Include a clip to attach to shirt or collar? I bought the S4s with mic a while back but returned them after I noticed a terrible stethoscope sound that occurred every time the cords north of the mic would touch anything (face/clothes/each other) I liked the sound of the S4s other than that but decided I'd try something new and bought the Bose IE2s after I returned the S4s. While I did notice a decrease in sound quality and volume with the Bose, I liked that they stayed in place better than the Klipsch and didn't stethoscopalize all my music. I'm considering buying the S4's again (without the mic this time) but I wanted to know if they include a clip to attach to one's shirt or collar like my current Bose ones do. I feel like if they DO include this clip, maybe it'll balance out the only bad I see in this head phones- staying put. If anyone can answer this question, I'd greatly appreciate it.
asked by Drew on December 8, 2011