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on September 21, 2008
Well this is a great resource for one of the most vexing running injuries I have ever had. The information contained here will definatly help put anyone on the road,(the long road) to recovery. I know many non-runners who work on their feet, teachers, nurses even coaches and non-atheletes who would beneifet from this text, in its entireity.
I also recommend more the book, "The 5 Mintue Plantar Fasciitis Cure", which is more to the salient point of the singular componet of relief.
Please note WHATEVER you do or try you MUST BE VIGILANT in your approach, this injury requies long term rehab, 6 months to life would be about right.
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on May 11, 2011
This book gives you many things you can do to relief Plantar Fasciitis.
You can do many, or you can do only a few, but you have to do something to get rid of it.
I also read "The 5 minute Plantar Fasciitis Solution", which in my opinion is the key to successfully get over the heel pain. I have tried many things but the one that really feels to be helping is the 5-min Solution.

UPDATE (Feb/12/2012):
In my pursue of getting rid of the pain, I still continued to play basketball, and training my calves to be in better shape for a championship I'm in.
Have to clearly state that it helped a lot. So I believe now the writer is absolutely right in his recommendations.
After I train my calves with weight training (in a gym), I can barely feel any pain on the same day and days after. In the same way after playing a basketball game, the pain is gone. So the strength training is a MUST for anybody who suffers from plantar fasciitis.
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on January 7, 2012
The description says 103 pages, but I went ahead and purchased it because it was so highly rated, figuring 100 good pages would be worth the $9.95.

By the time you take out the table of contents, overall intro, and the ending pages of very general testimonials, you get maybe 70 pages of info that you could easily get by Googling plantar fasciitis. The less than 10 photos and two illustrations are tiny on the Kindle and are of such poor quality, that when you enlarge to the Kindle screen are too blurry to be of any real use. I have both Fire and a regular Kindle and it was the same for both. These graphics were important as they were supposed to illustrate described exercises. There were other things the author described as helpful that would have benefited from illustrations.

Overall, I spent 1/2 an hour going through it and it ended. It's not much more than a self-published pamphlet. I got a refund.
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on January 11, 2009
If you have recently been diagnosed or think you have PF, then this is an excellent resource that consolidates a ton of the information, guidance and reality of this vexing problem. I have been dealing with PF for over a year now and have gone through PT, doctors and podiatrists to aid in my recovery - thus, none of the information in this book was new to me. I have spent many hours researching PF prior to seeking medical advice.

I wished the book contained more information about products the author recommends for (at least some of) the 30 points of relief. I can appreciate that listing products dates a publication but at least it gives you a starting point of self-help remedies when you're 'new' the heel and PF problems.

I deducted one star because I think it's over-priced. The book is a quick read and good reference though.
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on February 1, 2014
I returned to dance instructing and combined with playing tennis developed a very bad case of plantar fasciitis in my left foot in 2011. Like the author I had let the condition go and kept exercising on it not realizing the damage I was doing by creating scar tissue over micro tears. I remember the last time I played tennis was in excruciating pain like a nail in my left heel and after that could not walk properly to school to collect my children. I developed hip issues and finally saw my GP who referred me to a sports medical doctor. He did ultrasound and scar tissue was that bad he recommended a ski boot for 6 weeks and crutches. I thought I would never dance again but my doctor said I would. Like the author I investigated everything there was and I wish I had read his book because as an active person I pretty much had to stop what I loved and yes rest it. I did upper body strength and when my ski boot came off I gradually through cycling and swimming like the author built up other muscle groups. I was hardcore and did my exercises every night. I also used a ball under my foot when at my desk which hurt like crazy the first week but got easier. I did acupuncture, full on painful massage where they would dig into the scar tissue till I almost cried. This did not work. Honestly the stretches the author provides are spot on especially the calf muscle. I bought sleep boots and agree with author they work but as I sleep on my front I could not sleep with them on so before I go to bed I use them when reading a book. I just wish this book was around at the time as the condition really got me down at times. As my doctor said it tends to strike women in their late 40's who are carrying excess weight. As a dance instructor I was the fittest and underweight and early 40s but stupidly I continued to exercise as the condition is sneaky it comes and goes just like the author says. Anyway after 4 months I finally got up to teaching dance again, tennis is another story but I will go back. 12 months down the track I felt the niggle again and yes I had got laissez faire about the stretches so this book just a great reminder for me. One thing I would love someone to recommend a book as I still have the scar tissue in both heels like a little ball but no amount of massage etc seems to make it go. However I can dance again and that is the main thing.
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on February 10, 2009
This book has good information in it but if you have a computer and can search with skill most of it has been read. This gives good information for learning to deal with PF. The only thing that has really helped me is buying a pair of MBT shoes. IMMEDIATELY my heel pain was alleviated and I could walk with no pain for extended periods of time. It has helped with the pain when I am at rest also. I do not have the searing pain while sitting at the desk or getting up and walking. By all means, read the book to learn about the injury and therapies but invest in a pair of MBT shoes. You won't regret it.
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on May 16, 2012
I didn't think I could ever walk and wake up pain free again. I did what this book said would help the healing and I also bought MBT rocker shoes to keep the stress off my heels. As you keep getting disappointed in the continued pain, review the book again and add something else to your program. I found the final piece that stopped the pain was the calf and hamstring stretching. Make it your first priority. You have to do it or the feet stay hurting. The author stated he did not invent this Fasciitis cure but gained the info from trial and error. Read his book and save the trial and error part. This hurts too much to keep messing around with. His info is sound, it takes months to prove it works, but doctors can't heal it for you. You have to figure out what you are doing that damages your feet on your own.
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on January 10, 2014
If you are suffering with PF commit to reading this book and begin your journey to recovery.
I've read 6 books and numerous articles. This book is most inclusive. I'm now optimistic that I'll beat this condition.
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on January 30, 2013
I liked that the athletic author not only wrote in a concise fashion what he researched on plantar fasciitis (However, he didn't have a bibliography), but told of his own experience when it applied. I have a reoccurance of plantar fasciitis from 5 years ago and have been still doing what my podiatrist told me then. Obviously it wasn't enough. Wish I had all of this informationthen especially on the importance of stretching.
I kinda wish the author had made a sample bullet list at the end of the book with the exercises and stretches he presented throughout the book and a suggested time of day to do each. (I realize it would have to be individualized.) From the book I compiled my own list and added a few more from the internet.
Also, I was disappointed that the author left me guessing as to the three reverse calf raises from Phil Campbell's book. The website he gave was only a commercial to buy Campbell's book. And Campbell's bird named calf raise exercises can not be found on the internet. However this was a good book on the subject. But with a little more work, it could have been the main guide on the subject for the layman and been more invaluable.
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on January 19, 2009
I knew a bit about Plantar fasciitis and how it was causing my heel pain, but was unaware of the various exercises that you can practice to help the healing process, or all of the things that should be avoided. This book puts all of the best self-help tips (and overall good health tips) in 86 concise pages. Highly recommended.
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