Customer Reviews: Incase CL58033 Ari Marcopoulos Camera Bag - Gray
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on March 19, 2012
This is one good looking bag. Think of it as the George Clooney of camera bags. Versatile, handsome, a sturdy medium built and grey. However I am more like George Costanza. Now imagine Costanza walking around NY with Clooney strapped to his back... exactly. This bag is so good looking, it will probably makes you look ugly! The strap parts my moobs like Moses parted the Red Sea and even though it fits my D700, 13in MacBook, cables, and a magazine or two, I wish it had loop or strappy thingy on the outside for a water bottle, and was just a tad volumunous overall to fit a sweatshirt or something. This is a great bag, however, like Clooney in the Descendants, it is a little over hyped. And i bought into the hype, paid a lil' over USD200 for this bag and feel suckered!
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on June 3, 2015
For the price, I expected a nice, durable bag but, surprise: It was poorly made, with materials inside the fabric that even leak color when in contact with water. ( attached pictures )

On the top of that I tried to reach Support, but i got this snobbish guy " Gonzo " telling me it was my fault and declined to offer any solution.
This is my last incase bag ever, i would seriously advice against if you're considering to buy this or any incase product.
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on February 28, 2011
Just got this bag and have used it for a couple of days. Hope this review helps.

First of all, this does not look like a camera or diaper bag. It's not a small bag but at the same time, it is not overly bulky. I use it commuting on the bus and train and it seems fine. When I slide it around to sit down, it does occupy my entire lap. The outer fabric is a nice gray and feels very durable and water-resistant. The only downside is with the straps. I'm 5'6" and I have to tighten it quite a bit. As a result, there is a bit of strap hanging down to my waist. There is a clip provided but it doesn't help much when you have a lot of extra strap hanging. The tightening and loosening mechanism takes a little bit of getting used to be works well once you get the hang of it (you pull on one to loosen and the other to tighten).

Inside, the white/creamy lining is a nice touch. Loose caps and small items can be seen easily. I am able to fit my GH2 (with 20mm 1.7), Oly 9-18mm, old canon 50mm macro in 2 of the slots easily with my own padded divider to separate the lens. The last slot is used to hold a .5L water bottle with plenty of room to spare. I only have one of the interior side stash pockets filled and it has my lens caps, small tripod plate, and iPad pen. The iPad pocket itself is very useful and has a soft faux-fur lining. My iPad has a thin Marware shell on it and it fits perfectly. There really isn't much room left for anything else though. The magnetic flap in the front is a nice touch and opens up to small pocket inside, which is also lined with faux-fur. That same pocket can be accessed through the main compartment as well. If you have a larger camera or lens in the bag, I can see how that can greatly decrease the amount of space available in that pocket. There's a small zippered pocket inside toward the top but it doesn't really hold much. I use it mainly to hold my memory card and 2 additional batteries. And lastly, the rain fly is in a pocket situated on the bottom of the bag.

Overall, I'm very pleased with the bag. It really has a nice look to it and is very well built, but I can see how it's not for everyone. Functionally, the big zippered pocket opens wide and can be accessed pretty quickly. I can easily slide the bag around to the front to access my gear but most slings enable you to do that. Sliding back was not as smooth though due to the strap padding. The straps on the bottom could be useful, but I don't see myself using it much. I'd be cautious with strapping a nice tripod to it because you can easily forget and ding it up when putting the bag down. The padded haul handle is nice but the bag isn't really meant for sitting upright so I find myself pinching the top of the bag when grabbing for it.

I researched the Thank Tank Retrospective, Crumpler Million Dollar bags, and Vanguard Up-rise messengers before finally deciding on this one. Since my micro 4/3 system is pretty compact, I didn't need that much storage and the other ones just seemed too bulky. The tapered design of this bag kind of gives it the illusion of being more narrow since it compresses a bit towards the top. The padded iPad pocket was also a contributing factor. And last but definitely not least, the design of the Ari was distinct enough that I couldn't pass it up.

Well, I hope this helps provide some more insights into the bag. I researched around and didn't really find many detailed reviews.

PS - My bag did not come with the limited edition Ari Marcopoulos book.
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on June 4, 2013
Disclaimer: I am no professional photographer, just an enthusiast photo-hobbyist! ALSO, this is not a review of Amazon, but of the bag itself...I did not purchase this bag through Amazon.
Disclaimer 2.0: The best thing to do is to try the bag out yourself. These are merely my initial thoughts on it and what I think sucks might be the thing that you think is awesome. Try it, if you don't like it, return it! =0)

Before we get into the nitty gritty, I am going to answer the question that I spent HOURS poring over the interwebs about, only to end up just GOING to a store and actually putting all my stuff in it to try out:

YES. This bag WILL FIT a 15 inch MacBook Pro with retina display. There is a zippered pocket in the back that is meant to house your iPad (dedicated pouch for iPad found within that compartment) and I was able to fit my computer in there, but this bag is NOT MEANT for this size computer. While you will be able to zip the bag itself, you will NOT be able to zip that rear pocket. When the bag is closed and zipped up tight, you'll be able to see the outline of the computer corners poking out.

When I left the store, bag in hand, here is what I had loaded inside:

iPad (in the provided iPad pocket)
15 inch MacBook Pro with Retina display (in the same compartment as the iPad)
Olympus OM-D EM-5 micro 4/3 mirror-less camera with grip and Panasonic 20mm 1.7 lens mounted (this lens is FANTASTIC, by the by, but that's another review entirely)
Leica 45-175mm 4.0 lens
Tripod strapped to the bottom
Various odds and ends: camera strap, SD card reader, pens and pencils, etc...nothing that will take up bunches of room and fit in various pockets inside the bag.

As you can see, my camera is small and I don't have a 'full set up' housed in this bag, but all of that combined made for a pretty heavy bag. While this bag is nice, I don't think that it is great for bearing heavy loads. I have spent countless hours researching messenger bags (yes, I have a bag buying problem...) and I know what I like in a good messenger bag: COMFORT. The strap could be padded more and the strap release is a little sticky - not as smooth as it could be. (The strap release uses the same engineering as my current messenger, BaileyWorks Digital SuperPro Medium, so I'm familiar with the mechanics, and I find the Ari bag to be difficult to loosen/tighten). Another small thing, and this is for all you ladies out there, I was wearing a tank top with a meshy type shrug and the thingee that you tuck the extra length of strap into after the bag is secured kept getting caught on my clothes. This is a relatively minor issue, seeing as that strap-keep-out-of-the-way-er can be taken off, but it happened often enough that I was irritated about it. All of these things combined made me less inclined to want to loosen the bag and swing it around to take my camera out...which sort of defeats the purpose of an easy access bag, right? And you will want to wear this bag snugly - when I tried to walk around with it looser, it started to cause some minor lower back pain.

Having said all this, it's possible that the extra weight of the 15in MBP and the fact that this size computer doesn't belong in this size bag decreased the overall functionality. You can easily fit a MacBook Air or 13in MBP in the place I had my computer and maybe with the right configuration and weight distribution, this bag will work better for someone else than it did me.

The dividers inside is very limited in terms of configuration - You are able to remove them, but can't move them around within the bag. For my weensy camera, it is not that big of a problem, but for those of you with larger gear, you may want to rethink?

There is no chest strap...which isn't a big deal if you are walking around, but as someone who bikes from here to there, there is nothing more annoying to me than a messenger style bag that slides around the front of your body and that you constantly have to keep whipping back into position.

Even with my small set up, I don't see this as a practical bag for taking on super long days of shooting. There is no place for any extra things - snacks, water bottle, jacket, the Harry Potter series, etc.

This bag is really beautiful. Even as I sit looking at it, knowing that I'm going to return it, I am wishing that it was just ever so slightly bigger so that I didn't have to. It doesn't LOOK like a camera bag, which is one of the main reasons why I was so attracted to it. Camera bags are typically...I'm just going to say it...hideous looking...and seem to just scream out "OH HEY! I HAVE A CAMERA IN HERE! AND LOTS AND LOTS OF EXPENSIVE THINGS!" The aesthetics of this bag are simple and understated and look like a regular, run of the mill, messenger. With the dividers removed, you can, in fact, use it as such.

The rain fly is a nice touch and rather thoughtful, though personally I would have preferred the bag itself being weatherproof (which you can have, just buy weather proofing spray and give it a few coats)

The strap can be configured to be worn over either shoulder. Again, very thoughtful.

I like this bag a lot, but wish it had just a little bit more functionality to it. I think the price is reasonable, but you are paying for the bag that Ari Marcopoulos designed and the name brings an extra $X.00 to it. I will be returning it and trying out the Incase DSLR Sling Pro, though I think that bag might be a little bit monstrous. It's a shame that bags designed to house a 15inch MBP seem to all also be able to hold a small child inside, but I suppose such is the nature of computer/camera bags, right? The best thing to do is really, try it out. I had hoped to use this as an every day bag that can easily fit both camera and computer, rather than EITHER camera OR computer, so this bag is not right for me. However, if you do not need to commute with your computer every day, then this is something that might work for you! Good luck buying!
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on March 19, 2013
I get lots of compliments on this bag. It is definitely attractive, subtle, and clean looking. I use this bag to hold a host of products including:

-Sony NEX 7 with 50mm lens
-18-55mm kit lens
-a small 35mm lens
-a Panasonic Lumix ZS19 for quick film
-a ReVive dual battery charger and AC wall adapter and car charger
-2 extra batteries in a ThinkTank case
-2 lens hoods
-rocket blower and quick cleaning kit (small spray bottle, microfiber cloths, lens pens)
-headphones in a pouch
-medium sized Moleskine Journal with pens
-small pouch with usb drive, lens adapter and memory cards
-sometimes I'll even carry a Jensen Bluetooth speaker on small shoots with friends

This case is extemely sturdy, grainy canvas material. It is great to touch because you know it is made of the highest quality, durable material to protect your invested gear. I've used this bag biking around LA, Pasadena, and San Francisco and it is very comfortable and holds the weight evenly.

My only real complaint is the pad that holds onto your left shoulder digs into the neck occasionally. It is a nuisance after a very long day of extended wear. Other than that, this bag couldn't be more perfect.
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This shoulder camera bag holds a lot more than you might think, including an iPad or Macbook Air, along with a DSLR camera with lens attached and a few additional lenses, in addition to all the small items like batteries and memory cards, etc.

It's a bit of a clunky bag however with a slightly odd but unique grey tone. The metal part of the strap seems a bit too heavy and if you aren't careful, it could knick your camera equipment. The strap itself seems very high quality and sturdy however.

The bag comes with a rain / dust jacket that can go over the entire bag. While it's useful in certain extreme weather situations, it has a dopey picture on it I assume by Ari Marcopoulos. I would have much preferred it not have an image on it because with it on, you tend to look a bit foolish.

Negatives aside, this is one of the best shoulder camera bags I have found in terms of utility and comfort.
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on February 11, 2014
I love this bag to death. I normally wouldn't write in all caps like that either but this bag is everything I have ever wanted. So, yes, I am a photographer, I use the Incase DSLR pro pack to carry my photography gear. I just use this as my normal day bag and I love it. The three compartments make it super easy to keep my stuff organized. It's the perfect bag for the OCD minded individual who doesn't want to appear too crazy! I would have traded in my backpack years ago if only I had known!! The quality and look are so much better in real life as well. The photos do not do it justice.
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on February 23, 2016
I have this bag for about 5 years now, traveling abroad. I've taken good care of it and has worked out pretty well. The bag is NOT too water-resistant, and should make sure not to lose the special raincoat cover for the bag. Make sure to put it back in the special pocket area below the bag. Over time, the bag will look more faded but that will give it kind of a cooler look. I washed it before in the machine, take out all the removable insides before washing, and dried out in the sun/hair dryer just fine. Bottom of the bag could use more cushion, the easy access flap is kind of pointless if don't have a small point and shoot.
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on August 23, 2013
I purchased the Ari Marcopulos Camera Bag because I'd read the reviews, watched a few YouTube reviews and saw his own video about his bag. I already own the Incase CL58059 DSLR Pro Pack and have carried it far and wide through Southwest Asia and Southeast Asia. I like Incase quality and the Pro Pack serves me very well. I was looking for something just a little smaller and something I wouldn't have to wear square on my back in the heat. My desire was to carry my 5D III body and at least two or three lenses, my 600EX-RT, plus an iPad or 11 inch MacBook Air, batteries, CF cards and a tripod or mono-pod.

While most of that does fit, the bag is a bit smaller than what I was expecting and the configuration just doesn't feel right to me. My normal load is a 70-200mm f/2.8 mounted on the 5D, either the 50mm f/1.2 or the 24-70mm f/2.8 (can't fit both with the 70-200mm in the bag, nor the flash), an iPad, batteries and CF cards. With the weight of that load, the orientation of the sling is not comfortable for me. I've adjusted it and reversed it and just can't get the bag to lay right on my 5'8" 165lb frame where it does not feel awkward or uncomfortable. I find myself carrying the bag by the side handle when my back needs a break.

While the top opening is convenient the bag just seems to have wasted space between the zipper and the load at the bottom of the bag. I suppose I could stack other stuff on top of my camera but I choose not to do so. The elastic side pockets at each end of the bag are pretty small and I use them for a lens cloth and the lens end cap/camera body cap. The cloth goes in the side behind my camera's display. I'm not sure I'd ever want to put anything solid in that pocket.

The side pocket with the outside zippered access is handy for carrying batteries and CF cards or a phone or wallet and can easily be accessed without opening the main bag. It is a good feature. The flap on top of the zippered opening really isn't necessary though and actually gets in the way. That is a bad feature. The light-colored interior is nice to make the contents more visible in low light.

Overall, the components (build quality) of the bag are good, I just think the layout and use of space inside could have been better. The dividers are not really adjustable (velcro only in a few spots on the sides) so you get two medium and one small compartment or one large and one small. Both my MacBook Air or my iPad fit in the sleeve pocket but even though it is lightly padded (and I do mean lightly) I feel like the camera and lenses may push too hard against the computer in the sleeve when I sling it and carry it. I much prefer the sleeve in the DSLR Pro Pack, which is on the opposite side of the bag, away from my back. I can actually carry both a laptop and iPad in the DSLR Pro Pack with ease and it is great as an airline carry-on. Even full of gear, the Pro Pack seems less of a burden to carry in comparison.

The final disappointment to me was the price. While I shouldn't complain because I did pay the asking price, I feel like the Ari bag should be more in the $125 to $150 range rather than $190 to $200. There is just not enough there to make it a $200 bag. Sure, it is designed by Ari Marcopoulos, but is that worth an extra $50-$75?

A lighter load might be more acceptable to carry in this bag. It may fit others differently than it fits me. Others might not be as concerned about their laptop or iPad. Some may think having a bag that says "Ari" is worth a few extra dollars.

For me though, I feel buyer's remorse and wish I'd just stayed with the DSLR Pro Pack. That bag is a bit bigger and not as convenient to access all of your gear, but for me it is a better use of space, overall more comfortable to carry and it better protects my laptop and iPad. Sorry Ari.
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on August 15, 2013
You can fit your DLS camera, notebooks and any other supplies you need for school in this bag. There is also a slot inside to put your iPad/tablet. On the bottom, there's a place to attach a tripod and even a waterproof case to protect the bag when it rains. Very stylish and comfortable. Easy to wear. Very sturdy. Got this for my boyfriend and he absolutely loves it! We did our research and this is definitely the best in the market for this low price.
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