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on April 11, 2014
Verified Purchase
First of all, this video review was recorded with my iPhone so the baby monitor LCD screen appears to be pixelated with grainy streaks. Similar to when I take pictures of my computer screen. Something to do with the different refresh rates of the LCD screens. Anyway in real life the monitor screen is actually very clear and the streaks don't exist.

As far as I know, the DXR-8 is the newest model from Infant Optics. This monitor is sleek and stylish, reminds me of the Playstation Vita. Audio is good on both the receiver and the transmitter unit, as they can even pick up the humming noise from my air purifier. Haven't had the monitor long enough to test the limits of the battery capacity but so far I've played with it for about 3 hours and the charge dropped a bar only (25%).

The exchangeable lens is a cool feature. The optical zoom doesn't lose resolution like a digital zoom, although this model does have digital zoom (and you can use it together for an intense zoom). The wide-angle lens is very cool, similar to a GoPro camera, it really extends the perspective to see the entire room.

I can't say much about the range about this monitor since my apartment is only 1000'. I get full signal strength in all the rooms, and it drops a bar (20%) when I shut the door.

The only feature I wish it had was a docking system where I can slide the receiver unit onto and it will automatically charge (much like a charging phone stand). It does come with an extra USB cable to station an additional charging point in the house but I don't think it's necessary.

This model does cost more than the average monitor out there, but I think it's a worthwhile investment.
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on November 26, 2013
Verified Purchase
This monitor was purchased to replace a Motorola MBP36 which failed twice with no sound and Motorola wanted 3+ weeks to ship out a replacement. We are very happy we switched.

This monitor seems to be very similar to the MBP36 with the following diffrences:

*The Infant Optics has excellent build quality and feels sturdy. The Motorola felt cheaply made at times and the sound completely failed on 2 Motorola units.
*Menu and navigation seem almost identical to the Motorola except for it does not have the annoying/horrible sounding lullabies that are on the Motorola. Almost like it's using the same software.
*The display quality on the Infant Optics is much better. Image is sharper and appears to possibly be a higher resolution.
*The infant optics parent unit/monitor uses a standard micro usb port for charging. You can use any usb charger with a micro usb cable or the included second cable this comes with. This make it easy to charge in other locations. The Motorola uses its own charger, which we would have to move any time we wanted to charge it in a different location.
*You can use the short cut key to adjust the volume and brightness without going through the menu.I don't think our Motorola had a shortcut for the volume or brightness.
*The battery life is better and it does not need as frequent charging.

The only feature we were no initially thrilled with was the sound it make when the display turns off after the designated time (3 min, 5 min, or never). We have grown to like this feature. It allows us to easily know how much time as passed since we looked at the display. This works great when we are trying to get our son to nap. If he falls a sleep within the first beep we know less then 5 minutes has passed.

I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a video monitor the allows you to remotely pan the camera in the $250 price range.


We experienced the issue other users have reported about the weak USB charging port. Infant Optics was excellent and provided an updated version of the monitor. It has a strengthened charger connector and the beep when the screen turns off after the designated time is now gone. I received the new monitor the very next day as they use Amazon to fulfill the replacement orders.

Can't emphasize enough how much we love this monitor and how great the customer service has been. Definitely buy this.
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on November 3, 2013
Verified Purchase
We procrastinated on getting a monitor. After looking in the stores and online nothing really stood out. Lots of units were questionable for reliability and riddled by reviews of the camera or sound cutting out within the first 3-6 months. Infant optics stood out in their simple design and reliability. However, when we first looked the DXR-8 didn't exist. We picked it from Amazon while their website still said "Coming soon" (it apparently still does 6 weeks later).

Maybe the best selling point is the customer service others talked about with their dxr-5. Samsung, Sony and summer were at best 50/50 in reviews on customer service. Infant optics was always spot on. That was our major selling point.

We've been using the camera for 6 weeks (not long but she's only 7 weeks old so...) and it's been phenomenal. It's much better than our friends unit's (Samsung, Sony, Summer) and two switched theirs out for the infant optics.

Menu is intuitive and user friendly
Very Clear picture
Range - From the front of a 3rd story condo we can go downstairs and outfront to let the dog do her business with a clear picture. Once we put 2-3 brick walls between us the signal starts to go.
Changeable lenses. We just moved from a condo to a townhouse and being able to change the setup is fantastic.
LED sound level - Shows the baby's sound level when ambient noises are louder than her (laundry room, shower, vacuuming)
Adjustable Pan/Tilt/Zoom is quick and easy to use from the control.
Night mode is crystal clear
Great battery life.
Long powercords (10 feet for the monitor, 8.5 for the camera)
Talk back feature is phenomenal when the wife is downstairs and forgets to tell me something (one trip up is appreciated versus 4)

If the video is off, you first have to turn the video on to turn the whole monitor off.
Temperature gauge is 2-3 degrees off (is that a real con?)
Sound isn't sensitive enough to get all her newborn sounds. It only shows on the sound sensor when she's really crying.

So far we haven't needed the wide angle lens but I'm digging the option. If I'm missing anything on any of these throw up the resolution in the comments and I'll update.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
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on January 15, 2014
Verified Purchase
My Motorola mbp36's sound went out at 18 months and the night vision dimmed on the camera near 12 months. I simply could not invest in replacing it, so I went with the DXR-8 hoping for improved longevity. The beep when the camera goes off is really annoying. Not a deal killer, but definitely a huge minus.

For anyone trying to determine the differences between the two. The DXR-8 does mute fully, mbp36 does not. We are used to just turning off the monitor completely (and even duct taping the speaker) to keep one kid from waking/disturbing another with the monitor in the room. The DXR does not have the lullabies. The mbp does not have a volume shortcut. Both have quick switching from camera to camera and nearly identical menu functions. The daylight color seems better on the mbp, but night vision and overall camera quality is a bit better on the DXR. The cord on our Motorola shorted out just around a year and picking up a spare was a hassle. The USB charger was very attractive. The charge holding on the mbp was abysmal, so any improvement is welcome.

The Motorola unit is sleeker and easier to tuck in a pocket (a little less bulky). The DXR doesn't have a screw holding the battery slot closed. I didn't let my kid play with a $200 monitor, so if you plan on leaving yours in reach of a small child be aware. I'm hoping I can live with the beep. Seriously, it is the only downside out of the box.

I loved the Motorola over loads of other monitors and am disappointed in having to replace it as soon as I did. If the DXR holds up, I will be the biggest fan.

The beeping is irksome. If you plan on using this in the room with a newborn, you can count on being deterred by the beep for checking randomly when you worry. I used the Motorola when our little one was in the room with us (in a crib) and would check often enough to drive myself crazy. I can hear the beep downstairs when my husband is peeking in to see if she's still asleep. I would subtract a half-star after 6 months of use. If they come out with a version that allowed you to TURN OFF the alert sounds, it would be the best camera out there.

**2nd Update July 2014**
It seems the new model does not have the "beep" so if you are on the fence, buy this camera. If you have 2 kids, you really, really want this over the Motorola ones. I had two toddlers in different rooms and being able to fully MUTE one camera and keep sound on the other is something I had no idea I was missing on my Motorola MBP-36. Frankly, the MBP-36 is such poor quality that I was in the middle of looking for a used one to just use for the first 6 months for our newborn to use on the kids while sharing the room with the infant. And the Motorola wasn't just the monitor, the camera deteriorated within the first year of use to where the night vision was almost gone! On the version I have of this camera, the beep deters any late night random checks. I noticed that the customer care folks said I can get the NEW one without the beep, so I'm working on that. That said, it should be an indication of how much I still love this camera that I was going to keep using it and work around the issue during our newborn's first months. Why? The battery holds a charge. We plug it in at night and that's it. The Motorola wouldn't last an hour at the end. It's been in solid use for 6 months with two cameras and has never, ever had any issue. The mic on the camera is good at picking up my kid vs. white noise in the room. It's so sensitive that we keep volume super low at night. It can get cranky now and then in the out of range, in range world. It's never been an issue that raising the antenna didn't solve. The Motorola had a few dead zones that the DXR-8 doesn't have. That said, it can sometimes go into a freaky beep fest when it was fine a minute before. It does not happen often, and usually, putting up the antenna fixes it pretty quickly. It's totally a 5-star camera without the beep. You won't regret purchasing it.

*****Another update*****
The new replacement monitor without the beeping is simply awesome. I can say that without the beep, I have the perfect setup for our family. I had lots of hesitation spending money on a brand I didn't recognize, but their customer service and quality product made this one of my best purchases. I would upgrade to 6 stars based on wasting $250 on the Motorola. Save yourself the cash by getting the right monitor first.
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The manufacturer commented on this review (What's this?)
Hi Opinionated Mama,
Thank you for your great feedback.
I'm glad to let you know that all DXR-8 monitors sold since March 1st 2014 are programmed with an updated software that removes the `beeping' audio alerts.

We understand that some users may find the audio alerts (i.e. `beeping') a nuisance in earlier DXR-8 models, but it was originally designed to allow users to know what the monitor was doing. We can offer you a free replacement on your old monitor unit with a new updated monitor unit that does not `beep'. Please contact us at your convenience so we can arrange this.

Infant Optics Senior Customer Service Representative
1-800-291-0195 MON-SUN 9am-5pm PST
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on November 2, 2014
Verified Purchase
This was worth every penny and easily in the top 3 for baby products I purchased. The picture is so incredibly clear that I can easily see my baby breathing. The zoom and ability to move around the room is amazing. When he gets older and plays independently, it will be great if I have to step out of his room. I always question how customer service will be when I purchase a more expensive item and was worried if something happened to the monitor I would be out of luck. I can say that this brand stands by it's monitor and is NO hassle to deal with. I actually had an issue charging and contacted Mae at the 800 number. I can not believe the 5 star service I got. She gave me a couple of tips and when they did not work, I sent back the old monitor and they shipped a new one before it even arrived to them. AMAZING service and they were apologetic to boot. The picture I'm attaching doesn't even do it justice. Tip- When we first got it, every so often it will start beeping even if it wasn't out range. It was because my cell phone was to close to it and messed with the signal, so if that happens to you, just keep them a couple of feet apart.

Edit: I contacted customer support again in January when my monitor wasn't getting a signal. It turns out I didn't have it plugged in all the way (whoops), but I still received a prompt, helpful response from customer service!
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on December 16, 2014
Verified Purchase
I tried many other monitors and this was absolutely the best one. I originally purchased its cheaper/simpler model the DXR-5 but the screen was a little small and it kind of emitted some white noise I didn't like too much (not too bad though). I was trying to keep it cheaper at around $100 but quickly found out you have to spend a little more for quality. The night vision on this camera was even fantastic; I've come to figure out that this was a big pitfall to a lot of monitors despite how great their other features were. It even does it automatically, no changing settings or hitting buttons when turning the lights off. I can hear things very clearly and see things very clearly! I like that I can move the camera around the whole room so when she gets bigger I can follow her around the whole room while she's playing. The battery lasts a long time. When I turn up the volume all the way it doesn't hum or sound like white noise. I love that the video part of the monitor will shut off after either 3 or 5 minutes (your choosing) of inactivity to conserve battery (turns back on when they stir) but still keeps the sound on so you can be absolutely sure that your baby is still being monitored and don't wonder if the monitor is still actually on. Very nice when its time for Mom and Dad to go to bed. Most monitors shut off everything (sound and picture) after so long to conserve battery and awakens when they stir, I like to be able to at least hear my baby no matter what so I know the monitor is on. You can even press a button to turn the monitor back on just because you wanna see your baby; no waiting for them to stir! The zoom feature is neat but I just don't quite see myself using it. Have not tried the other sense to view the whole room, maybe when she's older and active. It is night time in the pics. Pic 1 is with lights on, pic 2 with lights off and pitch black. During the day with natural sun its even clearer.
review image review image
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on October 8, 2014
Verified Purchase
This thing is brilliant. Well worth the money and seems to compare favorably vs. similarly-priced alternatives.

- Incredibly accurate sound. It's so accurate that we can hear every cricket chirp vs. water trickles, etc on our child's sound machine. I'm truly amazed at the clarity of the sound that this provides. Needless to say, it's very easy to hear our child's coo's and gargles, let along legitimate crying and screaming.
- Two-way sound is great too. Standing in the baby's room and listening to my wife talk to us through the camera device sounded very rich and clear--pretty close to mommy actually being in the room.
- Pretty accurate temperature reading. A lot of people complain that these things aren't perfect thermometers, but this is close enough for me. It's always within a degree or two of our home thermostat reading which is just outside of the nursery.
- Smooth panning. Some other models seem to be pretty choppy.
- Multiple lenses and digital zoom options work great. You can really customize how much zoom, or how wide of an angle you want the camera to operate in.
- Multiple cameras as an option. You can have up to 4 different cameras programmed in I believe. We haven't used this yet, but intend to once we have multiple kids.
- Overall extremely easy and intuitive to install and use.
- Great battery life. We charge ours every night so we don't exactly put it to the test; but it seems to be great as far as we can tell so far.

- it hasn't helped me lose any weight so far
- it doesn't magically produce studio-quality audio and video
- it doesn't project an 80" 3D 1080P image of our child onto the wall
- it doesn't change diapers for us; we still have to do that ourselves
- our child hasn't been offered a full-ride scholarship to Harvard yet

Seriously, it seems to me that people have way-too-high of expectations for $150 baby monitors. Considering the cost, size, and flexibility of this thing (and other similar devices), it's pretty remarkable. I haven't personally used a bunch of different baby monitors, but over the course of looking at a lot of different reputable online reviews for this and other competing products, this seems to be a really strong overall candidate for best infant monitor if you want a fairly large video screen, a pan/tilt/zoom camera, two-way audio, etc.
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on March 4, 2014
Verified Purchase
Let me start by saying while I am an Amazon Prime member and buy things from here pretty religiously (can't tell if the UPS man loves us or hates us), I have only ever written one other review besides this one. Hope this helps other new parents avoid some pitfalls. After a several month struggle (and late night sleepless worry sessions / nights upstairs in the guestroom near my daughter's room) with monitors that didn't work in our home, we found the Infant Optics DXR-8 and there is no going back.

We had tried one monitor boasting a long range - but the range was an "open air" range - in other words, it worked for that range only if there were no obstacles in the way (ie, floors, walls, etc.). Come on, really? As soon as we walked into our bedroom on the main level of our home, it lost signal. Then we decided to use a Wi-Fi enabled camera that worked on our phones and computers (Drop Cam). It worked for a while but then lost signal so often and didn't beep or notify you that it was out of signal so you would sleep right through it. The app on the phone/ipad would also shut down if a reminder popped up (as a global business woman I have reminders pop up at all times of day and night). We knew that wasn't going to work after I got my daughter one morning from her crib and she had dried tears all down her face. She needed us and we never knew it. It might work better if you have super fast wi-fi where you live. We live in the suburbs and the max available is 30 mbps.

The range on the Infant Optics DXR-8 is fantastic (we have a large home, over 6,000 sq feet). It works in our bedroom (which has 2 fireplaces and fireplace flashing in the walls between us and the baby's room). It works downstairs in the basement in the theater room (which is a soundproofed room). It works everywhere in the house, and if it ever does drop signal it will beep at you so you are aware. Too many wi-fi devices nearby the monitor can make it drop signal briefly but it comes right back online in seconds. Camera is great and easy to install. We bought an extension cable for the camera in my daughter's room to keep the cord away from the crib. It comes with two power cords so you can keep one in your bedroom and the other out in the main living area (even though we don't really use it - the monitor maintains power quite well and we still have half the battery charge left after 4 hrs of napping during the day). Thrilled new parents!!!

Then one day the unthinkable happened. A little metal piece in the plug on the monitor itself jimmied lose when I tried to plug it back in and wouldn't charge and kept beeping. I called Infant Optics, dreading the haggle over the 1 year warranty (warranties tend to be complete scams in my experience so far), but was very pleasantly surprised. Mae at Infant Optics only needed the purchase date and where I got it from and we were shipped a new monitor. It broke on a Thursday night and I had the new one by Tuesday. No questions asked. They did request that I ship the broken one back to them so they could analyze what happened. I was more than happy to do so! I can really admire a company who maintains good customer service even in the face of a frantic and frustrated new mom, who hastens their response and promptly lives up to the warranty, and who wants to learn from the experience to make their product even better. Kudos to Infant Optics, and thank you Mae!
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on March 26, 2014
Verified Purchase
I have both units. And here are my personal opinions about them.

-Setup: SEW-3037W > Dxr-8
I had the Samsung set up without a glitch. I got a bit confused with the controls layout on the Infant Optics initially. Maybe because i set up the Samsung first and got used to its layout.
I didn't read the manual of both products.

-VOX (Voice activate): SEW-3037W > Dxr-8
This feature is important to me, and i'm happy that it works great on the Samsung. There is NO vox on the Infant Optics.

-Room temperature monitor: Dxr-8 > SEW-3037W
This feature is important to me, and the Infant Optics has it. It reads 2 degree higher than my Acurite's reading, but it works fine for me knowing this. The Samsung doesn't have this feature.

- Image quality: Dxr-8 > SEW-3037W
The image on the Dxr-8 is sharper - both in regular and night vision.

- Signal reliability: SEW-3037W > Dxr-8
I my test, I have both cameras placed side by side, and the control units are 1 floor down from the camera. The signal bar on the Samsung stayed constant at 4 bars while the Infant Optics's was fluctuating. There Infant Optics gave the "out of range" in more than one occasions, especially when I moved the Samsung around it.

- Built quality: SEW-3037W > Dxr-8
In my opinion, the Samsung is more refined and has more solid feel.
Dxr-8=camry, and Samsung=lexus, except the camry is more expensive than the lexus at the time of this review.

- Buttons/Control layout: SEW-3037W > Dxr-8
All the buttons/controls are well thought out in the Samsung; I like the "Ok" button doubles as zoom function. The button groups are placed far apart, which is a nice touch.
In the Infant Optics, It takes 4 steps to get to the zoom function. All buttons, except on/off/sleep (which is the same button), are group right next to each other. This could be a problem for users with large hands.

Both units are in similar dimension, visually. But i like holding the Samsung better. It feels like a video game console (in a good way).

-Over all: while i like the picture quality of the Infant Optics, I prefer the Samsung for its signal reliability, VOX, and more refined quality.

UPDATE 4/5/2014. I upgraded the rating from 3 to 4 stars.

-Range: Dxr-8 > SEW-3037W
There is a park a cross street (local/community type) from my house, I took both units and walked as far as I can, in a straight/direct line from the room where the cameras are placed.
I was very impressed with the range of both units; I would say that it is very far, more than what I expected/needed. I am not familiar with measuring in ft, but I got the feeling that it is about 80+ yards - the average range of my gap wedge (golf?).
The Dxr-8 edges an additional 2 or 3 foot steps.

-Sound: SEW-3037W > Dxr-8
Through out the tests, the sound clarity of the SEW-3037W is consistantly better, especially at the end of the range.

-Flexibility: Dxr-8 > SEW-3037W
This aspect is often overlooked. Besides the ability to add addition parent/monitor units, the lenses are interchangeable. The standard and zoom lenses are included in the package, while the wide-angle-view lens is optional and can be purchased here on AMAZON.

****While I prefer the Samsung (and honestly would be perfectly happy with the Foscam FBM3501 (for its price and features), which i tested shortly after i tested the Samsung and Infant Optics), my wife decided to keep the Dxr-8. She wants the image clarity of the Dxr-8. That's the must have for her.

All in all, my wife wins.

My wish list for folks at Infant Optics:
1. battery displays in percentage.
2. temperature alerts (the temperature in my house fluctuates and i would like to be notified when the temperature drops/raises in the baby's nursery)
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
11 of 11 people found the following review helpful
on September 3, 2014
Verified Purchase
I purchased this baby monitor on August 12th and now less then a month later the monitor has small black lines showing on the display.I`m very disappointed in the build quality of this unit. I was very impressed with the screen and image quality of this monitor, especially the night vision. We use this monitor at night to watch our little one and to monitor the temperature in his room. However I cant say I recommended it if can't last a month without a issue.
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The manufacturer commented on this review (What's this?)
Hi Andrew,
I'm sorry to hear this. It seems that you are within your 1 year warranty period. Please contact us so that we can provide you a product replacement.

Infant Optics Senior Customer Service Representative
1-800-291-0195 MON-SUN 9am-5pm PST

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