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on February 13, 2009
End of Silence received a lot of attenntion because it was a decent album. Innocence and Instinct should receive even more; this album shows a great deal of maturity in Red's music. The strings that are utilized throughout the entire album don't merely feel like they were placed over the music, (like it did in EOS) but it feels like it was integrated with the rest of the music, often matching the intensity of the emotionally packed vocals. When listening to the album you instantly know when a song changes because each song has it's own sound, but at the same time the entire album has a certain flow to it. Highly reccomended. 4.5/5 Stars.
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on April 5, 2009
First of all, I'm reviewing the extras that come with the deluxe edition moreso than the music, because I'm assuming people want to know exactly what they're getting by paying the extra money.

I picked up this cd shortly after it came out and sprung for the deluxe edition because I was interested in seeing the "making of" documentary. The packaging was a little misleading in the sense that I felt I was getting a lot more than actually exists on the DVD. What exactly does the deluxe edition include?

-Innocence and Instinct album
-3 bonus tracks at the end of the album (the last of which is an alternate version of "Fight Inside")
-Bonus intro track

-"Making of" documentary
-Music video for the single "Death of Me"
-"Making of Death of Me" video
-Photo Gallery

While it all sounds great, there really isn't a whole lot there. The documentary barely scratches the surface of the writing and recording process and runs under 10 minutes. Death of Me's "making of" is also short, but it does its job and didn't leave anything out as far as I could tell. Also, the photo gallery clocked in at just under a minute, so don't get too excited about that. I was able to watch everything included on the DVD in about 20 minutes.

Innocence and Instinct is another solid album from Red, but as I stated before, I'm not going to go into much detail about the music since it's been covered pretty well by other reviewers already. What I will say is that this is definitely a more mature and refined effort than Red's debut album, but it too has its bleak spots where nothing too exciting seems to be going on. Highlights for me include Fight Inside, Death of Me, Shadows, and Take it All Away.
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on February 10, 2009
First off, the 5-stars + my title give you a quick preview.

For people who've heard the first album, this album is very much like the first in style. The lyrics are as well written, the riffs are still heavy and satisfying, and everything about this album will scream Red at you. However, from the intro all the way till the end, the first album beats this one by a narrow margin. Songs like Fight Inside, Never Be the Same, Shadows, and Death of Me are probably the songs that stand out the most to me right now. The couple of songs in between will need to grow onto me eventually.

For people who haven't heard the first effort, Red's style is best described as melodic modern rock. The songs run the mix from displaying hard and heavy headbang-inducing riffs (Death of Me, Fight Inside) to softer, chill-at-night 'ballads' if I must (Take It All Away, the cover of Ordinary World). Don't expect any soloing, this band is all about well-written lyrics that convey a very positive message, and well-executed vocals from both the lead + backup vocalists. Overall, I think the style can be likened to a cross between 10 Years (melodic) and Pillar (hard and heavy).

Probably one of the strongest bands out there that you haven't heard of. I strongly suggest getting the first album if you haven't yet. That said, I think this album merits as much play as my copy of the first has gotten over the last 2 years!
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on March 8, 2009
Red burst onto the scene a few years back with "End of Silence," a hard-rockin', atmospheric debut. On first listen, it reminded me of some Linkin Park (a band I used to really like), but more listens revealed EOS to be a textured album with a personality of its own.

With "Innocence and Instinct," Red takes the next step musically and lyrically, drawing listeners along for a passionate and deep-thinking journey. The vocals are emotionally-charged, the music sometimes restrained (such as in "Take It All Away") and other times blasting (as in "Death of Me"). For the moment, "Shadows" is my favorite tune, but I suspect that will change as I keep listening.

Red shows once again that they are willing to hold their ground spiritually, while never compromising quality or passion. They are poised to continue reaching far beyond their market with songs that touch on real issues in realistic yet hopeful ways. As a novelist, I feel like we're on parallel paths in our approach, intent, and style. I've been listening to this CD while writing my latest book, and feel inspired by its energy.
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on February 10, 2009
WOW, is all I have to say. I have been waiting for this album since it was announced, and I had the same or greater expectations as I experienced with End of Silence because this is such a great band. Right when they released the singles "Fight Inside", and "Never Be The Same", I knew automatically that it was going to be a great album, but I'm amazed at how they kept the same style of music they had before, but tweaked it a little. This album is just as addicting as the other, and I am very happy with my purchase and will be listening to these songs constantly until the release of their next album :). Definitely get the deluxe edition cd, as it's well worth the extra bucks. You won't be dissapointed if you were a Red fan before, and definitely not if you just discovered this band!
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on June 20, 2013
Ok, so you can just look at my reviews and see that I'm a fan of heavier metal music. However, while most reviews here classify this band as hard rock, they are also Alternative Metal (which is basically the bridge between the rock and the metal world. They're heavier than most hard rock, but they're still not heavy enough to be metal). Most Alternative Metal bands either sound like everything else (Skillet) or aren't the heaviness I look for (Flyleaf) or are just flat out Nu Metal (Disturbed). This band however, while they are still in the Alternative Metal genre manage to stand their own feet and truly stand out from the rest! This band is heavy, they sound unique, they have emotion, and most of all, they play well! This band is second only to Breaking Benjamin (the best of the genre in my opinion). Mike has a great voice! Very versatile and distinct. Anthony and Jasen are a good guitar duo, but this album is the last one to have two guitars. After it, there's only Anthony. Randy is a good bass player, but the bass isn't loud enough for me to really judge. Joe Rickard is a decent drummer, but as a drummer myself, I look up to guys that add a little more flair to their music. All in all, this band plays very well on this album. I really enjoy it!


1. Fight Inside- This song starts off slow and brooding with some keys and orchestrations. Then the band kicks in and give us some Alt-Metal riffing. But the song is softer in atmosphere and more tonal during the first verse. The guitars come back in during the chorus. I do like the chorus! It is very emotional and passionate. Mike's vocals on this song really get to me on this song. He sings very well! The lyrics for this song are BRILLIANT! This being alternative metal, you can only really expect riffs. However, I could've seen a short little solo somewhere in the instrumental section. But the song does just fine without it. It's still a great opening song! Great drumming at the very end too!!!

2. Death of Me- This one starts off with some sound effects and the orchestrations. Then out of nowhere, BOOM! The guitars mercilessly kick in and the orchestra plays over them some pretty epic stuff! This song is a good example of why they are Alternative Metal! They have that heaviness factor yet they retain some very well done vocal melodies! I'm not a fan of Joe's drumming, but on this song, he plays some stuff that actually sound more suiting to the music. On this year's album, Release The Panic (Deluxe) (see my review for it), his drumming left me unimpressed. On this album, it's like he's a totally different drummer, specifically on this song! Mike's screams really bring out the aggression in the music and really add to it! The vocal melodies at the end are great! Very good song! I like it!

3. Mystery of You- This song starts off with some techno beats and then the band comes in and backs off for Mike to do some vocals and then do some backing on/off grooves. The chorus of this one is typical Red, and I mean that in a good way! This band has some really epic choruses! Once again, Rickard's drumming is actually above average here! The orchestrations really add to the song and the vocal layers are really well done! The backing ones really pop and have that emotion that a lot of today's real metal lacks. The melodies in this song just really inspire me. I really, really like this song! The chorus is just so powerful! Great song!

4. Start Again- This song really slows things down. It's much softer and more orchestra-driven than the previous songs. Red is known for their orchestrations and it's what gives them such a unique sound in the pool of Alternative Metal. Mike really puts his heart into his singing! He is so powerful and passionate in this song! The orchestrations further add to the power in this song. The band is a little more in the back seat for this, but they are still there! The guitars do more chords than anything as the orchestrations soar with the vocals! This song is very epic. All in all, very good song!

5. Never be the Same- This song is even better than the previous one! This is a ballad rather than just slow and epic. Mikes vocals soar with grace and Joe lays down a pretty good beat on this one. The guitars play a good, solid part in the verses. The orchestrations really add to this song as well. This song really connects deep down within me. The lyrics are well written and the music suits them so perfectly! Mike sings these lyrics as if it's his only chance to do it! He's putting everything he's got into conveying the lyrics with the justice and emotion they deserve! I do enjoy this song quite a lot! Very well done!

6. Confession (What's Inside My Head)- This song is very heavy and very brooding, yet I'm not into it. It actually is pretty dang good, but I'm just not too in love with it. There isn't a single bad song on this album, but there are always those few that I like a little less than the rest, this being one of those. It's still a quality song though.

7. Shadows- One thing that sticks out to me is that Breaking Benjamin's singer/guitarist/songwriter Benjamin Burnley co-wrote this one. And with my love of Breaking Benjamin, I knew from before I heard it that it would probably be one of the album's better songs. I heard it...and this is the album's best song! BY FAR! The vocals really shine in the verses and the chorus really hits deep! This song actually has a guitar lead in the chorus and that really helps this song! One thing that I love about 2 guitar bands is that they can use them more versatilely and in this one, they use it very well! The little guitar countermelody in there is extremely well crafted! The instrumental section is filled with riffing and orchestrations and then Mike comes back in and takes this song back to the stars! I really enjoy this song to say the least and it is Red's best in my opinion! GREAT SONG!!!

8. Ordinary World- This is a cover of Duran Duran's song. Like I said, there isn't a single bad song on this album, but I'm just not a fan of this one. It's absolutely beautiful, but it doesn't move me. It doesn't make me feel anything. But it isn't bad. It just isn't a song for me.

9. Forever- This is easily the second best song on the album. This starts off with a pretty good riff. And then Mike comes in and the song skyrockets to awesomeness! This song has a small lead guitar part after the chorus that's REALLY EPIC! They need more leads like that! If they did that, they'd probably be competition for Breaking Benjamin as my favorite Alt Metal Band, but Breaking Benjamin already does leads like that (but more epic). Any way back to this song, it has some guitar leads in the bridge and Joe's drumming isn't aggressive, but it suits the music. It isn't special, but it isn't average either. That lead guitar part is the last thing we hear as the song ends! Great song!

10. Take it all Away- This song is mostly Mike and and orchestra playing beneath him. It's a soft, but very pretty track. If Mike wasn't singing, it would sound just like something that would come off a movie soundtrack! It is really good! The band eventually joins in, but for the most part, Mike shines on this and the orchestra really leaves its mark as Red's defining sound. I really can't say how beautiful this song is! I really can't. It honestly sounds like it was composed by Hans Zimmer! It's really THAT good! And it has some progressions too! It changes up in the middle and then Joe starts playing on the ride cymbal. Then the drums are used and the band makes its entrance! This song is the perfect way to end this album! Amazing performance! Joe's drumming here is actually VERY VERY GOOD! He really makes this song unique!!! Great mix of music on this song!

Verdict- If you like Skillet, you will love Red 5 times more! Red is everything Skillet is, but with more passion, more soul, more emotion, and much more musical talent! If you like Breaking Benjamin, Red is pretty comparable! They are just as heavy and more emotional! Overall, if you like rock or metal, buy this album. This is definitely a very good album!
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on May 9, 2013
I saw this band last year at Creation Fest and bought their CD titled, "Until We Have Faces". They are awesome! I just love this CD too. If you like this CD you should also consider buying Thousand Foot Krutch, Fly Leaf and Nine Lashes.
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on October 18, 2012
I first heard of this rock band in the year 2008 when I heard a song of thiers come on my local radio station and I am so glad I did! I finally have been able to buy this album and I dont regret it one bit! I LOVE THIS ALBUM. The songs on this album have such power, intensity, meaning, and soul. I can relate to lots of the lyrics and human emotions that a person faces through certain experiences in life and with thier path to finding God and currently living a life with God. Some of my favorite songs are "Death of Me", the Duran Duran cover of "Ordinary World", "Take It All Away", and much much more! Love it!
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on February 22, 2014
I will definitely be listening to all RED songs. I started listening to RED when I saw that Ben Burnley had collaberated with the band on the song Shadows. Loved it, so I started listening to more of their music.I am very pleased and will be enjoying more of their great vocals and hard hitting riffs.
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on January 8, 2013
I will admit that I bought this because it was on sale. I enjoy it, but not as much as the first or third albums. It's good, but just not as good as the others - sophomore jinx maybe? Figured since I was listening to it on rdio, might as well buy it for the price so I can take it on my MP3 player.
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