Installing XP under Parallels I'm thinking about buying a Mac but the only way it makes sense for me is if I can continue to run windows programs on it. Further, some of my programs will only run on XP.

I have a CD for Windows XP Pro (X64) that has been installed on a computer that crashed. So, it wasn't uninstalled. Can I use that CD to install XP on a MacBook Pro with Parallels using the same install key? Or is that key dead with the dead computer it was installed on? If I can install it, will I still be able to upgrade on-line to Service Pack 3 or is that not necessary? If I can't use the CD, what's my best/cheapest option for putting fully functional XP on a MacBook?

Thanks to anybody who can help....
asked by Captainmux on October 30, 2012
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The answer is NO you must purchase a Full version on Windows XP if you find it or Windows 7. The software that came with you crashed computer is an OEM version and must remain with that computer plus it is 64 Bit software. Microsoft stop the sales of Windows XP some time ago through normal supply channels. Look around and maybe you will be able to find a version. Use your existing CD to fix your crashed computer.
Jim Renner answered on November 11, 2012
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