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on November 17, 2005
The game when you first buy it is awsome. i mean who wouldent want to throw cars at helicopters, make people fly 20 yards with your finger, and bunt-kick a police car down 5 blocks? the game lasts a bit because of the "smash smash get some cash" gameplay (the more smash points you get, the more moves you get). the moves are the best part. at one point in the game, you get a move that lets you grab onto a helicopter or a big boss. i always loved riding the helicopter to 5th street... its alot better then skateboarding on a bus if you ask me. anyway, once you get all the moves and beat the story mode AND get the canadian boxers, it gets extremely repetitive.

at the end of the game, when you get critical alert status, the same guys always come.

5/5 stars for the first 3 weeks-2 months... 4 the next month, and basically declining to 3

BUT, whenever you are board and have nothin to do, no good tv is on, all of your friends are offline and every other game is getting booring, its nice to take a good ol trip back to this game and smash a mech or to.. you know, for old times sake.
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Bruce Banner feels he isn't a person any more - he's the HULK, and he walks a thin line between good and bad. He's a big, green timebomb - and he's ticking.

As you might tell from the game's intro message, this isn't about a "good superhero going out and facing down evil badguy". In fact, the training mission has you as a soldier in a VR environment, learning about the Hulk's moves in order to learn how to defeat the Hulk. As you move through the game, you get a general storyline about the Hulk, but really, that isn't what the game is about. The game is about destruction.

Where other games have touted their ability to have a "fully utilized environment", the Hulk delivers very nicely. Just about anything you see around you - cars, tankers, even moving people and cows - can be used as a weapon. Chase down the cow, grab it (with its legs waving wildly) and toss it at the enemy soldiers. Pick up the missile truck and lob it at the helicopter. The buildings can be damaged and destroyed. You can leap amazing distances and lob even very heavy items a quite long way. The results are often spectacular.

The graphics are quite good considering the number of objects that must be fully rendered in all phases of destruction. That is, they can't nicely create a "painting" effect knowing that object will always be seen in that exact same shape. The helicopters are a little blocky, but you can grab them, dent them, fling them at each other, and so on.

The sound is reasonably good - really, all you hear is BASH! SMASH! GRRRROWL! plus a few voices saying things like "he's coming!" and some Banner conversations. It's good enough to keep the game going, and the musical score is low key and rumbling.

You can unlock artworks, move along through missions, and expand the storyline. Really, though, you are primarily destroying things with great glee. You can fling soldiers at trucks. Fling cows at building. Jump up and smash rooftops. Take down towers. Destroy, destroy, destroy.

While this isn't a complex puzzle game, there are times in life where you want to put your brain on hold and get rid of stress. Some people go jogging. Some punch punching bags. With the Hulk game, it doesn't matter if it's raining or snowing outside. You can sit down for an hour or two, demolish a ton of things, and accomplish goals along the way. Think of it as a construction worker who has to tear down the old, broken-down building to make room for new apartment buildings. It's destruction with a purpose, and sometimes that can be great fun!
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on September 11, 2005
This is one impressive action game. Believe the hype, Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction lives up to it.

I purchased the X-Box version because I assumed it would have the best graphics out of the three systems. I don't know if it really does, but I'm quite satisfied with them. To put it simply, things blow up real good. And they sound good blowing up, too.

This game reminds me of War of the Monsters for the PS2. Players of both games will notice great similarities in the action. Both games allow you to destroy nearly everything around you. Unlike War of the Monsters, the areas in Hulk UD are vast, even if there are only two (not counting the church and the military base interior).

The number of moves and abilities the Hulk has at his disposal are staggering. Many of them must be purchased with aptly-named Smash Points in order to be used. Part of the fun is destroying objects and defeating enemy units to rack up enough Smash Points to buy the next ability, which makes Hulk even more effective in action.

As the story progresses the enemies become more dangerous. Tanks get tougher, aircraft get faster, and robots get bigger. But the player has the option to "free roam" instead of advancing the plot. This allows the collection of more Smash Points to better prepare for the next mission. There's lots of freedom in the game, which I love. Did I mention the VAST areas?

Smash Points aren't the only things to collect. There are 60 hidden comic book icons to find which will unlock different items in the main menu. These items consist of video clips about the making of the game, art sketches, Hulk comic book covers, gameplay alterations, and different costumes for Hulk (one lets you play as Mr. Fixit); all nice bonuses.

As if all this weren't enough, the game delivers a solid story, too. For those who don't notice, the voice of Emil Blonsky is the same guy who does the voice of Slade in the cartoon Teen Titans.

It would have been nice to face down more of Hulk's super-powered enemies besides Abomination and Mercy. I would have loved to fight the Leader, or the U-Foes. I guess that's what sequels are for.

I couldn't stop playing Hulk UD until I reached the end. Even then I had more unlockable items to acquire. This is the perfect game for Hulk fans, and a good one for everyone else.
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on March 25, 2008
I didn't realize the Hulk was a supervillain. Within the first half hour of play, I had caused enough death and destruction to make Lex Luthor cringe. But it was undeniably fun.

The game looks great in 720p HD, with sharp detail and brilliant color in its comic book inspired environment. Sound design is perfect, too, with grade A voice acting and stunning destructive sound effects. While it's clearly a cartoonish world, the landscape of Ultimate Destruction is just as immersive as any of the best open-world games.

The amount of environmental interactivity is amazing, with vehicles, bridges, and even skyscrapers placed under the Hulk's big green thumb. Certainly my favorite parts of the game were the epic boss battles, which more than made up for some of the mediocre story missions. While they appear to be massively overpowered behemoths at first, each can be surmounted with careful observation and prudent attacks. The boss battles are the kind of white-knuckled sweaty-palmed experience that action gamers dream of.

The only things preventing Ultimate Destruction from being pure joy are the spastic camera and excessive numbers of enemies allowed to attack the Hulk simultanteously. Picture a wildy swinging camera while ten helicopters barrage Hulk with disabling missile attacks, and you can imagine what a brutal mess some of the missions are.

The quality and quantity of attack moves is stunning. I enjoyed trying random button combinations just to see the spectacular animations, even though many attacks require such complicated button combos that they're useless in battle. I would have preferred a smaller, simpler, easier to master move set, but I know many action gamers enjoy the Street Fighter control philosophy.

I really appreciated my time spent with the Hulk, even though I'm not a comic book fan. I'm sure a dedicated Hulkophile will love the game all the more.
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on March 15, 2016
I actually bought this after purchasing the newest version, however my son (4 yrs old) found it tedious and I was having to jump in and help him through a few places frequently. However, with this version, he has tons of free play and range. Well worth it.
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on May 1, 2012
My 13 year old son got this awhile back and he always goes back to it even after he gets other games. It is a game that is fun and challenging enough that it's not played once and then put on the back of a shelf. Before purchasing, I suggest you look it up on youtube to see what actual gamers think about the game in depth. Youtube has great video game reviews!
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on September 10, 2006
I am very surprised this game does not have an "Intense Violence" description. You are basicaly blowing up everything you see. The upgrades you can buy are very helpful and destructive. For instance, you can turn a car into a surf board through the city or turn a pick-up-truck into a Yo-Yo.

The amount of destruction you can cause is staggering. You can knock down buldings, jump onto helicoptors and send them crashing down, punch millatary and police forces into next year and pretty much use the city as your own personal punching bag! The story missons are very fun. Some of them take some brains to work out but otherwise are fun! I have not finished the game yet but I can tell you now some the missons are HARD! Admittedly, fighting a 40 foot tall mech robot which is armed with 13 missle launchers,4 laser rays and about 23 rapid fire machine guns might seem like the hardest thing in the world, but if you keep chucking tanks at it, it will be easy.

There is no quistion whether or not to buy Hulk:Ultimate Destrution. If you ever get a chance, just grab it! You will have unlimited fun with this!
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on October 3, 2005
Previous Hulk games haven't been quite up-to-par with other superhero franchises, featuring tedious Bruce Banner stealth bits instead of placing the emphasis where it should be: smashing stuff, and having that stuff smash up real good.

Fortunately, that isn't a problem with the latest installment. This game is all about creating as much destruction as possible in any way you see fit, be it ripping a car in two to make Hulk-sized novelty Hulk hands, using a truck as a shield, or fashioning a boulder into the world's largest bowling ball. Not only that, but Hulk has a large variety of moves that give the player a lot of options for combat.

I can't really comment on the story, since I skipped it. I've never been the biggest fan of the Green Machine's mythos and backstory, so I suppose your mileage might vary. But not that much, thanks to flat-as-cardboard voice acting.

All in all, this game really makes you feel like you're in control of a gargantuan green Goliath. The boss fights are especially great: when you go against a giant Hulk-busting robot that levels entire city blocks with each laser sweep, you know you're having fun.

Unfortunately, the game drags with the repetitious combination of escort, destroy, and fetch story missions. I can appreciate that Banner wants to return himself to normal, but destroying an entire building just to snatch a CAT scan? That's a little lame. Plus, you'll be right at the end of a mission when a bevy of Hulk-seeking missiles and Hulk-crushing mechs always seem to show up and gun you down. Even poor Greenie can't do much when he's being wailed on from all sides.

BOTTOM LINE: Probably the best superhero game of this console generation. Hulk smash!
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on March 23, 2016
Probably the best Hulk game there is, only competed with by the most recent Incredible Hulk on last gen consoles ( Xbox 360 and PS3 ). Though this one gives you the best feeling for being the Hulk, the other is simply using better technology, and look much less... Like a 2005 release XDD This game is the closest you'll get to what it feels like to be the Hulk.
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on June 22, 2012
This game is so cool! You feel like the Hulk the moment the tutorial comes on. The gameplay's great, and the cutscenes are impressive for their time. A must for Hulk fans, Comic fans, Marvel and DC folks alike.
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