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on July 22, 2015
Edward Norton: American Treasure. I don't know the facts surrounding this movie, I don't know if it was just because a better actor wasn't available or if someone lost a bet or what happened, but Edward Norton was totally the Incredible Hulk for one forgettable movie. Except that now it's NOT forgettable because all that Marvel stuff is blowing up and they can't hide the fact that this hunk of crap movie exists. I give this movie two Hulk Smashes only because things blow up and get smashed.
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on January 2, 2013
Just watched this last night with my daughter. We bought it as one of the prequels to "Avengers", but now wonder why. The background of the plot is barely glossed over in flashes during the opening credits, leaving one with only a vague idea of the preceeding story. The whole script is two-dimensional and the characters are actually just caricatures. "The General" is a bad joke and Liv Tyler's character is little more than a Care Bear - "It's all right", "No, don't, please" repeated endlessly.
Thank God they got Joss Whedon to do the newer movies!
If all you're interested in is CGI special effects, might as well get a lobotomy and watch "Transformers" movies.
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on December 29, 2015
oh to ruin a classic, right here. I'm a fan of Ed Norton but this movie wasn't good. I don't like the cartoon aspect of the Hulk. Yuk, couldn't they find a big brawly actor and use SOME special effects but not kill it with an "animation"?? Too much gunfire. It's all about the army trying to capture him, not about him and using his superpowers for good, like a true superhero should! I used to watch the Hulk as a kid and was excited to see this, but BUST, I didn't like it:(
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on June 22, 2016
After seeing The Avengers with my Hubby, I wanted to see the HULKS back story. My HUbby ordered this for me and I am not super impressed... Compared to other Marvel movies the plot is weak and I hate the actors they choose to star in it.
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on July 12, 2012
The 3 disc set only comes with 2 discs
Disc 1 Feature Film
Disc 2 Extras

You also get a piece of paper with a code to download a digital copy of the movie. So despite what the listings says you will only get 2 discs
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on January 4, 2015
the effects were good, but the plot was nonsense - stupid people behaving stupidly, and acted poorly. Almost all of the problems the Army dudes had could have been avoided if they had behaved a little more stealthily rather than piling in, guns blazing, into the middle of cities.

Now, I know part of the mythology of the Hulk is that the Army behaves stupidly, but really - this was just egregious.

Watching this, I find the hostility to the Ang Lee Hulk even more mystifying. That one was actually a coherent story told in an ingenious way. This is just bad direction of (some) good actors and terrible plotting.
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on March 28, 2014
The Hulk is not the best movie ever made. If it were, there would be more sequels as in X-Men. The main reason I purchased it is because I have a complete collection of Marvel & DC Superheroes movies.
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VINE VOICEon October 2, 2014
Even though I'm not much of a super hero fan, as a child of the 70's and 80's I grew up with "The Incredible Hulk", watching Bill Bixby get angry a few times a week and turning into a green Lou Ferrigno between commercial breaks was a childhood highlight. So while I passed on the "Batman" films and the later "Superman" films, I was first in line when Ang Lee's "Hulk" came out. And I was probably in the minority that didn't hate it....I didn't really like it either....but I enjoyed what I saw enough that if a second film came out, I would've returned for a sequel.

Well after the mega-flop of Lee's movie, they went back to the well, re-cast the movie with Edward Norton filling the thankless role of Bruce Banner, and crammed most of the events of Lee's movie into the opening credit sequence of this movie. As the movie proper gets under way, Banner is hiding out in South America while the Army, specifically General Ross, is doing their best to track him down. Hoping to find a cure for his Hulk-ism, Banner is in communication with a scientist, Mr. Blue, back in the states. The scientist tells Banner that the only way he can help is if he works with Bruce in person, and with the Army breathing down his neck, Banner flees South America and runs all the way to Virginia. There he rekindles an old relationship, Hulks out and smashes a bunch of stuff on a college campus and has his first run-in with a super solider, Major Blonsky. Bruce continues to find a cure for his rage induced monster, while Blonsky is envious of the condition and decides to OD on super soldier juice. Meanwhile Liv Tyler is here walking around watery-eyed (like she does in most of her roles), and we have to convince ourselves that this giant green cartoon is a "character" we are supposed to....root for?

I think this issue I have with the "Hulk" films is the cartoonish quality of the CGI. Where the TV show succeeded, and where the movies fail, is that we are presented with a Looney Toons character, and we are supposed to have empathy for it. Edward Norton is a great actor.....this cartoon thing is not. I'm totally taken right out of the film any time I see the Jolly Green Giant running around. I would've preferred that the producers visit WWE Headquarters, find their biggest and bulked out heavyweight, and then let the make-up department slather on the green paint. Look at what Batista did for "Guardians of the Galaxy".

"Hulk" is a dull character when he has to anchor the movie. Throw him into a larger ensemble like "The Avengers" and he works, but I don't think anyone is clamoring for a new stand-alone "Hulk" film.
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on July 16, 2008
As one of the few people who actually liked the Ang Lee version (great writing and directing...for a comic to big screen transition) I went into this movie hoping it would include the only thing missing from the 2003 version...a worthy opponent. The Hulk made a laughing stock of the Army (although the sonic guns were impressive) and the Abomination is one of the Hulks best foes. I wish the fight sequence at the end was longer. The Hulk usually gets a bad beating by the Abomination and then gets REALLY mad and shows the Abomination that "Hulk is the Strongest One There Is." (at least we did get a "Hulk Smash!)
As much as I loved the cast in the new movie, they did little in the way of adding depth to their characters. In the Ang Lee version General Ross, Betty Ross, and Glen Talbot where more than just two dimensional characters. William Hurts' General Ross was the typical comic book villian, and Liv Tyler (I do love her) didn't portray Betty Ross as well as Jennifer Connely. Ed Norton (Banner) and Tim Roth (Blonsky) were a little better.
I'm sure all of the 15 year olds and fans of the television show will love this version. But as a fan of the comic book Jade Jaws, I perfer the Ang Lee version. Oh, the CGI in this movie was vastly inferior to the 2003 version. His height was good (I hated the growing Hulk) but he just looked...well, not as good as the 2003 Hulk
I didn't hate the movie, I just think the previous version was more than just a popcorn movie. I'm looking forward to the DVD with the additional 70 minutes of footage. Hopefully it will flesh out the characters (and be branched into the origical film).
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on November 27, 2013
The plot is as bad as Banner's acting. I kind of wonder how the crazy villan can turn into a monster using the same chemical X used on Banner, but still talk and act like a rational person. There are some comic books that don't make good movie plots. The move ends with a couple of gorillas punching each other to death and smashing stuff. Naturally it has to be in the middle of the city.
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