it's another stage of Britney. She has done something no one has done in a long time. Talked about things no one has talked about.
9.) The Hook Up (Trixster & Penelope Magnet) (Co-Written By: Britney Spears)
Review: Reggae. Yes, Britney also pulls reggae off. This is such a dance-able song. I love it.
10.) Shadow (The Matrix) (Co-Written By: Britney Spears)
Review: The 1st ballad on the album and Britney sings it so well. She has broken out of her shell.
11.) Brave New Girl (Brian & Josh) (Co-Written By: Britney Spears)
Review: This is pop song on the album. Not really my favorite but adds the icing on the cake.
12.) Everytime (Guy Sigsworth) (Co-Written By: Britney Spears)
Review: The best song on the album, written by Britney 2 1/2 years ago, and still damn good. It has a dark element to it. and it shows another side of Britney.
13.) Me Against The Music feat. Madonna (Rishi Rich's Desi Kulcha Remix) (Trixster & Penelope Magnet, Rishi Rich) (Co-Written By: Britney Spears)
Review: More middle-eastern than the original version but, still good
The Answer (P. Diddy) - P. Diddy produced. This is such a good song. It's more urban than other ballads. I like it. Bonus Track on UK Edition of 'In The Zone'.
Don't Hang Up - Ballad. It's a very good song. I like it a lot. Bonus Track on UK Edition of 'In The Zone'.
(I've Just Begun) Havin' My Fun - This is pop just like 'Brave New Girl'. It still adds an element of pop to the album.
Girls & Boys (Linda Perry) - I love this song. Linda Perry produced it. And she did a damn good job. This is like 'Breathe On Me', 'Early Mornin', & 'Touch Of My Hand' mixed together in a blender. The beats and vocals are awsome.
Overall 'In The Zone' is one of Britney's biggest successes. Seeing other artist come & go. Britney has staying power and will be around for a long time. The 5th album is gonna be awsome.
PS - if you dont like this album, your lying.
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