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on December 13, 2004
This movie, and the main plot of it, have become the subject of many jokes to many a comedian, as well as the average joe next door. It has also become the subject of heavy conversation and question amongst many as well; thus meaning, more or less, this movie was provocative enough to get a reaction out of many people. You know the story: desperate couple runs into a problem with finances, so they go to Las Vegas to try to make some quick cash. In the midst of this, they run into a billionaire, who has his sets on the wife, and offers the couple one million big ones for a night with the lady. It should be noted that the couple went into this thinking (or at least hoping) that the whole thing would mean nothing afterwards, and it would be a walk in the park--in other words, easy money. But, then, the devils of mistrust, jealousy, and insecurity start to rear their ugly heads into the picture, and sends their marriage into a mess. Through it all, did the relationship survive? Did the couple end up divorcing? You'll have to watch the movie. Woody Harrelson and Demi Moore did excellent jobs in their respective roles, and likewise for Robert Redford.
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on August 1, 2009
People keep asking if I'm okay with Paramount's rendering of my novel "Indecent Proposal" (ComteQ Publishing, Paperback). After all, a number of changes took place from my page to Hollywood's screen -- and, it is customary for the novelist to be fashionably upset at Hollywood. But I'm happy with the result.

Liberties were taken. This is true. But the main elements of my novel were kept intact -- temptation, sin, regret, redemption, forgiveness. In other words, Hollywood skimmed the surface, but with glamour.

After all, the billionaire (in the novel) is an Arab sultan, and the couple he tempts and traps, well, the guy is Jewish and his wife is high-class Gentile, somewhat like Grace Kelly. You'd expect Omar Sharif for starters, not Robert Redford.

In her review of the MOVIE for The New York Times, Janet Maslin paid tribute to the theme of the book and the movie as being "powerfully seductive." I'm okay with this and I'm okay with the Times' Sunday review of the BOOK (originally published in 1989), which, in part, runs as follows:

Of a "Jewish writer and gambler, who makes a bargain with the Devil (a handsome oil-rich billionaire.) The struggle between these two embraces a number of primal issues, the sanctity of marriage versus the love of money, the Jew versus significant non-Jews such as shiksas and sheiks, skill versus luck, materialism versus spirituality, Israel versus the Arab countries, the past versus the future, and the religious world versus the secular one."

Times' BOOK revieweer Barbara Raskin goes on to say, "In precise, almost clinical language, Mr. Engelhard tracks the changes Joshua [Kane] and Joan go through after receiving their ungodly offer. Suspicion, jealousy, anger, second guessing, pain and fear begin to torment them as they struggle with his and hers temptations -- It's her body and his soul on the line."

I believe that the movie captures all that, though yes, for the conflicts in politics and culture and for the depths of emotions there is always and still the book. That does not change. A novelist's task is to find the human heart. Hollywood is about box office.

Surely I would have cast it differently and surely I would have been happier if Hollywood had stuck to my novel as is. But Hollywood is seldom completely true to the novel ("Gone With The Wind" a notable exception) and I understand why. One art form is about pictures, the other is about words.

Beethoven would not dare tell Picasso how to paint his Third Symphony. Each artist, in his own medium, must be allowed to find his own vision. This is obvious but it must be said, a movie is a movie and a book is a book and both have their challenges and their merits.

Yes, when I dealt with these "primal issues" I was surprised that the title roles would be taken by Redford, Demi Moore and Woody Harrelson. If I had qualms, these were dispelled at the grand opening when it struck me that all this stardom and a $40 to $50 million budget all happened from words I wrote on the kitchen table.

(I have this notion that we all face temptations every day, some big, some small. This one, on love and money, is big.)

I am always ready for people to knock the movie. People do this for a reason, which I will explain at a later time, perhaps in a blog. I have a theory about this. I was lucky with the reviews of the book. The Times' wrote: "Is this book fun to read? You betcha." The same goes for the movie, now especially in this Blu-Ray format.

Thank you for listening -- Jack Engelhard, the authorIndecent Proposal
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on May 4, 1999
Diana and David Murphy (Demi Moore and Woody Harrelson) are a young couple in love. Heck, their relationship is so blissfully perfect, you can hardly believe it. She's a real estate agent and he's an architect. After a quick synopsis of their relationship, we're told that they tightened their collective belts to take a loan out on their home to buy a piece of ocean-front property to build their dreamhouse...which David designed of course. But then the real estate market crashes and they're precariously close to losing everything. This is where the problems with the film really start. What do the Murphy's do to get the fifty-thousand dollars they need? Borrow five-thousand from his dad and go to Vegas! It would be funny if I was kidding, but I'm not. It's there that they meet John Gage (Robert Redford) and he offers to pay them one million dollars for a night with Diana. Of course they refuse and are offended at the offer, but it gnaws at them. The story really crashes when they convince themselves that she'll do it and it won't cause any problems with their marriage. "We'll just forget it ever happened and never talk about it," she says. Hello??? I initially looked forward to this film in 1993 because I think the "Can money buy love?" question is one that can spawn a lot of interesting conversation, but unfortunately the story just keeps taking turn after turn farther away from what I could consider believable in a situation like this like David donating a million bucks at a charity to buy a hippo at the end of the film! The film is able to keep the viewer's attention until the end simply because you'll want to know what's going to happen, but there's no question a stronger script could have definitely enhanced this movie despite the generally good acting on the part of Moore, Harrelson and Redford.
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on May 31, 2008
Would you or wouldn't you?
I really enjoyed this movie (although I found it did drag a little in some places), and it really gets you thinking. Of course, you probably know the story line by now but it's something you have to see. It was done well, and the acting wasn't bad; it was the moral delema that I found interesting. As much as David and Dianna loved each other, when they were backed up against a wall with no money whatsoever, along comes John Gage to 'save the day'. They had to know it wouldn't end well and even though they were fine for a while after the event, before long, the mistrust and regrets started up and eventually led them to go separate ways. I won't give up the ending; I thought it ended well and almost wished it kept going to see how they lived after it all.
A really enjoyable film that I watch every now and then. I really love Woody Harelson in this. He was brilliant I thought and the best actor in this movie. See it for yourself and I hope you enjoy it too.
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on March 9, 2016
Being older now this movie was hard to watch. Mainly because the characters don't exist in terms of the naivete of the couple and romanticism of a twisted proposition. Any wealthy man making this offer to a married couple has a pathological personality and is less interested in the girl or sex than the power his money can buy and enjoying the destruction of those bending a knee to him for it. Robert Redford's character is romanticize much they way (if anyone watched General Hospital: Luke the rapist was when he ended up marrying his victim Laura). It's some sympathy and even justification for the devil propaganda. Much like Pretty Woman, a Disney production, presents a wealthy emotionally disconnected screwed-up John forming a personal attachment to a street hooker, this movie is unrealistic to point of silliness. I like the Dave Chappelle Show's skit on how the Pretty Woman scenario really would have gone down. Watch it if you can. This movie isn't as gut wrenching or provocative as I remember, but then it was a different time. And between the media and the programming put out to the masses by these very actors/actresses that nothing is off limits in terms of wrong...this movie's proposition
is laughable in terms of being a moral conundrum for more people than not nowadays...unfortunately. Redford's character in the real world would be an extremely dangerous person and lending yourself out to him...well you might not return. If this movie had been done today, a darker and dare I say more sophisticated scenario would have unfolded.
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on May 17, 2016
First, I just want to give my quick opinion on the actual movie. Then I will comment on the actual Blu-ray that I purchased. As for the movie I felt the acting performances of Robert Redford, Demi Moore, and Woody Harrelson were very good in pretty much every scene. They kept my attention throughout the movie as I anticipated how it would end. I think everyone knew from the beginning, that someone was going to get hurt big-time when it was over. Considerung the plot and script, I still felt it was entertaining, bitter-sweet, and provocative all at the same time.

The Blu-ray itself is probably the best version you can get in regards to the video and audio quality. I don't think it will ever be released again so if you're a fan of this movie this is probably the definitive version to own. For a movie that is considered to be in the drama category I felt the video was excellent. For the ladies Robert Redford couldn't look any better and for the gentleman Demi Moore is absolutely gorgeous. The scenery looks great throughout the movie and the close-ups of the cast are really really good. As for the audio on the disc I had no trouble hearing the background music, noise and the dialogue is easily understood throughout the entire film. It's not going to blow up your speakers but it's not meant to.

I highly recommended this movie for purchase on Blu-ray. If you're a fan of any or all the actors this is a good movie to pick up at a great price!
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on November 10, 2015
The movie is an okay, kind of cheesy, drama/romance. It stars Demi Moore, who in 1993 was in her prime as an actress and physically being absolutely gorgeous (not that she is bad now), Woody Harrleson who was probably at the height of his popularity coming off of Cheers, and Robert Redford who was probably on the other side of his leading man status, which actually worked well for the role he played. The story is simple, a young couple in financial trouble decides to go to Vegas (of all places) to try to turn a little bit of money into enough to get out of debt. Redford, who is a billionaire playboy sees Demi Moore tries to hit on her, and when he discovers she is Married offers the couple a million dollars for one night with her.

If you can get past the cliches like huge first night in Vegas followed by a night of losing it all, and the downright stupid like actually creating a contract with an attorney for the night of sex which is a completely illegal contract in any state, the movie has some good, thought provoking moments. All of the actors do well with the material they had to work with. It was not an academy award winning script by any means, but the conflicts that happened post bargain are believable and definitely provides for a would you/wouldn't you conversation piece.

For those who get the disc, it is about as good a transfer as you would expect for a non-sci fi/special effects laden movie from the early 1990s. There are no extras at all, just the movie itself. While the disc itself is pretty inexpensive you would not be missing anything just streaming it.
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VINE VOICEon August 22, 2015
INDECENT PROPOSAL is a color film, taking place in the present era, and in and near Los Angeles. A young couple (Demi Moore and Woody Harrelson) fall into hard tines during a downturn in the economy. They are in danger of losing their house. Woody is a skilled architect, but he has lost his job, and he borrows $5,000 from his father. He comes up with the idea of going to Lost Wages, oops, I mean Las Vegas, to obtain enough money for keeping their self-designed house, by way of gambling. While in the casino, Demi meets wealthy Robert Redford, who offers the married couple one million dollars, in exchange for one evening of hanky panky with Demi Moore. The script is skillful, in the way it navigates the decision-making process by which Woody and Demi mutually decide for an answer of yes. The next day, finding themselves one million dollars richer, the married couple falls into a routine of bickering with each other. Okay, so far so good. in other words, even though the plot is a bit outlandish, it is a tolerable one and not without its skillfully acted moments. But then, the plotline becomes mired in a direction that is so arbitrary and pointless, that any motivation to continue watching this film is likely to dissipate into nothingness.

ISSUE OF POINTLESSNESS. What is it that is arbitrary and pointless? First, Robert Redford becomes a stalker, and he bothers Demi at the real estate office where she works. Also, he stalks her at the American citizenship class for foreigners where she also works. The second arbitrary thing, is that Robert Redford offers her a mansion, for her to live with him. To conclude, what this movie lacks is an explanation why Robert Redford is fixated on Demi Moore. Is it because she reminds him of a former love? Is it because she has a rare blood type that can be used to cure his cancer? The film fails to explain this fixation. Also, the film fails to explain why Demi Moore (or any middle class young woman) would like to leave her husband (Woody) in order to live in an expensive mansion. Is it because Demi Moore's grandfather had once owned the mansion, thereby causing Demi to have some emotional attachment to it? Is it because Demi knows that she is pregnant with octuplets, and is thus in need of a very large house? The film fails to explain why a young married woman would want to leave her husband, and for a life of hanky-panky in an expensive mansion. As a parting word, I think that this movie could provide an hour of escapism, to the lower-class rabble in America who enjoys reading Hollywood gossip magazines. But I believe that.most viewers will eventually become impatient and annoyed with the pointlessness of the plot after 40 or 50 minutes of viewing.

AUTHOR OF THE BOOK EXPLAINS HOW HOLLYWOOD SCRIPTWRITER REMOVED SOURCES OF MOTIVATION. Jack Engelhard, author of the book, Indecent Proposal, posted a review of this movie on, dated August 2009. Mr. Engelhard's review, in effect, explains how the original story (his book) provided motivation for the hanky panky if the characters, and how Hollyweird scriptwriters eliminated the sources of motivation. According to Mr. Engelhard, the book discloses that the Robert Redford character is an Arab sultan, and the Robert Redford character should have been played by Onar Shariff (too late now. R.I.P., Mr, Shariff). Of course, most Americans already know that Arab sultans enjoying purchasing women, as though the women were camels. Also, Mr, Engelhard explains the the character played by Demi Moore was a high class gentile woman, and tgat the part played by Woody was Jewish. Of course, any American will be able to see that this sort of marriage will bring with it the aura of incompatibility, and lend tension to the story. The film version of the story makes no mention of the Jewish/Gentile nature of the married couple. Thus, in view of Mr. Engelhard's comments, one can see that the Hollyweird scriptwriter really and truly did eviscerate and disembowel the sources of motivation between the characters. But the fact that the motivations, cultural feature of Arab sultan buying women, and cultural feature of tension in a Jew/Gentile marriage present in the book (but not in the film) does not dissuade me from giving this film any more than THREE STARS. If you want to see Demi Moore in a film that is much, much better, then I suggest viewing G. I. JANE, co-starring the amazing Viggo Mortensen.
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on July 4, 2014
This movie had me in tears from halfway through to the end. I recently had professed my love for a man I knew for 12 years, only to have him walk all over my feelings and crush my heart. I thought I was over it, it has been 2 weeks, but this movie opened up the floodgates again. All I want is someone to love me the way Woody Harrelson's character loved his wife. I don't need a big house, a fancy car, or thousands of dollars in the bank. Just someone to feel that way about me.
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on May 14, 2016
The reason I bought this DVD in the first place is because of Robert Redford - he is just too gorgeous in this movie. Had I been Demi Moore I would not even thought twice about it. But if you think about it, it takes some nerve to ask another man to borrow his wife for one night. Even if there is a lot of money involved. No matter what they think that they can just forget about it, oh no, that's not possible. I was a little disappointed that there was only that one scene on the boat with Robert Redford and Demi Moore where they just talk to each other. I expected more. Loved the music, though. All in all, it was different but worth it.
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