Customer Reviews: Gizmo Supply Digital Sauna Blanket with 3 Zone Controller
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on October 18, 2011
This is a great purchase for someone who's on a budget (can't afford the bulkier version) & who has limited space to work with (living in an apartment or small home). The Sauna Blanket reminds me of the 'real' thing (that I, regularly, used at Wellness Centers). I warm up my Sauna Blanket, then slide inside, but I lay on top of a sheet. After I'm finished using my Sauna Blanket, I wait for it to cool down. Then, I roll it up (just like a regular sleeping bag) & store it away (out of sight). I save money, by using my Sauna Blanket at home, instead of paying the Wellness Center, every time I go.
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on September 12, 2012
This is the first week of using the Infrared blanket and I'm very pleased with the size (XL version) and intensity of heat it produces. I contacted customer service over email and they were helpful (and quick) in answering my questions before I purchased the product. I'm using this blanket mostly for it's health reasons and for helping with circulation along with lessening workout aches and pain. The blanket is easy to set up and quick to adjust the three zone heat settings. I turn all three zones all the way up and it gets intensely hot. I'd strongly suggest wearing long pajama pants and a long sleeve top which will help soak up sweat. The only thing I have to remind myself of sometimes is to hit the 'START' button. One trick to maximize the heat is to open the blanket wide open, lay on one end, grab the end and start rolling (like a roll-up) so that the blanket is doubled up. It gets crazy hot and after 40 minutes my clothes are drenched with sweat and I feel fantastic. This blanket will get used a lot this cold winter here in Minnesota. If a person lives in a cold region, they might even lay it wide open under a sheet on a bed and turn it on 45min before they have to get up and get ready for work so they are extra warm before heading out into the cold. That's my plan anyways. Super easy to unplug and store away in a closet. I hope to give more feedback after this winter. I hope this was a helpful review.
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on August 19, 2012
This blanket works really well and health benefits are apparent. I always feel rejuvenated and more alive after using it. My only problem with it is cleaning. I wish it was a bit easier. Other than that - great sauna blanket!!
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on March 20, 2014
I've been going to different spas across the US (travel for work) getting fit wraps and paying as high as $100/session (prices were higher but that was my limit). Finding this same sauna blanket used at these various spas on Amazon at the price of two sessions was the greatest purchase that I have made on Amazon next to my Whole Body Vibration machine. This blanket is the exact same one that the spas use and charge up to $160/60min session. The control box is slightly diffrerent but ha the same functions, 3 zones and range of heat. Now I can do a session any day I choose, in the comfort of my own home. I purchased a cheap sauna suit to wear and some SweetSweat to put on my trouble spots before each session and I get better than spa results at home at my own convenience. I wrap my neck with a towel and put an extra towel next to my water bottle, turn on my DVR or watch a Bluray movie while sweating away toxins and breaking down cellulite. Having the healthiest year ever!! Nutribullet, WBV machine, FAR Sauna, air purifiers, humidifiers and Coconut water all purchased on Amazon at great prices delivered in 2 days via Prime!!
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on February 19, 2014
I gave three stars because for almost a yr I was pretty satisfied with the product. It would shut off sometimes for no reason. That prolem began right after the first use, but happened less often the more I used it and as time went on, so I didnt think much of it. Especially since it would always turn back on and stay on. Plus I knew I had the warranty so if anything permantely stopped working I could get it replaced or fixed, or so I thought....more on that later.

As for effectiveness, I really feel this Sauna Blanket directly contributed to my total weight loss since last Feb of 40lbs. Of course I watched my calorie intack and during the summer bagan a consistent but not to strict at home work out regiment. The bag not only allows you to sweat perfusely, but I believe with wearing a tight body cincher or corset you'll see more inches lost as well. I know I did. I weigh more now than I did in my early twenties, but am wearing about the same size again now. I know this is because I lost inches in my waist line wearing the cincher and using the bag regularly, at least 4 days a week for at least 1 hr, sometimes longer. Just drink plenty of water and have a fan handy). I didnt notice any other benefits really like better sleep or a reduction in muscle pain etc, but that wasnt really my aim so may be I didnt notice it because I was looking. With all that said, if you're looking for weight loss results, this blanket will help. And if you're looking for serious results, watch what you eat, excersise at least 4 days a week and you'll defintely lost the weight, like I did.

Now as far as the quality, well my blanket isnt working anymore after less than a yr. I'm in the process of trying to contact the manufacturer but have been unsucessful after two weeks. I'm hoping I can either get technical support as promised or have my blanket replaced all together. Wish me luck!
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on August 24, 2014
Exactly what I needed!!!! This is better than a sit down sauna because it folds up and can be stored easily in a small bin. You can either sit up or lay down. I also cover myself with a couple of blankets to get the full effect and not let any heat out. This sauna really helped me reduce water retention, and regain my energy after losing my thyroid function for a time.
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on April 29, 2014
I was so thrilled to find something that eased my severe RA pain. I used it for an hour every day for about a week and a half, and i was sweating cozy like a pig. My pain was so much better and i felt thinner and refreshed and I could sleep bettrr at nights.. However, rate 1 star bc it stopped working after a week and a half. The light on box would turn on, but not let you increase numbers or anything just sit there, and blanket couldn't heat up. I was soooooo disappointed, bc I finally found something that eased my excruciating pain and also helped with weight and cellulite. I wrote company asking for refund for item and both ways shipping, and they flat out said they would only refund item and I would have to pay to ship back. Mind you, this item weighs 15 lbs and it was hard for me to carry it in a box and drop off at ups bc of my RA.. It also cost $41 to ship back. I complained to amazon and they were the ones that refunded ALL of my shipping, not the selling company. I am very upset that i couldnt keep item, as I would have rather kept it. The price was a bit steep, but if it continued working, every penny purchased would have been worth it. Too bad!
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on May 8, 2013
I chose to rate the product ok because the instructions provided are very poor. The command unit of the blanket is not self-explanatory. Although I was provided some further guidance, see below I feel the display does not proper identify the knobs on the unit. But otherwise it is working as intended for my purposes.

1. Please set temperature FIRST, then press start. You can turn on the zones. To see which zones are heating, there will be a small red dot in the bottom corner where it displays the temperature.
2. You should wear a towel, to help absorb the sweat.
3. They are only offered in Celcius readings.
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on November 17, 2013
First day it was great. Day 2, I thought only 1 heater worked. You have to press select and make sure all 3 lights are on, assuming you want all 3 on. It's material. It can't absorb or it smell after one use. Rubber? Temp could affect rubber. What it's made on it has to be made of. Smell? New cars smell for awhile. Max time is 1 hour and takes about 8 to 9 min. to heat up to max.Best benefit. You sweat.
Out of 3 heaters. 1 gone. 1 dying and 1 still works. Seller told me to use lower settings. Won't spend money like this on amazon again. Gamble on CD's but for over 200 bucks expected better.
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on January 19, 2014
It works fairly easy- but it takes at least 30 minutes to start sweating so you have to devote 45minutes minimum. The plastic is a health concern, it has a strong chemical odor. As for getting the benefits of infrared- I don't see how.
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