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on April 16, 2013
I don't play a lot of fighting games. Heck, I haven't even played Street Fighter 4. I'm lousy at remembering combos, let alone pulling them off. But I decided to take a chance on this, because I loved the idea of a darker themed DC game.

Anyway, after a few quick fights with my brother, I started on Story Mode. Honestly, I was a little taken aback at the average graphics on show in the cut scenes. Not awful, just fairly dated. As time went on I understood why. This game has about an hour of cut scene footage, so naturally it wasn't all going to look amazing. The story isn't anything we haven't seen before, ending up a lot similar to those episodes of Justice League, albeit a lot darker.

As for the combat itself, I really like it. As I said, I'm not great at fighting games, but I found it to be accessible, though obviously it would take practice to be able to pull off more difficult moves.

The super moves are endlessly entertaining to watch, although they feel like they would have been better suited to be finishing moves, as seeing someone hop straight up after being punched through a freaking planet takes away from it a little.

The maps are awesome, with plenty of ways to hurt opponents with the environment. And you can freaking knock opponents into things like inmates' cells in Arkham, or the Phantom Zone in the Fortress of Solitude. Now THAT'S fun! All that aside, they look pretty good as well,

In the end, I'd recommend it to both DC fans and fans of fighting games. I've just finished the story mode, it's 1am and I have no intention of switching the game off yet. On to other modes we go!
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on April 25, 2013
I have seen some reviews from people that have not actually played the game. I will do my best to review it, I do not consider myself a gamer and I have finished the story mode. I am a huge DC fan and I think that this game did the DC universe a lot of justice and you can tell it was treated with love.

Is it a fighting game? Yes it is, look at the developer they created Mortal Combat.
Will you see Mortal Combat as you play the game? Maybe, the thought crossed my mind a couple of times as I was playing it.
Do I like fighting games? No, I do not, I always avoid them because I can't do a combo move to save my life.
Did I enjoy this game? Very much, the story is good, the super heroes are really good. I think the cut scenes make the game so much better.
Was the game too easy? It is not a question or being easy or not. The difference between this game and other fighting games that I have played in the past (have not played one in 15 or so years) is that this game wants you to experience the complete story and if you lose a match the game automatically adjust difficulty to let you win, again the game wants you to experience the story.
Do the matches seem fair? Well that is where I found it interesting... I mean when I played solo (as Green Arrow) Superman took me to the stratosphere and then one shoted me back to earth and Green Arrow survived it. It was cool, but I was like... wait a minute. Same thing happened when fighting Doomsday.
Do I care about graphics? No I do not.
Did it have good graphics? I thought so.

Having said that I finished the story mode and had a lot of fun doing it, without giving away too many spoilers you get to see some nice cut scenes with complete armies going at it, You have to try the story mode at least once. I played the solo option with green arrow (my favorite hero). It was a lot of fun.

Will I replay this game? Sure I will but I will most likely will either go online to lose a few matches or try to do it solo. In a few months I will try the story again. I hope they do DLC's with more superheroes. I would love to see the Blue Beetle, Booster Gold, the Spectre, Catman or Dr. Midnite or even Darkseid! This game just lends itself to so much imagination. They could do DLC's just for hero packs and I would buy them just to get more heroes and villains to make them fight together.
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on July 30, 2013
I bought this game to distract my kids from my drinking problem, and I have to say I'm pleased with the results.
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on August 28, 2014
In a world dominated by superhero this and superhero that, I was skeptical of getting this. I'm a DC fan girl so obviously, I was intrigued. Plus, I'm not really into the "bash the other guy until he's dead" games. BUT it has all of my characters, so I was going to try it.
I was pleasantly surprised. I first played the storyline which I was engaged in so much, I thought I was watching a movie until they cut in and made me play. I beat it in one sitting. Then I was a little sad.
But there are just SO many different ways to play on this game. You have the battles (and then the different TYPES of battles), STAR Labs, online play, and the different difficulties. You're not done with the game when you are done with the story.
I personally think that it's worth getting, even though it's been a long time since it's come out. I haven't tried any of the DLC BUT I do have the game on my phone and the integration and unlockables through there are kinda cool.
One of my roommates is inept at playing video games, and I mean REALLY inept. But she had a great time playing this. Mainly because you can set it to whatever difficulty. She just pressed random buttons while I was doing the correct combos on a higher difficulty (you know, just to make it fair) and she was just as good as I was.

Though, I will say that every time I had to defeat Batman, I died a little. So there's that.
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on May 26, 2013
I loved Mortal Kombat: Komplete Edition. LOVED it. I've always been more of a Capcom guy, though to be honest I've never been especially good at any Capcom fighters, but Mortal Kombat 9 showed everyone how to make a modern fighting game. The story mode was worth the purchase price by itself. It was a glorious retelling of the original classic trilogy and delivered a truly epic eight hour experience. Add to that an enormous roster of characters, tons of modes, and a mountain of extras to unlock, and you had the most fully-featured, fully-realized fighting game we have ever seen. The wealth of content and level of quality was staggering. With INJUSTICE: GODS AMONG US, NetherRealm Studios has delivered a spiritual follow-up that polishes their fighting engine to perfection. The fighting in INJUSTICE is a definitive statement for the studio, real proof that this weighty, Western style of fighting game can be just as technical and hardcore as the Capcom fighters, but also more accessible than Ryu and Wolverine have ever been. No matter your skill level, no matter how much time you want to devote to leveling up your game, you will have fun playing INJUSTICE. But, there is a trade-off. When taken as a complete package, it's obvious that so much development time was devoted to refining the Unreal 3 based fighting engine that concessions were made in both the amount of content offered and the overall presentation quality of the game.
Mortal Kombat 9 is a beautiful game. The lighting is great, the character models are big and detailed, and you really feel like you get a sense of the world the MK universe takes place in. INJUSTICE is not a beautiful game. The only good-looking thing in this game is the menu, full of detailed, photo-realistic close-up shots of things like Wonder Woman's fist hitting Batman's face. The stages generally have a washed-out look. Whether it's Gotham City or Metropolis, the Justice League Watchtower or the Hall of Justice, Atlantis or Ferris Air Base, things just don't look very clear, very HD, very GOOD. Wonder Woman's stage, the docks of Themyscira, is probably the only standout, looking just as good as maybe something from God of War. The characters are actually different sizes, quelling the single biggest complaint leveled against MK9, and actually feel differently from each other as well. Instead of Sonya and Kitana being pretty much like Jax and Reptile with different moves, here Bane and Solomon Grundy feel huge, Batman and Green Arrow feel athletic and ninja-esque, Wonder Woman feels like a real warrior, Lex Luthor actually feels like he's in a mech suit, and Hawkgirl is actually smaller than the people she's supposed to be smaller than, with a floatiness that befits a character with wings. The characters generally look better than the stages, but other graphics-related issues pop up here. When the blue Sub Zero and red Sektor are fighting in front of Shao Kahn in MK9, you can see absolutely see everything clearly. Everything pops out and you know exactly where you and your opponent are at all times. In INJUSTICE, half of the cast are rendered in the same shades of gray, black, and ice blue, and they are often the same shades as the dingy, ugly stages. Try putting Doomsday and Solomon Grundy in the Fortress of Solitude. Doomsday and Grundy are practically the same colors as EVERYTHING ELSE IN THE STAGE. Heck, there's even another Doomsday in the background! The issue here isn't one of colors, but of rendering. You can make two identical shades of gray look different by shading them differently, or adding a slight white outline to the characters, or ANYTHING. INJUSTICE just doesn't pop. It simply doesn't look very good, either in your living room, on Youtube videos, or on streams when you're trying to watch top players compete against each other.
Besides the graphics, or should I say the color palette and rendering choices, the other huge knock on the presentation in this game is the music. As in, what music? I could barely hear any, even with the setting cranked up. It's fine that they chose to prioritize grunts and lasers over the score, but not to this degree. There's a beautiful, epic, orchestral soundtrack in INJUSTICE, but you wouldn't know it.
Mortal Kombat 9 had the best story mode in any fighting game ever. INJUSTICE does not. Not even close. The story mode is completed in 3 hours. It's confusing. It's full of mirror matches. In fact, it ENDS with a mirror match. It has no memorable moments, nothing you would ever need to see again. I'm an insane DC Comics fan. I know what their comics are about. They love doing alternate versions of their characters. They love stories about the heroic legacy, about how every parallel world "needs" Superman or "needs" Batman or whatever. If Marvel Comics are about a never-ending soap opera featuring characters who never stop caring about the things teenagers care about, DC Comics are about how important...DC Comics characters are. Hey, that's what we love about them. So here's a disclaimer if there ever was one. If you are solely a DC Comics fan, or you are someone who just wants to buy this game to play the story mode, DON'T. Watch Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths or A Better World: Part 1, read Kingdom Come or JLA: Earth 2 (Jla (Justice League of America) (Graphic Novels)), do ANYTHING ELSE except drop $40-$60 on this story. The story told in INJUSTICE is the single biggest misstep of this entire game. This story did not need to exist. It adds nothing to the DC universe and will be forgotten. If NetherRealm Studios needed a "good Justice League versus bad Justice League" story to justify the often ridiculous situations fighting game stories have to present, they really should have just done a game version of any of the stories referenced above, or the MANY others that I'm not listing. How sweet would a KINGDOM COME game have been? Think about how interesting the story and the character roster would have been. Magog would have made an AMAZING endboss. Instead, we have INJUSTICE, which as far as I can tell after clearing the story mode, is about a Batman wearing football pads getting the Earth-1 Justice Leaguers into his universe so that they can unlock a KRYPTONITE GUN to use on a totalitarian Superman. That doesn't work, two Aquamans and two Wonder Womans have some choice words about how to run their kingdoms, Green Lantern and his "evil" counterpart Yellow Lantern talk about the color spectrum, and "our" Superman has to save the day by fighting the "evil" Superman, who might have maybe killed The Joker...for MURDERING MILLIONS OF PEOPLE, INCLUDING LOIS LANE AND HIS UNBORN SON. Also, you'll know this Superman is evil because he's wearing a full-body jock strap. The alternate Batman is the figurehead of the Insurgency against Superman's Regime, except, near as I can tell, the only other important member of this "dangerous" Insurgency is...Harley Quinn.
Yes, it's really as bad as it sounds.
So, I've done alot of complaining, but you'll notice I've given the game a very good four stars, and that's because the fighting feels amazing. Initial footage had me worried because the animations looked very stiff, but in action and in your hands, the fighting is weighty, fluid, and extremely satisfying. Hits look like they hurt and hurt alot. Supers are over the top and amazing the first few times you see them. Each character controls just as you think they would, with moves that are faithful to their abilities, though it must be said that, for a roster where so many people can fly, INJUSTICE's action takes place far more on the ground. The fighting is a great mix of the weighty special moves that make Mortal Kombat great, with some air juggling, complex combo potential, and a dash of 3-D fighters with a healthy array of command normals that chain together. I love the interactables and the stage transitions because, you know what, they make the game funner to watch, and they are the closest thing to a comeback mechanic the game has. For all you Capcom snobs out there, INJUSTICE has a perfectly-implemented, "two health bar/one round" system that strongly discourages cheap comebacks. No Ultras and X-Factor shenanigans here. INJUSTICE doesn't reward you for sucking the way the modern Capcom fighters do, and that's truly commendable. If the closest thing you can get to a comeback is knocking someone down the Batcave or firing a missile, that's alright with me, because both players have access to the exact same tools instead of the losing player being rewarded with a level 3 X-Factor comeback that basically punishes me for playing well up to that point. Everything in the fighting engine of INJUSTICE is polished and well-considered for all levels of play. It's a beautiful system, and not only is it polished, but TRULY innovative in certain respects.
The trait mechanic, which seems to cribbed from Blazblue, is fantastic, adding an immediate layer of depth. I love playing as Green Arrow and having access to all my trick arrows, or switching stances as Wonder Woman and Nightwing. Sure, some seem a little superfluous, such as Cyborg's self-healing trait that you'll never be able to use in a real match, or Aquaman getting...wet for a few seconds, but the implementation of the traits is vital to the fighting system in a way that largely feels integral to strategy and character diversity. I also love the meter burn mechanic. You have EX special moves in this game, except you don't activate it until the move hits. I have no idea why no one has ever thought of this before, but it's downright brilliant. Instead of throwing out a flame hadouken just to put you in block stun, I can wait for my move to actually connect, then decide to meter burn the move for damage or a combo continuation. Like the "one round/two health bars" system, the meter burn mechanic shows that INJUSTICE truly rewards players who have a strategy and execute it well, and who know their character inside and out. I also love how kind this game is to new players. I play on a big, honking arcade stick that I modded myself, and I love that some of the buttons, like the weird button combo for super, are actually tailor-made for pad. This makes my casual friends who come over that much more comfortable, and I'm all for it.
INJUSTICE should have been a perfect game. It should have been definitively better than Mortal Kombat 9 in all respects. It's not, but if you're a fighting game diehard, you should know that it's still better in the ways that count. Next time, I hope NetherRealm Studios gets it COMPLETELY right. Give us that KINGDOM COME game with the epic story mode and great fighting system. Heck, a Justice League versus Teen Titans game sounds mighty fine to me, or why not just do a Justice League versus Secret Society/Injustice Gang game? Or the Emperor Joker storyline? Or Crisis On Infinite Earths, Final Crisis, Sinestro Corps War, Blackest Night, Flashpoint, or even Battle for the Cowl?
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on April 23, 2013
this is a really good fighter, i played a lot of fighters out there and this one is one of the better ones I've played in a while. i can say that this is the best dc fighting game out there. the combat system is amazing and a little different from mortal kombat, the background falls apart, there's interactive objects you use, for example smashing a car on your opponent, every fighter is different, and great characters. the only thing i didn't really enjoyed was the story mode, it was really fun but the story wasn't as great as the mortal kombat story, but it was still good. if your looking into getting this game give it chance its WAYYYYYYY better than justice league: task force i promise you that.
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on May 21, 2013
Great game for fighting gamers and comic readers. Suits well the characters to their personalities. It's like a DC Comics movie. And ain't a new Mortal Kombat game spin off, it's way different.


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VINE VOICEon April 27, 2014
Repetitive game play with a story line that while interesting was shorter than a pygmy in high heels. The graphics, especially the cut scenes were lackluster at best and those looking (as I was) for something to hold them over until the next Batman game (released in October 14, 2014) if your gig isn't a "street fighting" game your will be wasting your money. Once I completed the game in less time than it takes me to read a 400 page novel I highly doubt that if this isn't your genre you will ever revisit the game. They got with with the 19.99 price point and at that price I guess it's a fair deal, but I would wait a couple more months and buy it used for ten bucks or less either on here or at Game Stop.

If you a a rabid Mortal Combat fan there is a lot to like, and perhaps I am not the core audience this game is intended for. Okay I am not, but still there was so much more that could have been done to make this an experience that I would have liked to revisit more than the first play-through.
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on April 19, 2013
After 2010's Mortal Kombat remake, some might have thought that NetherRealm Studios could only go downhill. I'm happy to say that those people were wrong. Injustice breaks away from the tried and true MK control scheme, opting for three attack buttons: Light, Medium and Strong. The fourth button activates a powerup, which varies from character to character. For instance, Deathstroke's gun attacks are unblockable during his powerup, while Batman has a handful of remote-controlled batdrones that surround him and can be used either as a shield or as projectiles. These powerups take about fifteen seconds to recharge on average, allowing them to be used multiple times per round.

The story is fairly standard for comic fare: Our heroes (Batman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Green Arrow, and The Joker) get transported into an alternate dimension where Batman has been propagandized as a criminal and Superman has become an insane dictator, bribing or enslaving the rest of Earth's heroes. The story takes about four to five hours to complete, and has some serious "OMG!" moments in store. In addition, it unlocks a costume for Superman if you can follow it through to the end.

For those who just want to brawl, there's plenty to keep you busy. There are Classic Battles, Heroes Only and Villains Only (all three standard arcade modes), and two variations on survival, Poisoned (Your health will continue to decline during the match) and Survivor (Your health meter carries over from one match to the next) unlocked from the start. The rest of the modes have to be unlocked in the Archives (Read: Krypt). Unlike Mortal Kombat's Krypt, however, unlockables are sorted by type (costumes, concept art, battle modes, etc) and don't need to be hunted for. To balance this out, each unlockable requires a different type of currency: Access Cards (which are common and can be earned simply by leveling up) and Armory Keys (which are rarer and are earned only at certain levels.)

The backgrounds are beautifully rendered, and feature places like Wayne Manor, the Fortress of Solitude, Themyscira, the Hall of Justice, and the alternate world's Metropolis and Gotham City. The music is hit or miss, but mostly sets an appropriate mood for a game featuring comic book characters: brassy, epic, and dramatic when it needs to be. The real charm of Injustics is its roster. There are no weak characters here, and every single character is given weight in the game's Story Mode. Some of the characters may only be familiar to comic buffs (Black Adam, Killer Frost and Lobo, the game's only announced DLC character thus far), while most of the rest have been featured in movies or television shows for the past decade or longer. The voiceover talent is strong, featuring people that have voiced their characters in previous work (Kevin Conroy as Batman, Khary Payton as Cyborg, Tara Strong as Raven). My ONLY gripe about the voice cast is that Mark Hamill didn't voice the Joker here, especially because he and Conroy just work so well together. It's so strange hearing him voiced by Richard Epcar, who also voiced him in Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe. In spite of this "oversight", Injustice is still a solid fighting game that lives up to its creator's hype, and may just help people forget about how bad MKVDCU was.
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on July 11, 2013
Bought for my grandson for graduation and he and my other grandkids play it all the time...they love it so therefore I do too!!
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