Customer Reviews: Innergie PocketCell - 3,000 mAh 2.1A USB Portable Battery Pack and Charger with USB Magic Cable Trio
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on February 4, 2012
I'm always on the move with my iPhone/iPad (sometimes Andriod phone) and have used several "pocket chargers" over the years. The drawback for me has always been that they come with multiple cables and are too big. First off, this product comes with a slick universal charger that does iPhone/iPad, mini USB and micro USB -- all in one small cable. Second, the thing is small -- like the size of a decent Swiss Army knife. And lastly the charge on battery is powerful enough to fully charge your phone twice; I was able to get it to charge my dead iPad up to 70% before the battery on the unit was drained; pretty impressive considering that the iPad is basically a battery brick with a screen. This is the first time I have taken the time to write a review of anything on Amazon -- I just wanted to give the good feedback on the product given that it is a new brand. Cheers!
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on January 6, 2013
Listen, if you are looking for the smallest, best built portable battery this is your ticket. It is very easy to carry with you in your pocket due to its small size and light weight. It even has an appealing design. The charging cable, and the charger itself is all very sturdy and well built, it doesn't feel like your typical China gadget. I was disappointed with the actual capacity of the charger though, it barely made it through a full charging of my iPhone 4S before it had depleted itself.

Bottom line? There are MANY different products out there that are less than half of the cost of this product that accomplish EXACTLY the same function. You can get a 10,000mAH external battery pack for ~$50 from Anker on Amazon, and if you want a smaller device you can get one for about $30. This would be a true 5 star product if it were under $40. For what it is at now, it is somewhat of a ripoff.

- Trick, built in charger adapters so you don't lose them
- Small size and light weight
- Build quality
- Ease of use

- Outrageously overpriced
- Meager capacity
- Overpriced, seriously overpriced
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VINE VOICEon February 22, 2012
Package Type: Standard Packaging|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
First the cable is really cool, no parts to lose, no octopus of various conectors. This cable is standard USB on one end and on the other a clever multi stage from standard USB to Mini to Apple (too bad Apple doesn't just charge on a mini usb).
Back to the cable, each "stage" is connected to the other by a sliding hinge which allows you to plug it into the previous stage or swing it out of the way. These hinges are simple and effective and feel like they will last a long time. Of course the standard USB output port allows you to use any other cable if you need to.

The battery is 3KmAh and can output 2.1A which makes even the hungriest devices such as Kindle Fire, iPad, Nook Color, etc. happy. The battery claims 5 methods of protection which should keep your devices, and your house/car/etc. safe:
'OCP :Over Current Protection
'OVP :Over Voltage Protection
'OTP: Over Temperature Protection
'OPP: Over Power Protection
'SCP: Short Circuit Protection

The battery arrived nearly fully charged, which tells me that it can last a long time without self discharge. This is probably due to an internal shutdown process. When you plug it into a device it doesn't start charging by itself, if it has been unplugged from charging something for more than 10 sec the device shuts down and you must push the one button the device has to wake it up and start charging. This buttoon is also used to check the current charge level by illuminating up to 4 blue LEDs.
Once charging starts it keeps going until the battery is discharged.

Charging the 2.5oz, 3.5" pocketcell is accomplished with a mini usb port, you can charge with your existing cell phone chargers or plug in the included multi tap cable into any standard USB power port and use the mini USB connector on the multi tap side. Input is at 1.5A max so charging is quick, and easily accomplished by nearly any USB power source.

My only disapointment, which is significant, is that power in not pass through.
In other words, I can't plug in the pocketcell to a power supply, and a phone into the pocketcell, and have everything charged when I wake up in the morning. When the pocketcell is plugged in, it shuts down the output. So while I have great portabal power, I still need to travel with multiple power supplies for the overnight recharge.

Even with that fault, I still had to give the device 5 stars for the cool cable, small size, light weight, and promise of power protections so I can sleep easy and not worry about system failures during the charging process.
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on March 26, 2013
Purchased a little over 2 months ago and it will no longer charge my phone...Went to their website to find out where to mail it for my warranty replacement....No phone number offered despite a friendly looking telephone operator on the support page, instead, the page offers an online form to fill out but , uh oh....looks like I can't return it until I get a RAM number.. How do I get that? Simple, just fill out the form and give them the required of the required information parts that MUST be filled in is the name of the technical person that I spoke to! HUH????? How am I suppose to do that if there is ABSOLUTELY NO PHONE NUMBER TO CALL!

UPDATE: 2 Days later and a second email to the customer service department and still no reply....

UPDATE DAY 3 Still no word back and the customer service email offered to another reviewer by a company rep is not valid

UPDATE DAY 4 Filled out the form to request an RAM number and pulled the name "Bob" out of the air to put in the required info space for tech spoken to....Bingo! Got a automated reply but this time with a phone # (1-877-988- 6388) called that phone number and SPOKE TO A TECH!!! Got a RAM number and was given address to ship back tech said once they recieve it it will take 1 week for them to get back to me with a replacement.....

UPDATE DAY 21 Still no replacement, called phone number and got a real person right away...told him I was still waiting on return...he said it would be in the mail the next day....I have a feeling I would have waited alot longer if I had not made that follow up call....By the way....sounded like the same guy who answered the phone a few weeks ago....

UPDATE DAY 31..Received replacement today, they said it was not the battery that was defective but the 3 way plug that was broken..Judging from other reviews, this seems to be the #1 complaint..they were nice enough to throw in an extra 3 way plug set... I am happy now but talk about "taking the long way home"!.....My advice...skip the website and call the number 1-877-988-6388 directly.. This was my experience, you decide.....I think if I had the phone number from the get-go, it would have saved alot of time and frustration....This product is a great idea, and very useful... I hope it works for a longer period this time....

UPDATE 2 Months later....Well the replacement battery no longer accepts a full charge and when I attach it to my phone,(Samsung Galaxy SII),this is the other common complaint of this product that I didn't have the pleasure of experiencing the first time. It supplies the equivalent power as 1 regular extra battery...all in all a bit too bulky now to deal with considering that a regular battery will do the same thing..I guess that 2-3 months is the lifespan of the battery and from my initial experience, the plug will peter out after 1-2 months... lesson I going to bother with another exchange again? Even free, the replacement policy is such a hassle for something that seems I will never get the value of what I initially paid for. Time to quit and give up on this. Unfortunately as originally posted, JUNK.
IS it just me or does it seem that Amazon's "Deals of the Day" is turning into a dumping ground? Getting a deal on this and spending $50 instead of $70 was no deal save the fact that I got burned for $20 less than others.
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on August 26, 2013
I purchased this product to charge an iPhone when the battery dies. It worked for a month and was very handy, but then it stopped charging my phone. This is a pricey charger I have emailed and called the company about 10 times. I've left messages because no one ever answers the phone. On their website they say you need to have an authorization to return the charger, but they don't answer emails or return calls so there is no way to return it. This is very poor customer service. I wouldn't recommend this product because of the service that I have received.
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VINE VOICEon March 1, 2012
Package Type: Standard Packaging|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Update 9/14/12 - just got our new iPhones, used mine so much the battery was down to red. Plugged this in and not only could I still use my iPhone and keep it near me but it was back up to 99% within a couple of hours.

Update 6/1/12 - its been two full months and I have used it several times. It does work. It never gives a full charge but does come in handy for instance when I need to carry my phone or kindle with me but the battery is about gone - I can charge them without being tied to the wall.

This is like having a second battery only that it charges the battery in the unit. This of course makes it highly universal with the 3 standard adapters.

Unlike Amazon's frustration free packaging this came in a package within a package including another package along with a protective wrapper or two. Way too much and wasteful.

The different types of connectors are connected to the cable which is great for not losing the connection pieces which is bound to happen. I actually removed the first connector since I have no use for it. It easily comes off with a little prying but I was very careful for fear it might break.

One problem I had with my particular unit was that the connection between each piece was a little finicky and I had to play with them a bit to make the connection work.

To check the amount of battery left you simply hold the little button for one second and one to four blue lights illuminate.

You use the same cord in reverse and plug the Pocket Cell into the USB on your computer to charge it.

To carry the Pocket Cell with you, you will either leave the cable dangling off the unit or have two pieces to store. A bag or case would have been nice to store it in.

How does it work? My Kindle Fire had one notch of power left. Right out of the box the Pocket Cell charged it up to one notch less than full power. But of course the Pocket Cell is drained. I plugged it into my computer and about an hour or so it was fully charged. Next I tried it on my cell phone and it charged it up. So it works great as a single power source for multiple types of devices.

The Pocket Cell is a single unit that can provide backup power to a wide range of devices. Keep in mind though, it needs to be recharged itself after each use.
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on October 29, 2013
It works to charge my Iphone 4 twice before it needs a recharge. It does not charge my IPAD 1st gen, nor my IPAD 3rd gen. And the product description said it would. I was going to return it, yet missed the deadline. My bad.
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on October 21, 2013
I love the idea of a portable battery pack and really needed it on a recent trip when I forgot all of my chargers. Unfortunately, I found it wouldn't charge my Samsung phone 100% even though it still had plenty of juice. But charging to 67% is better than a dead phone. Does a much better job on my Kindle.
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on December 13, 2012
When the hurricane was a couple of days away, I ordered this because my house loses power in many storms. Sure enough, we lost power on the night of the hurricane and it stayed out for a week. I was able to charge the Pocket Cell in my car, then charge my phone, Kindle and iPad, so I could stay in touch, read my kindle, and not lose my mind during the dark nights. Just know that as you charge your phone, the Pocket Cell drains, so you'll have to recharge it before you can use it again.
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on July 11, 2013
Do not buy anything from this company -- there is no customer support. I bought a unit at a duty-free shop, it turned out to be defective (only charges 20% of an iPAD before going flat), I was in touch with two people at the company to get it fixed under warranty but all I got from them were instructions about how to use the unit (as if I were too stupid to figure out where USB connections should be plugged into). I never got an authorization from them to return the defective unit, so I spent my money for nothing.

Yet the company website clearly states, "We warranty this product against defects in material and workmanship under normal usuage [sic], as described in the user manual, for a period of 3 years for universal adapters and 1 year for cables from the date or purchased. During that time period, defective product, may be returned for repair of replacement."

It also states, "In case you purchased product(s) from Duty Free Shop [sic], please contact our Regional Service Department for return" -- yet there is no indication of how to contact this "Regional Service Department."

(Sounds like they need a basic English lesson as well.)
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