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on December 7, 2011
Hi all. I do not believe in the perfect stroller. I wish it existed but I do not believe it does. So instead I look for *good* strollers. This jogger is a *good* stroller. Not perfect, but good. And considering the price, I think it is a *great* value.

I have owned this stroller for 4 months now and have used it 10-15 miles per week. I have a 3-year-old and a 10-month-old and they both fit comfortably in it. The seats are always slightly reclined - my toddler can't sit fully upright in it - but I believe that is for safety. When you are running as fast as I am (ha!) then it is better for the children to be slightly reclined so that their heads don't bob around.

Features I love:
* The 180-degree swiveling canopy is awesome. That really is what makes this stroller good. I like being able to easily adjust the canopy with one hand while jogging to shade my baby's eyes.
* This stroller moves very smoothly. It is easy to push and to steer.
* It comes with a tether strap that you can put around your wrist.
* The front wheel can be either fixed or swivel. I use it in swivel all the time, but some joggers like a fixed wheel.
* It can accommodate large children. My toddler has always been in the 90+ percentile for height and at 35 pounds he still fits comfortably in the seat.
* It actually makes you run faster - at least when running downhill! You try running slowly when trailing 80+ pounds of stroller and child! The stroller itself weighs ~30 pounds. Yes, I held it while standing on the bathroom scale. It is big but not overly bulky. I have been able to lift it into the back of our minivan without too much trouble. I can *almost* flip it open with one hand. Not quite, but maybe with some more practice I might be able to do it.
* It comes with two cupholders for mom/dad.

Features that if improved would turn it from a *good* stroller to a *GREAT* stroller:
* The back wheel gears are very close to the brakes. If you roll over a very bumpy surface while jogging - like going off a low curb - the wheels will pop up and "catch" the brakes and make the stroller jiggle and vibrate. I have to slow down for a second to make the ride smoother so the wheels won't pop up into the brakes.
* There is a bar across the basket underneath. I usually only put small items when jogging, but if I wanted to put large items like a large diaper bag it would be challenging because of that bar. Not sure why it is there. It doesn't *need* to be there. They could easily re-design it so it isn't blocking the basket. Some engineer just wasn't thinking about that when s/he designed it.
* The storage case in the handle bar is too small for a cell phone! I can store my keys in there and the garage door opener, but not a cell phone or an iPod. I usually put those in the cupholders. Once again, not sure what the engineer was thinking who designed that.

Like I said, I don't believe in the perfect stroller, but this is a darn good value. I'm not interested in spending 3x the price of this stroller for a fancy double jogger that may or may not actually be much better than this. I read a lot of reviews of different double joggers before buying this one, and even the "high end" strollers had some negative reviews. I wasn't willing to spend tons more money on a stroller that still wouldn't be perfect.

I'm very satisfied with this and have had *no* problems with it that other reviewers have mentioned - like the front wheel being loose, or the particle board in the seats breaking. It is a good value for the price and for that reason - along with the amazing swiveling canopy - I would recommend it.

By the way, other reviewers have said that a standard bike pump is not sufficient to pump up the tires on the stroller. I have found that my standard Schwinn bike pump works just fine. I did buy the Zefal Mini Multi Sort Bicycle Frame Pump from this site because it has a pump nozzle on the end of a flexible hose and can reach into tight spaces. Another reviewer recommended it as being necessary to pump up this stroller. It is a great little pump but I have not found it to be necessary for this stroller.

Update 4/15/2013

We have now had this stroller for two years and use it multiple times a week. Everything is still in tact - nothing has broken. It was involved in a crash - daddy tried to jump a curb running at full speed. The stroller flipped over but both kids stayed strapped in and they did not get injured.

My oldest is now almost 5 - weighs 40 pounds and is in the 98th percent for height - and still fits in the stroller.

Overall I highly recommend this jogging stroller.
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on February 13, 2011
I love everything about this stroller: the price, the canopies, the fact that you can set the front wheel from stationary to swivel, it's not too wide for the mall or too small for my 3 year old, there is a drink holder and tray for each one of my kids, as well as two for my husband and I, the fabric is nice, and best of all it has great maneuverability!
HOWEVER, I only gave this stroller 3 stars instead of 5 because of the craftsmanship of the backrests. They are made of particleboard and break VERY easily. If you order this product be very careful when folding it up (make sure backrests are on top of handle)or when tightening the harnesses for your kids because too much force will break the backrest in half. The first time a backrest broke I notified InStep and they sent me a new a one at no charged and I replaced it. The replacement backrest also broke recently and instead of getting another replacement I am just going to replace the backrest boards with thick plastic or plywood - something that won't break so easily.
I hope that InStep finds another more durable material to make the backrests with. If they do, it's definitely a 5 star stroller!
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on April 17, 2013
I have bought this stroller twice. The first one was stolen at Disneyland (we now use a snowboard lock!). I tried the Joovy Big Caboose, but our 2, 3 and 5 year olds just made it way too heavy and cumbersome (2 of our kids are way above average in height). This stroller is fantastic with a Buggy Board attached to accommodate 3 young kids. I was giddy with delight when I sold the Big Caboose and got this stroller again!

This new one has some very nice updates. The material in the back of the seats is pressboard now, which is evident from the warning label about it possibly containing formaldehyde (standard government warning, don't freak out, just don't eat it). I'm not sure what was in there before, but it was more flexible and I had read other reviews about it folding under the weight of a child.

Another update is that the valve to pump up the front tire is now angled outward on one side. This is great! It was very difficult to get the pump to plug in through the small area between the big plastic spokes. This makes it much easier!

This one I'm not sure about: it seems that the storage space underneath is a little higher off the ground. In the first stroller I had sewn a couple of strips of fabric to pull up the front of the storage space up (wrapped the fabric around the bar at the front of the compartment and stitched it to the compartment). That kept it from dragging on the ground whenever I went over a slight bump. I did the same thing with this one right off, before we even used it, but it seemed that it was already higher up.

Here are my pros and cons, for the things I care about most:

* Very easy to maneuver - swivel wheel is the way to go unless you're a big time jogger on straight and smooth streets.
* Easy to fold, easy to lift (though heavy).
* Fits in the back of my 2011 Town and Country without having to put any seats down and without having to take off any wheels or trays.
* Fits through most doorways (if it won't fit, then where you're going is probably not a good place to bring this beast of a stroller anyway).
* Can attach a Buggy Board Maxi to the back for a toddler.
* Parent tray, parent tray, parent tray!!! And it fits just about any cup, not just skinny bottles of water.
* The fully adjustable individual visors are awesome! And I love that each kid can fix his own they way he likes.
* The high handlebar is perfect. I am 5'8 and my husband is 5'11. A high handlebar is essential.
* Very durable!! I see so many reviews that complain about the materials feeling flimsy. Yes, they do. What do you expect in a stroller style that other companies sell for $600?? But not one thing broke in our first one in the 1 1/2 years of abuse and heavy use. (expect for the cup holder rings, which didn't "break," per se - discussed below) Bottom line is, it may feel a little cheap, but it doesn't look cheap and it holds up VERY well.

* It's about 1 inch wider than the mandated width for wheelchair access. If they could just make it 1 inch narrower then it would fit through any business' door.
* For some reason they decided to make a ring around the cup holders of the parent tray detachable. I don't see why it can't be one molded piece. The stupid rings pop off all the time, and with our old stroller we just gave up and threw them away after about 2 months. I'm willing to take bets to see how long these ones last, if anyone's interested.
* As a matter of preference, I would like to have the child trays optional. Our kids don't really use them, and they get in the way of your kid getting in and out on their own. Pushing the button to open them or aligning them just right to close them isn't possible for little ones without pinching fingers. We chose not to put them on this time around, but it looks dumb. I'm going to try to find something to put over the three protruding parts to make it look nicer - maybe a golf club cozy or whatever you call those silly things people put on their golf clubs.
* The footrest thing in the front could be wider at the front-most point. That would make it more comfy for the kids. I'm thinking trapezoid, not triangle.


* Get this lock if you'll be using your stroller at an amusement park or anywhere where it will be left unattended. Don't learn the hard way like we did!! Abus Combiloop 205 Cable lock -

* Get a small hand pump and keep it with you! We keep it in the bottom of the stroller at all times. I have to fill the tires every couple of months. We got this one: (the Zefal Mini Multi Sort Bicycle Frame Pump). But I recommend a dual action pump. In hindsight that would have been wiser. And now that they fixed the front wheel issue, you don't have to be so picky about finding one that fits in to reach the valve.
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on May 30, 2011
I researched double jogging strollers long and hard before I purchased this one. I tried to find a used stroller, but didn't have much luck. In the end, I'm glad I spent a little extra and got this one.

Assembly was a snap (literally) until I got to putting the front wheel on. That wasn't so easy. Had to have my husband do it--and he didn't have an easy time of it either (but he's not a real handyman kind of guy, either). He put it on wrong, though, and it fell off while I was out walking with the kids. Luckily no one was injured, and it happened where there was a kind man who helped me get it back on. He informed me that it was on wrong (he didn't have the tools with him to put it on correctly), and that we'd need 2 wrenches to get it on right. I showed my husband what needed to be done, and he got it on correctly. I haven't had any problems with it since--and I've used it a lot.

What I love about this stroller are the seperate sun shades that will shade my little guy no matter the angle, the seperate cup holders for the kids, and the adult cup holders are the best i've ever seen. I have a water bottle that is generally too wide to fit in standard cup holders. It fits perfectly in this one, and the design is so that narrower bottles will fit in it without moving around. There is also a center storage place that is handy.

It steers easily, with the front wheel able to be fixed or swivel with a quick flip of a switch. I have a 2yr old daughter and 3 mo old son. No issues with the height/weight discrepancy. The only drawback is the access to the bottom storage area--which I knew about going into this from reading other reviews. I have found that putting things in and out from the side as opposed to the back can be easier, as it's a wider opening on the side.

I am also happy to report that like another reviewer, this fits into the trunk of my Hyundai Sonata very easily. I think it goes in as easily as my single jogging stroller does--mainly because the front wheel can be turned to make it more compact. There was even some room left over in the trunk for a few small bags. I was not expecting that!

Aside from the initial difficulty with the front wheel and that stupid bar in the way of the bottom storage area, I love this stroller. You could easily pay $200 more for one that isn't superior. Everyone thinks it's really cool looking. Another thing, I haven't had any difficulty in getting it through doors. Of course it wouldn't go through a narrow interior door, but it's not like you're going to be using it inside your house anyway. I've gotten it through several single doors to businesses, and never been unable to get it through a commercial door. It's a tight squeeze sometimes, but it goes through.

Did I mention that I love this stroller? :)
review image review image
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on October 26, 2014
I love love love this stroller! It was very easy to assemble since all the parts snap in place, except for the front wheel covering that only requires 4 screws. Steering is very smooth and it turns on a dime. I love how big and sturdy the wheels are. The storage underneath is good and I like that it is divided into two compartments. I also like that the canopies can be adjusted to any position and can do so separately. Most important, the kids love riding around in it and it didn't break the bank!
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on April 23, 2015
This stroller is the ABSOLUTE worst. After my wife purchased it even after seeing the negative reviews in the wheels we thought it would be okay. WRONG! The wheels came deflated and punctured requiring a trip to he bike store. I could deal with that with maybe a 3 star rating...then came the near fatality, blood and screaming.

After getting this fixed we went for our first ride. The small axle piece in the front wheel completely snapped during the first ride on a downhill road throwing one child out while pinning one to the road- scraped and bleeding.

DO NOT BUY THIS DEATH TRAP in my opinion! Had we been going any faster this would have required a trip to the hospital! My kids are still scarred from this and my youngest refuses to get in our older stroller any longer.
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on April 23, 2014
I ordered this stroller for a Christmas present for my 2 1/2 year old and 1 1/2 year old sons. This stroller is terrible. Upon my first use, (a trip to the zoo) the tires mysteriously blew out one at a time while the stroller was in my trunk. It sounded like a gun going off and scared us to death. We were never even able to use it. I returned the stroller (in a $35 box because it would not disassemble). Against my better judgment and out of desperation to have a stroller to use, I had it replaced instead of refunded. The second one came and after just a couple of uses, the left tire is bulged out and looks like it may explode any minute. This causes an extreme pulling to the left and makes the stroller barely maneuverable. The kick-plate in the front also broke off and there is absolutely zero storage space in the bottom of this stroller. This stroller is cheaply and badly made in general and I would NOT recommend this to anyone for any price, even free!
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on April 20, 2015
Well- I had the stroller less than a week, traveled less than 0.5 miles with it and the tire's inner tubes exploded randomly while parked in the garage. The tires were inflated to the proper PSI and the weather was not extreme. I believe the high of the week was in the high 70s.
I called to have the tires or inner tubes replaced and they insisted I return the entire stroller. Good luck getting it back in the box.

Really disappointed. I am trying an exchange in hopes that it was a fluke, however, I did see that other people had the same problems.
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on February 4, 2016
Death Trap Beware! I will be calling the manufacturing company today! My twins face planted into the concrete after the wheel on the front snapped off. Make sure to research! Apparently this has happened several times and the company hasn't recalled them.
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on November 5, 2015
I had a much older version of this stroller (probably 5 years old or so) and was ready for a new one. I figured why fix it if it ain't broke so I wanted the exact same as I had....unfortunately, In-Step changed the design and now I cannot use this stroller. AMAZON HAS NOT UPDATED THEIR LISTING SO THE CURRENT PICTURE (AS OF TODAY 11/5/15) IS THE GOOD MODEL BUT NOT WHAT YOU RECEIVE. The major update is with the child trays. These trays no longer attach to the frame in the middle of the they float across. 1) I do not think this will be as sturdy as before. If you are using this for toddlers and they climb to get in/out or even just lean on the trays heavily, I think it is going to break very easily. 2) Now that the trays don't attach, they don't fold up when you fold the stroller. This makes it impossible to fit in my SUV whole, I would have to take it apart each time I put in it/out. I use my stroller daily from my car so this is super obnoxious. I am sending it back and getting a different stroller.

As a side note, I see many reviews on the tire issues. I did have this issue somewhat with my older version (regularly popping and popping out of the rim) but these issues didn't start until the stroller was already 4 years old so I thought it was just wearing down. That constant issue is why I decided to replace it but I did not attribute it as a fault of the stroller, just of being old.
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