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on September 24, 2012
We have three dogs and was looking for something to run a few times a week to keep hair under control. I will say right now that I think it is going to serve that purpose.

Decided to punish it and see what it could do with two to three weeks worth of dog hair. Took it out of the box, put the battery in and got about twenty minutes of cleaning time without charging the battery prior to use. In that amount of time this thing picked up a whole lot of hair. Also, got to see some of it's functions.

FUNCTIONS - Multiple cleaning patterns that it will rotate through or you can pick one and it will stay on it. It doesn't map out the room like the much more expensive models but I am more than okay with that. I am thinking I will turn in on random mode for 30-40 minutes and let it go. Then set it on "follow the wall" to finish up. Will have to experiment for a bit to see what works best. Some might see this as a downfall but I was not willing to pay $#00.00 more for a more advanced machine so I am alright with it. For the price I paid, this funtionality is great.

NOISE - Not a problem. Much more quiet than my canister vacume. My big dog barks at it and the little guys just avoid it. I forsee them becoming totally aquainted with it within the week.

PICKUP POWER - As I mentioned, it picks large amounts of hair up without a problem. That is what I want it for so it is perfect. Great duster as well. Doesn't work on carpets though. I don't have carpet (except a throw)so again, perfect for me. But I don't think they should claim it works on carpet cause it really just doesn't pick anything up off my throw rugs.

GETTING STUCK - It does on power cords or anything the can sneak under its front bumber. Which is realy not a lot of things. Havn't had major issues so far. It did get cornered in about a 1 1/2' by 3' area between the wall and an endtable but eventually worked its way out and continued cleaning.

CHARGING - Took about three hours. I didn't go for the model with the rechargable base because a lot of reviews said it doesn't make it back there anyways.

UV LIGHT - Felt this was a gimick from the get go. UV light can be antimicrobial but not with such a quick pass. If I remember from microbiology it takes about 15 seconds or so to have a noticeble effect.

ROOM TO ROOM - We have two bedrooms, a hallway, and a living dinning area. Finds it way into all those areas with no help form me. Kitchen and bath areas both have about an inch or so raise that seperates hardwood from tile and it treats those as walls. This is as advertised so no surprise there.

I would recomend to friends and family with predominatly hard surface floors who are looking for automatic pet hair control and dusting at a reasonable price. I would not recomend to those looking for carpet cleaning or a total vacume replacement as I don't feel this has the power to completely replace a standup vacume when doing major cleaning. This will keep you happy in between cleanings though if you have hairy, four-legged creatures running around. I would purchase this again.
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on June 7, 2013
OK, first a short complaint about the roombas. Several years ago, I was in love with the concept of a roomba. So I bought one. The one I bought was a mid-level unit, at the time. The apartment we were living in at the time was mostly vinyl flooring, with a little bit of (short) shag carpet.
We set up and charged roomba according to instructions. Then we turned it loose to see what it would do. It seemed to do what it was supposed to for about five minutes. Then it just acted confused, going in random directions for a bit before it shut down with an error message. It wasn't "stuck" on anything, and the battery was almost fully charged still. We called roomba, and they concluded that it must be a bad battery. So they sent us a new battery. We charged the new battery, and tried again. Second try, roomba again ran for about 5 minutes, then acted crazy for a bit and shut down.
Called Roomba again, they sent us an entirely new robot. The replacement robot (and 2nd replacement battery) did the same thing!!!
Called Roomba again, and Roomba sent another brand new robot (full retail package). Only this time, they upgraded to the top-of-the-line model for us. Oddly enough though, this 3rd robot (with 4th brand new battery) did the exact same thing. It would run for a few minutes, then get crazy and shut itself down. My wife and I were both tired of messing with the thing by that point. So, the brand new top-of-the-line roomba used for a total of about 5 minutes...ended up in the dumpster.
I don't know if there were "alternatives" to the roomba then, as I didn't bother to look. I was fed up with the idea of a robotic vacuum...that doesn't work.
Several years later, I run across this Infinuvo robot vacuum with a price listed that is a fraction of the roomba I bought (the roomba which was USELESS). I read the existing reviews and they seemed (overall) pretty positive. I figured I had little to lose by trying a different brand now.
First thing you need to know, is that these things are not really vacuums. They may have a weak vaccum in them, but they are basically floor sweepers. That being said, if you are expecting these things to work on carpet...they will not. They'd have to be at least 10 times as powerful (and 20 times as heavy, with a humongous battery) to do a good job of cleaning carpet. But they will certainly clean the top surface of carpet OK, to make it "look" a little cleaner.
These things are actually made to clean bare floors. And for that, the Infinuvo works very well. I've got a large apartment now that is all laminate floors and tile. This little robot does a great job of cleaning all the floors in my apartment.
A bonus is that the battery life is much longer than claimed. This may be because the battery is still new. But if you turn this thing loose on default (random switch of cycles) cleaning will run about 80 minutes before it shuts itself off. AT THAT POINT, if you let it rest for a few minutes, then start it up will run well over an hour before it actually shuts itself down with a low battery indicator.
It does a good job of getting all the corners and edges of all the well as covering all the area in the middle. It is super easy to empty/clean out. The cleaning out is less than 30 seconds. You literally dump the canister into trash and quickly wipe clogged lint off of the filter with your fingers. Done. They even give you a little brush to use, if you don't want to touch dirt with your fingers. :)
The recharge is very easy (with dual voltage charger!) and takes about 4 hours, roughly. It tells you (with light and beeps) when it is done charging.
The included remote control is a gimmick, I believe. This thing is so easy to use. Just set it down, turn it on, and hit start...then step back and let it go.
It has not gotten stuck on any furniture, even does a great job of cleaning beneath beds. It DOES get stuck on a large power cable (extension cord), though. I fixed this problem temporarily by using cable tie mounts to zip-tie the power cable from the wall to our TV stand. This kept the cable stretched tight and the robot was able to bounce over it, usually. But eventually, the robot snagged the cable again. And the robot had enough force to rip the cable off the wall, almost damaging the wall. Wow.
Next I'm going to try to duct-tape the power cable to the floor, thinking the robot will just skip over the duct tape. :)
So the one weakness this thing has is cables near the floor. :) Manage your cables well, and you won't have a problem.
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on January 1, 2013
I really wanted to like this vacuum. I really did. I did not expect it to be as good as a Roomba, but I didn't want to spend Roomba money, either. So, I was hoping this one would be good enough. So, here we go: It does pick up a surprising amount of stuff. It is reasonably quiet. It does have pretty decent battery life (about 1-1/2 hours). The remote is a gimmick.

But, it is unbelievably good at getting stuck! It gets stuck under my couch. It gets stuck under my loveseat. It gets stuck under my window seat cabinets. It gets stuck under the laundry cabinet. It gets stuck under the refrigerator door. Under my dresser. Under the bed. Under the dishwasher door. On a bathmat. On a throwrug. On a floor register. You name it, it will get stuck there. Just about the only furnishing in my house that hasn't trapped it is the dining room chandelier. I have tried many, many ways to robot-proof my house, and it simply finds a different creative way to get stuck anyway. It is making me crazy. I have developed a nasty twitch, and children no longer walk past my house. So, back it goes.

I really wanted to like this vacuum. I really did...
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on July 31, 2012
If you hate to vacuum like I do, then you might want to give this one a try.
From what I've read about the Roomba, the Cleanmate Basic seems no better no worse, and costs a lot less.

- At one month, it still has the same charging capability (~3.5 hours of charging to get 80 minutes or so of vacuuming.)
- It will get stuck under sagging sofas, so you'll need to prop them up somehow.
- Since I got the basic model, it doesn't have a dock. But I don't mind because I like to clean the dustbin/filter after each use. And I wouldn't want to keep the dock out in the open, anyway.
- At one month, it's still picking up some dog hair left by the previous tenant.
- It's just okay for edge cleaning. Probably better than the Neato.
- Yes, hair gets wound around the brush, which can easily be removed.
- Since I hate to vacuum, our place is certainly cleaner with the Cleanmate than without.
- I prefer to be in another room when it's operating. Just like I wouldn't want to be in the same room as any vacuum cleaner. But I can still hear it when it beeps to let me know that it's stuck or out of battery juice.
- I love that I can run the dustbin AND the filter under running water, to really get them clean.
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on December 27, 2013
I have all hardwood and tile floors and 3 dogs and 2 prairie dogs! Needless to say the hair and dust pile up horribly in the corners and against the walls. No problem. Unplug from charger, set it to "wall cleaning" with a 40 minute timer and walk away! Come back and all the hair/dust is GONE! Now, I must say that in order to walk away, there must be some prep done to the room; i.e. pick up area rugs or any other obstacles. For the large area rugs, I just fold the edges up and over (per instructions) and "Rosy" as we've come to call it, just bumps into it and keeps going. If you are buying this to actually do a thorough vacuuming, then don't waste your money. It will vacuum up little things but the suction is not strong enough to do a real vacuum job. Also, the reservoir is fairly small, but like I said it holds all of the hair and dust bunnies in my 1900 sq ft house (I may have to dump it once). This has been a life saver for me with a bad back and allergies! I highly recommend "Rosie"! You'll be happy with her performance!
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on September 7, 2013
This is my first robot vacuum, and I am pretty pleased with it. As others note, it is not for deep cleaning. But it still leaves the floor looking noticeably better than before use. This does a phenomenal job on dog hair. I use it on standard carpet.

The dust cup is fairly small, but if the carpet isn't completely trashed it's just the right size for a full run. Unfortunately the intake is close to the middle of the cup, so it never will be completely full. If you have a large or particularly dirty area to clean, you will have to empty the cup frequently. I don't mind because I usually run it in the next room and I can hear the beep that lets me know it's full or stuck. Also, this is not very good at picking up large/heavy pieces beyond dust. The intake has a flexible silicone "reverse nozzle" inside the dust cup. I put a small paper clip right in the middle to narrow the opening and increase the suction. It worked like a charm.

This only has the edging whiskers on one side. They get bent out of shape pretty easily and therefore are not the best at getting in the corners. I personally don't care too much about that. Hairs do get stuck on the roller brush but that's unavoidable. It's easy to pop the brush out.

Not sure whether it's effective or not, but I really like the UV light feature. The remote is also helpful, but the major shortcoming is that you can't turn the unit on or off using it. You can start/stop, operate all functions, but you have to push the power button on the unit to actually turn it on or off. Not a big deal, but if you're gonna have a remote that's the first thing it should do.

Overall despite its little quirks, it does exactly what it's supposed to do which is vacuum the floor effectively. Especially with a pet this makes it easy to keep the place looking neat with little effort. I'm happy with this purchase.

This vacuum is still doing an okay job. I had put it away while renovating our first floor. After several months without use the battery appeared to be toast, it would not work even after charging. So I bought a new battery for $30, only to find that the old battery just needed a deep charge! I like having two batteries because I can swap them out to extend clean time. It still takes about 3 hours to do only a 600 square foot area of my first floor. If I didn't have this second battery, it wouldn't fully clean the whole first floor. I also got the replacement cup filter and brush pack, and that was nice to refresh it. This does a decent job on hard floors, of course it doesn't get all the way in the corners so I dust buster them after it has run. It also will not pick up large pieces which is okay. Sometimes dog hair will clog up the intake, meaning I have to flip it over and manually clean out the little slit and leg it go on its way again. I have to be around while it's running, because it will sometimes get stuck on mats, rugs, under cabinets, and so on. If I pick up everything off the floor and close all the doors so it doesn't get caught on a threshold, it can run relatively unattended.

There are a lot of caveats with this vacuum. I'm not going to upgrade because I have already invested myself in it, but with the cost of the extra battery and brushes you may as well make that extra $50 leap and get a roomba.
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on April 12, 2013
my husband bought this for me and I really love it, my cat does not feel the same, however he is not responsible for cleaning the floors.
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on April 23, 2014
Infinuvo CleanMate QQ-2 BASIC Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is a mouthful, so we just call him "Roombie." We have been using Roombie for about 5 weeks. He cleans the house while I do other things, which is awesome. We have a small apartment, all hardwood floors, no stairs. I have no complaints, it does exactly what I expected - pick up crumbs and dust and help me maintain the apartment. We live in Santiago, Chile, and dust in the city is a big problem. Our "deep cleanings" with the regular vacuum and mop now happen less frequently thanks to Roombie. It fits under the bed (with a centimeter clearance) and I would recommend measuring the height of your bed from the floor when considering buying this to make sure it can get under there. There are few things as surprisingly satisfying as looking under your bed and not seeing any dust.

It's really easy to empty, we do it about every two or three times we run roombie (probably every 80 minutes total of cleaning). I have very long hair and I shed a lot. About every 3 uses, I need to cut the hair off the bristles, but I have to do that for every vacuum cleaner I own.

Roobie gets caught on our rug and bathmat occasionally, beeps briefly in distress, then stops. This is easily remedied by putting those rugs out of the way while he's going around unsupervised. He can clean them if we start him there, and sometimes transitions onto them without issue. He gets stuck occasionally, but really it's not that frequently. Besides twice on a rug, it's probably happened twice in other places (once under the heater, the other time under my desk when a laptop bag fell on him) He runs every-other day, so I'd estimate that out of 30 runs he has gotten stuck 4 times. Those were all when he first arrived. Now, we set him up for success by removing potentially bad situations, like plastic bags on the floor.

Roombie is not going to get the tightest, tiniest crevices, but he can get pretty darn close. My house is much cleaner these days.

One feature I really like is that if his battery is low, he automatically heads to a place that is brightly lit to avoid him dying under the bed or someplace hidden. Good job, roombie!

He takes several hours to charge, but he runs for at least 80 minutes when he's fully charged. Usually that's more than enough to do our small apartment. It's amazing how much dust and dirt he picks up in that time! If I drop flour or crumbs in the kitchen, he just comes along and viola! My MoL is probably convinced I am the laziest woman ever, but I know she would love a roombie! Everyone comes over to admire him.
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on June 27, 2013
I have heard horror stories about these cleaning robots from the most expensive down to the least expensive models. My expectations were not very high when it came to any other them but I decided to give them a try. I selected this model because it was my first venture into them and the price seemed very reasonable.

I was thoroughly surprised at how well this cleaner did and you have to know my house to understand why. My house is a dirt collector all the time. I use to vacuum the floor one day and the next it looked like I hadn't even touched it. This cleaner got the dirt off the floor after I had not vacuumed for over a week and there was plenty of dirt to pick up. This vacuum picked up all that dirt off the floor and then some. Some dust and dirt that I couldn't see.

Now it isn't perfect by any means. The suction power of any of these cleaners is limited as I have found out so it may not pick up large items like toothpicks, pieces of food or large pieces of paper but for the gritty dust and dirt it can't be beat. I can run it today and get the floor clean and do the same thing tomorrow and it picks up fine particle of dust that my not even be visible.

The only other issue is charging time and that takes about 2-3 hours to fully charge the unit to get 80 minutes of cleaning time. That is not entirely a drawback because in the 80 minutes you can clean up 3 fairly large sized rooms.

As far as getting stuck as I have read with some cleaners, this unit has only rarely gotten stuck for me and my house is not robot friendly by any means. It has gotten stuck on the lip of a linoleum rug that is sticking up in my bathroom but that is not the fault of the cleaner. If this until seems to get stuck under a chair as far as staying under a chair cleaning then all you have to do is wait and it will eventually find its way out from under the chair.

I love this thing because it can go where my upright can't like under chairs and the coffee table so the whole area gets cleaned. I could go on forever about how much time and work this cleaner has saved me but I will end this review by saying that for the price of this unit it is amazing.
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on February 24, 2015
Does what was claimed-- and a bit more. It has eaten dog hair, cat droppings, safety pins, a ballpoint pen, several paper bags and plastic bags, and it just keeps trudging along. Not the neatest and newest, but it does the job very well.
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