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on January 6, 2009
I got this cooler for a Christmas gift for my husband and he loved it! It was a bit smaller than I thought it would be (especially for the price) and with ice it doesn't hold a 12 pack that well. However, its still a great gift and we have fun at BBQ's and get togethers with it.
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on February 1, 2010
I bought this little cooler for xmas for a 42 year old man...He LOVED it! It's collapsable, so he can take it to the races. It runs over rugs, so it's fun for the house. It's kind of slow, but who're getting a cold beverage delivered right to you!
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on January 27, 2013
I cannot stress the beauty of this product enough. Its simplicity astounds me; its utility, undeniable. As a disabled member of society, my voice matters. Loosing the use of my legs was the single most devastating experience of my life. Beer was to blame. My mother was an alcoholic, my father Irish. It was fate. One night after consuming copious amounts of ale, contemplating the stars, I fell headfirst over the edge of my roof onto the cold cement of my driveway. Luckily enough, my head stayed intact, but the same could not be said for my spine. Beer reduced me to the state of a helpless paraplegic, and I swore never to swill that cursed brine again. Oh, but it was a dismal life. A bleak existence, one without hope of succor. How I missed those throaty belches that would ripple from somewhere deep inside my belly, erupting in a roar, the contended sign of bliss! My adorable beer gut virtually vanished. Chicken wings lost their appeal. No more one night stands. I was a shadow of a man.

And then a breath of new beginnings...I discovered the RC cooler! Surely a sign from the universe that my suffering had not gone unnoticed, that my penance had been fulfilled. I forsook my vow of abstinence. This ingenious invention has brought brewskis back into my life. From the comfort of my wheelchair or my chaise lounge, I recline like a pasha and eagerly await the cold, crisp sensation of the brew kissing my lips. When I press the remote, quivering with anticipation, I swear I can feel my toes anxiously wiggling in a paroxysm of delight.

I may never regain the use of my legs, but the RC cooler has given me back something just as necessary: beer.
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on January 27, 2013
I don't know if you've ever had someone close to you get hurt. It's a terrible thing. All at once you have to watch the lights leave their eyes, watch the passion that once moved them forward just go away, as if turned off with a switch. That's what happened with my husband. He had dreams, he lived with excitement. One of his favorite things to do was to sit with his friends and watch a game -- any game. Baseball. Bowling. Gymnastics. Water polo, basket weaving, anything! And he'd get up and get his friends some beers, and I'd watch from the kitchen doorway, smiling while holding a bowl of potato chips.
My husband's accident ruined a lot. He can no longer build our son a tree house, or teach him how to drive, or how to even tie his own shoes. That accident paralyzed him -- all of him, except his fingers.
Thanks to this product, my husband is able to cling to one last bit of his past -- he can use his fingers on the remote, and he can still get drinks for his friends. This cooler just responds to his touch, and finally, finally he is in control again. Of something. Anything. He just wants to feel human again. He can watch the game and remember how things used to be.
I can't ever say in words how much this remote control cooler has meant to him. And me.
It has meant a lot to me.

Thank you.
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on January 7, 2010

I saw this in Cabelas catalog and thought it would be a nice gift for 2 relatives. Cabelas had them backordered, so I looked at Amazon. After reading the description, I knew I had to buy this gift, so I purchased 3 of them (1 for me).

Amazingly, this product arrived 3 days later.

Great gadget that works better than I thought it would and it also rolls on the carpet. I will recommend this product to friends.
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on April 23, 2010
This item has been a BLAST for us at our camp. It's more of a conversational piece than it is functional :-) Works great and can ride over dirt road pretty well
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on January 27, 2013
My wife ordered this for me as a birthday gift, and it has been great! You would think that it is good enough that I click a button and beer comes to me, right? Well, I discovered that this was the gift that keeps on giving, not only for the fact that I can summon up beer whenever I want, but it's entertainment for my one year old as well! Last week, I was watching the kids and I had just finished a couple beers from the cooler when my adorable one-year old comes crawling over. She was fussy because it was near her bedtime, so I got the great idea to put her in the cooler and zoom her around the den in it. Again, I just clicked the button and happiness happened. She rode in the cooler for a bit, then she got out and started chasing it around the room. Soon she was so tired that she just plopped down and fell asleep on the floor. Now the cooler is now a toy for the whole family, but my wife still takes all the credit. I recommend this product to all new fathers!
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on January 25, 2013
What I find most challenging at home (outside of work and my marriage) is having to get off of the couch to grab a beer or soda. Usually my wife is around to grab beer for me so that I don't have to get up, but she has been going to a lot of scrapbooking-yoga classes lately and has not been around as much. She got me this cooler as a surprise to help with my beer-grabbing, thinking it would make us both much happier.

I was certainly confused upon opening the package, and my confusion has not stopped since then. This thing is so difficult to use it might as well be a jet-pack (which is what it looks like). First, you have to open this little port on the side and put batteries in it. It does not come with batteries, so you have to go to the store to get batteries. Be careful: you might get the WRONG batteries. The only way to insure you get the right batteries is to actually read the instruction manual, which is in three different languages and very confusing for this reason. Next, you have to put the batteries in carefully and then close the port again (it's tricky to close correctly, when I tried it kept opening again and again, so make sure the arrows are pointed in the right direction). After all of this labor, you have to actually FILL the cooler up with ice. It does not come with ice, nor does it come with anything already cold inside of it. This is left up to you entirely, and so you have to leave the house AGAIN to go to the gas station to get a bag of ice!

Next, you have to actually fill it yourself with beer or soda, as it does not come with beer or soda either! (I know--what's the point, right?) So again, I'm off to the store to buy beer and soda for myself to put in my cooler. When all of this was finally underway, I went to sit down on the couch and try the thing out. But to my ultimate surprise the REMOTE CONTROL NEEDS BATTERIES TOO. So guess where I was off to again? That's right, the store to get batteries for the remote. By the time I finally got the remote control to work and turned the television on, my wife had returned from her book club yoga party, so what was the point of all of that hard work? I asked her to get a beer for me and she did. End of story.

I use this cooler as a foot-rest now.
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on January 27, 2013
I was quite excited when this little gadget popped up in my Amazon suggestions. (I'm a retired inventor, and I could kick myself for not dreaming up this one!) I bought it right away, and six business days later, I filled it with ice and some cold ones, took a seat by the pool with my remote, and watched the cooler glide right over to my chair. I sat with my toes in the water and enjoyed drinking the entirety of the cooler's contents. But then I felt rather...alone. Some of the other reviews here have said how handy this product is for beer-fetching when no loved ones are around to do it for you, but I always got my own beer out of the fridge before I bought this product. I have no wife and no kids or grandchildren. Sometimes my friend Allen comes over to watch a football game, but he's not a drinker, and we're not really close. I can't confide in Allen, though sometimes I really just want to let it all out when he's over--tell him my dreams of moving to Buenos Aires and finding a beautiful woman there to spend my retirement with. Anyway, I came up with a solution to all my problems: I equipped the Interactive Toy Concepts radio-controlled cooler with a tape player. Now when I fill up my cooler, I pop in my tape of Spanish conversational lessons (narrated by a woman with a VERY sultry voice), press play, and sit back while the cooler both speaks to me and offers me a cool beverage. I'm no longer lonely, and I'm well on my way to living my dreams.
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on January 27, 2013
Like many people, I enjoy having a nice cold beer in the shower. Unfortunately, since I keep I my remote control in my living room, I'm unable to summon my remote control cooler into the bathroom. Even though I purchased this product, I am forced to run from the shower all the way to my living room, drenching my nice rugs with bathwater. And once, when I was getting my remote, I looked at my window to see my elderly neighbor watching me. Since I am a large man this was very embarrassing for me, and now I catch her looking in my window all the time. I would greatly appreciate it if this company considered producing a waterproof remote control for summoning the other remote control--I would find this very, very helpful.
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