Customer Reviews: Dell Inspiron 15R i15RN5110-7223DBK 15.6-Inch Laptop (Intel Core i3-2310M 2.1Ghz, 6GB DDR3 Memory, 640GB Hard drive, Wifi-N, BlueTooth, USB 3.0, Windows 7 Home Premium) Diamond Black
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on October 25, 2011
I purchase this laptop 3 weeks ago, it fail on the 12th day, I call Dell to validate the waranty and they told me that only have waranty and tech support on software or windows problems, the laptop motherboard was defective and the hard drive, they refuse to change my laptop and told me they only give 10 days to tested and change parts or give replacement within those days, besisdes the call center is awful.

Thanks Amazon and their return policy, I hope to get a refund and buy another brand, Dell is very dissapointing.

Beware do not buy Dell.
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on October 27, 2011
I ordered this laptop to replace an older Dell Inspiron I had that worked very well and I had a good experience with. As stated in the title at first it was great; fast, it ran Star Trek Online and Fallout: New Vegas on medium settings with no problems. After completing some Windows updates it wouldn't wake up from hibernation. I reset the computer and it never rebooted, it would stop at the Windows loading screen every time.

I sent it to Dell to see if they could fix it, they did......sort of. After taking out of the box fresh back from the Dell repair shop, it booted very fast like the first time and then thirty minutes later the touch pad died. Just died. Luckily, I had wireless mouse on hand and after looking around on the system for awhile I found that the computer no longer recognized that the touch pad existed at all. I went to the Dell support home page and found the drivers for the touch pad, they wouldn't take. I installed them and nothing the touch pad is still dead.

Dell wanted me to send it back to them so they could fix it again, no thanks I said. Amazon however agreed to give me a full refund after talking to them for about 20 minutes. Great customer support. So now I'm waiting for the refund and will be buying a new laptop from a different company.
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on June 14, 2012
If Amazon would permit a post with ZERO stars, that is the rating I would give.

This machine has now eaten up four (4) months of my office time and $$ in computer restoration. Dell has had me return it 3 times in the past 4 months, commencing in month 6 of my ownership (brand new from Costco). It does not work, at all, the hard drive and motherboard have been replaced; the techs verbally assured us memory had been replaced although this doesn't show in Dell's internal records. It doeds not finish booting up, it turns itself off (except the power button remains lit up in white, and the internal "guts" keep whirring, so it cannot be turned off except by removing the electric plug as well as the battery.

The Dell floor supervisor in Tech support just informed me that since I've "Owned" it almost a year now they cannot replace it. WTF? I've "owned" it 6 months, and it's been in Dell's hands during the last 4 months while Dell keeps NOT repairing it. I've owned laptops, and this baby is nothing but a very expensive paperweight. DO NOT PURCHASE IT!! You have been warned. I will NEVER again purchase any DELL product; in each call for support we are tossed around through at least 3 departments. Just today, whilst typing this, I am now on the phone 56 minutes, awaiting department #3. Now a second "floor supervisor" who "just wants to help me" is sending me "up two levels" to another department via "escalation", saying that "Corporate Team" may be able to replace my machine.

Wait time, and this is the shortest Dell call to date these past 4 months, is now officially over an hour.

Think Dell looked at my location and realized that shipping me another substandard "refurbished" machine would be cheaper than sending a tech to fix a laptop which obviously is not capable of being least not at the hands of its manufacturer. What a bad, bad, bad joke.
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on October 26, 2011
When I first unpacked this and set it up I was very excited - the machine itself is solid and functional, screen is great, keyboard quite good for a laptop. However, two sets of issues have presented sufficient frustration that I don't think I will ever again buy a Dell product.
The first to appear is the huge amount of preloaded software, some of which is very difficult to get rid of. Central in annoyance is the row of huge tiles across the center of the screen for quick access to all the stuff I will never ever use, totally blocks the screen until you find the little "x" to get rid of it until next time. I probably spent 3 hours figuring out how to make it go away permanently.
I don't know if it's Dell or the new version of windows, but it is all but impossible to get rid of those silly useless little logo tiles - and again it took several hours even to figure out how to control them. Documentation is seriously crappy, and there is no support.
I use a wireless transmitter so I can listen to Pandora, as well as to the music I have stored on my hard drive and play them on my stereo in the other room. Almost every time I want to use the transmitter for Pandora, I have to configure the machine to send the signal out through the wireless instead of to the built in speakers (which are tinny, good for nothing beyond talking on Skype). Again - documentation is crappy; the little pictures on the devices menu say it is hooked up and running, and it takes an hour or longer to figure out how to get it to work. Often I have to play something through RealPlayer (which for some reason does go to the transmitter) - then I turn off RealPlayer and, like magic, Pandora comes out of the living room speakers. But next time I turn it on, it's through the tinny little built-ins again and I have to go through the whole routine all over again.
I bought a wireless printer with the package. Same problem - the cute little pictures say it is "ready" but when I print the job goes to a file, not to the printer. Every time I want to print something, it takes an hour or longer to figure out how to get the printer to work - I often have to go through the entire setup again.
I've had this machine for over a month, have wasted probably 20 hours trying to iron out the bugs, and it still isn't working right, and Dell offers absolutely no support.
The menu of little pictures they have in place of the former detailed system menu is worthless. Very few options, almost none of what you need in order to get rid of the cutesy crap and clutter or make the peripherals work.
Great engineering, terrible software and interfaces, almost no documentation, help menu worthless, and far too much pre-loaded junk. This is the 4th Dell machine I've bought - and the last.
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VINE VOICEon February 15, 2012
I've always bought Dell computers because they seem to have a better support system and reliability history than most other brands. I was right about that part--Dell tech support have been very good lately about responding to calls and emails and fixing whatever is wrong. Despite that, I only bought this laptop 7 months ago, and I wasn't expecting to have any type of problem with it for a few years.

So what do I like about it?
-The keys are very responsive to touch.
-It isn't too heavy to lug around.
-The size of screen is just about right for the writing work I do.
-It has plenty of memory for my docs.
-It's fast.
-It's starts up and restarts quickly.
-The battery lasts a few hours so I can leave the house and expect it to work for a while.

What's not to like?
-After a few months it started to not come on at all. I was instructed to take the battery out and put it back in, sort of like those pathetic calls you make to your phone company and they tell you to do things that will not fix the long-term problem. Wisdom prevailed, though, and a guy came to the house and fixed it.
-Occasionally every single window I have open will start spazzing out on me, flashing up and down before my eyes, sort of like when you open the wrong URL and all the pop-up windows start to display content you never want to see again and you can't close them all fast enough. It won't let me close each window; I have to shut down the computer with all the windows open and start over.
-Sometimes the sound and display settings will show up on the screen and won't go away so you have to have a Skype session with the setting box to the side.
-The sound system is terrible. I didn't care about the sound to begin with because I never really listen to music on this, but the speakers are underneath so it comes out sounding far less than clear.
-The keys are so sensitive that you could tip one accidentally and it will move your tracker to some other place on your document, so you go back to typing and don't realize you're typing two paragraphs up. This is a very persistent problem and drives me crazy.

Overall, I wouldn't recommend buying this particular model.
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I am a basic computer user. I stream movies and send emails and fudge a few pictures with a Photo Shop program. My last computer (a Dell) worked GREAT until it fell victim to some kind of horrible virus (well, it was 6 years old) and I had been using my husband's cast-off Toshiba in the interim(I HATE that computer-- see the review) and an older Dell Inspiron which has had so many trips to Rockwall, TX that it should have enough frequent flier miles to orbit the globe (fan issues which constantly cause overheating. And melting.).

Anyhow, this new Dell is so much faster and lighter it just blew me away. The set-up was nice and easy and I was able to transfer my (hideously expensive) Microsoft package onto the computer with ease and link up to our 4 printers so quickly I couldn't believe it. I'm not crazy about how things seem to be organized on my toolbar, but that is probably a function of software rather than the computer. That said, Dell is definitely in the pocket of Microsoft and whoever owns the highly annoying MacAfee security. In order to get my computer connected to the internet I had to accept software options with these programs I would have preferred to leave to a later date. But there was no signing online until I hit the "accept" button. Seriously. NO INTERNET UNTIL YOU MAKE THE DEAL!!

If this review makes me sound like a computer idiot, well, that's because I am. To all you other idiots out there who are considering a new computer let me just say that this seems like a nice computer. I realize I will have to send it back to Dell before the warranty expires so they can fix the pixel issue. Just one pixel-- is that a big deal? I don't know. I picture it as some kind of contagion spreading from pixel to pixel to pixel.... (to all of you who feel like you need to educate me on computer hardware, don't waste your precious time. It won't stick, anyhow.)

The computer is light, quick and doesn't over heat. Aside from the software extortion routine upon boot up and the blown pixel, I'm happy.
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on September 22, 2013
Two aspects to this review, this computer, and this computer used.

Computer: Dell Inspiron 15R i15RN5110-7223DBK 15.6-Inch Laptop (Intel Core i3-2310M 2.1Ghz, 6GB DDR3 Memory, 640GB Hard drive, Wifi-N, BlueTooth, USB 3.0, Windows 7 Home Premium) Diamond Black My experience with this unit, while short, has been very positive. Brilliant display, well constructed, super fast. Obviously, there are newer/more featured available, but for more money. This is a second/backup computer for us, and has the ideal price and capabilities for that, plus featured enough to be the first computer if the other one goes out. Lot of experience with and very happy with Dell computers in general.

Used: Have never bought used, decided the gamble was worth the worry. There was a problem initially with wi-fi that I probably caused, but the vendor was very helpful (see my review for Byte-Sized Solutions). It feels and looks almost new, all capabilities work as they should, but for a much lower price, so I am very happy with my choice so far.
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on November 7, 2011
I got mine over 20 days ago and so far it has totally met my expectations.

I bought this one as replacement for my almost 6 year old Dell Inspiron m6400. I don't understand why people keep bashing Dell like if their computers were meant just to break down, all computers break down regardless of the brand so it is just a matter of giving them the proper care and treatment. However, I must admit I didn't treat my m6400 fairly across time since I banged up the audio port and dropped it a couple of times... and yet it survived and managed to get done almost everything I put in it.

Now, for the new baby the things that I've tested/experienced so far:

-The wireless performance is great and very easy to setup, although I've not tested it for its max range.
-HDMI sync up is way too easy to do.
-HDD has not been a problem. I don't see any lockup nor any sign of it been "too slow to respond" like other people have reported. I've used about 50-60 GBs of space so far and have been moving large files back and forth with 2 external drives I have without problem.
-Webcam software is a bit tricky to get it to stop loading after you enable video support for Skype or MSN, but besides that the video quality is excellent, at least for my standard.
-The Dell quick access toolbar is a bit annoying but it is nothing really to get mad about.
-Bloatware is OBVIOUSLY present but it only takes about 10 mins of your time to disable most of the notifications.
-CPU performance has been excellent so far, no complaints whatsoever.
-LCD screen quality is awesome, I'm not necessarily thrilled with the max resolution but I can't really ask for much when running integrated video.
-I've only "burned" 2 DVDs for the recovery software so far. The wizard to get them done was quite user friendly I must say.
-The built-in speakers have a very decent quality. You can't expect too much from them but I can say that I've had a couple of Skype calls and didn't have to bother on getting a set of headphones at all.
-The material of the computer is quite sturdy and the finish at the bottom is actually something I liked given the fact that I know this tend to capture any residues on the surfaces where the computer may rest upon. Some people have complained about it been "cheap" plastic but I can personally tell you that I've seen more expensive computers with crappier quality and finish so this will not be a concern for me.
-The keyboard is a full size with the little trick that the space bar is a smaller than the normal ones but it isn't really a problem.
-The design problem of how the FN key is something I'm really used to already so again it is not a problem for me.

I'll try to post some pics later on so future buyers, or at least people interested, will have a better chance to look at it than me. I'm from Costa Rica so I really didn't have the option of checking the computer at store before ordering but I did take quite some time researching in different websites for reviews and prices. The best advice I can give to everyone is read, check reviews and ask your tech buddies for advice before buying.

There are several "reviews" here just whining about problems with the computer but I can say they are not necessarily accurate since the problems reported are problems that occur to all computer users. If you don't believe, take the time to read customer reviews of any computer brand here in Amazon and you'll see similar reports.
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on December 7, 2011
Don't ever buy a computer from Dell, ever! After less than one year, my computer stopped charging. It was still under warranty (for a few days) and Dell "fixed it" free of charge. After working for a short period of time, the same issue occurred. This time, you would have to buy a warranty for $170 to get them to "fix it". What a scam. I will never buy a Dell computer again. Terrible quality, terrible customer service, and a complete rip off.
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on September 21, 2011
Ordered this laptop for my wife it is a great deal have owned Dell desktops with great reliability so I gave the laptop a shot . It is awesome no problems so far as with all computers some issues will arise but fingers crossed that they are not big ones. The computer arrived in great shape and on time. Amazon stands behind the items they sell and has always been there for me. This laptop is cheaper here then ordering from also purchased the red switch cover for it and still beat Dells price. I will update this review if any problems do arise.
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