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on April 13, 2012
I have been using the Britax B-Agile since my daughter was six months old. Now that she is older (12 months) and more alert, I have come to realize that she prefers to be more upright than the B-Agile will go and would probably appreciate a belly bar. Also, I was having issues with the height/angle of the handlebar causing pain in my hands and wrists on longer walks. And, to be honest, it is not really that agile and kind of a pain to use in stores. So I started on the quest for a lightweight umbrella stroller that had similar features to the Britax that I had initially wanted. I have been researching for a couple of months and after reading many reviews and watching several videos, I decided that the Trip was just what I was looking for.

I received it today and it was so easy to put together. Without looking at the instructions, I had everything snapped on in less than five minutes (the wheels are already attached). It is only about a pound or so lighter than the B-Agile, but it felt noticeably lighter. Quality seems on par with the Britax. Best of all, I put my daughter in it and she immediately smiled and got excited - never has done that in the other stroller! We took it for a long walk and these are my observations:

- Holds enough weight and has a tall enough back that it will last a few years, maybe even until my daughter doesn't need a stroller anymore - that would be nice!
- Easy fold and unfold with auto lock on fold and a carrying handle. I also think we will appreciate the smaller footprint when stored in the back of our small SUV.
- Nimble and easy to maneuver. The ride is slightly less plush, but nothing we can't live with.
- Front wheels lock if you need them to.
- Handles are ergonomic and cushy on the hands. I am 5'4" and the handles are at a comfortable height.
- Large Canopy that has a peek-a-boo window and tilts down to adjust for the sun. I did feel she wasn't getting as much coverage, but she is also sitting more upright so I guess that is the trade off. This canopy provided the most coverage I could find in an umbrella stroller (in this price range).
- Upright seat position with option for a decent recline. My daughter is not a stroller napper, but it would be nice to recline to a decent angle if needed. I am happy with all of the seat positions on this and really prefer the way it adjusts as opposed to the strap/pulley kind on the Britax.
- Belly bar is flexible, can withstand chewing, and folds with the stroller.
- Fabric seems durable (like a suitcase) and easy to clean. Padding seems comfortable for baby.
- Buckles would be tough for a kid, but are easy enough for an adult.
- Pocket on the canopy for parent or extra stuff. Cargo basket is easily accessible.
- Rain cover - fabulous that this is included. I live in South FL and actually thought I was going to have to break it out on our first walk! I stored it in the pocket on the canopy, since I will need it fairly often.
- Re-threading the straps was not a big deal.

- Brake lock pedals could be a little bigger. I have small feet and really had to position my foot just right to get the brake to disengage. I hope it gets easier with practice.
- Fabric may be durable, but seems scratchy and stiff and may be more likely to hold heat. As long as the kiddo doesn't mind, it shouldn't be a problem.
- Peek-a-boo window in the canopy should have been mesh for better air flow, although I guess Inglesina did that to keep it waterproof. Also, the flap should have velcro or a toggle to keep it open. Instead, it just kind of flops around. I'm sure I can add my own velcro to solve this problem.
- Cup holder only holds a soda can or small water bottle. Not a deal breaker though, as we use a Diono stroller caddy, and plan to use the provided cup holder for my daughter's sippy cups (which fit nicely).

All said and done, I am very satisfied with my purchase. To me, the cons are really minor, and no stroller is 100% perfect. I am a diehard amazon fan, but found a coupon elsewhere and took a chance. I decided on the Liquirizia (Black with Ivory trim) instead of the purple one, and I think it looks sharp. This will have to be our only stroller and I am happy with my choice.

UPDATE 01/13/13:
After nine months of almost daily use, I thought I should give an update. We took our TRIP on a trip and it fared well through two flights. We put it in a stroller bag and gate checked it. Now that my daughter is 34" tall, I am noticing the footrest issue that has been mentioned before - but it has not yet presented a problem for us. I had a problem with some stitching on the canopy visor coming apart, and customer service quickly sent me a new one upon proof of purchase. The frame creaks a little, but again, we use the stroller walking about 2 miles almost every day. I still stand by my original pros and cons.
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on March 14, 2012
I have had this stroller for about a month and I love it. After my daughter turned one I changed her infant seat for a convertible car seat and therefore her universal car seat stroller had to go. I wanted a full featured, compact and lightweight second stroller to keep for trips or in the car (our main stroller is the 2011 City Mini). My daughter loves her belly bar so this had a big role in my decision. It is good for walks around the mall or on smooth pavement. Not good for bumpy areas like my CityMini is.

-Belly bar (flexible so you can fold the stroller with it)
-Great canopy (as long as you don't have the stroller in full recline you can pull down the hood more than shown)
-Comes with a rain canopy (the canopy only covers the front of the stroller so the baby is protected but other stuff might not be)
-Viewing area in the canopy
-Compact fold with auto locking features (expected for an umbrella)
-Decent storage area - definitely on the large side for an umbrella and easier to access than some other full featured umbrellas (like some MacLarens)
-Very smooth and easy to handle. On smooth surfaces I can navigate one handed if needed.
-Secure restraint system - little kiddos can't undo the restraints without a good deal of force.
-Restraint has built in shoulder pads.
-Adjustable leg rest for different aged kids
-Great recline options, I like the snap in place recline feature better than the string type ones (hard to describe).
-Included cup holder - fits a large iced beverage from Dunkin' Donuts nicely.
-Great color choices ( I <3 purple)

-On the heavier side for an umbrella stroller but I would expect that with the features it has.
-Not for rough terrain or really bumpy sidewalks.

Punchline: if you can afford it and want a full featured umbrella this is the one to get.

Will update if necessary.
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on May 28, 2012
I purchased this stroller based on the information on the web and customer reviews. I have had 6 strollers with one child (graco travel system, graco snug ride, babiesrus umbrella stroller, valco baby ion, peg perego si, and maclaren techno XT). 3 1/2 years later i am still looking for that perfect lightweight stroller:) Maclaren techno xt (at 16.8 LB) is still just too heavy for me.

This stroller weighs 15.3 LB on my scale. It is very nice looking, with durable and padded fabric. It seems to have many desirable features: stylish, large canopy with extension, peekaboo window, bumper bar, rain cover. cup holder, and adjustable leg rest. However, there are 2 design flaws for me:

1)the large square canopy is just very bulky-- it makes me feel distant to my toddler (for conversation/interaction) during strolling. And believe me i am all about large canopy. The canopy on the inglesina swift is just as large but perfect(without the squareness and still has the pop out extension). This probably wont' bother most people, but i noticed this because i am a stroller maniac.

2)For very strange reason, when my toddler sits squarely upright in it, only the back of his feet touch the footrest (as opposed to the middle of the feet). This could have been easily fixed in design/manufacturing if inglesina is aware of it. I would not even noticed it until my verbal toddler told me that it was strange that his feet did not rest comfortably. They jut out and then hang pass the footrest.

Also, as with many other umbrella strollers with adjustable leg rest, the leg rest stick straight out when the stroller is initially unfolded. This means you have to bend down and push it down before your toddler can climb/sit in the stroller. I find it annoying. I prefer the maclaren legrest, where this step is not necessary due to the mechanism used.

So I prefer the inglesina swift for it's lightweghtedness(13.5LB) and the almost perfect canopy(however, it needs a viewing window)

When both inglesina models are stacked against maclarens, Maclaren quest and techno XT still wins because of better manuverbility. But again, you may not notice unless you compared them side by side. Maclarens, though, need to add pop out sun visor to the quest model.

The handles are good height for average tall people. I am only 5' and I find the handles are 1" too tall for me.

There are huge price difference between the inglesinas and maclarens. So, go with the inglesinas if you like the features and are happy with a little less manuverbility and if cost is a factor. Both inglesina swift and trip have large frames like the maclaren techno XT. Maclaren quest has smaller frame and small wheels, but surprisingly, more easy to steer. Also, although, the inglesina trip has larger frame then quest, the seats are 3/4" less wide.

So, overall, I give credit to inglesina for attempting to produce a beautiful and budget friendly stroller.
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on May 8, 2012
I purchased the Inglesina 2012 trip 2 weeks ago and I must say I researched umbrella strollers for the last 4 months since my daughter was able to sit up straight and did not need the bulky travel system. I researched the larger known brands such as Uppababy, Britax and Maclaren. All of which were either missing something and overly priced.
I discovered the Inglesina through research and reviews of their other stroller models. The 2012 Trip was the stroller that offered all of the options I wanted in an umbrella stroller.
-reclines! my daughter is able to lay almost completely flat!
-light weight.. although it weighs more compared to maclaren and uppababy i will carry the extra weight
-large canopy with extra extend for more coverage
-cup holder
-belly bar.. great to hang toys
-basket is easy to access
-pocket on back is great for storing things such as phone
-leg extension is great for those long days where my daughter needs a nap
-rain cover included!
-fabric is easy to clean!
-peek window to see baby will canopy is extended

Well as of right now I cannot find any cons for this umbrella stroller

I was only a little confused how to collapse the stroller and how to lower the leg extension but as with any new item takes time to get to know how it works.
Although others complained that the material felt rough and that the weight.
I truly think the material is great quality and you can feel the durability in this stroller, it is a real nice ride and I feel it did great on both smooth and rough terrain.

All together I would say this stroller deserves 5 stars! If you are willing to spend the extra dollar, this sharp stroller is the one to buy. It is not the most popular name but this is true Italian quality!
Also the Liquirizia color is AWESOME!!
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on August 9, 2012
First of all, this stroller was great right out of the box. Very little assembly required, everything was packaged nicely and arrived intact. The Eucalipto color I ordered was the same shade depicted on Amazon's site, so no surprise there.

The stroller wheels very smoothly, and the stroller did not feel rickety at all. We tried only indoors over carpet and tile and had no issues at all. Very maneuverable. Handle height was also comfortable (I'm 5'5").

The basket also seemed usable and easy to access.

The included belly bar was wonderful.. soft, padded, and apparently tons of fun for my toddler. It was a cinch to snap in and take out. This part was very thoughtfully designed and executed.

Ultimately though, I had to return this stroller for these reasons:
1. My child is about 33" tall; her feet were very close to touching the wheels as we strolled along. The footrest was set a couple of inches too far back for her to comfortably rest her feet on it, so she ended up dangling her legs out in front. I kept wondering why she was sitting with her legs so far open though.. which leads me to...

2. The harness buckle is very wide, and the included crotch strap was just too short. The end result is that when my toddler sat in the seat, the buckle ended up between her upper thighs, and it could not be moved/adjusted to where the hard plastic ends were not digging in and leaving marks. She was trying to avoid the buckle so much that she ended up trying to straddle it, which was probably why her feet were going to touch the wheels in the first place.

So while my child loved the belly bar and the seat looked nice/cool/comfortable, the buckle on the harness ended up being the reason we could not use the stroller. I would give this overall 3.5 stars -- If a longer crotch strap were included, this would have been perfect for my needs. it may be great for children of different sizes, but it just did not work for my toddler.
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on September 20, 2012
I did a ton of research before purchasing this stroller. I wanted an umbrella stroller with a close-to-flat recline and an large canopy. This stroller met both requirements and much more. There's not a ton that I can add beyond what the other reviewers have noted; however, I can share a bit about my experience using this stroller.

I purchased the stroller in preparation for a 10 day trip to London. We checked in rather than taking it through security, and it weathered the less-than-gentle baggage treatment wonderfully. We had packed it in a stroller bag along with a couple of packs of diapers. In London, we took it everywhere - Tower, the tube, Portobello Road on a Saturday, museums, Hampton Court, etc. We probably put between 7 and 10 miles a day on it, and it performed wonderfully. We even carried it up and down stairs without removing the LO. The rain cover served as a great wind shield as well. I had packed a few clothespins and we used those to secure the viewing flap back. I agree with the other reviewers - it would be nice if there were some magnets to hold it back. I really liked the recline mechanism (so much better than the string one). The canopy doesn't cover a lot if you have it snapped in place AND the seat fully reclined. We were able to remedy that with a blanket pinned in place.

Overall, I'm extremely happy with this stroller!
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on March 21, 2013
Our first one got ran over by a Tuk Tuk in Cambodia... at least we got a good story out of it. I did a little more research on strollers and came back this one. it's the lightest weight stroller that has a full recline. Huge requirements for us. Especially since we're on our 2d baby we feel like we know what we're doing now. We live in Bangkok and need to drag our stroller up an down curbs carry up steep stairs to the Puplic transport and this covers all the bases. Full recline is a must. You can change diapers in it on the go and kids can get a good nap init as well. I think are 1st one was a 2010 model and the suspension seems to much improved. Also the when we fold it up the older version/locking piece could have been improved. Which would have been the only improvements we could have asked for. Nice smooth ride w/o all the bulk. Great canopy coverage from the Bangkok Sun. Nice peek a boo option so you can check on the kids while your walking around, but not a neccessity. Reasonable priced.
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on April 26, 2013
We bought this stroller as our "travel stroller" before an overseas trip (our usual stroller is the bulky Uppababy Vista). It's relatively light, though of course not the lightest in the category. Easy to fold and unfold, though it took me a while to figure out how to do it single-handedly. It reclines to almost 180 degrees, so the baby can sleep comfortably. The ride is not very smooth, though, and when it's fully reclined there is no access to the basket; but these are minor annoyances in an otherwise very convenient stroller.
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on July 3, 2012
This is an amazing transition stroller from my travel system. It is very well made. My daughter looks comfortable in it, it is compact, but yet she has a lot of room. I wasn't sure about the color ibisco from the pictures online, I thought it looked like a bright cherry, but it's actually more of a cranberry color, very nice with the beige accent. It folds nicely and isn't awkward to handle. It folds with the parent cup holder and the bumper bar in place, which is a nice feature because some don't. The basket has been the only one yet to fit my bag. The handles are comfortable. I have used this on grass, hills, grass/with sand and it's worked great. I am very pleased with this. I did a lot of research and tried other stollers. I was considering the uppababy, and the maclaren, they don't even compare. The uppababy seems like it will fall apart easily and all the ones that I have seen the seat cushion wear out way too soon. The maclaren, I don't know why it's rated so high, doesn't even recline or have half the features this one has, although it is comparably sturdy. If you are comparing between any of these i would recommend the trip, it is also an inch or so smaller in width, and thats not in the seat part, it's in the wheel part, in which a half of inch makes the biggest difference when trying to get into stores, it fits everywhere. I can't believe the room that my trunk has with this in it. As an added feature, the wheels are removable for better storage if needed. Great stroller, worth the money!
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on June 29, 2012
I am usually not very enthusiastic about the umbroller-type stroller. They always seem cheap and unstable, as well as being all but unusable for the children who cannot yet sit up. This stroll is fantastic!! It has a belly bar, which I really appreciate, as it gives him something to hang onto. He is five months, so I am able to put him into one of the four positions which will allow to see all around him without tipping over or off to one side. It folds easily, opens easily (but not as easy on a carpet as the wheels cannot slide sideways while unfolding), and I love that I can have the canopy in different positions to block the sun. It has a cup-holder for me, and a nice netting underneath the whole affair so that I can take along emergency supplies in case of a diaper blow-out. There is a leg rest for his use now, and later it will fold down and out of his way. The street in our rural area is asphalt but with occasional gravel and a hole or three, but it handles all of it well. There is little to not like about this except for the instructions. I understand that there have to be directions in MANY languages, but the illustrations are not always clear. Be patient, though, for they are logical once you see what they are talking about.
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