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on December 8, 2013
For the record, I'm not a fan of fighting games. I bought this purely because I love the DC Comics Universe. I played through story mode on Very Easy, because I'm that bad at fighting games. Compared to some other games, however, the combos aren't that complex. The animations in this game are fluid and fun to watch. The selection of characters is broad and varied. The use of environments is a fun touch. Graphics are good. The backgrounds are interesting. Animations for the super moves are mostly awesome, especially Batman and Aquaman.

The game includes practice mode where you beat on a dummy that stands around, so you can take time to learn each characters' moves. You can also work through the STAR Labs mission to learn the ropes. These missions also include a few special challenges. One of them is to simply out-heat vision evil Superman by hitting buttons when prompted.

As far as the story goes, I really enjoyed it. At first I rolled my eyes at yet another DC alternate universe story. It's been done to death, particularly in recent years. The characters are spot on though, the voice acting is great, the story is interesting, and they did a great job of using it as a framework that fit naturally around a fighting game.

There are plenty of unlockables. As you fight matches, you earn experience. When you level up, you get access points for new costumes, music, hero cards, concept art, etc.

I don't know how fighting game enthusiasts will view the game, but playing on very easy just to have fun slapping around the heroes and villains of the DCU, I really enjoy it. You can play "Battle" mode with each of the characters to unlock their specific ending, brief slideshows of images and voiceover that tie the characters into the main story and explains what happens to them when it's over.
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on May 22, 2014
I've already written a huge review on Injustice on the PS3, which, lucky me, is the top "Critical" review, since I gave the game three stars after playing its release for a while. Having said that, I doubt anyone needs a recap on the game--it's essentially the same game, even without the DLC.

What you get here is a staggeringly beautiful version of the "Ultimate Edition" of the game (as should be expected). The game runs dreamily, and the action looks better than anyone could have possibly expected when the game was first released on consoles.

Aside from the given resolution boost, the PC version also has a variety of added details to the characters and the environments, which should please quite a few people. The obvious superiority of the PC version (especially with the fps jump and resolution options) is clear as day.

By all means, try out those killer Supers along with the stage transitions to see the flashier aspects of the game. Doomsday is still a riot, and Superman's is astonishingly beautiful (and naturally over-the-top...of the exosphere, literally, as it should be).

The game is reasonably friendly to mid-range setups like mine (which cost a total of about $650, maybe $750, to build from scratch last year, in late 2013), and with all mid-range parts along with a slightly-more-than-midrange Radeon HD 7870, everything can be maxed out. I can't speak for anything lower than a 7850, though, as I was running an Nvidia setup for a lengthy amount of time and can only speak personally about the 7770, which, spec-wise, just doesn't run anywhere near as well as the 78XX series. Additionally, the R-line cards near the same price range (as of this writing) don't perform significantly better than the 78XX series. But considering what a 7850/70 goes for these days, it certainly shouldn't be breaking anyone's bank.

There is of course the problem of the utterly-dead multiplayer scene, though it should be noted that the console versions aren't faring much better after all this time (I blame the newbie-unfriendly mechanics, both in the fighting mechanics and the not-so-great matchmaking system that has no qualms about pairing you up with someone who's 3000-150, or something along those lines, if it can't find anyone else right away). As for private matches, I have no one with which to private match, so I can't speak about those, though it seems others are having some problems with it, and it seems NetherRealm has abandoned this title's multiplayer scene.

Still, Injustice UE is a highly-competent single-player game, with a pretty decent Story Mode and a fun, if somewhat unbalanced, fighting system, though this doesn't really matter in single-player. If nothing else, it looks and functions phenomenally (with or without a gamepad, though I would personally recommend a decent Logitech gamepad or any Xbox 360 controller--it doesn't matter if it's the PC version or not, it works the exact same way, as all official 360 and One controllers will work on Windows along with their console counterparts), and it's really just a lot of fun to mess around.

I still love the lower-level Batcave stage transition, and it was my stage of choice because it's the only stage transition in which you can match any two characters up. It never gets old, especially if you're playing as, say, Harley, and you go after Bane in the elevator and watch her smack him around. Batman beating up Superman, or the other way around, is equally entertaining.
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on December 25, 2013
For all of you PC guys on the fence, you can buy this with confidence. The game was ported very well from the Xbox 360, and runs fine on most modern machines. I would suggest either getting a controller or arcade stick, as using a keyboard may prove to be impractical with some of the inputs you will want to do.

In short, good character depth, great story and an overall pleasurable gaming experience.
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on June 1, 2014
Should have done some more research before I bought this. I have the regular version for xbox, decided to pick this up for all the DLC included and to have it on the PC platform. However no one plays online, and even if you do find a match, lag is basically unplayable. Do not purchase if your goal is to play online.

That said, single player is great if you've never done it. And local 2 player/versus is fine. Its a great game, however i purchased it specifically to play online and the option may as well not exist for how bad it is.
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on May 25, 2014
This was the equivalent of playing on of the DC animated movies. Lots of cut scenes with fights interspersed throughout the game. A good storyline that keeps it interesting. I've no interest in playing online with anyone, but I enjoyed the story mode. You do not get to play as all of the characters in story mode. It would have been nice if perhaps they flipped the story and you got to play some side missions as Grundy, Catwoman, etc.
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on May 28, 2014
This is definitely one of my all-time favorites! I had been playing on my iPhone for awhile before going for the PC version. I'm running it on an Ultrabook, so it took a little work in the settings to get it out of slow-mo, but it was worth it. The visuals are outstanding, and the animation is amazing. Gameplay is a lot like its predecessor, Mortal Kombat (minus the fatalities). It is a little tough to work on the keyboard, but again, with some customization it works out fine. I love the ability to use (and break) environmental objects. Well worth it!
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on September 5, 2014
Story wise, I havent finished the game but the story is rather entertaining to me. Control wise, its a nightmare. This game does not use the mouse at all. It is all keyboard commands. Was very disappointed in that. It only gets 3 stars due to the story, If I had to rate the gameplay itself it wouldn't go higher than a 2 at most. What fighting game in this day and age doesn't use a mouse on a computer?
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on January 12, 2014
I am not a huge DC Universe but I have the MK Vs. DC game so I picked this up on sale as well.

I have played the PS3 at a friend's house and we have logged about 5 or 6 hours in the multiplayer and I found that to be pretty enjoyable. We all love the interactive backgrounds and beating the heck out of each other.

I bought the PC version for myself since it was cheaper on sale and my gaming PC outperforms the PS3. I played this game and most of my PC games with wireless Xbox 360 controllers so keep that in mind. I imagine if you are trying to play this game on the PC with a mouse and keyboard you will have a frustrating experience.

I have played the PC single player story mode and battle mode for about 5 hours total and it was my first exposure to the Injustice storyline and I found it pretty interesting and engrossing. After playing through the Story mode there is still plenty to keep you entertained. The battle mode has a TON of different options and when you finish the classic mode you get a character specific ending.

This game has lots to offer, especially to fans of the DC Universe (I grew up and love Marvel comics and buy a MArvel game made by Nether Realm Studios in a heartbeat) and the gameplay is straightforward and still has some depth to it.
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on June 5, 2014
I bought this game on Amazon's flash sale for $7.50. Being the Ultimate Edition I thought it was a fantastic price. I played through the entire campaign in a night. If you enjoy Mortal Kombat then you will love this. Especially if you also enjoy DC comics. Throughout the campaign you don't get to play as every character but I believes it gives a good crash course of what you can expect when playing all the characters.

The reason I gave this game 3 stars out of 5 is because the online is very shotty. My internet is 45Mb download and 2Mb upload so I should have no problem connecting to the servers. Every match displayed a little bit of lag and since this game is so fast paced it was unacceptable. I even brought my gaming laptop to a friends to try his internet and it was still laggy.

The game also takes full advantage of the Unreal Engine and it does hit 60 fps easily. Many PC builds should be able to run this fairly well.

If you don't mind missing out somewhat with online play and you love the fighting genre then this is a great game for you! If not then maybe wait for Mortal Kombat X. Hopefully Never Realm Studios gets their act together with their netcode because this game would be fantastic to play with friends on a smooth server!
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on July 21, 2014
Think: Mortal Kombat without blood and with the superheroes you love from the DC Universe.

There is a large amount of fan service available, and with an interesting premise in conjunction with a New 52 crossover, you will find the story enjoyable.

The net code is much improved from the Mortal Kombat PC version, so you won't run into as many issues when playing online.

As a fighting game, the characters are fairly balanced, although some characters such as Superman have a few unfair advantages (full screen control, etc.) that make them slightly easier to play than other heroes.

This game definitely holds its own as a fighting game in its own right, just as much (if not moreso) than Street Fighter IV and Mortal Kombat.

I wish they had created some additional DLC characters, because these were definitely not half-baked and are fleshed out in their own rights. That is really the only complaint I'd have with this game.
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