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on November 17, 2010
as mentioned costo has them for 34$

it is a really easy heli to fly with, its 3 channels so it cant move sideways, its 250 size and its heavy, makes it a really stable platform.

i own an e.flite micro 4 channel heli as well, and it is way more difficult to fly, and the slightest breeze will send it off course(almost impossible to use outside), because of the interceptors weight/size you can actually use it outside, although slight wind will push the heli easily, but that happens to all heli's but the bigger the better, but bigger also means more expensive to crash.

back to the interceptor

battery lasts 5-6 minutes and charges in 30 min which is quite good, battery cant be get two heli's instead :-)
is has some heavy metal parts, which can be lightened with a dremmel for a more responsive heli
the wing on the tailboom, can be removed to provide more forward speed, also if your heli's fly in circles and you cant adjust it on the remote, the wing on the middle of the tail boom can be angled slightly to fix this

rotor is easily bent, but since the heli is so stable it will rarely be a problem as you wont be crashing much

this is more of a toy than a hobby heli...meaning parts are hard to come by, and the agility is limited.....but that is to be expected at this price range

i find that i play with this heli alot more than my other more expensive ones, since its easy and inexpensive
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on June 13, 2012
I love this helicopter! I enjoy flying it around the living room and into the kitchen and landing at various flat spots like the kitchen table, then over to the counter, then on the back of my Lazy Boy recliner. It's a fun challenge to see how good of a pilot you can be and land smoothly. The controls are ascend, descend, forward and backward, but no sideways movement. The longer you fly, the more it will start to rotate slightly, but there is a very handy knob right where you need it to be to adjust this as you fly. I don't understand the complaints about this not being built very well. Maybe those complainers are kids who just keep on flying at full speed when they're about to slam into something like a doberman or a pitbull, I don't know. When I'm outa control and know I'm about to slam it into something I cut the power and let it drop. Sometimes it has been too late and it still hits pretty hard. I've banged it up pretty good...each time thinking, "Oh no! She's bound to be broken!" But to my amazement, I just set her upright again and off she goes just like nothing ever happened. So, mine is taking a licking and it keeps on ticking. My only disappointment is, (and it's a very minor one because I love this thing so much),... is that it cannot handle outdoors well if there's even the slightest breeze blowing. The breeze will carry this baby off and try as I may to tilt into the breeze and bring her back, she just keeps drifting backwards going further away. Now, having said that, I've taken it outside on days when no breeze was blowing at all and had a blast! This thing goes w-a-a-a-a-a-y up high when you want it to.That's kinda thrilling! I had tried the Air Hog helicopter and it was nothing like this! I couldn't keep the Air Hog from just flopping all over the ground. I hated it and returned it. I got one of these for my brother-in-law for Christmas (we're in our 50's!) and it looked like so much fun I had to get one for myself! I'm glad I did. It gives you about 6 minutes of fly time per 30 minute charge from a dual USB port. I thought that might be annoying, but it's really okay. I love this thing, but my cat seems to be pretty annoyed with it! LOL....who cares! When she starts paying rent, maybe I'll care. I highly recommend this fun toy for anyone wanting to fly a model heli in this price range. You can fly it right out of the box because the manufacturer even says in the instructions that they charge it for you before they ship. How cool is that????
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on December 26, 2010
I fly big r/c planes but have just started to try the helo's. This one is really cool and stable, so much so that I removed the metal weights in the stabilizer to make it a bit more response, and now it pitches forward and backwards quicker. A fun toy but it is complex and you have to be careful or you will break it. 30 flights so far and not one broken item.
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on April 17, 2011
If you have never flown a r/c Heli then go to a few hobby websites and read about them. r/c heli's are unstable by nature and even the "easy" "beginner" ones require patients and practice!! If you keep those 2 things in mind then you will enjoy them! If you crash your heli it may break! If you ram it into a wall, it may break! If you stop the rotors and it guessed it, just might break! TAKE YOUR TIME AND PRACTICE!!! My 7&9 y/o boys love this heli and they use it under direct supervision and I walk them through how to hover it and make simple turns. If you want dramatic easy flight buy a r/c plane; there are plenty of them out there that are inexpensive and are very easy to fly.

My Review: 1. The Blade Runner Interceptor R/C is an extremely fun and easy Heli to fly. 2. If you crash it, it may break (you can buy replacement parts online and at some Hobby shops). 3. If you want something that is super easy and doesn't require any practice or patients then don't buy this (or any heli) 4. for the price this is a fantastic helicopter!! We own 5 heli's and this is by far the funnest one we have! We plan to buy more, until we're good enough for the single rotor models.

Hope my review was helpful and happy flying!!!!!
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on June 16, 2013
I bought this on a whim for my daughter. The first time we flew it was in a large parking lot with only the slightest breeze. It was hard to steer against the breeze. We thought the helo was broken until we tried it again later indoors and it steered just fine. However, on the first outing with it, we struck a lamp post and one end of the stabilizer bar broke sending a plastic cap and the weight flying away. It was only by sheer luck that my daughter found the cap and the weight on the ground. I used super glue to put it back together and as an added precaution I wrapped both ends of the stabilizer bar with heat shrink to prevent it from happening again.

Since then we've flown the helo several times and we've crashed it several more times. It is fun to fly and we haven't had anything else break. I'm going to buy at least one more of these so that one is charging while the other is flying. I will also buy the spare parts that are available and I'll fortify the stabilizer bar like I did with the one I have. I am also looking forward to using my Dremel to lighten up this helo and try to make the steering a little more crisp.

As other reviewers have pointed out, this helo can be found much cheaper elsewhere. I recommend buying this helo but look around for the best price.
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on November 14, 2010
i also bought this item at costco, i think its pretty cool and somewhat durable. but... buy 2. the price that everyone else has this product listed at is almost twice as much as what costco charges. so if u have a membership then buy 2. if you stop playing with them you can part it out to all the people that cant find the parts online to fix their chopper. and on the other hand if you continue to play you always have a parts chopper for yourself.
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on December 27, 2010
This was a really great toy for about two flights. Pretty responsive and extremely easy to control. Hover is a cinch. First crash bent the shaft slightly but it remained flyable with a wobble. After an unsteady landing from about 2', it tipped over and a propeller snapped off. The replacement part was only $4, but it seems like the set should have come with these instead of those stabilizer connectors.
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on January 10, 2011
It is fun to fly but it isn't very durable. I only flew it a few times and cracked the rotor support on landing (fell over on it's side in the yard but the blades must have still been spinning hard enough)
Somewhat disappointing.
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on September 1, 2012
I bought this item from my local walmart for about 55 dollars.
Lets see what can i say about this helicopter, it seems to be alright in build tho does have some slight issues that should be addressed, the landing skids should be a lil heavier built but with light crash landings should hold up, has for me with almost 10 hard landings on grass not sure how would hold up on harder surface.
battery life in this is almost a joke for 30 to 60 mins of charging only last about 6 mins of flight and really don't get much of a chance to land from of a height of more than a few feet before rotors completely stop when battery dies.
i believe thats the bad now the good,
After using a air hogs mini copter which i could never get the trim right on, I find this is fair stable and fairly balanced with not much trim adjustments needed.
When they say outdoor they mean outdoors where less likely to hit anything solid.
Flight controls make flights fairly easy in normal mode, has switchable modes normal and pro. pro makes for faster turns and takeoffs but takes time to master.
do only want to fly in no wind conditions for even a slight breeze will make controls hard and make it fly in unwanted ways.
So i'm giving this a three
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on December 28, 2011
nice helicopter but the landing gear is held together by plastic and broke very quickly. I was happy to find parts on the Interactive Toy website so I ordered 2 landing gear (one to replace the broken set and a spare) but instead of landing gear they sent me some plastic gears...not even sure what they are used for in this helicopter. I replied to my order confirmation advising them of the wrong part (mind you the confirmation had my name, address and order # on it) they responded asking for my phone # so I immediately replied with both of my #s because I didnt even remember supplying it so I had no idea which # I gave. I recieved nothing in the mail so I had to contact them again 10 days later and the man replied telling me he asked for my phone # and never got a response. Funny thing is they send you an auto response as soon as your e-mail hits their server, since I got this auto response to my e-mail containing my phone #, I know my e-mail went through. I would avoid buying any helicopter made by this company, these things break and the fact parts are available is normally a great thing....if you cant get the parts and the customer service is poor then it isnt a benefit.
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